Monthly Forecasts

Dear Readers, it is with regret that I am unable to complete November's monthly scope due to extenuating circumstances and unfortunately must suspend writing the monthly scopes for November and December.  

I will however post a 2016 annual scope for all signs in late December and resume monthly scopes in January 2016.  I sincerely apologise for any frustration and inconvenience this may cause.  Warm regards "SB"






You enter October with a sigh of relief as you ended September with a full moon lunar eclipse in your sign that brought tension - but ultimately a conclusion - or at least an understanding about a close friendship or partnership (or indeed any kind of close relationship i.e. relative, boss etc) .

Now you know where you stand and that can include people who are adversaries (they will have shown their hand by now) and yet in this retrograde climate that will remain in effect until the 24th nothing is certain.

You should remain careful all month about what you say and how you react because an eclipse on the “you”/relationship axis, tends to bring issues with your reputation, image and brand.

At issue, is how you balance your needs and views with another and vice versa as there are polarities at play, issues of respect and disrespect, love and hate, anger and calm, fear and confidence.

These are all the things that permeate and change the structures of relationships and how you relate to others and how they relate to you will be one of the key issues that you’ll be dealing with in October.

There may be awkward decisions to make regarding a friend, lover, enemy, boss or relative, but if you can, try and defer doing so until after the third week of October.

The eclipse in your sign at the end of September was the last eclipse in Aries for many years and it’s been all about you and your relationships since October 2013.   Now THAT’S IT until 2023!!

So in many ways this is the end of an era and the start of a brand new one and the next period - or a new sequence of events - in the lives of Aries.

It can either be an awesome transition and very apparent or more a subtle and gradual change, but change there will be. 

Circumstances may signal that it’s time to move on to the next chapter of your life (in a relationship, friendship, contractual arrangement, how you act and behave) and so on.

The more obvious areas that are endings and beginning are related to marriage/relationships, education and career. 

With Saturn now in your 9th house this can mean new legal challenges, or relocation to another country or new advances in a foreign country if you are already overseas. 

Others will become more immersed in religion or some other form of spiritual belief.

The Sun squares Pluto on 6th and Mars opposes Neptune so the end of the first week of October will be very volatile and in the main this will affect your general working environment (or your “everyday” if you are not working.  A daily routine can be upset for one reason or another, or a health issue may arise or a pet becomes ill (or a new pet changes the routine).

Thankfully Venus from the 8th onwards will grease the wheels in your working life and make your everyday environment more enjoyable and anything to do with your health (elective surgery or cosmetic enhancements) will go very well.   That said, leave commencing anything major until after the 8th or better still, after the 24th.

Mercury goes direct on the 9th and although that’s a huge relief, everyone won’t be out of the woods entirely until the post shadow phase has finished after 24th October.

Jupiter forms a fantastic aspect to Pluto on the 11th and that’s going to be sensational news for your professional aspirations as your name, brand, image, life direction, recognition and status are all enhanced.   Professional success and life and career advancement is almost a certainty in October as trines are generally very beneficial so your worldly status will improve and influential people will go out of their way to help.   Thus your dealings at work in October will be steeped in harmony and ease. 

Of course whenever Pluto is involved, this means big and lasting changes, so that’s great news and one of those big changes will be in a relationship.

You have a new moon in this area on 12th and partnerships (business or otherwise), marriages, committed relationships, and even enemies (the ones you know about, not those operating behind your back) are all representatives of the 7th house where the new moon takes place.

Thus there will be some kind of changes to a relationship – maybe a fresh start or you operate in a different way, one with more equality and cooperation.

You might sign a new business agreement, as this is the house of contractual arrangements. 

The Sun enters Scorpio on 23rd and this brings a bounty of anything shared.  Your spouse may have a windfall or a raise or you may gain an inheritance or get a loan, or a big commission check or a bonus.   This is also a wonderful period for personal transformation and any healing (if that needs to be done, especially with that relationship dynamic) whilst for others it’s a time of lots of red-hot sex and greater intimacy.

The end of October will see you very much “at one” with someone, and if you’re in a relatively new relationship, it’s rather magical and certainly going places fast.

That said; I’m not so sure your family is as welcoming of the developments, or there are some other complications to do with acceptance.

There is a conflicting angle between Uranus in Aries and Saturn on the 22nd when you might find that you encounter some obstacles to your progress.

There will be a restriction (and you don’t operate very well in a climate of limitation) and so will feel restless and tense.

You end the month with a full moon in Taurus in your money and self esteem house and this represents another kind of balance, but this time it’s regarding money what you have and what is shared or jointly owned.

You might find that you start a new job or change jobs, or receive a raise, or get the nod for a loan or you get demoted or promoted.

You are being watched by the “powers that be” in October, so how you perform, lead and react to challenges can take you far…or you fail spectacularly.



October is a defining month for you in many ways and one in which you might finally reach the end of long and drawn out matter.  You have a full moon in Taurus at months’ end and that suggests something comes to an end - or fruition – for example or a long held goal could be realized. 

The last of the Aries eclipses (not another one until 2023) suggests that for you this is the ending of a chapter as this falls in your house of endings, and especially anything that has been ongoing in secret for a while or operating behind the scenes or dealt with in private.

It could be a health matter, it could be a personal, legal or business dealings that you wish to keep under wraps and one situation has reached a point of no return.

You are trying to think Big Picture stuff and looking at the future in the broadest possible terms as the recent eclipse gave you greater insight into your own motives.

It may be the end of an ongoing undermining or betrayal if you have made an enemy (like an ex for example who has revenge on their mind and they are trying to thwart you at every turn).

So now it’s about repairing any damage to your reputation and working out what image you want to project from now on.  Do you want to be seen as the victor, victim, aggressor, pushover…you decide.

You’ll be getting your life direction, goals, and professional aspirations in order and will achieve at least one of them in October.  

There’s some trust aspects also, as you are relying on another to come through and deliver.

It may be a purchase or a living arrangement has to live up to expectations and there is a survival issue in October that can relate to home - where and how you live (as in can you afford it) - or a health matter to address.

There will be a lot of discussion about what you think you should be getting as opposed to what you are getting.

Around the 6th there is a health related issue that you will be dealing with, and it relates to foreign shores. Maybe you get sick whilst travelling, maybe you travel and get stranded or injured, or your daily routines change from the commencement of medicines or a health regime. Maybe you travel to receive treatment.

You are operating in a more convert way, keeping something under wraps in order to control the situation and also because you are surrounded by power struggles, especially early in the month, around the 6th.

There’s a very pleasing and helpful aspect on the 11th between Jupiter and Pluto when your ambition and drive for success will be very strong. You’ll also enjoy unlimited energy, determination and optimism and find for a change that other people and the circumstances of your environment seem to be more cooperative than usual.

It’s even possible for you to feel lucky in your efforts and you certainly have more potential for achieving success.

It’s still important to keep your eye on the bigger picture and work toward the betterment of the whole - in other words cooperative efforts – and not just what you would like to achieve and your own agenda.

In fact the more you do for the collective and “the group” (not whether it is a family group, political, social), the more you’ll gain in return. This is the magic of Neptune, when there can be a time of reaping what you’ve sown and seeing the reward for all your earlier efforts.

Neptune is transiting the area of your chart that rules VIP’s, those in authority, judges, et al, and so you can attract the support of influential people and as a result, the possibility of financial success.  By the same token Neptune can be tricky and bring deceit and deception.

There is a new moon in Libra around mid month (12th) when you can make a new start in health routine, or have a new lease on life in a working project.

If life has been a bit chaotic (and it has) order will be restored and you’ll also put us some boundaries and impositions on your time and give yourself a bit of a break from those who always want something from you.

The tense aspect between Saturn and Uranus on the 22nd means you’ll be jumping head first into a situation (or out of one) and if you’ve been holding something in check or keeping a secret, it’s all going to be revealed around now. 

This frustration will be directed towards foreigners, educators, legal professionals, and anything that has been hidden or unknown or undisclosed will come to the surface.

You may go into partnership with someone: a health partnership (such as a doctor/patient arrangement), or in a financial sense, such as a business or commercial arrangement.

Your social life will improve at months end, and the 23-30th will be super busy and have lots of interactions, mainly one-on-one.

Your popularity is on the rise, and if you can begin to cooperate and harmonize (so hard with Pluto in your 9th) that will ensure your success.

On 27th there is a full moon in Taurus, and as this is on the relationship axis, (and you have Saturn in the house of “joint” and “shared”) finding equilibrium and balance is the key and this is very much a theme of October.

This is a period when it’s going to be very much about you and your needs and there is a huge focus on your work, what you “do” on a daily basis, and on your health and body.

Once Mercury retrograde exists post shadow on 24th, you can finally move forward and instigate changes that actually stick.



The Mercury retrograde obviously stirs up your world more than most because Mercury is your ruler and also because you are always “communicating”.   You are a human coaxial cable so you’re more subjected to misunderstandings, slip ups, reversals, confusion and so on.  

Anything written or said can go haywire or get out of hand, and your reputation or brand can take a hit around the 6th when Mars opposes Neptune in your image and status sector.

Whatever you were hoping or anticipating would happen, hasn’t, as the message of the eclipse was in your wishes house, that will in turn be delayed or complicated by the retrograde. 

Your life is on some kind of rewind and can bring an unexpected change of direction within friendships, VIP’s and group activities.

There may be tests in any of these areas and as it’s on the axis of romance and children, there can be something significant happening with a child or lover and some might discover they are pregnant (or start IVF or receive news in this regard).

Uranus and the recent eclipse in Aries are ensuring that group dynamics and friendships are somewhat complicated, and there is someone who seems to be driving group outcomes – or at least attempting to.

This one person is not helpful, in fact they are nasty and potentially harmful, and this will be evident around the 11th when the Sun opposites Uranus.

However on the same day Jupiter forms a fantastic aspect to Pluto in your house of joint finances so financial and business luck – especially anything to do with joint ventures – is on the rise.

In fact if you show authority figures your capabilities and talents, then contracts and signatures on documents will follow.

Pluto is teaching you lessons about trust, sharing and loyalty within any kind of “shared” resources and Pluto is transiting Capricorn and Capricorn rules over integrity so you have to be honest and trustworthy to gain success.

If you do this, then you will really benefit from Pluto's placement and have more energy and drive for moneymaking enterprises and Neptune will help you to intuitively know where to go, so it’s a great and powerful combo.

On top of that you should be on the receiving end of support of VIP’s/bosses and your peers

Your ruler goes direct on the 9th, but the post shadow effect will still cause confusion, mistakes and cloud issues until the 24th.

The new moon in Libra on 12th will allow you a fresh start to how you deal with a child or a lover or any form of self-expression.  If you’ve been trying to get a hobby or a creative project off the ground and have been going around in circles, this gives you the chance to make a fresh start, change a few things and make it work.

If life has been somewhat tense and difficult (which is has for many Gems) this energy in October will be a confidence booster and as the year unfolds, pleasure and fun will creep (or in some cases roar) back into your life.

In fact you’ll notice from mid month onwards a sharp increase in the amount of attention you receive in the form of flirtations, romantic attractions and enhance social image.

Everyone will want a piece of you, and friends, a romantic partner (and those who want to be) will all compete to spend more time with you than usual. You’ll possess so much charm that you are positively irresistible.

With Jupiter now in the zone of home and hearth, and as a result of the trine, (and the Mars trine Pluto on the 15th) you may be giving money to family members or “sharing” it in some way.

It’s a time of good fortune and one in which you can really bed down plans and ideas (or wishes) that you’ve been entertaining. In fact aim high because Jupiter will help you fulfill your ambitions -whatever they are - and there will certainly be a lot more opportunities to resolve family issues coming your way.

You might also seek out or begin to consider another way of living (home, homeland, relatives, family dynamics) or another approach to a group dynamic.

All this comes together at months end when you do some self-discovery about all that has occurred, and why you have been experiencing some of the issues that you have. 

Pluto is moving forward now and will insist that you dig deep and unearth any baggage and above all, discover the truth about how you really feel about certain issues.

The outside world may seem harsh or you are going through testing circumstances that takes the edge off your usual sociable self.

A secret or clandestine matter may be revealed, so don’t expect to keep anything contained or hidden at this time. The truth will out, even if that’s simply a truism that you’ve kept from yourself (if you’ve gone into self denial about a problem or a person!).

With both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces (and when Mars opposes Chiron on the 23rd) you have a chance to either deal with any “issues” or at the very least become aware of them. 

Any lingering hurts, addictions, or whatever unconscious block that has been holding you back or affecting your behavior and your life in a negative way can be overcome now and many Gemini’s will be confronting some of their personal “demons”.

An “interesting” month.



The full moon/lunar eclipse in Aries in September affected you more than most (and this was not any ordinary moon). Lunar eclipses are like super charged full moon and this one was super charged.  Whilst you’ve been playing some kind of waiting game for so long, you are aware that it’s going to continue to take a while longer and you won’t know where you stand until November. 

The post shadow retrograde period will not be over until 24th October so if you’ve been replaying a situation with your family that seems to be permanently on rewind, that’s about to end. 

If you’ve been trying to sort out a situation regarding where you live, the tangible home, with your family, this won’t be evident for a few weeks yet (well at least not until after third week of October).

Because the moon rules you, this eclipse energy has greater resonance for you and it will push you forward and propel you into new directions, but for most of October, it’s about dealing with past obligations (of the contractual and financial kind).

It’s very likely that in the first week of October you are stunned or disappointed by a family action or decision (or at the very least find it troublesome and niggling) and at the heart of the action/decision is money and/or an opposing belief about what you should be doing.

When Jupiter leaves Virgo and enters Libra, any hassles you’ve experienced with family, property, home, domestic scene will all be a distant memory and you’ll be settled and emotionally secure.  That will start to fall into place from September 11th 2016, so when the going gets tough, see what you’re doing now as doing the “hard yards”, (an Australian expression that means you have to do the difficult, irksome, tedious, boring and unglamorous work or effort needed now, to achieve success later on).

What you may be required to do is consider some kind of undertaking or attend an event that will help you make progress towards this specific goal.

The Aries eclipses won’t be back again until 2023 and for a number of years the focus has been on your public image, career, and life direction and many changes have occurred with respect to where you are headed in life. 

As I said in my weekly stars these ongoing eclipses are like omens, and as such give you signs of a new destination or of outcomes.  The energy will affect your status, reputation, and image and what you are doing in a public sense could also put a spotlight or greater focus on your family as well.  

The favorable aspects between Jupiter and Pluto on the 11th suggest good commercial and contractual outcomes, so you may enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement or a sudden opportunity or some form of assistance arrives unexpectedly, probably of the financial kind.

The new moon in Libra on the 12th in the house of home and family will bring a new involvement with them or an involvement in a different form.  For example if it’s a recurring issue (very likely with the Mercury retrograde) there may be a change in the dynamics or approach. 

Around the 15th when Mars forms a great aspect to Pluto something may end, and you finally put it behind you, whilst others break bread and “kiss and make up” with estranged family members. 

It may be that you move on emotionally and no longer let family issues be a yoke around your neck (or heart) and you will have great powers of determination and persistence to overcome or deal with just about anything. 

It can be as pedestrian as starting a renovation project or buying a new home, but one of these areas will see a new phase in the weeks and months ahead.

Pluto is moving direct, so you’ll have more energy to deal with any power struggles and underhanded behavior and with the new moon in Libra, this will relate to home and family and your literal home.

You could receive some unwanted news around the 25th, when Mercury faces off against Uranus and there can be a sudden upsets or changes in plans from an email or phone call, forcing you to be flexible and think on your feet.  It will be a stressful few days.

The full moon in Taurus on 27th may bring an end to some form of ongoing group activity, this may be sporting, special interest, work, legal, political, social, but it’s one where you are all involved or united in the same issues.

A full moon means endings, or the realization, culmination of a long held wish or hope (as this is the house of hopes and wishes).  If you have been working on a long-term goal with a group you may take it to a different level, deeper and more expanded/profound, the next step.

It can indicate the termination of a friendship or a romance as this is on the axis of lovers and also children.  It can signify and ending to a spat with an offspring or you cut ties or it can mean a birth (the ending of gestation period).

You may have to “do one for the team”, and there will be some kind of closure or ending to a group activity, but you will only reach your goals with the help of others.



Venus remains in Leo for the first week, so make the most of it, (whilst you have more Cosmic support) as you are dealing with some very defining issues in your life right now. 

The issues that seem to be distracting you at present relate to people who have a different background from you; foreigners or people at a distance, or you might be working and living in a foreign country.  Alternatively you may be travelling and encountering some difficulties or dealing with global, legal, religious and educational issues.

The first week of October in particular is a key period in your life when things can change on a dime, as a result of the recent lunar eclipse.

In all your dealings, think in terms of détente and wait until after the 24th before you make any irreversible proclamations.

Everything that you say on the phone, into a mike, on the internet life, via email and so on will all affect your status so no sweeping decisions for most of October as you may live to regret them. 

Mercury goes direct on the 9th, but it won’t be until after the 24th that a situation becomes fully known and all sides and stories have been told. But if you’re a journo or politician or someone whose communication can fundamentally change the balance of a situation, be very careful what you say or write.

That said, the favorable Jupiter Pluto aspect on the 11th should ensure that you come out of it smelling like roses and with your self-esteem boosted. 

This spells security, of the emotional and financial kind and that what you do on a daily basis is being recognized and rewarded (that includes your daily working life) both materially and by way of recognition and respect.

Uranus supports the concept of “global” so I can’t emphasis enough that networking, international teamwork, travel, and the Internet are key areas.

The eclipse in the 9th house (whilst a lucky house) also rules legalities, overseas travel and education and can upend your current belief systems.

If you are travelling to foreign countries abide by the rules because you could get yourself into some strife and there could be some unexpected complications or disruptions, ranging from annoying to downright hazardous so be careful. 

Thus October can be quite transformational for you and these changes are going to suit you and make you even more independent (especially in your career) but also make you feistier! 

This is not about new landscapes; it’s about new eyes so keep your mind and heart open (although at times it’s also likely that you’ll feel misunderstood, disrespected or “unloved” and your ego may take a hit).

The new moon on the 11th helps you draw the line under some messy or confused communication issue, or with someone at a distance.  It can be a sibling, or a neighbor or a foreigner, but whatever has been said or written previously has gone awry and can be righted now.

By the third week of October, you’ll be sick of being “out there” at the coal face, exhausted by all the talking and communicating (and arguing) and want to nest with those you love.  You may be feeling quite drained and empty so it’s time to fill up with a lot of nurturing and love (and ego strokes).

After your little foray back with family and resting you’ll be back focusing on your career and long term goals and working out how to achieve those.  If there’s been an issue (perhaps relating to a property/home) that will finally be resolved or be completed by month’s end.

The Venus Neptune opposition mid month (16th) could easily test fidelity and there are secret motivations or vulnerabilities at play.

In it’s worst manifestation you fall madly in love with a nut case, but certainly your emotional life will be unpredictable.

Alternatively there can be unusual developments or deception around joint finances, taxes, alimony or any shared venture.

The full moon in Taurus on the 27th suggest there may be an ending to a working project or you go in a new direction, as you might get a sudden job opportunity.

As this is at the top of your chart, it’s difficult to hide, but that’s a good thing as important people will notice you and that’s going to be beneficial for your career aspirations. 

Of course the reverse applies if you haven’t been behaving well..



Everything in your life should be going swimmingly, after all Jupiter is in your sign and your brand and image is better than it’s ever been.  You have the respect; the enhanced reputation and you are going places.  The only trouble is that currently there are some personal issues to deal with and in typical Virgo style you might be putting yourself out on a limb for someone (when it goes against your better judgment) and a number of Virgo’s feel as if others have the wrong impression of them – and that is a source of discomfort.

Perhaps someone is getting a distorted or tainted view of a situation, and making judgments of you accordingly, but there is one key relationship dynamic that could be improved.

Pluto is now going forward in your house of love, fun, children and creativity will help you to deal with unproductive desires and urges (perhaps sexual in nature).

It will also help you to deal with any inhibitions or insecurities that you may have (again particularly in this regard) and around mid month when Jupiter forms a superb aspect with Pluto, you can overhaul your love life and renew your sense of the joy of living.

Your ruler goes direct on the 9th so around 9-11th is when you see a marked change and life starts to really move forward.

Venus opposes Neptune on the 16th and as Neptune can also bring loneliness, deception and disappointment in love, if the relationship has been on the rails, then this may be the time to call it quits. 

You have to watch Neptune here because when it forms difficult angles, it can result in over-indulgence of alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, and other forms of dissipation.

There may be something that you are trying to keep secret, such as an affair or private business matter, but quite a few Virgins have reached the end of the line in a relationship and October might just be the time when can it comes to an end.

At the very least you are having a number of private conversations and hidden meetings, and discussion in secret, and this is likely to relate to a property or family matter. No matter how many private meetings or discussions you have, if you are attempting to deal with property in a particular way or buy or sell or negotiate terms none of this will come to fruition until late in October.

Mercury is your ruler so the retrograde is going to treat you in a similar way it’s treating Gemini, but for you it’s going back over and rehashing earlier financial and property discussions and agreements.

This may be affecting you directly or else it’s affecting a spouse or family member (sibling, child, parent) but there is some kind of tempest that you are dealing with.  Perhaps you are helping a parent or a sibling or another family member deal with a situation that is not of their choosing, or they are wanting an entirely different outcome to what is currently unfolding. 

Any results, conclusions or ending will not be known for most of October and most likely until November and the changes, delays, opposition and reversals continue.

You (or someone close to you) is playing for the end game, and so the discussions will be about futures in general, including yours.

Neptune can deflate any expectations of equality that you have in a relationship – including financial ones - as you are literally “worn down” and to protect yourself you’ll maintain an idealistic, self-sacrificing approach, but you can be taken advantage of (watch out for this mid month!).

It may be a spouse who wants out or who wishes to change the dynamics of the union, and this is also likely when Mars in Virgo faces off Neptune on the 6th.  

Mars however has become your helper and friend all month and makes you more assertive and inspired and will get your plans off the ground.

The recent lunar eclipse and the ongoing transit of Uranus continues to focus on transformations and regenerations and the big questions of life, but also brings unpleasant surprises to do with taxes issues, child support, inheritances, debts, loans – in fact any form of shared money.

The recent Jupiter Neptune opposition (and October’s Mars Neptune Opposition) urges you to focus on the reality, not see sawing between what might happen if you make a wish...

The new moon in Libra, will demonstrate to you that you can and will stand on your own two feet, that you are self-sufficient just so long as you are realistic and sensible. 

For many Virgos this is a brilliant new era in your financial and ego world, and everyone will see just what you can do, especially in a creative venture!

Mercury your ruler opposes Uranus on the 25th in your joint funds sector suggesting unpleasant surprises arrive by way of communication.

The same day as the full moon, Venus in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces, suggesting that you won’t get the conclusion/outcome you were hoping for, or even if you do, it won’t “heal” the wounds.

There is going to be some form of pain through a relationship - or even your social relationships – where you stand, who likes you, who your friends/enemies are and issues of value and worth.

There can be wounded feelings about your worth and self-esteem or the pain of rejection in love or a dysfunctional relationship relating to money.

The full moon in Taurus on 27th may be a shock.  What you believed would occur maybe didn’t or maybe someone questions your motives and your personal values.   Perhaps a stance or a conviction has narrowed your vision and stopped you from seeing the Big Picture and this will help to open up your mind to other possibilities.

If for example you are working overseas or you have a company that has dealings on a global scale, your world picture may have to expand to incorporate a wider view and if you can do that, you’ll benefit from the most progress.

This also impacts on legalities, education, and publishing matters.  An ongoing legal matter could end or there could be a snag to your plans, and there are two oppositions at months end that won’t be helpful in this regard.

I’ve just highlighted the negatives of the month, and the Cosmic pot holes to look out for.  But as I said at the start, life should be going swimmingly and you’re on target for the gold medal.



With the recent lunar eclipse in Aries, and the current retrograde, as well as the nodes, the best advice I can offer is be prepared and you may be going through a roller coaster ride in your relationships. Ultimate highs or shocking lows, excitement and spills (as Uranus IS the planet of surprises).

He is also the awakener and the liberator so if there are upheavals in your life it’s because they are necessary and are designed to force you to break from some kind of restrictions that shouldn’t be there (in order for a more favorable path).  Of course you may not realize that at the time, or see it that way, and therefore it can be heartbreaking and distressing.

You are the sign of scales and thus justice, balance and fairness in all your interactions and the eclipse fell on this polarity, the Aries, Libra axis.

Neptune has played a greater role of late, bringing illusions and delusions or else self-deception and confusion and this occurs in your workplace.  You might be confused about what to do in life, but the Cosmos is directing you towards “compassionate” or helping professions or in a role that can create policies that assists people.

Pluto is now moving forward and that will propel you to find the perfect house, country, flat or create a family life that is more “you”.

The upshot is that this can mean marriage, divorce, a new home, or whatever you need to do to adequately match what you now understand and know that you need to be happy in this area.

It may be that you need to get more in line with another, get the equilibrium back as it’s a bit imbalanced and as the new moon in Libra on the 12th is on the 1/7 axis, your image, brand, reputation, status have to be balanced with this other person. 

The recent Aries eclipse was on the 7/1 axis so the theme is the same and ongoing.

Mercury is retrograding in your sign and the Sun in Libra squares Pluto on the 6th so you will be dealing with old grievances to do with family, relatives, domestic scene and property matters and a lot of communication will be about these things.

This is also on the career and reputation axis so you may be under additional scrutiny at work and with the confusion of Mercury retrograde, you can be misunderstood or being held accountable for past mistakes and actions.

The fourth house (that is being stirred up), is also the house of your inner foundation and psyche and the Sun will put a spotlight on what is amiss (and you won’t be holding back what you really think).

Whilst generally a diplomatic sign; there is a past issue that still makes you see red, one perhaps where you were unfairly dealt with or you got the short end of the stick financially.

The lunar eclipse/full moon exacerbated any relationship “issues” especially past misunderstandings, and some partnerships (business and intimate ones), as well as friendships and family, will be tested.

The underlying issue and what has upset you (and is driving you now) is one relating to the question of fairness  - financial, personal, family related – or whatever issue you are out of whack on.

Mercury in Libra forms a conjunct to the nodes in Libra on the 8th and as the north Node represent your destiny you may become obsessed with your self, your destiny or your importance/your role (and just validation of it) and seek to demonstrate your uniqueness and individuality.

With Mercury there is accent on movement and progress. There can be communications and agreements that are important and important discussions and negotiations will take place, but with Mercury still in post shadow, extra awareness in any communications can help to prevent serious misunderstandings.

The Sun in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries on the 11th so there will be some surprises and if you have felt hemmed in or curtailed by someone, or have labored under oppressive conditions you’ll want out, no matter what the cost or loss.

Something can turn your life upside down at this time, it will be an upset, but certain truths that are revealed will help to clearly define your path.

You may feel restless in partnerships, but there is a valid and underlying need to make changes and the new moon is a great time for fresh start.

You can reinvent yourself and try something new, such as a new project or a new way in how you position yourself in joint financial dealings.  By the third week of October, you’ll find you’re more determined to make more money and have better financial security (as security becomes a driving force).

You’ll end October pouring your energies into a project or working life, or trying to raise money for a loan for a project or for a business expansion.

The full moon in Taurus on the 27th highlights shared resources and may require letting go of something/someone in order to move on.



The recent lunar eclipse in Aries has affected your working life and Uranus the planet of shocks is transiting this same area (and has done for a while). So what is happening in your working life of late, is probably one of those “spur of the moment” things, either you tossed in a job or someone did it for you.

There has been an “external shock” for some, such as you’re fired, or made redundant or you get sick or some other unrelated factor means that you can no longer continue in that role.

Mercury retrograding through the 12th could be drawing out hidden adversaries and if you didn’t know who they were earlier on you do now.

The biggest changes for relate to your daily environment, which has changed significantly for one reason or another, either your work or what you “do” with your life.  

This is the area that will undergo the biggest change and transformation, not just this week, but recently and in the following weeks to come.

Pluto is now moving forward and that will help with the regeneration, but if you held any beliefs that are not based on truth the result emotional crises is forcing you to change your views about your place in the world. 

Your career and even your health, has become all-consuming and you will be more driven to succeed, but in recent times, it’s highly likely that you’ve been “liberated” from an outmoded role, situation or ideas you have about work and how you function. 

Put it this way, if you don’t like your existing job then you will have left it, or will later on in October and if you thought you were doing a great job, but you’re not, someone will push you out.

You might be so angry but what’s occurred and with Mercury retrograding in Libra and the nodes there, that you are rehashing how you were betrayed or undermined or kept in the dark.

The new moon in Libra is in your house of endings but it’s more about your inner soul, your psyche and subconscious thoughts.  It’s also about secrets, your own and those that have been kept from you.

There’s a lot of “head” stuff going on, as an upshot of recent events and you need to pull back and chill out and let a lot of baggage go (or at least work through it).

You need to be able to think clearly and to do that you have to heal a hurt and only then can you move forward “unfettered”.

Pluto is your ruler and there are three very favorable aspects this month, and two not so nice ones. 

The square with the Sun in Libra on the 6th is not so good for you, and others will challenge you, but will probably do so behind your back.  There might be a lot of pressure put on you as you’re engaged in some kind of power struggles and you’ll need to call on your Herculean Scorpio strength.

There are two sensational days the 11th and the 15th, so mark those down in your diary; the first one will be awash with positive influences that can make an important difference in your life and those influences will be VIP’s and power brokers working behind the scenes in support of you.

Around mid month will be a time of fundamental changes in your life, and funnily enough any resistance or obstacles will enhance your strength and determination and will ensure you achieve your goals.

Mars in your career and reputation house is stirring up your ambition, and there is a great need for respect and recognition. Mars is feisty and so are you…and thus can to lead to run-ins with just about anybody who tries to thwart your objectives (and that includes bosses, co-workers and indeed anyone in authority).

On the 23rd Venus forms a favorable aspect to your ruler, when you could talk the birds from the trees and sell snow to Eskimos as your charisma and powers of persuasion are super strength and will attract powerful allies to help you achieve your goals.

The full moon on the 27th in your opposite sign of Taurus, suggests you have reached a state beyond which you cannot or should not go and that means you may end an association by months end (if you haven’t beforehand).

Neptune continues in your house of love and romance (but more of the uncommitted kind), children and creativity and so this may relate to a person, the one you thought was perfect, your true soul mate.

A few days before the Taurus full moon the Sun enters Scorpio to put even more focus on your personal identity, appearance, brand, reputation and outward behavior and also helping you with your personal influence.

This is a great time to do something entirely new and pioneering with your life and to carve a new (solo) path.

This moon focuses on all your partnerships (intimate and/or business) and it could be a political group, a social or professional one or a significant other, but you have either been sacrificing yourself or else feeling very sorry for yourself. 

Either way, this is the prompter to turn the focus away from you as Saturn has made the past few years all about you and not in an easy way, as it brought tests to your image, status and reputation.

Generally speaking this suggests an ending: to a contractual arrangement or to an intimate relationship, or an ending to the angst you feel.

There are new and exciting things ahead for you, and November is your month with the new moon in Scorpio so just let it go. 

As Mahatma Gandhi said, an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind.



Saturn in Scorpio made you feel rather gloomy and yet you’re feeling a tad gloomy or uncertain right now, and at it’s worst there is real fear about a situation. 

It really depends on what you’ve been up to in the past couple of years, but many Centaurs are being quite the drama queens, and adopting a dramatic position (ultimatums) or are living one big theatrical lie.

For the lucky ones, life is simply spectacular and exciting and almost theatrical in it’s rich tapestry of your life’s story.

Neptune is in the area of your chart ruling family, home and domesticity/lifestyle and has been bringing problems - or magic -with family and/or your home and domestic scene. This can mean you are confused or deceived by family members or you distance yourself from them because of their antics, or you are swapped with familial responsibilities and problems.

One way or another real estate and “home” matters are the “topic du jour”.

Pluto is moving forward in your second house of money and thankfully that will ultimately bring you lots of money if you are honorable and hard working and so on (and even if you’re not as you’re a lucky sign).   It’s just that he can throw you a few curved balls every now and then and this week is one of those times.

The recent eclipse was in your house of love and children and so a new romantic interest is likely to be very much in the frame, and if you’re already attached, the issue of issue (babies) and children and younger generation, will also be part of your discussions and the focus of your attention.

Ex lovers can be back on the scene, and there can be loyalty issues and/or hard calls to make when it comes to someone you love – or used to love – or an existing romance impedes your fun.

Hopefully it adds to it, but there are quite a few factors outside your control.

With Mercury retrograding in Libra, and transiting the nodes and the Sun also there, it’s all about what is occurring behind the scenes or what you are covering up.

Maybe you were the face behind the scenes doing all the work without any credit, but you have been living for a long time keeping things from public discussion. 

It may be that you are keeping a secret from yourself (about how you are really feeling) or it’s a confidential or private matter; but it’s fair to say it’s not been an entirely easy passage for the majority of Sags. 

If the last couple of years have been a walk in the park for you, then you are among the (even) luckier Centaurs.

All Sag’s will soon begin to find a new enthusiasm and energy for something and that will occur once October is over, and following the full moon in Taurus.

Venus forms a difficult angle with Saturn on the 10th and you’ll feel more inhibited and with Mercury still in post shadow, there will be misunderstandings, so this is not the best day to handle financial matters.

You may even receive some bad news concerning finances and as Saturn is in Sagittarius it can relate to your brand, reputation, image, reputation or status and you won’t be “feeling the love” from authority figures, judges, the law, VIP’s and so on.

However you have Jupiter your ruler in a fabulous place at the very top of your chart, so people will generally look upon you favorably and be in your corner. Circumstances and other people will cooperate more than usual, and may even feel lucky in your efforts.

The very next day, 11th, there is a wonderful trine with Jupiter and Pluto suggesting your self-esteem gets a fabulous boost.  This can also manifest as favorable money or property decision and a fulfillment of all your efforts.

Maybe a great new job, or a raise, or brilliant new clients if you have your own business, and you’ll certainly attract the support of influential people and financial success.

Your ambition and drive for success are very strong and once you pass the pessimistic energy of the first week, you enjoy more determination and optimism.

It’s still important to keep your eye on the bigger picture with Saturn in Sagittarius and you must work toward the betterment of the whole – no personal agendas - otherwise the outcomes won’t be as good.

For a long time you’ve been in an era of reaping what you’ve sown so good deeds will be rewarded now.

A new moon in Libra on 12th suggests you try a new approach in the way you approach or analyze problems, and how you are interpreting information. Maybe you adopt a different stance, or you commence a new course or are in the process of drafting of contracts and agreements.

There will be a lot of presentation of ideas and proposals with a commercial element, and brothers and sisters may be part of the mix also.   If you haven’t been in contact with a sibling for a while, this new moon energy gives you a great new start.

Mercury retrograding in your groups sector and facing off Pluto, is bringing back issues to do with a group and so there has been a lot of tense communication about financial matters, and until the 24th October, what you had hoped might happen was delayed.

The 22nd is not a favorable day for you, and there will be a lot o inner tension and anger about a communication you receive. Patience will be required to make the necessary changes.  No knee jerk reactions or rash moves; you have to deal with your frustration as it’s not possible to act independently of others and it will be someone older or in a position of authority that are suppressing your efforts.

Circumstances at this time will force you to look at things from a different perspective although you may initially try to deny this and want to follow your own path and disagree with the group, however you will meet with resistance.

The full moon brings a long-standing issue to an end, and every end is a new beginning. However if you want a guaranteed happy ending, that depends on where you stop your story…



Uranus will continue to upset the apple cart in your home and domestic sector and it is in this area that you have been feeling rather lost for a while.

You need to literally sort yourself out.

Domestic and property issues are in focus as a result of the recent lunar eclipse/full moon in Aries, and the demands of your personal and family life may be overriding all else.

Uranus the planet of shocks and surprises is playing Puck at the very bottom of your chart, your foundation, and “roots” and at times you may literally feel as if the rug has been pulled from underneath you or the nipple yanked from the mouth.

Siblings have also been less than supportive at times, or “variable” to say the least.

Thus you could be currently feeling emotionally insecure, as a result of the change that the eclipse was sure to bring.

Pluto going direct is raising your personal power and driving you to accomplish even more in your life and this energy will be the arbiter of huge changes and massive growth.

You are not the stay at home type. Ambition is your byword, but you also want to be the all rounded perfect superwoman/man and that means a great career and a well mannered, and achieving clan/offspring. The only thing is that your sense of self may start to run ahead of you and your head may be “turned” by your increased power and success.

You have in recent times tried to establish a new family for yourself by connecting with different people in a different area (or different working group) and “the group” is becoming more family.

That has been fraught with difficulty with Saturn in Scorpio for the past few years as those who were close to and/or worked with you balked when you projected your power over them, and hence the resistance and arguments.

There is so much action involving Libra: the nodes, Mercury retrograde and the Sun that ensures relationships are “front and center” and for you it’s how you are seen, your reputation and your life direction.

Your own life will be very driven by a relationship issue, either directly to you or to someone close, but with Saturn in Sagittarius, any past mistakes will be the bridge for your own discovery.

For much of October you are dealing with your home environment, and your family and your own personal values are under a big review.

In some cases you’ve fought against the tide, but have to admit to yourself that you are losing the battle

There may be marital discord or a family rift or even a break that can mean selling the house or there is some issue to do with where you live.

In some cases, Cappy’s have to acknowledge that they are losing the battle, and if you are, the final eclipse for many years to come (2023) will be the decider.  If there is no disharmony then there won’t be for years, but some form of change is upon you whether you want it or not.

Change signifies growth and new orders and this is not necessarily a bad thing although what constitutes a positive change is very subjective. You will certainly crave more personal freedom and excitement in your domestic and family life than you are currently experiencing which may constitute a change of residence and you will certainly travel a lot.

Thankfully the new moon in Libra on 11th can give you the fresh start in a professional sense, but more so with your a life direction and developing some long term goals.  As this is also on the home and family axis, perhaps an unresolved family issue can finally be put to bed also but this is the beginning of your ascendancy.  Your public reputation and status is going to grow from now on.

There are three trines with Pluto in October so you have a lot of cosmic support, with the danger areas being around the 6th and the 22nd and the latter will be very significant with respect to what you say or what is said to you.

You will need to be more careful when dealing with situations that affect you emotionally and so there may be heated arguments with a family member or spouse. Saturn will bring critical folk and toxic friends, but this is the end of a long cycle, and so you may be in the process of concluding a chapter of your life.

The full moon at months end also can suggest the end of a love affair, but it can mean the end of a pregnancy or a round of IVF or adoption process. 

It’s also a Cosmic reminder that you have to go out and have fun and you won’t be operating solo and if you’ve “cut loose” from a previous situation you’ll be quite wild.  For all Goats it’s simply a passionate and pleasurable end to the month.

As Oscar Wilde said “Simple pleasures are always the last refuge of the complex..” (and it has been complex).



Pluto’s is going direct again and since 2008 has felt akin to open-heart surgery at times.  Its transit has raised all sorts of self-doubt or guilt about your perception of under-performing in life, but as this is gradual and developing process it will ultimately result in you developing faith and trust in a larger more spiritual plan.

Bit by bit you are gradually able to “let go” – even if it’s simply letting go of any fears that are holding you back – and many Aquarians have turned their back on careers and even countries (and certainly some relationships).

This is very much a time when you can create your own emotional destiny and you can choose to be happy or choose to be sad. A number of Water Bearers will be making some pretty tough calls regarding your nearest and dearest if you are in a relationship that is not making you feel happy.  

Why is your mindset changing so much in this regard?  Well it’s Uranus in your house of communication and Neptune turning on the light bulbs and changing your belief systems with respect to money.

It’s also you self esteem (which lets face it, these days seems to be very tied up with money and possessions) and yet your view/understanding of your set up has been - or is being - upended. If you look back over the past couple of years you’ll see how you’ve gained an entirely different perspective and clarity and your assessment of yourself (self esteem) is radically changing for the better.

As a result of the recent Aries eclipse (and Uranus’s passage through this sector) your future path through life is literally being “lit up” with a new kind of idealism and as Uranus is the planet of surprises and is your ruler, something that is very welcome will be offered to you unexpectedly.

With Pluto in the house of the “hidden” you are being quite covert as to your activities, and even downright secretive or you purposely are remaining hidden from the mainstream.

Partnerships, especially of the sexual kind, are up for review as are all your joint business arrangements and shared money set ups (including loans, superannuation, will, taxes etc) but in a very real sense you are TCB – getting done that which needs to get done - especially when the last two years was like head-butting in a professional sense.

You’ve worn the brunt of others failings, or become immersed in difficult or complicated business dealings and office politics, but now you can make real progress in your career…if that’s what you still want to do.  Maybe not.

Mercury retrograding in Libra finishes on the 9th but the post shadow phase is around until the 24th so you’ll be revisiting countries and global companies and foreign interests.  Some will be rehashing legal issues, or a course subject has to be repeated.

The nodes in Libra until November continue to help you to expand your horizons through learning about other cultures and ways of thinking, as well as encouraging you to the letting go of personal prejudices and small ways of thinking.

The new moon in Libra on the 11th is all about personal growth and that can be gained via travel (and a LOT of Aquarians are travelling in October) or through a course that you enroll in or undertake.  It may be that you are offered a job overseas, whilst travelling following discussions that lead to a surprising outcome.

The Sun opposes your ruler on Uranus on the same day, and it will be hard to maintain the status quo as events can alter your perception of yourself, if for example you get turned down for a job or rejected emotionally, or criticized, or some other shock to the system.

Maybe it’s a truth about yourself that you didn’t want to hear.

A similar situation occurs on the 25th when Mercury forms a difficult angle to Uranus and either bringing stress (and probably stressful news). Maybe you are swamped with too much to do, and in spite of the Mercury post retrograde finishing on the 24th communications can go haywire or you have some volatile or surprising conversations that can cause your world to divide.

The full moon on the 27th brings something to fruition regarding your home, family, domestic scene, or an association with your distant past.

Your private life is very much in focus and where you live, house and homeland issues, flat mates, domestic scene, in fact everything to do with where you’re at in life.  This occurs at the base of your chart, your foundation, your inner soul and psyche and the career axis. 

How you do get to where you want to go and who is going with you on that journey?



It may be timely to remind you that you have both Chiron (the wounded healer) and Neptune the planet of magic in your sign cheering you on and helping to allay your fears and vulnerabilities.  If ever there was a period in your life (Neptune comes around every 165 years) to realize your dreams, this is it.

This is probably a helpful reminder after some difficulties in September (although not for all) and also to not waste the help from the Cosmos and make the best of your life.

Allow yourself every opportunity of success as

Neptune can bring magic to your sense of self just so long as you exert more conscious willpower over your own hopes and wishes.

The game of life has been changing for you Pisces since 2012 and is now all about you achieving your goals and showing the world what you can do.   Cozy up to authority figures and create more favorable circumstances in your professional life as now's the time to do what ever it takes to improve your professional reputation as it’s a lot easier with Jupiter in your relationship house helping you with all things contractual

The recent eclipse in Aries may have affected you financially but it’s giving you a chance to modify your career if you feel inclined to do. This energy focuses on finances, but more of the joint and shared kind and there will be discussions about dividing of the spoils and of responsibilities.

With Pluto now moving forward in your house of aspirations and friends, you should benefit from your professional life that will bring you rewards and recognition. You should be attracting influential friends and associates who will assist you and certainly your friendships, associations, goals, hopes, wishes, and place in society is being transformed.

Sadly and uncomfortably for the kind hearted Pisces, you will have to purge people who lead you astray and raise and improve your standards of friendship. You can now grow and regenerate yourself through positive relationships and becoming more receptive to the healing power of love.

If you want to have a real and proper romantic relationship (for a change), and everything that it should be and that you hope for, then this is the period in which you can find just that.

Mercury retrograde will continue to rehash some relationship issues (especially any that have joint financial implications) and past obligations are getting reenergized.

Mars and Venus oppose your ruler on the 6th and 16th respectively so they are tricky periods for relationships in general – personal, business and friendships.

The new moon in Libra is quite transformational, but it’s likely that something will have to end in order for another to start and it won’t necessarily be the most comfortable of processes as this energy is usually quite intense.

Areas most affected are sex and other people’s money – money in and money out and money borrowed and loaned – but with a bit of luck you simply revel in a passionate and red-hot sexual encounter. You are feeling more adventurous in October and seeking more out of life, by way of new and “out there” experiences.

Around the end of October an important document could arrive or be a game changer; anything from a stellar contract or a marriage certificate.

Venus forms a tricky aspect to Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces, and as Venus is in the picture, it’s going to impact on relationships and can put the foundations of a relationship to the test. Communication can make or break now, and is crucial to the success of the relationship – business or personal.

There may be some tactless remarks about body image or appearance, and as a Pisces it’s very important to you that the relationship is based on more than physical appearance.

Issues of self esteem and of respect will be addressed, but as an ancient poet once observed, “beware so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance”.

You will demonstrate the force of your being in October and transforming anything that has held you back thus far will be easier as there will be influential people or surprising events that enable you to move forward.

I think overall you’ll really like the month.


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