Monthly Forecasts




The month starts of with Venus back in Leo and Saturn going stationary direct in Scorpio so romance, children, fun, pleasure and matters pertaining to sex and anything shared or “joint” (including money, assets, loans, taxes etc) are all on the table.

You’ll be quite the pushy parent in August, or else pushing your own barrow, and overall it’s a highly productive month for you.

You want what you want - more so than ever - but if there’s no immediate gratification or obvious results, then you’re going to do more teeth gnashing that usual.

You might engage someone to do some work on your home or you are leasing, selling or benefiting from real estate in some manner, but key decisions relating to home and family are likely to occur in the first week of the month.

If you are single you will have more sex - that’s a given - and in fact, it’s a “hot and heavy” month for the majority of Rams.

Saturn's position in Scorpio can (and probably did) bring some financial concerns regarding others.  This has been around for a couple of years and you are re-experiencing some of those earlier issues and will continue to do so until September.

Someone may have wanted something from you that they thought was theirs, part ownership or you owed money or was owed money or it was over a common romantic interest.  

You might have racked up huge loans, or had to pay alimony or just struggled more to gain or felt that sexually you kept on being disappointed or even short changed.  You may have had an emotional or financial enemy or someone who has caused you ongoing financial or emotional concern.

As I mentioned above, there are a load of planets in Leo, all in your sector of fun, pleasure, romance and children and creativity so this is a terrific month to have wonderful things happen in any of these areas, especially early in August.

There’s a lot of planetary aspects with Jupiter and Venus in the first week, so that’s going to impact on your love life, romance, groups, social scene and friends (although Mars remains in Cancer until the 7th, so there will be some interference or distractions at home).

This will be either via an offspring or a younger relative, or alternatively a group, committee, government authority or authority figures or even a friend can cause trouble with family members, siblings, children or your domestic scene.   

Jupiter remains in your house of love until August, so if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, August is THE month to find true love and there will be loads of opportunities to meet someone special as your social life takes off.

This is your window that is closing in August during which you can cement a special bond with a child, go into a family business with your children or else a child makes you very, very proud of their achievements that in some way are linked to you, or achieved with your support.

The new moon also in Leo suggests that the second half of August is a prime time to realize a new romance, birth, personal project or social, and one that will keep you engaged, or very busy, well into 2016.

August is a month when the mountain comes to Mohammed, in other words you won’t have to go out looking, you will be pursued and opportunities will come knocking on your door.

As Venus in Leo is retrograde a lover from the past (one that got away or a star crossed lovers scenario) could return or the situation is resolved so that you can finally get together.

With so many planets stacked up in the sector of true love and romance (not to mention fun and pleasure) it would be highly unlikely for you to have a sad, celibate or lonely month.

If you are already in a relationship, the Cosmic energy may be expressed in different ways, such as a pregnancy, or you set up your own creative business and actualize your own creative urges (and some will do that with an offspring).

The trine with Saturn on the 6th is very helpful to any commercial associations that you have regarding children and indeed any form of joint business arrangements in general.  

If you haven’t any children then August you could decide to take the plunge and get pregnant, adopt, undertake IVF etc. or maybe you start as a teacher in a junior school or work in a kindergarten or train youth in sports and recreation.

Of course one of the big events of August is the movement of Jupiter from Leo to Virgo, the sign of work and service and this is in your working sector.  It’s about getting your health, working life and/or or everyday environment, “ship shape” and certainly until September you’ll be in a very competitive and driven frame of mind.   Job changes are on the cards because you’ll feel confident about your abilities and you have more drive to achieve your ambitions. Indeed the full moon at the end of the month will be the icing on the cake and the reward for effort and if you’ve been job-hunting, then you’re likely to hear the positive news around this time.

You want to take it to the next level, in all aspects of life, home expansion, new areas (and people) of interest, new career paths and being fitter, happier and healthier.

There will be loads more ambition and drive, but by the same token more frustration if your progress is impeded in any way.  The Sun trines Uranus in Aries on 13th and this is a time in your life when you’ll have a strong desire to make changes that will bring you more success, power or wealth and you may start your own business venture or decide to have a child or start a new romance (and as a result of the new moon in Leo) and Venus trines Uranus on the 19th.

You’ll have tremendous drive and energy all month and from mid month Jupiter will make you feel happier, more efficient, healthier, and more in control of your life.

Your day to day environment smoothes out and becomes less chaotic and if you have had any form of illness this is the year to get the cure, undertake the surgery, lose the weight or whatever reformatory or elective health steps you need to take as it will all go very well and be successful.

You will make huge strides in your working life, your everyday existence, and your wellbeing and generally all the circumstances in your life will improve.  Better job, health, outlook, relationships et al and if you are single, you still have a chance to meet someone, and this month will be your very best one of the years to make that happen.

After all the energy that you expend, the competitive spirit the passion and the drive, the full moon in Pisces at month’s end will bring a welcome respite. 

The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune on the last day of the month that can bring a health issue or you’ve been partying too hard and feel run down.  Someone at work may try to undermine you or activities are taking place behind your back.

You’ll end the month with some down time, to rest and recover from what has probably been a very hectic and social month. A lot of energy has been spent on the younger generation and on expanding your world so take a deep breath, exhale and allow yourself to feel very satisfied with the stellar achievements of August.

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Home related matters or news concerning real estate and property issues dominate the month as Venus returns to Leo and you do have a “Big Picture” plan regarding where you live or regarding family dynamics – your own or someone else’s.   

Chances are you are feeling very much at home, settled and at peace with family and surrounded by loving vibes, and a tranquil heart and mind, but if not, August is THE month to secure your long term comfort and security (and/or a true sense of belonging that may have been elusive for quite some time.)

The new moon in Leo mid month ensures that family matters dominate, not just this month, but for the upcoming year and these may new issues or recurring ones, or you may be looking to move into a new house, or buy, sell lease, re-decorate or some other form of home or family related improvement. 

There may be an improvement or change in family dynamics or you “let go” and come to terms with the past or unresolved family issues.

This closing passage of Jupiter in the home and family sector is ensuring that you are left with a lasting legacy of security and belonging that remains and is cemented for the long haul (or at least for the next 12 years).  

You are soon to become an integral part of a country, city, place, family or environment that provides that special sense of being “at one” and the new moon is crucial in this regard.   The new moon in Leo mid month allows you to establish the blueprint and secure the foundations for the next year with respect to where you live (and with whom) and the style and manner in which you live.

Don’t be at all surprised if the home of your dreams, or the offer you can’t refuse, or some wonderful opportunity arises, that gives you that amazing breakthrough.

In this regard August is a key month for you when the trials and tribulations of the past (and especially the stresses of July) becomes a forgotten memory. 

Security is a key thing for Taureans, and that heartfelt security has been a bit MIA and perhaps you have felt neglected or on the “outer”, thanks to Saturn in your relationships house.  There have been enemies, broken hearts, and just difficult relationship situations, or worse, no intimate or loving relationship at all.

Saturn has been testing business partnerships, legal challenges, friends, family and so on, and whilst Saturn does remain for one last hurrah until September, Jupiter arrives on the 11th in your house of fun and pleasure and romance reintroducing the (almost forgotten) good times.  You do remember how to have fun, don’t you?

Home related issues have been worrying you, in some cases where to live, or else it’s been an ongoing commercial drama or issues relating to siblings - or someone else’s siblings - and family issues, but Mars changing signs in August ensures that you concentrate on your own domestic arrangements.

If anything hasn’t been resolved in this area and has been dragging on for a long time, then before September all will be finalized.

There will be still be some key relationship issues to deal with: a lover, spouse, business partner, enemy or adversary, thanks to Saturn direct in Scorpio until September, but then it’s all over.

This month the planet of expansion moves from your home sector to your house of fun and so you’re really going to look forward to -and enjoy - the rest of 2015 and well into 2016. 

There will be lots of business activities, key partnerships, legal and romantic communications and some of this may change at month’s end or else there is some confusion and uncertainty about where things are headed.

It’s a good thing therefore to get your foundation and base secure because your world is opening up to fun, frolics, children (or the younger generation), romance and generally good times. 

If you’re artistic you’ll create, or else you’ll spend more time focusing on a creative or personal endeavor, one that is a true reflection of your own creative actualization (and how you think and communicate is key as are foreign influences). You will find you are  engaging in more philosophical or political discussions with people from different backgrounds to you, and this is a theme for the upcoming year.

Saturn aspects Pluto on the 13th, suggesting some form of legal challenge, an education issue, dealings then with people at a distance or foreign entities can be problematic; but you are much more savvy these days and the outcomes are falling your way.

The ongoing disappointment that has been part and parcel of the past few years is soon to be a thing of the past.  

You may get the green light on the house of your dreams, or meet “the one”, or cement your life in a foreign country, or enroll in a Ivy League colleague or win a legal judgment – all these are possible in August.

Mars moves into Leo in the house of home and family from August 8th to the 3rd week of September ensuring one last thrust to cement down your home and hearth needs, sign the lease or the sale contract. There will be a very pleasant financial surprise around the 19th when Venus in Leo trines Uranus, when a family member, group, network or VIP, government agency or authority figure delivers exciting or thrilling news or large groups will be the source of financial opportunities.

The Sun conjuncts Jupiter on the 26th and that should bring luck (although the Sun in the 5th house can suggest a lottery win or some other gambling scenario).   There could be a issue to do with a lover or your partners children. 

You may also be interested in sharing philosophical or political discussions. This is a good day to express your physical energy through sports or outdoor activities.

The full moon in Pisces at months end in your sector of groups, friends, and VIP’s will remind you just how important you are in the lives of others.  An ongoing dealing with a group or network may come to an end or fruition, or you’ll have validation from the people around you or even within the society that you live in (that may be a foreign one).

The end of August is perfect for networking and socializing and making new friends and contacts.  The more you hang with people who think the same way or have the same goals, the happier and more successful you will be. 

That said, the Sun opposes Neptune on the last day and you may have disturbing news or some form of confrontation from a group, a lover or a child.   One particular encounter or outcome may leave you feeling confused or defeated or you feel taken advantage of or used, especially in a financial discussion or negotiation or in a contractual, lease situation and keep an eye out for any form of deception.

However you will enter September with a smile on your face (and the Sun Pluto trine in early September trine with set the tone of what’s to come).  August ushers in a wonderful window of good times, romance, and improved social life and when you can finally be you (without the criticism and lack of support.  Let the good times roll.


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You are certainly “on the move” or moving forward in some area of your life, and the pace has been upped.  This may be literal travel (overseas or short trips out of state) or else movement in a stalemate situation; or one that has been dragging along slowly, suddenly moves ahead.

Helpfully, you currently have more understanding and a greater capacity to gain an accurate - and deeply intuitive – grasp of someone’s position and therefore are in a much better position to capitalize on that knowledge and use it to your advantage.

By doing so, you can actually accomplish a lot (or resolve or pacify an ongoing conflict) and August shows signs of new commercial approaches, increased sales, and additional business and financial opportunities. 

It also promises resolutions to complex matters that will appear out of nowhere and be a pleasant surprise, especially around the 13th when the Sun in Leo trines Uranus (or even as early as the 2nd).  

Before mid August, new assignments or a new approach to business or more opportunities and increasing workload will result in positive gains financially and there will be some unusual opportunities and/or exciting challenges that may appear out of the blue.

This month overall is about travel, movement, communication and lots of short trips - or overseas travel – or dealings with foreign entities, socializing and meeting lots of new people.  Whew!

Communication is amped up and if you wish, you can reach out to a particular person or establish business trust in a potential - or a recently discussed - commercial union.

All forms of communication (in the final stages of Jupiter here) and especially related to family members are crucial, and it’s important to listen, talk and communicate as much as possible with loved ones.

The new moon in Leo will renew a relationship with a sibling or suggests new commercial dealings are on hand, and certainly more communication, commerce, research, emails, speaking, thinking, planning, and implementation of ideas and plans.

Mars is also in this sector from the 8th and giving you the drive and energy to push your own barrow verbally or intellectually, so it’s also a great period for students or for any form of difficult communication tasks.

That said, Mars is the fiery planet and brings aggression and so there can be disputes with siblings or neighbors or issues and frustrations with transport.

Jupiter moves into your home and family sector on 11th August and that’s likely to constitute a change of home scenery and many Gemini’s will be moving into a bigger and better house (or a smaller one if you are downsizing and it makes you more comfortable).

Others will be attempting to repair damaged family dynamics and/or introduce changes into domestic arrangements such as cohabitating or restructuring the home, or bringing in a flat mate or whatever change is required in order to make you feel more secure.

All these steps are about improving the quality of your family life as well as providing emotional and psychological security.

This can be tangible - or to do with your family – but issues such as which suburb or city, or even country that you live, will be on the table shortly.

This is not likely to occur until after the first week of September because you’ll either still be travelling (or still dealing with a complex communication or commercial issue). 

Venus will continue to retrograde Leo until the first week in September suggesting both travel and all forms of communication will be front and centre, and both should have pleasurable outcomes.  That said, if you’re travelling in the first week of August, you’re likely to encounter frustrations with transport or everything goes a lot slower (or is cancelled).

With a bit of luck you’ll hear news about a commercial venture or receive the green light on a project, as there is a monetary blessing around the 15th, especially to do with shared money or assets.

The new moon mid month in Leo continues on with this theme of a new approach to communication, travel, movement and commercial activities in general and so a number of Gemini’s will find ways to work as they travel, and have mobile offices or start new assignments and contracts.

Saturn is soon to depart your house of work and health (it’s last foray into this sector) and one or the other may have been a bit of a struggle and Saturn does tend to apply the brakes. That said, by now you’ll have already you’ve seen the rewards if you are on the right track as Saturn is about getting the rewards for the right effort and therefore all those inroads and networking your made in your professional life or your health is leading somewhere positive.

It may have felt like an uphill battle at times as if all your efforts were not going anywhere, but by now you’ll have seen the momentum build and lots of movement and breakthroughs in these areas, although around the 20-21st and 28th can be tricky.

The Sun in your family sector opposes Neptune in your career, public image and reputation sector as month’s end and chances are you will feel misunderstood by family members.  The answer is to be 100% honest about your feelings and reason and that will help to break down any barriers (and gain the much-desired results).  There is some vulnerability around this time about your image, brand and reputation, so you have to ensure you are not misleading yourself and that your intentions are pure and not predicated on obtaining a particular outcome.

Evidently you are successful, as you will end the month bringing closure to some long-term goal, and it may be a career matter, or some other background issue or lifestyle pursuit or an issue that required a resolution.

If you have been committed to achieving a particular goal, you are likely to see it come to fruition now, or else there is more professional respect/amongst your peers.

Don’t forget that mid month Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, moves into Virgo into your house of home and family – both tangible as in real estate – and intangible with respect to family dynamics, so you have the “leg up” in terms of resolving difficult family issues.

A number of Gemini’s will move house, flat, sell, buy, upgrade or make a conscious effort to improve family relationships over the next few months.

August ends with a full moon in Pisces with you back on deck focusing on your career and professional pursuits or some other kind of long-term goals.

Perhaps it’s building respect or developing your reputation or improving your standing with colleagues and there should be some very pleasing news at months end and going into September, that is a culmination of a lot of earlier effort. 

You are more focused, organized, healthier and happier than you’ve been in a long time and if you’re not, you’ve still got until September to do so and nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute….

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Venus spends the month back in Leo in your self-esteem, values money and property sector and thus bringing good tidings or information from the past back to the table.  

It’s not just about money, it’s about feeling worthy and redefining what real wealth is and there is certainly a restructuring of values going on.  True riches has very little to do with money and there are many other things going on in your life that will make you feel as if you have a profusion of valuable things. 

You could stem outgoings, or reduce your expenditure or find a better or more interesting quality of life.   You find the perfect home or role that makes you feel secure and improves your self worth (home is always so important to Cancer), but you will be more connected to what you truly value before Jupiter departs this zone in mid August.  

If it’s not money, but rather values and integrity, then you may have lost some to keep the other.  However that in turn delivers priceless amounts of self worth and self esteem because you know you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.

That said, Venus will continue to retrograde in Leo until October so even when Jupiter leaves this month, nothing is finalized in this regard until then.

You and another person, or you and a group, can form a union that makes money and very shortly you will feel grounded through your own self-sufficiency and have real inner peace (as Cancers so often worry about money).

There is a new moon in Leo in the same house of money, assets, security, values and self-worth, so all the planets are aligned to send the same message and provide a new era of financial opportunities.

That said Mars is also in this same area, and that can mean a lot of outgoings and heavy outlays and a drain on your funds, and there will be some clues in this regard in the first week of August. 

Around the 2nd and 6-8th, you’ll be the recipient of strange communication, conflicting information, odd statements, misleading information or bizarre requests and instructions. 

All of these may have an underlying message and in some instances can suggest a change or restructuring/redefining of a previous commercial position.   Don’t worry, there are still a lot of the pieces of a jigsaw still missing and you don’t have the complete picture until October

At times in August you’ll fee more inhibited when planets aspect Leo in your house of self worth and others can misunderstand you or they see you as unfriendly or distant.

You might experience self-doubt about your worth or the value of your ideas or you receive some bad news concerning finances but fortunately, this effect doesn’t last long and the Venus trine Uranus on the 19th is a game changer when groups can bring thrilling news.  This will do wonders for your public reputation, life direction and professional aspirations.    You hear news of a great job or some other form of validation for your efforts. In fact you’ll finally be appreciated and loved by others for the very qualities that make you different, rather than this being a barrier.

Full moon in Pisces at months’ end will bring to a close a legal matter, or a dealing with an overseas entity can come to conclusion, or you sign a lease or business document in another country or with a global company or foreign person.

This is also the house of personal growth and perspective and that may be changing through education or travel or some other kind of “adventure”.  Alternatively it can be a new purpose that you can truly trust and accept as true.

Around the same time at months end the Sun opposes Neptune and that may cause you to want to withdraw or play hardball.

Maybe something that you had hoped for or taken for granted falls through (or experiences complications) that in turn, makes you uncertain about your direction in life. 

On a positive note, there will be no more misapprehensions or fantasy world.  There will be clarity and you’ll know what is sound and well founded and where your faith and hope has been misplaced.

However this is not about success or failure, but rather about your ability to adapt and embrace whatever is in front of you.

You are entering a new era and the more you are open to all the possibilities around you, the more likely you are to succeed.   The more you are able to express yourself (and the truth of who you are) and the more open, brave and daring, the more chance you have of bringing your fantasies into reality.

Many Cancerians will be embarking on a new experience, intellectually or via travel, or some other foreign connection that will help you to grow and prosper and above all, find peace and stability.

Your personal stock in the world will rise, via the opinion of others, but more importantly, how you feel about yourself.

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It’s all about you in August as Venus is back in your sign, to join the raft of planets that are there at your disposal.    There are a lot of heavenly bodies both above and below you (!) and that kind of sums up your existence right now - and if it doesn’t something is seriously amiss.

There is a new moon in Leo mid month and this is all about you and re-launching yourself, which is what you have been doing for a while now. 

The Leo in 2015 is very different cat to the one in past years, and you are more successful, popular, independent, confident and bolder.

Romantically you are on fire (and August is one “hot” month for you) that sees you either cementing a relationship that has been around for a while, or even one from the past that is going to be “lovelier the second time around”. 

There is a lot of passion and perhaps you are with a loved one on an exotic vacation, or else have met someone whilst travelling; whilst others are moving in together and setting up house and home. 

The common theme though, is romantic progress and positive growth, and this has been going on for a while with Saturn in your house of emotional self. 

Saturn is now direct and in the last stages of restructuring the foundations of your home and family and of your own self-actualization.

Some Leos will relocate in the next month or so, as there may be some discontent with the facilities, structure, position or some other aspect of your domestic life.

If you need to restructure your family unit, then this will also be done in August/September and that may mean changing roles, moving someone in - or out - or taking care of parents or anyone else that is involved in your family.

There is a message early in the month when Jupiter squares Saturn that certain areas of your family life need addressing and perhaps changes made (and ones that can fit in with your new direction and perspective).

Equating home and family with security can cause you to miss out on opportunities so you have to get this balance right.  There is the need to take care of “unfinished business” to do with your domestic scene, and to tie up those loose ends.

It may be a flat mate, your house, your homeland, your parents, your spouse or whomever you share space with. 

Try not to be discouraged, but address and fix what needs to be dealt with and take steps to prepare yourself for growth in the future.

Jupiter leaves mid month, however Venus in Leo will continue until October (that is quite a long stay) although retrograde until September and thus will be able to accomplish lots on your behalf during her tenure. 

Venus will bring magic to your image, and you’ll be magnetic and very appealing (and very much about self aggrandizement and immediate gratification).

Around the 4-5th is quite an excessive period, but also a wonderful time, and you’ll be in a very expansive and generous mood, but you may need to control your appetites in some way!

The new moon will bring new opportunities, it just depends on what guise or form they take, but they can be new relationships, business connections, or in reality whatever it is that you have your heart set on! 

This is also a lucky time for financial dealings or initiating a new financial venture, but it’s really all about putting your name, face, brand, personality and self “out there” and you are so filled with optimism is almost scary.  You are making a very favorable impression on just about everyone you meet.

Jupiter is still in your sign and is still providing the bounty, this month more than ever and you are in the box seat.

Mars in Leo from 8th is giving you the drive, energy and determination (and the passion) along with increased appeal and fiery “hotness”, and so the more you push and promote yourself, the more you’ll gain. 

It would help to find an outlet for your energy and passion (in fact it’s necessary), so perhaps move your body via sport and exercise or other physical pursuits…

Your efforts are paying off big time now and particularly at months end may be the fruition of an ongoing financial discussion or joint venture.

The full moon takes place in the house of joint resources, shared funds, but also other people's money (such as loans, credit cards, inheritances) so you might buy, sell or borrow for something that you really, really want, or this is a financial boon to you.

By the same token there may be some Leo’s who cut a “joint” arrangement in order to move on, but that would only be if that arrangement was holding you back in some way (and that can be a sexual union).

You’ve taken no short cuts and you’ve done the hard yards and deserve all that is forthcoming and from now onwards is going to be a very productive and profitable year ahead.

Because you are feeling so worthy and expect the best, that’s exactly what you are getting and of course self worth comes from thinking that you are worthy…so no problems there!

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From August onwards all those money issues that have plagued you for a long time will start to dissipate or are resolved and records, accounts, agreements, paperwork, statements, contracts all begin to assist rather than hinder you, and you can feel confident of outcomes. 

Some Virgo’s have been dealing with the mistakes of another or others, but it would appear that these have been rectified and dealt with, and any failed projects are now a thing of the past. 

Jupiter’s transit of your 12th and the “hidden” issues (or all the work that you’ve been doing behind the scenes), has certainly made you more tolerant and understanding and gifted you with more empathy.

That’s great, because now you enter a very important month, the most important in the next decade as Jupiter enters Virgo, which is going to raise your profile and your image.

If all goes according to plan, the next 12 months should be stellar ones, and one of the best years in decades.  Happiness, wealth, love, and pleasure are key words and so if you are single, you won’t be by year’s end.

If you have recently launched a new business or expanding an existing one, this is the year that it becomes a huge success and you will see many wonderful developments in all areas of your life.  This is the planet of expansion after all, so you may expand your horizons and relocate, or at the very least travel more. 

If you can dream it, you can probably achieve it over the next twelve months as door will open for you, and people will be eager and more willing to assist.

Saturn is back in your sector of commerce, communication, siblings, Internet, sales and movement and either slowing things down here or creating some difficulties to resolve.  But as this is the last window of a two-year stint, you will be bringing these matters to fruition.  A commercial enterprise is now established, a contract gained, or an ongoing commercial dispute settled.

Your ruler has a number of aspects around the 6-7th and 12th especially that can cause you to react impulsively and write or say the wrong thing.  You words can kill or heal and there are signs of a number of verbal battles, especially if you feel you need to defend your position. Take the time to consider the impact of a desired choice or any action you are unsure of, as you’ll have to deal with the fallout if it’s wrong.  This is especially so if you are hiding anything or not being upfront and open and whilst all of the planets remain in Leo for the first half of August, it will still be a quieter period for you and you’ll still be dealing with a lot of things under the radar or on behalf of another or other.

As the month progresses, the planets move into your social sector and life will really pick up, but you enter August, you very much focused on bringing some commercial issue to a resolution (and it’s likely that you receive positive news in this regard as early as the first week).

If finances have been a worry for you (and they have for a number of Virgos) with the nodes in Libra, all this will also change in August for the better, but that’s just the foray of what is to come in the next few months.

Clearly you are commencing a new 12-year cycle in August, so whatever groundwork you lay now will carry you well into the future.  With Uranus bringing pleasant surprises in your sector of joint resources, all month will be peppered with good news regarding loans, shared investments, inheritances and taxation issues and the last week in August will be highly fortuitous in this regard. 

If you have any contracts to sign, job interviews to attend, or the right day to launch a business, or to pop the question, choose the last week of August to do so as you are guaranteed spectacular results.

There is a full moon in Pisces in the relationship house, bringing to fruition any kinds of unions and commitments, business, legal, personal and so on.

You enter August with the knowledge that it’s a significant month, so plan accordingly and decide early on what you wish to achieve as you have magic planetary aspects that can (and will) bring abundance and good fortune, especially within relationships.   If you have been at odds with someone and no longer speaking, this is the month to restore harmony and goodwill.

It may be that you travel to see someone or you take a lover with you to an exotic getaway and with the new moon mid month in Leo in house of the hidden and things going on behind the scenes and secrets, this may be a secret love affair.

If not, it will still be about accommodating someone else, a lover, a business partner, a spouse, even an adversary and (especially after the year’s stint of Jupiter in your 12th house) perhaps even some self sacrifice to get something achieved or a resolution.

You may forgo your own interests at months’ end, but in doing so get exactly what you want – such as a renewal or rekindling or closure of an association.

The Sun opposes Neptune at months end in your relationship and contractual house, so there may be uncertainties of contracts, commitments and legal situations.  By the same token, full moons bring endings so you may just walk away or it’s the end of an ongoing drama.

It’s clear that the majority of Virgo’s are committed to a particular goal, and by the end of August you may doubt your ability to achieve it or someone else will expose the flaws.  Your pride and confidence can become deflated or it’s difficult to get a handle on someone and it’s not a time when you can influence outcomes.

Don’t worry.  Jupiter by then is already in Virgo, and that’s good as it gets and you’ll get what you want and people will be more receptive.

Fame and fortune are yours for the taking if that’s what you want, (and certainly lots of happiness) but for much of August you still have to keep something - or someone - under wraps or deal with issues that are not obvious or “up front”.

There may be some challenges to your identity, brand, image or life direction and there may be some discouragement about material world issues.

Be more cautious about new opportunities as relationships  (and especially with partners) are more confusing.   There can be some issues of honesty and trust (and do avoid business ventures that’s “too good to be true”), or one that involves dealing with questionable people.

The message of the month and indeed the upcoming year; is to face the reality of all your partnerships, be honest and tell the truth (be cruel to be kind if you have to) and go ahead and experiment.

There are so many areas of opportunity waiting for you to take the plunge – if you are brave – but first you may have to work out the different between infatuation, desire, attachment and devotion…

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Ex’s, old issues with groups, friends and social mistakes dominate much of August and your public profile is very much “out there”.   There is more responsibility or accountability to a group or the public (if the group is in a public role) and existing long term projects or business assignments are being closely looked at.  You’ve gone through a few hurdles in this regard in July, but as August progresses you will soon steady improvements and a change of approach in priorities and perhaps even a an external judgment call.

There has been some strain as disagreements have been made  public between friends, groups or family, but by the end of August, that’s a thing of the past. 

As August progresses, communication in general will become more favorable and there will be an improved social life, acceptance within a group and increased sales, popularity or even love.  There should be romance and fun and if that is not applicable, then you’ll be having a great time with your children or the younger generation.

There are a lot more prospects for you in August and greatly improved support from groups, friendships and your social and committee connections.  That said, if you have been remiss in any of these areas, then you’ll be taken to task in the first week or so.

Thankfully the new moon in Leo can assist with adopting a fresh approach to your friendships and associations and the way you view the world if that needs any adjusting.  If you have been “out to lunch” or have a misplaced view of your place in society as well as your joint responsibility to it, then you may get a reality check within the first fortnight and certainly before October. 

One way or another you are going to understand the influence of groups, networks and the support - or otherwise - of friends and associates.

This may relate to how you have handled money in the past and if you are the treasurer and funds are unaccountable then you may be in the spotlight.  You may be forced to review how you manage the groups money or even your own, and this especially so when Saturn semi squares Pluto in money house, and on home/career axis on the 13th.

Venus retrograding behind the scenes suggests that others may be trying to undermine you and you’re not going to be feeling the love. And you may be confused and upset about the lack of support you are getting or feel that you are being misunderstood.  As a result you may go underground and lick your wounds and disappear from the main stream.  Maybe you are hiding a secret or covering something up but for much of August there’s not a great deal of happiness in personal relationships.  There is an all pervading sense of impotence and ineffectiveness and lost direction.

It’s almost impossible to act in support of your own interests and you do run the danger of being exploited and/or misled.  Thankfully Jupiter moves into the guardian angel position and others will help behind the scenes, but there will be some necessity to review some aspects of your life and work out what changes need to be made.  

Saturn has gone direct back in Scorpio where he’s returned and you’ll have another financial lesson (as if you haven’t had enough of those in the past year or so).  Saturn in the financial house can bring money concerns or problems relating to money and expenditure.  The good news is that before September you’ll have resolved any and all financial issues and probably established a secure money platform, such as a good paying job, or a super scheme or reduced your outgoings or minimized your debt.

The lesson of Saturn is about the value of money and if you have abused that, then you may have some lessons to deal with now.  On the 11th Jupiter moves from Leo to Virgo in your twelfth house and you should regard this as a holding pattern, when you can tie up loose ends and wipe the slate clean ready for the fabulous following year when Jupiter is in Libra. 

This is a year when you’ll be more solo than with the group and you’ll feel quieter and perhaps laying low and feeling less outgoing.  Don’t worry you won’t feel lonely as it’s more a personal choice and you’ll actually enjoy working on some personal projects and sorting out the wheat from the chaff (in other words offloading anything that is weighing you down and superfluous in your life).

This is a great period to work on your outlook, your hidden drives, what makes you tick (and thus be able to work out what makes you really happy, knowledge that can be elusive to Librans).

You will be highly intuitive and have loads of personal insight, so by the time mid 2016 swings around you’ll be in the best position to take advantage of what you can achieve – and what’s best for you -  and the epiphanies will come fast and thick.  You end the month with a full moon in Pisces in your house of work and that can manifest in various ways.  It could be the end of a job or the conclusion or realization of something that you’ve been working on.   It can bring closure and an end to a chaotic situation and restore order and functionality.  It can bring a health issue to light or treatment of a disease can end.

Overall it’s a romantic month, but one in which there will be a predominance of group, team, committee, friends, clubs issues or you are on the receiving end of people power (for good or not so good) depending on what you’ve been up to.  Reward or reprimand, especially with Mars stirring up the career and reputation pot until the 8th.  If you survive any slings and arrows before then, you’ll be in the clear and most likely will have made some gains. 

If not you’ll have learnt some “costly” lessons from the group or the public.

The majority of action in August, is in your sector of groups, friends, hopes and wishes / friendship / people and events and Jupiter will remain in this sector until the 11th, expanding these areas.  Thus you can expand your circle of friends or expand problems you may be having with groups, but if it’s the latter, the full moon in Pisces encourages a look at finding or restoring order and routines and in truly understanding what it means to “service” others. 

There will be some relationship issues during the month, especially around the end of the first week and you may feel like a loner, so un-Libran-like or else there are conflicts amongst or with your friends.  Relationships in general will be your stumbling block and the energies will bring out the warrior in you; that is turn is less helpful.  

August ends with Mercury conjuncting the nodes in Libra, and that will literally communicate your destiny to you, especially if you’ve learnt some harsh lessons in August.   Thus this positive aspect will be very welcome and you’ll also have a lot of people behind the scenes helping your and working on your behalf (and that probably makes for a pleasant change).

Follow your intuition (Jupiter in the 12th will help you) and more importantly have confidence in your ability.  Say what needs to be said, (because when Saturn returns to Sagittarius that’s going to get a whole lot harder).  

There will be an intellectual connection to your future, in media, consulting, education, PR, politics, exchanging ideas…and certainly different ways of thinking.


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Rather like Libra you too are spending much of August considering routines and how you operate and that includes your professional life and also how you treat your body and your health.  If you have any unwanted habits this is a good time to address those as Saturn in Scorpio is back focusing on your brand, image, reputation, relationships, and how you operate in life.

The new moon is very helpful mid month as that will provide a new platform to develop some new long term goals or pursue different professional avenues, or work on improving your public reputation.

Saturn in it’s last hurrah in Scorpio urges this last minute self-appraisal (that has actually been going on for a couple of years) but here is another window for acknowledging and addressing anything about yourself that is not helpful to your long term prospects.

At any rate, if you don’t get the insight yourself, other people will be the agents for this awareness and that in itself will encourage a great sense of fellowship and the desire to fit in or “****”…..off.

Thus career and reputation are key themes and especially as you’ve had Jupiter blessing this sector for the past year. 

Therefore the window between mid August and mid September is crucial in fully understanding your talents and your weaknesses so that you can continue your upward trajectory without the support of Jupiter (although you will have loads of people power and the support of the group).

Of course there are so many planets currently in Leo, these are all behind your career and public image sector, providing month that is very strongly supportive of your professional aspirations and life goals.

There is a new moon in Leo in the same area that should introduce a new professional opportunity or new ways in which to use your talents (i.e. a new job).

Venus is also in Leo until October, bringing praise, kudos, promotions, respect and good publicity although it has to be said that Venus is weakened in retrograde until September.  This can also bring back problems from the past to deal with that may affect your career or reputation, but hopefully that is not the case.

Mars enters Leo on August 8 and that will add energy, fire, passion and drive to your career path and keep you moving in the right direction and then when Jupiter moves to Virgo on 11th, there will be more support from your peers as well. 

Not only that, you’ll actually have more fun and a social life so if it’s been a case of “all work and no play”, that’s going to change very shortly.  Maybe you feel more secure in your job or position and can take your foot of the pedal and smell the roses and socialize with colleagues and ease up a little. 

In fact networking and socializing and making new friends and fostering “the team” is where you will gain the most rewards.

This area is not just groups, VIP’s teams, friends and social life, but also the house of hopes and wishes and so Jupiter will do his best to ensure that they are granted.

This wish may be romantically inclined as the same axis of the 11th house is the sector of true love, which is where the full moon occurs in Pisces at months end.

A friend you’ve been lusting after could turn into a lover, or you find out that you are to be a parent or you get the green light on a personal project (one that you’ve been working on for a long time).  It may even be someone at work that you have feelings for, or via a club or association that you belong to or a new interest that you’ve recently become involved in may lead him to this new association. You should make a conscious effort to seek out fun and pleasure and make an effort to be romantic and express your feelings or make a move on that certain person.

Some will let go of any unrealistic aspirations towards a group dynamic  - or a role within the group will end - whilst others may break up a love affair.

If Jupiter has protected you, then between mid August and October, you’ll switch roles (or a romantic relationship), but it’s likely to be in a better one and for the former, one that has a humanitarian or “people power” related component.

The 3rd, 5th, 6th, 13th and 21st are problem days for you, when in fact you are being driven to unify, and even be a peacemaker (yes, Scorpio!) as you see this is how some can come together instead of falling apart. 

Creating harmony is key, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts, as generosity and enthusiasm will result in gain.

This applies to group interests in the main, but also a love interest may be revived.   It’s possible that you declare your affection or support around the 5th when you might really stick your neck out for someone or something you believe in. 

Jupiter in Virgo will ensure you have the support you need and extra energy to all forms of networking and group activities and in fact these are the areas in which you can fulfill your own goals.  So if you are a coach, head of a political party, charity, teacher et al, you’re in for a very pleasing and productive year.

Essentially in the second half of August, just about everything you aspire to or hope and wish for, will come to you via a group, friends, VIP’s, a team or the public and you’ll have the respect of others because you are being fair and honest.

Take care of your friends and yourself, but trust your instincts and don’t look back, something that you can do in your sleep.  You don’t second guess yourself or lack courage, but don’t promise more than you can deliver.

Live and work, but don’t forget to play, as the full moon at month’s end reminds you.  People rarely succeed unless they are actually having fun or enjoying what they do.

Spend time with those you love and with your children and speaking of which, for some fortunate Scorps the stork may come in August….

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Jupiter continues to bless any legal dealings, travel aspirations and plans (including relocation to foreign shores and immigration matters), people at a distance, educational applications and publishing. 

If you are still shopping that book around, continue to do it in August, or book another trip, or the first one, or instigate that move.

That said the period around 3-8th can be problematic when your ruler squares Saturn in your house of the hidden and undoing and it may also test you inner security and self-confidence. For many Sags there is “unfinished business” and you have until September to finalize a passage in your life, but at the same time are being given the opportunity to grow and become more understanding.

You will remain unprepared for growth if you continue to avoid any outstanding responsibilities in the past so make sure you tie up any loose ends. Don’t be discouraged by problems but instead face them head on especially around the 13th when signfiant ajustments are required when Saturn semi squares Pluto in your money sector. There will be pressures or difficulty in getting what you want, especially if you are being inflexible and it’s also possible that things come to a complete stop.

Thankfully from the 11th, Jupiter will enter Virgo in your career and public reputation house, but it’s also about life direction, achievement, fame and notoriety and this is actually a very comfortable and auspicious place for Jupiter. 

As Jupiter is your ruler, it’s a very favorable and fortunate time time, when you can achieve amazing things and enjoy a lot of luck, abundance and new opportunities for success and to improve your status quo.

Your success and breakthrough lies in dealing or liaising with people from elsewhere, or who live in a different country, or have a different background to you.  Lawyers and educators will also hold a key to your progress.

You will definitely see signs of this before the month ends, and especially in the last week of August, you’ll have breathtaking success in one particular area.  That area is likely to be overseas, or with a global company, or via a global medium, or with someone who is foreign or lives in another country.

You’ll certainly have more ambition this upcoming year and the activities of others in August are part and parcel of this success, by the actions they undertake now on your behalf.  This may be someone with a different background or who lives far or is a legal entity or has academic affiliations.

This can be a person, group, authority figures, government entities, and it’s likely that you have some financial connection to them.  Mars has been in your house of joint funds and shared resources since the third week of June and so you’ll be making decisions and working with someone with a vested financial interest.  Maybe you are paying them to undertake some work on your behalf and there is a money drain that will cease after the first week of August.  From then on (8th) Mars in Leo suggests you can enjoy more travel or have more progress in a legal or educational pursuit.

The new moon of August 14 is in the same area, in the house of legalities, perspective, publishing, internet, and this new moon will focus on issues of personal growth that can be achieved via travel, the eradication of legal problems, education or some other form of cultural or intellectual experience.

Another difficult period is 21-25th as a result of the square between the Sun in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio when you will encounter obstacles or delays that are frustrating and challenge your self-confidence and you may have clashes with authority figures.

You end the month with a full moon in your home and family sector, bringing to a conclusion or resolution a long standing issue that impacted on your family and perhaps even severing a tie to the past. You will be considering your relationship with family and may join together in a legal agreement or else be dealing with family property and assets.

Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun are all in your house of foreign people and places, legalities, education and travel, so family and these areas will be entwined and affected in some way.

You may decided to relocate overseas or offload or sell property that will provide you with an improved quality of life, as you will be thinking “less is more”.

If you need to seeking favors from those in positions of established authority, you are likely to get it, as you are certainly “in the spotlight” with Jupiter at the top of your chart but watch out for arrogance or overestimating what is possible.  Jupiter is not always a benefic friend and it really depends on your chart, as financial pain, fall from position and grace and other inauspicious results are sometimes possible when Jupiter is here. 

However in the main, from the 5th September it’s all systems go – onward and upwards – so long as you do what’s right the right way, at the right time, and then you can’t lose.

Oh, and your attitude is just as important as your ability…

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You turn over a new leaf or have some form of renaissance in August.  If you think in terms of a pupae into a butterfly, that’s the kind of transformation we’re talking about, and this will be cemented by the new moon mid month in Leo. 

That means that the upcoming year is huge in terms of your progress and change and what you do in the second fortnight will be the seeds that you plant that will flourish later on in 2015.

The first week of August is significant in this regards as there are a lot of aspects with Venus in your house of relationships, sex, transformation and joint funds sector.

There may be some issues about expenditure (you’ve gone crazy on the credit cards) or some issues with jealousy or resentment of some other kind of indulgent behavior. You are enjoying yourself.

You’ve been feeling rather positive of late, more outgoing and friendly but also restless and antsy and if you’re confined or restrained you’ll feel quite resentful.   Travel will help, but in the main, a large number of Cappys are busy initiating a new financial venture and there should be great news around the 15th when Mercury trines Pluto.

People will be saying nice things about you, and your PR and press is great.  If you are in the communications or sales business, your sales, commission and feedback from others is pleasing or you may hear good news, especially regarding travel plans.

You are communicating with conviction, so if you have something important to say to a lover, friend, boss, spouse etc, or a favor to ask, this is the time to do it, as your words will have a favorable and powerful effect.

The new moon energy will provide the opportunity for new ideas  and new experiences for the upcoming year and that will include travel, internet based activities, and liaising with people from different backgrounds. 

Maybe you go back to school and expand your horizons intellectually, or you simply travel more.  With Jupiter here, it’s not just any old travel, we’re talking the pointy end of the plane and exotic shores and fascinating sights and sounds and experiences (and probably with someone incredible).

Until mid month Jupiter remains in your joint money house and you’ve benefited over the past year from the money of others, from a partner, or via a loan, inheritance or some other form of other people's money.

As is often the case when Jupiter departs a sector there is a nice farewell and he dispatches you with a bountiful leaving party, by way of money or gifts or some other form of financial bonus.

There is likely to be positive news about money in the first week of the month, again, from other people's money – by way of a loan, gift, refund, payout, alimony, settlement, inheritance and so on.

Saturn, your ruler is now direct and so the cement shoes will be removed as Saturn does make it feel as if you’re walking through wet cement.

The pace of life will quicken and Mars aligns with Saturn in the first week to propel your professional activities and get the job, the property or the chunk of money (whether it’s given to you or you go out and buy it).

The new moon in Leo will bring sudden breakthrough in finances such as a new way of making more money and even a new sexual union.  Its very likely that you have your eye on a piece of real estate but it may be another form of a wish or an idea, such as a university course, or an extended overseas trip or even real estate abroad.

It’s very possible that you gain from a legal agreement or judgment in August or there is some other conclusion, fruition, result or closure to do with a commercial matter. 

Maybe a project is flnally floated or you get the kudos in the press that you’ve been wanting (this is the house of communication).  Some will go into business with a sibling or pull the pin in a business with a sibling if it hasn’t been going well.

Others will hear news from a sibling such as a pregnancy or a move or something that has been a while in the planning comes to fruition.  As this is the communications house and of contractual matters, contracts, documents, important emails, tenders and so on are likely to be signed, agreed to or tabled around this time.

Maybe you sign on the dotted line for a lease or you buy property or on the divorce or the marriage papers but commercial and financial developments will be part and parcel of this period. 

For much of the month (and indeed for the upcoming year) international travel and foreign entities factor large, so perhaps you get offered the overseas job or buy the villa in France.

Some will receive their diplomas, others papers relating to residency applications overseas. 

But the best use of this energy at months end is to work out what you want and apply logic and reason to your feelings (and then act accordingly).

There is a danger spot at months and something that you hear or read can affect your self-confidence or it may be an encounter with someone or even a run in with a lover or business partner.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater; let this mood pass, because if you go head to head with someone or do a knee jerk reaction, it may not turn out well. 

In the main, your key to happiness, success and wealth will be via communication in all forms (publishing, internet/websites, blogs, but also on your voyages and the ensuing changes to your outlook. 

The more people you meet from different backgrounds, the more experiences you have, the more you broaden your horizons, the more you will grow and prosper.

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In the last fortnight of Jupiter’s transit of your house of committed partnerships and contractual agreements, you may be examining a job offer, a real estate contract, a pre-nup, a business agreement, immigration or legal papers. 

A number of Aquarians have been having some issues to deal with in these terms, either a spouse is concerned about the status quo and you have to be reassuring.  The status quo, public and your professional reputation are all up for scrutiny and there may be some sense of vulnerability in these areas.  

Venus is retrograding in your relationship sector (and will continue for quite some time) so there is this golden opportunity to resolve, repair, or decide on something that unites you – or at least makes both your emotional and business lives better.

There are emotions being expressed by someone close to you (and perhaps relating to issues from the past) and this may be an intimate partner or a boss (or business partner) - or even work colleagues and you need to act fast for damage control – although in truth you have until October to work it all out. 

This relationship drama, or even a conflict with an adversary, has been on and off and maybe dragging on since last year.  With all the planets in Leo in August you do have monumental cosmic thrust to help sort this issue out once and for all…. or end the association once and for all.

Aquarians have been through an interesting journey of late, focusing more on their real feelings and opening up which is something quite new, but also rewarding and encouraging. This theme will continue in the upcoming year, but you are being rewarded for your trust and faith in others and your increasingly ability to let go and trust (show the belly). 

Mars also in this sector in Leo from the 8th, also suggest surrender, bowing out - or even abandoning something or someone – and happily so.

There are a number of trines throughout August with Uranus your ruler, (most notably on the 13th) and that will stir up your rebellion and the desire for change.  By the same token you are more accepting of other people (and you especially love people who are “different”) but you do have quite a definite agenda these days than the one you used to have.

There will be more sexual encounters in August and especially very passionate ones and thankfully more money and assets are en route through the generosity of others.  Other people’s money will benefit you enormously, either a salary, bonus scheme, inheritance, loan, and so on.  Maybe someone is managing your funds for you and these are growing or you meet a billionaire!

It may be related to taxation (this is very much an 8th house aspect) and as you have Jupiter here, you’ll be paying less tax or no tax!

Put it this way by mid 2016 you’ll be a lot better off financially and emotionally a lot more “together” and thinking more generously about life and about people and mid August is the launch of all these good tidings.

The new moon in Leo in house of relationships and partnerships of all descriptions (business or otherwise) allows you to introduce over the next year whatever changes to relationships are necessary.  This may mean having to make compromises and you will have the opportunity to hear the truth and see first hand how you do relate to a spouse or love or business partner.   

In the main this will be via the way they are reacting to you and what they are saying and the full moon will “light” issues and provide clarity in this regard, and for the next year.

As this is the house of committed relationships it will relate to one key association in August and at best you are having a highly romantic "coming together" with a certain someone and it feels very serious.

You may be considering popping the question or making a big move with this person, divorce, moving overseas with them – but some form of major step or commitment – that involves another and you can gain substantially through another person.

There is such a huge emphasis on partnerships for most of the month and indeed not just in August, but also for the foreseeable future.  Indeed your greatest success and progress will be via partnerships of every description.  Two is better than one. 

That may mean hiring an immigration agent or marriage counselor or lawyer or banker or someone who helps you in a partnership arrangement to succeed.

The 19-21st is a great period but also one in which there are “no rules” for yourself or others. Something quite out of the ordinary could happen around this time, or you receive exciting news.  There will be something unusual and provocative about a person, a social gathering, a business meeting or a conversation with a friend.

 Maybe they are trying to coax you into considering some kind of financial scheme as you’re bored with the status quo, you may even consider it.

From this month onwards you are in a stellar financial era, it’s a purple patch that will bring you more money, and better still from other people and the full moon brings a matter of enormous importance relating to money and self esteem to fruition and conclusion.

It will either involve your income or a major purchase, but both your self-esteem and money/income will change - and for the better.


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Relationships are key in August and you are joining with another in a personal or professional sense, or severing business ties, but overall it should be quite an enchanting month. 

One way or another August marks a milestone, it’s a defining month, when a commitment changes or you take the plunge and make a commitment.

You can find the man or woman of your dreams if you are single, and it will be a deep, deep love and that’s because Jupiter enters your opposite sign of Virgo mid month for the next 12 months and directs your focus on unions.  Business unions, friendships, marriage, and fostering strong bonds such as finding the right business partner, banker, lawyer, publisher, real estate agent and so on.

Alliances are your “ticket to ride” and the key method of your success, and any form of cooperative venture will be successful and profitable.

Until mid month and indeed for the past year, Jupiter was in your daily environment, routines, health and work sector, ensuring you streamlined your health and working habits.

Mars enters this same area, bringing more work and you’ll feel snowed under, but that’s more how you feel than the reality, although you will be very busy and under pressure.

Mars will crank up the pace until September 24, but by the same token giving you loads of health energy and the new moon in Leo is the launch pad. 

You will be so much in demand and as this is the house of service your phone will ring off the hook as others seek out your expertise. Expect a LOT of offers, new assignments and opportunities over the next year (again, best to do these in collaboration with another).

Around the 12th Mercury opposes Neptune when you might overlook something important or overreact to news, either of which can cause some collateral damage in your professional life.

Communication in general will more difficult as you’re not on the same page or there is some confusion or deception so double check all agreements to avoid misunderstandings.

If you have been having a health concern you can try a new approach or else it’s also possible that an underlying health issue becomes apparent in the near future (and that’s a good thing as it gives you the opportunity to address it).

This is a crucial month for you of course because there is a full moon in Pisces, the only one for the year, and so something will come to a head, conclusion, fruition or end.

With Jupiter now in your house of committed relationships, it’s likely to involve a close relationship – a business agreement could be sealed, a marriage could occur, a divorce or a business severance.

The most comfortable approach all month is focusing on routines and establishing order, that’s the only way you’re going to be able to cope with all the new work activities that are in store.  Health-wise if you need to, start adopting some healthier habits or address any outstanding or lingering health issues.

Committed relationships will rule in the coming year and everyone you meet will be the catalyst for positive change and new opportunities and so many Pisceans will marry, move in together, get engaged and other forms of “unions”. 

That said with Venus retrograding there may be some confusion in relationships and mixed messages, but in reality you are fully aware that one particular union is highly beneficial for you and in the second half of the month there will be an amazing contractual agreement made. 

At months’ end you’ll feel more sensitive or can be overly influenced by the opinions of others or make too many assumptions about a person or situation.  

Be certain that whatever you begin in August is clear in its intent and free of any deception, and that includes yours or anyone else’s, so be open and honest.

Someone or something is making a strong impression on you now or is very appealing and great joy is possible; but back your own intuition and perceptions about people as they will be uncannily accurate.

Make sure you know their motives as well as your own before making any final decisions.

From August onwards you can look forward to improved relationships, a better lifestyle and better working conditions and a whole lot more secure and promising opportunities or a different or improved way of working and living.

There has been much disappointment and difficulties in the lives of Pisces, but that’s not going to be the case anymore.  However you need to be clear of what you want in order to get it.


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