Monthly Forecasts



JULY 2014   



Your big “driver” now is money (and to get more of it) and this might be to show off the car, the house and jewelry or the accoutrements - or simply to provide security for you and yours.  

But there is a risk that you can get into financial trouble and actually go backwards (and end up with debts) if you overspend on big-ticket items.   In other words you can make a lot of money in the next few months or go backwards.

This may be that you’re trying to fill an inner hole (that no matter how much you pour into your surroundings simply won’t fill) and so it may be a case of you needing to find emotional security and psychological peace. 

Something may have rocked your world (either to do with an intimate matter or a financial one thanks to Saturn) and now you need to heal and close the door on past chapters and start to live life in the “here and now” (and with an eye of the future).

You are getting a huge Cosmic push towards a stronger identity and sense of purposefulness through a close partnership Saturn in Scorpio (until December) ensures you will not be having light flings, or neutral associations as all your relationship connections will be profound. 

If you aren’t being entirely honest (and very earnest) then the Cosmos will throw up dilemmas within your key associations (and many of you are going through this process).

Authenticity in everything now is paramount – even if you have to be cruel to be real – and some relationships will end or change.

But the good news is that in July and August, you are the one calling the shots and choosing relationship outcomes and adversaries that gave you a hard time earlier on are not bothering you anymore. 

That said, if you’re in a long-term relationship and you know deep down that you’re not happy (but not doing anything about it) in either your job or an intimate relationship, then you’ll do something about it now.

But whatever occurs in your life will be final and definitive.

You may have put it off for years but realize you don’t want to continue to waste your life in this way.

If you don’t do something about it (and don’t live with emotional authenticity) then the Cosmos will throw up situations that bring this to a head.  Your partner pipes up that they no longer want to be in the relationship and you’re devastated (but in reality, it’s what you secretly wanted) or you do (Uranus!) and with Saturn changing direction on the 20th, this month is likely to throw up these issues.

Some key things also happen around mid month.  Mercury is out of shadow phase around the 15th and enters Cancer the “homey” sign on the 13th and there is a full moon in Capricorn on the 12th (and Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th/17th July, welcoming in the change of climate).

You’ll be front and centre and everyone is looking at you for one reason or another (including prospective lovers, employers, real estate agents, lawyers) but all with options and opportunities. Jupiter will bring fun, romance, travel and great times and in fact anytime between mid July and the last quarter of 2015 can bring you unimaginable happiness and a thrilling romance (but of the enduring kind). 

If you are single this could very well be the man/woman of your dreams – finally!

There will however be a hiccup mid month when you have to confront some pressing home, family or domestic issue (and your Mother may be part of your concerns) and/or you have to make some necessary changes and adjustments.  There’ll be lots of communication mid month regarding home and family issues, but anything that has been up in the air or undecided will be settled around this time.

You end the month on a romantic note and feeling great, playful and carefree, but wanting loads of appreciation….

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Since the end of last year you’ve been very worried about the outcome of a particular situation and it may be a legal, educational, media or a publishing one (Pluto) or a personal one (Saturn).

Mars has certainly given you the energy and confidence to pursue all kinds of different strategies, but some of your tactics may be questionable.  It could be that you ignored advice or were too stubborn to listen to reason (very much a Taurean trait) or can’t see the long-term consequences of some of your actions.

Therefore it’s vital that all your energies are grounded in realism and common sense (as Pluto can make you a bit zealous) and you’re certainly not in the mindset to be directed by anyone.    

At the moment you may be being torn in various directions, personal and family matters versus work demands and certain people in your world are not seeing eye-to-eye with you or each other.  Saturn is bringing conflict and differences of opinion, but at least some of the confusion and delays (thanks to Mercury) will ease by mid month.

It may be that you are unsure of which avenue to take - or who to back - and that may be in your personal relationships or within family disputes.

The full moon in Sagittarius last month (and Mercury retrograding through your money house), indicates that you’ll be arguing over money in some form, or dealing with issues to do with loans, claims/bills, estate matters (or any form of money shared) or you may be dealing with issues that affect your partner's income.

Be careful with this as next year, Saturn transits Sagittarius in the joint funds sectors, so anything you do now, will have long-term effects for the future.

Saturn continues to stir up your partnership zone and Saturn changes direction on the 20th so expect some hassles to do with business partners, adversaries, competitors and even enemies.   Not all of these will be obvious ones either, as Uranus (the planet of shocks and surprises) is in your house of the hidden and Uranus changes direction on the 21st so someone who you thought was a supporter may surprise you as a secret enemy. 

At any rate, try not to rock the boat (unless you are wearing a metaphorical lifejacket) because you could encounter a powerful rival who will do their damndest to get the better of you!

With Pluto in your house of legalities, don’t sign any important documents until after mid July and even after then, always get a second opinion.

From 13th July Mercury enters Cancer and moves out of post shadow so its “all systems go” and communication in general will explode and so the second half of the month you’ll spend a lot of time communicating and dealing with correspondence.  

Venus from the 18th will bring benefits and luck to any form of communication and you’ll excel at mediating conflicts.

From the 16/ 17th July, Jupiter will enter Leo bringing a beneficial change to do with family matters or senior members of the family. There may be some form of restructuring of your home setup and family dynamics, but it will ultimately be excellent for your personal satisfaction (and a significant improvement to the conditions under which you live).

This is on the same axis as your career sector, so there will be amazing opportunities and/or a change of direction (and you have reached a point where change is important for your future happiness.

There is a full moon in Capricorn on the 12th and that could bring an end to a long-winded legal matter - or a complication - or you finish a program of study or a writing project.  You travel around this time (but more likely to an overseas destination or somewhere quite “different”) although you’ve had a strong desire to travel and explore the world for a while now.

This will also bring to a head what you value and you may have to demonstrate your sense of values and ethics in some way, maybe even forcefully or via “communication”.

At least your social life is going well and July may see you renewing an old friendship and from mid July onwards you’ll enjoy professional success and the increased recognition of your efforts. You’ll end the month with a raft of planets in your sector of home and family and making some long-term plans for the future and coming to terms with the past (and dealing with unresolved family issues).

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Since the start of 2014 you have been working on changing your life-style, and have made a number of fundamental changes in this regard - and July is another month of this ongoing personal development.

But it’s not been easy, because there is some Elephant in the room - or some issue or person - whose influences is putting your life on hold and impeding you realizing your hopes and wishes. 

This may be financial, or to do with a partnership - or important family issues - that have been holding you back from pursuing your true desires (and doing the things that you want to do!).

That said; many Gems have already offloaded partners (intimate and business) who have restricted or limited you in some regard.

Unfortunately Pluto is not placed in a good position in your chart and so your actions and reactions have hindered you in recent years and these have been exacerbated by the ongoing Uranus Pluto squares.

It’s also made you unwilling to listen to reason - or any form of direction.  You have rebelled against any opposition and, unusually for a Gemini; you have been more sensitive and have been rather hurt by situations and people (that in the past would be water off a ducks back).

So it’s very likely that there are a number of personal issues that you are required to deal with now (when you had hoped they would resolve themselves) and in the first half of July you will be arguing your viewpoint and defending your position.

This comes to a head around mid month when your ruler comes out of post shadow phase and there is a full moon on 12th in Capricorn in your sector of transformation.

This is the same house where Pluto is currently residing and it’s also the house of joint finances and “give and take”. In other words it’s not just about what you want and desire, but how that fits in with others who also have certain requirements.

You are likely to be settling some of your debts and they may be financial debts - but also some way overdue personal ones – yet this energy lends itself to transforming something in your life on a very profound level.

It might be one of the situations or people who have been restricting your progress or an issue that you’ve been dealing with that has bogged you down, but once it’s resolved (and out of your life) you can get on with the business of living and even starting again afresh in a more positive vein.

Unfortunately you might be forced to make a financial settlement or a large outlay of cash - or someone wants some form of financial undertaking or support.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 13th so the second half of July could be an anxious time regarding your finances and you’ll be having some rather “weighty” conversations about concrete money and practical business issues (rather than your preferred light, fun and frivolous topics).

But you can use your communication strength to put yourself on stronger financial footing and any form of communication (Internet, publishing, media etc) can bring more money and you’ll be brimming with new ideas and enjoying a renewed confidence in your own financial abilities.

You’ll also be very pleased to hear that from 16/17th your world becomes lively and exciting again, with plenty of success and happiness and you confidence will soar.

There will be a noticeable improvement in your relations with others as your communication improves and become easier. You’ll also be travelling more, but wherever you are or whatever you are doing, you’ll find a lot of pleasure in communicating, learning, and socializing.

There could be a new romance - or a new business/employment connection - and certainly more friendships.

Mars will enter Scorpio on the 25th and you will focus all your energies in improving all your existing arrangements and situations in your life.

The raft of planets at the end of July (including the “fresh start” new moon in Leo on the 26th) will help you develop  - or redevelop - a rapport with a certain someone (and in fact just about everyone). You are entering an entertainment age!

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Since last December in particular (whilst Mars has been mirroring your 4th house in your career and life direction sector) it’s been more difficult to get anywhere in your working life. 

Apart from the indecisiveness of Mercury in the short term (and Uranus since 2011), Mars has actually made it seem harder and more frustrating in your career and you’ve become somewhat negative and pessimistic and have lost faith in believing you can achieve your goals.  In fact you’re uncertain about the future in general.

Mars has been stirring the pot and creating tension and you’ve encountered more resistance and control issues (and the weight of authority figures), especially in your working life.

There are still those people who think they know what you need (including employers, family and friends) or how you should act/perform and that’s been highly frustrating when you just want to be free to do your own thing and express yourself without the shackles.

Thankfully Venus arrives in Cancer on the 18th and that will bring some much-longed-for relief and you’ll experience peace and harmony for a change.   Further Mars changes signs on the 25th and the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are in Cancer so it’s quite a red-letter month, and there is no doubt July will bring the answers that you have been looking for and it is a positive turning point in your life. 

Once Jupiter enters your money house around 16th/17th you won’t look back and the world is your oyster and you’ll finally get the chance to put your life back in order. That said, you are drawing the blueprint of your future life now (that will roll out from mid July onwards) but most likely won’t see the complete picture  - or the long-term outcomes - for a while yet. 

Jupiter in Cancer was the first year of a 12-year cycle, so it will ‘roll out” from hereon in and you are building a concrete foundation for some of the most important goals in your future.

But this is the start of a long stretch of building on financial and emotional security when everything you have undertaken thus far, will now start to bear fruit. 

Indeed in some lucky cases your efforts will bring huge rewards (just so long as you’ve acted in a sensible and shrewd manner) and you will achieve those financial objectives that have been on your mind for some time.

The trials and tribulations nearly all Cancers have experienced were to help you to become more mature (irrespective of your age) and wiser.  

You have been giving new meaning to some of your long term associations and that can mean that they become more important or less so and some are being completely restructured or deleted from your life.   

As Johnny said in Dirty Dancing, “nobody is going to keep you in the corner” anymore - not family, lovers, employers, friends - or anyone, and your ability to persevere against all obstacles has been admirable.

There is a full moon in Capricorn on the 12th and especially in an employment or business situation, this will culminate and come to a head (although this could also occur with a mate or an adversary). It’s important to strike a balance between your own needs and those of another and to compromise and negotiate, and with Mars still in this sector until the 25th, try and work on your diplomacy (as your success rides on your ability to be tactful and cooperative).

Relationship "tests" are very possible now, but if you are single, so is a chance to truly connect to a special someone in your life.

It’s also possible that you undertake some long distance travel around your birthday.

Mercury enters your sign on the 13th and that suggests financial gain may come through communications so make sure what you say and write is cooperative, but you’ll certain be spending the second half of July focusing on money matters.

This is the time to speak up about what you want and how you feel and Venus enters Cancer on 18th helping with your ability to relate to others.  That will assist your finances, as it’s likely that there is a blending of financial matters with human contact/meetings or even in a social setting.

You’ll be happy to hear that your financial pressures will end (or at least lessen) but that’s probably because you’re receptive to a proposal or idea that is presented to you. But you’ll feel pretty self satisfied and optimistic as the month comes to a close.

Mars in Scorpio will make you more assertive, but this seems to be directed towards your love life - or your children - or in the pursuit of fun and pleasure.  If you are single you’ll be flirtatious (and there could be new romance) and if you are already attached you can enjoy a renaissance and fun times together.

From mid July there will be more luck with money and you’ll be meeting more influential people (and have loads more financial opportunities) and although this might not be so evident in July, once August arrives, you’re “off” and running and will enjoy a huge improvement to your money and working life.

There is a new moon in Leo at the end of the month and this is a time to start fresh in terms of how you arrange your life and yes, financial issues come into focus.

You’re being slowly grounded by the Cosmos via your own financial self-sufficiency, so you’ll end July setting new financial goals and enjoying lots of inner peace.

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It has to be heralded that this month starts a once-in-a 12 year event, when Jupiter enters Leo on the 16/17th and this will begin the start of a twelve year cycle of growth.   You’ll start to see positive changes to your financial situation and there will be more opportunities (and offers for making more money) but as Jupiter is the planet of expansion, if you have any financial hassles these will also “grow” and expand.

But on the whole you’ll be concentrating on new ideas for the future and how to make more money and increase your profits (and expand your business or improve your job).

It’s possible money or something else (property) is owed to you and you may have had to pursue legal channels to get it, but any from of judgment is likely to be to your advantage. There can be some kind of payout in July, whether that is an insurance pay-out, or a retirement or superannuation package - or as a result of a sale. 

Mars has been stirring up your commercial world and as it’s on the same axis as foreign travel (education and legalities) you could get a job offer in another country, or benefit from an on-line business (or business conducted in foreign countries) or even an import-export business.

Before the end of July a commercial or legal matter, or general paper work/contracts that have been “on hold” (whilst Mercury was retrograding) will come to a head.

After Mars changes signs on the 25th, you’ll be redirecting your focus to your home front (home and family/domestic scene and property) and that is important that you do so as there has been the temptation to sacrifice your personal life for your ambitions and money-making ambitions.

Saturn’s is not helping your domestic scene - or any personal or  private matters for that matter - and when Saturn turns direct on 20th, there may be some issue to do with home, homeland, flat mates, domestic scene. 

Alternatively a home or career related problem can now be dealt with once and for all ,but with the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury (from 31st) - and new moon in Leo - you will make your decisions with your heart not your head …..and as a consequence they may not be that sound!

The first fortnight of July will have you thinking about your own happiness and long-term goals and you might swept up a love affair (or with a business idea) and act recklessly and on a whim.   

But having said that, July IS a kind of rebirth month and you will be changing direction.  This may be a new partner, new career or new horizons (or a combination of all three) but people from “elsewhere” figure strongly in your future.

It’s likely that you join with someone at work (as in an office romance) or join with a business partner and establish a working/business partnership.

If you are single, someone - an intense sexual attraction - could absolutely infatuate you and if you are already committed, it might be a secret or forbidden romance, but once July ends the likelihood of this occurring lessens.

When Mercury enters Cancer mid month you will have to ask yourself some tough questions and dig deep for the honest answers and this might involve a private matter )or one from the past) but you should look to what has occurred previously so that you can do what is necessary to improve the future (and not to repeat any mistakes!). 

You might feel some guilt (as the 12th house is the house of self-flagellation, guilt and secrets) and you might be privately very upset and feel let down - or else you feel hurt and misused - when all you were trying to do was to help someone (but it’s been misconstrued).

There is a full moon in Capricorn on 12th that may cause you to declare your undying love (or what you really think about the boss or a partner). Try not hold others responsible if you are feeling unhappy or discontented, however there will be a very strong urge to “toss it all in” and make some kind of fundamental change (but remember your heart is ruling your head).

Mars in Scorpio will have you focus on your living arrangements) or those of family members), but if you’ve been unhappy at home, this will come to a head.

You end the month with a new moon in Leo and that’s the time for your rebirth and a “fresh start”.  It’s a very powerful moon and will bring renewal and an opportunity to reinvent yourself (i.e. a new job, new look, new relationship and so on).

New faces, places and experiences are waiting for you …if you have the courage (and you are the most courageous sign).

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You’ve made a lot of new friends and contacts over the past year and become very close to a few (and even closer to your old friends).  Many of your new associates are either younger, or free spirits or have a more relaxed view on life than you, or are “different” in some way (probably in their interests).  You may have met them through a camp, charity, club or some kind of communal group interest, but your exposure to them has helped your outlook and given you a different perspective.

Your personality IS changing and expanding (thanks to Pluto) and you have become rather ambitious for yourself and how you are perceived in the world and want to stand out from the pack. But just be aware that you might be coming across as self-absorbed, selfish, overbearing and egotistical.  It’s because you are really finding your feet and have a deep and compelling need to express yourself (and you are particularly magnetic these days).

Mars has been transiting your money house since last December and so you’re quite driven to make more money and/or achieve security and a solid foundation. If you are employed it may mean that you taken on extra work or a second job, or make money from a hobby.  If you are self employed you will be taking your creativity to new depths and working very hard to make more money (as the more you have the safer you will feel!).

Therefore a lot of Virgo’s are starting new projects and many of these will be launched in July.

There appears to be some form of ongoing financial dispute for Virgo’s (especially in the area of joint funds) and this may be a debt, a loan, legal proceedings or any money-related issue that needs to be solved.

But there has been some form of disagreement or conflict or “power” play (and resentment over past issues could be the cause) although there are trust issues also.

July is an ideal month to resolve this matter once and for all because if you don’t address it, your home, family life or you’re your reputation could be impacted. Just make sure you don’t become domineering and belligerent in your discussions (Saturn and Pluto) but rather try to reach accord by diplomatic negotiation. Saturn changes signs on the 20th in your communications house and some form of discussion can lead to a mutual agreement.

Mercury enters Cancer on the 13th followed by Venus on the 18th and with a raft of planets mirroring your house of love, pleasure, fun and “risks” this is a “Danger Will Robinson” month as you could be embroiled in some form of a scandal. 

This could be because you took a financial risk, gambled (or speculated) and it backfired, or you are having an extramarital affair (as you are deceiving or being deceived somewhere in your realm).

Or you get into grief with a friend, group, organization or authority figure, but you’ve got to tread warily in July, especially if you are already in a relationship as your current need for appreciation is sky high (along with a drive to push the envelope).

But this month will be an exhilarating one for romance, as your social life will be hectic and there will be lots of good times.  However watch the propensity for an emotional risk - and the full moon in Capricorn on the 12th can change a love affair (end it or take it to the next level).

When Jupiter changes signs on 16/17th July into Leo, any enemies that you might have may decide to make their move around this time (and they will have both the motive and the occasion to do so).

Saturn changes direction in your commerce (and community) and siblings house on the 20th and Uranus does also on the 21st in your “joint funds” house, so you may have to settle a financial debt with a sibling or in your community or commercial life (or vice versa). 

This will be the sum of your previous actions, so it can be good or bad - depending on what you’ve been up to – money in or money out. 

Or it may be a karmic emotional debt to a loved one (or a sibling) or a neighbor, but no matter how aggrieved you may feel about the situation, you will only complicate matters if you try to settle scores. The new moon in Leo at the end of the month is in the soul-searching (and hidden and secret dealings) sector of your chart so ensure you are being open and honest.

Bite the bullet and settle your debts (financial or otherwise) and put it in the past as you are entering a clearing the slate time.  Remember you are soon to enter a unique (and probably quite extraordinary) stage of your life in mid 2015, and you’ll see signs of that in August.

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Mars as been in Libra since December and this energy ends on the 25th after an extraordinarily long spell.  But this has certainly given you “lift off” – the courage and the determination to act on your dreams (even if you are a bit touchier and bossier than usual).

When Mars changes signs (and Mercury exits post shadow phase mid month), you should be experiencing some significant changes of direction that could constitute new lifestyle or different working plans or even travel and relocation.

Mars has also made you rather magnetic (and with a stronger and more forceful presence), so if you’ve experienced some emotional disappointment in 2013, you can expect the next few months to be quite stellar in the romance department. 

You’re paying more attention to your visage and will do whatever it takes to make the most of yourself appearance-wise, and you’re also quite driven to get your whole life in shape.

Jupiter has been passing over the very top of your chart (in your career and life direction sector), and that tends to put you on a new path - or at least open up new avenues of opportunity.

Both Mars and Jupiter have acted in unison to make you brave, bolder and more daring and to believe in yourself and your own ideas.   Indeed the success you are garnering now is a direct result of your determination and resolve and when Jupiter changes signs into Leo around the 16/17th you’ll start to see a whole lot of these wishes and dreams come true.

With a raft of planets boosting your career fortunes, financially you should be seeing an improvement and yet your biggest bonanza won’t be of a financial or career nature, but rather the thing that is dearest to your heart - a great relationship. 

Love and perhaps even “the one” is very much on the cards from 22nd onwards and as the month progresses into August you will see new friendships and associations enter your sphere with lots of group activities warmth and fun times.

The full moon in Capricorn on the 12th will be the catalyst to switch from a career focus towards your personal life and some issue relating to your home, family, or a property could come to a head around this time.   There could be an ending of some sort and maybe you leave the home for a long trip or you sell it or finish a home or work related project.

Saturn changes direction on 20th and between now and December 2014 will lift certain restrictions that you’ve had to contend with in your financial world.  But in July when Mars enters Scorpio in your money sector (on the 25th), this will bring a financial issue to your attention – and maybe as early as the 20th.

There may be a big bill, or your lifestyle becomes more financially draining for a period.  Perhaps you are between jobs - or on extended leave - or on holidays, but there are greater demands on your resources.

You end the month with a new moon in Leo and that could see the seeds of a wish being planted and you can finally achieve the objectives you have long desired.

This is likely to involve some form of a group activity or joint project and so you’ll be networking and busy making connections and strengthening ties (and there is the possibility of a friendship turning into some much more..).

July and August are key months in which to push any creative ideas (but especially those associated with communication, writing or publishing).   You might decide to have a hobby business and augment your income by offering classes (DIY or self help or writing groups etc) and you join with someone else to implement these programs.

Socially and professionally your horizons are broadening and this networking can be prosperous for you (especially if you are helping others realize their goals).

The way you perceive life is changing and that will result in a fruitful transformation of your ambitions and objectives.   

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Saturn has been in your sign since 2012 and will remain there until December, which is why you’re experiencing some of the frustration that go hand in hand with Saturn.  Aggravation, depression, chaos, restrictions - and a miserable attitude (feeling flat and defeated) - and more pressure are part and parcel of your world.

Saturn is the planet of realism, fear and caution (and thus will force you to see things realistically), and this has imparted a more serious, sober and responsible attitude.  

You are becoming more established and serious and not having as much “fun” as you used to.  The extra pressure on your daily life is to test you (and thus to force you) to define your own individuality - and that’s the message of Saturn in your sign.

You may have had great plans and hopes but Saturn may have “Bah humbugged” them and disappointed you and led to dead ends (or testing emotional and working situations).  Nothing has turned out quite as you hoped and this may be regarding a legal matter, an overseas or foreign connection, an educational goal or even an overseas trip (with Jupiter promising these things). 

Jupiter remains in the house of legalities until mid July when it moves into Leo on 16/17th and a contract that have been on hold (thanks to Mercury) or even a legal dispute may see movement and there may be an important document that you have to deal with or sign.

It may involve a sibling (if you have any), or a neighborhood quarrel, but this period can just as equally bring a windfall, a prize or financial help from someone senior.

There’s big change occurring around mid July and this may be a literal change or a change in perspective. You might hear of an overseas job or have dealings with a foreign country or person - either directly via travel or via communication – and if you are “a deux” you may be travelling overseas with your partner.

The Sun, Venus (from 18th) and Mercury in Cancer (from 13th) promise renewal and an emotional freeing up and Mars has helped to bring you the right answers regarding your future.  The Mercury retrograde period brought back people and issues from your past and past history (and this was another learning curve) and Saturn is ensuring that you get to know yourself better (“physician heal thyself”) by tempering any irresponsibility. 

Once Jupiter changes signs in July it’s an excellent time to start on a new career or moneymaking idea or ways in which to improve your lifestyle in general.

Any scheme that is exciting or speculative (or you are the face behind the scenes) is favored and a merger with an influential person (or a powerful group) will do very well.  Your public image and popularity will get a boost thanks to Jupiter and when the Sun moves into Leo on 22nd (along with the new moon in your career sector at the end of the month) you’re on a roll.

If you are sensible (Saturn!) you can make great gains over the next year.

Uranus goes retrograde on 21st and a new and exciting (and rather different) person may enter your life - or you can renew a romance with an ex – and with Saturn wanting you to get your life in order (including your emotional life) you might be considering a more permanent arrangement.

Mars enters Scorpio on the 25th so you will be charging from the gate and perhaps making some radical changes in your life.  You’ll have more courage (and the determination) to take action, but you’ll also be more impulsive and reckless and not thinking “long term”.

This is very much a “me” time, so try not to become too overbearing and dominant or force your ideas down others throats or be combative.

But from now on you can accomplish all your dreams with the right attitude, so keep on going until you achieve what the Cosmos is promising.

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A number of Sags are feeling upset and financially or emotionally hurt by someone (and that may have been exacerbated by actions that occurred around the time of the full moon in Sagittarius in the middle of June). 

If it’s a financial injury you could be feeling angry and bitter and if it’s emotional then suspicions, distrust and jealousy could abound.  Either way you probably want your pound of flesh!

Jupiter has been in your joint finances, debt, inheritances, and sex and transformation house and should be bringing good fortune and blessings to these areas. 

But…there have been two Jupiter Pluto oppositions thus far in 2014 and that set in train events that can affect your money (Pluto) and “joint funds” (Jupiter).  Pluto is the equivalent of the “justice” card in a Tarot pack, so if you’ve not been truthful in any of the above areas, then you won’t be feeling happy.

This opposition can bring trouble with authorities and the law and this may still be playing out now. By the same token if you’ve been truthful and fair (a very Sagittarian trait) then you should be doing just fine and even very well.

Mars since December has seen you dealing a lot with groups and authority figures and you seem to be having an enormous amount of contact with people at the highest level. With Mars transiting here, there is often there is some form of conflict, so cooperative efforts with any type of group is where your best outcomes lie.

For the first fortnight you will be dealing with issues of power and control (and joint finances) and the full moon in Capricorn on 12th will bring this to a head. 

You’ll be discussing sharing issues (what's yours and what's mine) and you’ll be arguing about what you own - or have power over. But this can affect your finances in some way – either a big debt or a change in earnings – and Mercury in Cancer will stir the pot in the area of joint finances from 13th onwards (and someone will be really pushing your buttons).

Your dealings with others will be driven by your emotions – and not your head - because you feel so upset by what is occurring within a situation. 

If it’s not finances then the arrival of Venus on the 18th in the same area will have a similar affect in your emotional and sexual life (and be making you feel particularly vulnerable and insecure).

At least your relationship with your mother will be good, but someone in your family is not offering support or approval and trying to stifle your ideas or block you. In fact at times you might feel as if you aren’t getting any support at all - from any source.

Your emotions will be very profound and intense for most of July and this could be because you are in the throes of passion and adoration - or in a more dreary manifestation - you could be experiencing domestic problems that are unbearable and disheartening.

Jupiter your ruler will move into the house ruled by Sagittarius so you will see a marked improvement in your affairs from around 16/17th and all activities involving foreign influences, travel, relocating, legal matters and publishing are all blessed.

You’ll be exploring your horizons and considering a range of new options and opportunities and when Uranus changes direction on 21st, Sagittarians in general will become more attractive and magnetic (and focusing more on personal pleasure, romance, luxury, and happiness).  

You might receive some money through a legal judgment/ inheritance or through other “joint” money source and/or you “share” some form of wealth with family members.

Mars moves into Scorpio on 25th and until mid September some of your past actions might catch up with you (especially if you’ve not been entirely honest). This Mars energy will be directed towards private matters, or you might be doing something behind the scenes or in a clandestine manner.

The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd and all these influences (including Jupiter, Mercury, the new moon and shortly Venus) will help you to off load whatever has been dragging you down and impeding your life and this will lessen the oppressiveness, trouble and severity of the issue.

Your old sense of adventure will return and your emotional state will not longer be getting in the way of your fun seeking activities.

Sags will enter August, re-inspired and with a renewed spirit - and a raging thirst for adventure.

In fact I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some thrilling escapade or great quest (like the Boys Own Adventure stories) takes you far away from the everyday in the not too distant future…

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Since December you’ve made some fundamental changes in your career and/or lifestyle in order to ensure that you are best showcasing your talents and ambitions.

Mars has ensured that your confidence and energy levels have increased so that you have the drive and vigor to undertake even the most unreachable goals and Pluto guarantees that you are gaining the rewards (although the price is hard work and organization). 

Plus Pluto has demanded that you remove any obstacles in your way that are holding you back from fulfilling your destiny and that includes people and life situations.   But new opportunities are opening up as Mars moves into Scorpio on the 25th and there are new directions on offer to pursue, all of which will improve your lifestyle and personal status and profile.

Your Achilles heel has been that you have been too accommodating in the past and too loyal - or too loving - depending on the context.   In turn, a friend, lover, boss or family member has taken advantage of this vulnerability and you feel hung out to dry and emotionally hurt.

There is also a key woman (a parent, in-law, friend, employer or rival), bringing some form of discord, but thankfully the raft of planets in Cancer in your relationship house (especially from mid month) will help smooth out your close relationships.  If any relationship has been strained or even at the “no speakies’ stage, you’ll be more receptive to approaches  (and you do need to feel acknowledgement and approval from everyone).

The full moon in Capricorn on 12th and Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Cancer (the latter on 13th and 18th respectively) will bring past issues back into your emotional life (such as old pain, upset, angst and jealousies) and Saturn turning direct on the 20th - mirroring your love and romance sector - will bring some change to a relationship (hopefully reconciliation or peace). 

You are taking a step back and evaluating your situation and the full moon in your sign focuses on YOU (but in a heightened and dramatic way) in that you make choices about who stays and who and what needs to go in your life. 

Full moons are endings and any unresolved issues will be back on the table for discussion.  There is also likely to be some deceit that is revealed (or a secret) or you discover that something has kept from you.

At various times in July your stress levels can be high and family matters are paramount, and perhaps it’s a mate that is having difficulties - or another family member - and you are pulling out all stops to show your support and protective attitude.  

Uranus continues to impact on family and/or home, family, domestic matters or property matters and when Uranus changes direction on 21st you may decide to renovate, buy or sell your home or an investment property or restructure your living arrangements.

This is not a month however for taking risks in anything so try and maintain the status quo in all your relationships and associations. That said, around mid July IS a turning point for you and there will be a sudden and unexpected surprise in your domestic or family life and in the short term this may bring some upset and insecurities.

An association may come to a conclusion or you realize your faith in someone or a situation was misplaced.  But whatever it is, it ushers in more happiness and you’ll allow yourself to behave much more freely than usual and enjoy yourself.

You’re gaining more self-confidence (probably as a result of the recognition you’re getting from some of your undertakings) and a new venture may be delivering a healthy return.

In fact from 16/17th July when Jupiter moves into Leo, you should see your financial world steadily improve and financial gains can also be via your mate or business partnership.  If you are single your love life will pick up (or at least your sex life will) and you’ll be more driven to find a partner (and an ideal environment is via travel where you could meet someone special).

You’ll be opening up emotionally to others (and better yet, getting a whole lot more back) but the bulk of your energies seems to be directed towards advancing your position within a group or organization that you are involved in. 

The new moon in Leo at the end of the month is a time of empowerment and a time to consolidate, pay off debts - or get money that’s owed to you – maybe via a sale, a settlement or similar. 

This is a powerful and intense time as it’s a transformation of yourself or your life.

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Saturn’s has six months to go through Scorpio in your career, life direction and reputation sector and it’s role in since late 2012 has been to improve and develop your career and business life and boost your reputation (and enhance your lifestyle).

The downside is that Saturn is the planet of fear and caution, so you are more reserved and have adopted a more realistic and serious attitude.  So even in the tough times when you are being dealt “tough love” lessons, remember this is all about self-improvement and you will be making aggressive changes, especially in your career and worldly ambitions.

You’ve had to remove whatever restrictions have held you back from gaining the status and recognition you deserve and if you haven’t done that as yet, then July is a red-letter month in this regard.  Do whatever it takes to allow you to pursue new avenues, and perhaps are overseas or far away.  You’ve been trying to identify the right breakthroughs and so you have been very, very busy (even if some of your tasks are tedious to say the least).

Saturn is ensuring that you become conscious of your greater potential and then translate that into professional progress. 

Saturn is changing direction in July on the 20th and if you haven’t managed to find your niche, then this is when your successful career transformation can begin to take place and July is a stellar month for realizing your ambitions. 

You may receive communication in this regard that is pleasantly surprising - or a bit of a shock - around the 21st when Uranus goes retrograde.

Your success seems to be at a distance or far away or with a “foreign” firm (or maybe a lover lives at a distance away) and in fact at some stage over the next few months you may make a fundamental change and relocate to a new place.

There is an opportunity that involves undertaking travel or more contact with foreigners or alternatively you may be importing products from overseas. 

But many Aquarians will be moving in the not too distant future to start a new life.

You may be offered an opportunity in July (and the discussions may have originated in May) as a host of planets are blessing your working sector. If you don’t like certain aspects of your job, then Mercury from the 13th will encourage you to implement changes accordingly.

That said you might be motivated to change your health habits or some other aspect of your daily routines.

Venus from the 18th is bringing blessings to your work area, and you could be headhunted for your talents and skills (and it’s also quite possible that you find love within your working environment).

Mars changes signs on the 25th into your career sector and between now and September you will be determined to make career or lifestyle changes that match your dreams, and little is going to hold you back.

The full moon in Capricorn on the 12th suggests a job could come to an end, but this equally can mean you address a health matter (e.g. have an operation) or something is revealed/occurs that makes you very upset.

At any rate, no matter what it is, your relationship and partnership future is incredibly blessed from the 16/17th and you’ll have greater security in both your working and family life.  Indeed for the next 12 months, love, personal relationships and partnerships will be your primary “drivers”. There is however the specter of jealousy or distrust within an existing connection, so don’t allow that to become a distraction (but don’t be overly gullible either!).

From July onwards you’ll be attracting a lot of love (and there is a possibility of an old love returning into your life between December and March 2015).

There is a new moon in Leo at the end of the month and this will bring some kind of change to a relationship (or working partnership). For example it may be a new romance if you are single or restructuring and redefining (and improving) an existing on if you are partnered.  This could signal the start of a new business agreement or joint co- operative venture or alternatively a business or life partner may be instrumental in a new start.

But July is the beginning of a wonderful new era of love and romance (and friendships and business associations) and if your emotional life has been a battleground or a desert, this is going to be a fundamental change. 

Some will marry, others will (consciously uncouple) but it’s all about putting your emotional life in order.

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You’ve had one hell of a ride with Jupiter in your sector of romance, fun and pleasure and Mars in the house of sex since December and any intimate connections that you’ve had are intense or complicated to say the least. Mars has certainly made you more aggressive and adventurous in your pursuit of love and perhaps even ambitious and you’re pulling out all stops to woo a certain someone and get them hooked.

There may however be some kind of unusual or difficult situation that exits and that may be financial, geographical or it’s a triangle situation or there is no “formalizing” of the association. If it’s the latter your best bet is to lay your cards on the table and explain what your expectations are and how you are feeling. There can be jealousy, arguments or scandals and at times people can be quite mean and say unkind and spiteful things.

There is some kind of elephant in the room in your relationship life and perhaps there is a sensitive subject matter that is under discussion or something - or someone - from the past that is casting a shadow or complication over your life.

But you’ve certainly had some fun times with a lot more travel and socializing over the past year and a number of new people from different backgrounds or countries have come into your life.

A number of Pisceans have given birth or fallen pregnant/become parents, reunited with an ex (and other loved ones) or fallen in love.

July has even more pleasant surprises and you could be very happy with a development or a new opportunity as there are a number of planets in Cancer all blessing your house of love, fun creativity and children.

Before mid month is the perfect time if you are planning on moving, selling or buying real-estate - or a new home – or redecorating /renovating/restructuring an existing living space.

Venus until the 18th will put you into domestic mode and turn you into Martha Stewart and you’ll be nesting and being a Domestic Goddess.  Your family ties will strengthen and if you are in long term partnership there will be happy and warm times.

There is the possibility of a love affair coming to an end around the time of the full moon on the 12th, but it can equally be an end to indecision about the status of a relationship (and you make some commitments for the future and decide to marry or start a family etc) or else you give birth/become a parent. 

With Venus entering your house of love on the 18th it’s likely that a relationship will heighten or you are swept off your feet because your powers of attraction are off the Richter scale - and you will be pursued and in demand.

In general the stars are suggesting that your popularity will go through the roof and you’ll be in huge demand and socializing up a storm (lots of get-togethers with friends and group situations).

From around the 16th Jupiter changes signs and your focus will switch away from the pursuits of pleasure and you’ll enter an era where you’ll focus a lot more on your working life. 

Mars moves into Scorpio on the 25th and you’ll be bolder and a lot more adventurous and will probably be doing a lot of overseas travelling between now and September, or even undertaking a course. 

You might not be seeing eye to eye with someone, but don’t get too blinkered about where you stand and how much you can get away with, and don’t get into any legal fights!

The new moon in Leo at the end of the month will make you want to sort out any loose ends in your life and that may involved leaving a job if you don’t like it.  You’ll be establishing some new boundaries and parameters especially if you feel that you’re being taken advantage of, and will be making lifestyle changes that better accommodate your aspirations. Maybe you give up work to become a mother, partner etc.

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