Monthly Forecasts






Key message: Away from you to “others”, cooperation and unification and working as a whole.

There are two quincunx’s this month -both with Jupiter in your house of children, romance, fun and creativity - one with Pluto and the other with Chiron the wounded healer.  Pluto is transformation and obsession, so you may become obsessed with a lover, or a problem with your boss or your reputation is magnified as Jupiter “grows” things (and if there is an issue it expands).  

Likewise if you are doing well in your career, you should get a promotion - as opposed to the sack.

Romance, children, career, and your reputation are going to figure very prominently around the 5th, but the difficult times you’ve been experiencing at work, will begin to ease from around then also (and will get better as the month unfolds). 

There will be more camaraderie, a greater team spirit and people will notice and applaud your contributions.

It’s possible that you have a romantic involvement at work or just hang out with your work colleagues more, or have more work functions, or entertain more for work (client dinners et al).

You might decide to join a gym and get healthy; or if you have been dealing with a health issue that’s easily resolved (and a number of Aries will consider plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements in September).

You may be brought up short by the full moon on the 8th when something happens - or is said - that makes you want to pull up the drawbridge and return to your castle.  At any rate you’ll “vant to be alone” (a la Greta Garbo), although it may be that you’re simply worn out with all the entertaining and need to rest. 

Life will feel a bit out of balance around this time, so take it easy and try and “chill” because you’ll feel a bit fragmented and frayed around the edges.   

Maybe there is some emotional, secret or private matter that you’ve been keeping under wraps and you start to dwell on it and feel a bit gloomy.  Or it may be that you’ve kept something private and it becomes public knowledge, or you’ve kept a health matter private (secret cosmetic surgery?) and someone tittle tattles. 

It’s also possible that those earlier career problems, result in your job coming to an end..

Around mid month you have a change of mood and back to your energetic and enthusiastic self - and dare I say even bolder than usual….or is that agitated?   You want to do something different: perhaps a course, or a trip, or anything that breaks up your routines (and a number of Arians will be travelling in September).

For a while you’ve been in danger of pushing the envelope just a tad too far, so try not to get too opinionated or fired up if someone disagrees with you.  No need to jump into litigation or wade headlong into “challenges” (and this is especially pertinent around the third week when Pluto changes course on the 22nd).

This will make you more reactive to any form of authority and so you could encounter issues at work, or with authority figures, or with your parents, or anyone in a “senior” position.   

Because of your heightened ambition, you will be feeling a range of emotions, from anger to fear (depending on what is happening in your world around this time).  

Thankfully the sun changes signs at the same time, so that will minimize any “fallout” as this energy is all about you and another - or others. 

This may be your boss, your lover, spouse, friend or family member, but the two of you can maximize your potential if you work together and balance your respective needs. 

“More bees with honey” because you will need the support of others to achieve your goals (everyone does) so try and be diplomatic as opposed to confrontational.

That won’t be too hard to achieve as you will become more popular in October (beginning at the end of September) but you’ve got to get through the Jupiter quincunx Chiron on the 23rd that could be your self-undoing if you don’t handle it well. 

Again, something that you may not want known may come to light or you stubbornly hold fast to a principles or belief, when it’s not appropriate or even relevant.

You may be overcome by a sense of meaninglessness or sadness, but best way to handle this energy is to laugh through any tears as it will pass.

But there IS a message in the new moon in Libra on 24th and that is to find a better way to handle your associations and relationships (and any negotiations with others) and these including lovers, bosses, enemies, competitors, business allies et al. Be more diplomatic and connected - rather than separate - but make sure you’re on the same page and understand the same things in the same way (as this could unravel and become rather unpleasant in October).

That said, this is a great time to fall in love (or at least increase your pulse rate) or begin a new relationship; or if you’ve created animosity anywhere you can re-define the association and put it back on an even keel.

You can launch a new business, or develop a hobby or get pregnant or make a conscious decision to have more fun and laughter in your life  - or spend more time with your kids if you have them.

The month ends on a wonderful note with a Jupiter Uranus trine on the 25th, and as Uranus is in Aries, this is especially good for you. This is further supported by the arrival of Venus moving into your relationship sector at the end of the month (and reinforcing the idea of working on relationships).

But you can expect romance, travel, fun, progress, fulfillment and happy times …..and yes, you will be able to improve your close personal relationships (or at least smooth the way towards peace negotiations if you’d had a really big falling out…).

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Key Message: Healing yourself and getting your life in order and confronting (and dealing with) lessons.

The inconjunct between Pluto and Jupiter on the 5th, will expand any issues you’ve been experiencing with respect to home, family, real estate, legal problems, places at a distance (or foreign influences/corporations) and education. 

All these things are going to figure very prominently around this time and with Pluto the planet of obsession try and keep things “contained” if you can.  It’s highly likely that you have a number of balls in the air in September (and you have for a while) but Jupiter will ultimately help cement family ties.  There are certainly some adjustments that have to be made - or an umbilical cord cut – and many Bovines have some from of ongoing family issue in the background (or foreground) of their lives, and this is very much on the agenda to be dealt with, and perhaps in September.

You do however have Cosmic support from the 5th also, in that you are coming across well and making a good impression - even if it doesn’t feel like it - as you may feel a tad “strung out”. 

But if you have been feeling a bit “blah”, the good news is that you will be more appealing/attractive for the rest of September.

Indeed you might even be more loving and affectionate to your other half (or primary connection) whether that may be a spouse, lover, parent, child, friend etc. - and probably vice versa. 

In other words you’ll be loved up and admired and flirtations are de rigeur

You will also be more fecund in September, so if you’re trying to conceive, this energy increases your chances of conception.

The full moon in Pisces on the 8th will impact on your hopes, friends, groups, organizations and bureaucracy’s zone and as full moons tend to bring about endings or closure, this may bring the end of a friendship - or the end of your dealings with a certain group or association – or the end of a dream.

Perhaps as a result of Venus making you more appealing, affectionate and sexy (and also because of Mars) but the second half of September has a lot of focus on sexuality and intimacy.

Mars of course is the warrior planet, so you could get involved in conflicts over jointly held property or money (as this is also the house of “joint”).

It’s also the sector of inheritances, taxes, insurance, and loans, so you could be arguing with a bank or lending organization - or anyone - regarding these things and it could be simply dealing with these issues, or a drama.  

Logic dictates that as this is the house of dual and shared activities (especially to do with finances), it’s better to try and think in terms of mutual support and positive interaction; and this is never more true when Pluto changes direction on the 22nd (as that could bring a legal problem or a problem with an authority figure). 

Don’t do anything illegal (i.e. parking in the handicapped park zone), or flout rules or ignore customs, especially if you are in a foreign country. 

All sorts of power groups, i.e. Courts, religious organizations and authorities could be part of the situation that you could find yourself in, around the third week of the month.

Your philosophy of life or your conception of the world could be challenged around this time and if you’ve been barking up the wrong tree or thoroughly misguided (or have been prejudiced in your thinking) then this will be the time when you become aware how wide off the mark you were.

Towards the end of the month when the Sun changes signs on 22nd you’ll become Mr./Ms. Efficiency around the house - and at work -and may even embark on a health kick. A new diet, exercise, cutting out bad things – order and organization rules and “health and wealth” will be your focus - and a “streamlined” existence.

You’ll be weeding out what is dysfunctional in your life to help get it back on track.

There is a second inconjunct (quincunx) with Jupiter on the 23rd, and this time with Chiron the wounded healer, and you can “heal” those issues relating to friends, groups, organizations VIP’s and authority figures, as Jupiter can bring a magic touch - or else your expectations in this regard are dashed.

The new moon in Libra on the 24th reinforces the health and wealth message (and gives you the incentive to make a fresh start in these areas and to get your life into order).

Jupiter trines Uranus on the 25th and this can benefit events that have been private or behind the scenes and especially those relating to home and family issues, and people at a distance.

But for a change it will be about your needs and healing yourself, instead of putting yourself out for everyone else as usual….

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Key Message: Give of yourself and “engage” and risk outcomes – in love, money and life.

The month kicks in with a quincunx on the 5th, the first of two in September and this one is between Pluto, the planet of transformation and obsession and Jupiter the “benefactor” (but who can expand on both good times and problems). 

If you are having issues with siblings, or dealing with a lot of communication /contracts /emails, joint funds, taxes and inheritance issues, then you are going to be doing this a whole lot more.  There may be beneficial outcomes or glitches, but these areas are going to figure very prominently.

Just remember that Mercury will retrograde in early October, and the pre shadow starts in mid September (and intensifies from the 30th), so anything you sign or agree to then is not going to stick.

Venus changes signs in the first week into your house of home, family and real estate so some form of family dynamics will “rule” for most of the month and if your family is more of a train wreck than the Walton’s, then you may be feeling nostalgic or sad even.  But if things are out of whack on the home front, you will do whatever you can to create (or recreate) a stable atmosphere and restore peace.

Loyalty issues will hold more weight (and you may have divided loyalty issues to deal with) or a change in your circumstances occurs that makes you more committed and devoted.

There is a full moon in Pisces on the 8th in your public reputation and career house, so you can’t hide, as you’re well and truly visible.  In fact you will stand out and be “front and centre”, so it’s advisable to put on your best show.

As this is also the house of career, a career issue may come to a head - or you are offered a new job - or a promotion, or more backing/support. 

This can also apply to home, family or property matters as this is on the same axis (and there does appear to be a need to step in and deal with a family issue before it spirals out of control - unless it’s there already…).

From mid month Mars begins stirring up your relationships sector so all personal dealings may suffer from ego conflicts, or you have a challenging opponent in business, or life to contend with.

Mars is energy (along with feistiness) so you can use this energy to fix the seemingly impossible relationship dynamics – just so long as you operate in a cooperative fashion – which is what this house demands.

Put it this way, this is not a month where you can ignore relationship issues, you will be obliged to deal with them, so conflicts and resolutions - or reconciliations - are all par for the course.

Pluto changes direction (direct) on 22nd and this may bring a “Pluto-type event”, especially as Pluto is in your 8th house of transformation, joint funds, sexuality, death, rebirth, and regeneration. Pluto is the obsessive planet, so your reactions are likely to be more “intense” and a person - or a situation - might really push your buttons around this time.

Just as likely, on a positive note, you could have an intense sexual encounter/love affair – the stuff of novels – instead of an intense and demanding situation.  That said, stay away from anyone who is a bit “suspect” in a legal sense.

The Sun moves into Libra on the same day (22nd) and you’ll be feeling great and energized (and pleasure and amusement are you bywords for the next few weeks).  Focus on having fun and enjoying yourself - and flirt up a storm – in other words, “strut your stuff”.

The second Jupiter quincunx for the month occurs on the 23rd and this time with Chiron in your reputation, career, and life purpose house and this can bring “healing” to this area (and bring you greater understanding or take a situation to a new or different level).

The new moon in Libra will bring renewed confidence in your dealings with offspring and/or a lover and this can spark a new love or just bring some fun back into your life (or you can “procreate” if you wish!).

Jupiter trines Uranus on the 25th bringing great benefits to all groups association, clubs, organizations, authority figures, VIPs -and these individuals will look after you – as will your friends. 

Your social life will take off in the last week, and you’ll be having loads of fun, and are positively sizzling.

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Key message: finding an emotional and physical sanctuary, personal integration (and becoming grounded); working on foundations, endings and “Mother” issues.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the first Friday of the month will focus on money, assets, self-esteem and all your relationships (including adversaries) and also reveal any manipulations, weaknesses and insecurities in these areas.

The “Venus effect” (in this case Cosmic love and warmth) will bring a more positive approach to your communication (although this secure mode of interacting may be disguising your distrust of others, or your own position).

Generally though, Venus brings benefits and this should be via any dealings you have with siblings, communications in general, short journeys, contracts, Internet and the like.

Venus will smooth over conflicts and help you to sort out your differences, although the full moon on the 8th may bring a mini crisis of faith - or your understanding of a situation may be tested - and your tenacity and determination may be stretched to breaking point.

You may also discover that you are in fact bored out of your gourd and this is the time you do something about it (whatever that entails..)

Mars will give you more “get up and go” energy and you could turn into a workhorse or go crazy with some sport or hobby.  This energy is at odds with the Venus energy, as it will be more difficult to act in a cooperative or harmonious manner - as Mars will tend to make you more angry, frustrated – and certainly more restless.

Pluto goes direct on 22nd and that is in your relationship house, and so a relationship can be renewed or you meet the person of your dreams or any kind of close existing relationship may have to be redefined. 

Certainly the energy at this time may throw up a situation, or an event, that forces you to do so (or you may erupt as something you relied on happening, doesn’t occur) or it doesn’t pan out quite how you envisaged.

Someone or a group will challenge you, or try to control/bully you (or present you with a fait d’accompli or a threatening demand).

This will impact on your sense of security and psychology, but the Sun arrives on cue and will help to restore your spirits and build a strong spiritual foundation (and help you to resist the pressure).

Do what you can to fortify your relationship with family, because ego battles are highly likely OR you may have reason to feel guilty – (because you are in a ethical or moral snowdrift…)

The Jupiter quincunx Chiron on the 23rd may bring legal challenges, an education issue, or something to do with people at a distance or “foreign” and this can be a painful experience OR bring healing, but either way, it will lead you to a new outlook on life

The new moon suggests a new approach to family dealings - and perhaps a new start in building trust - or a new start in creating a secure place to return to (like Julian Assange).

You end the month with a great energy from the Jupiter-Uranus trine, that will restore your reputation and bring either money or a career boost, and Venus changing to Libra on the 29th will bring peace of mind and spirit …and that elusive emotional sanctuary.

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Key message: Communication (thinking and sharing plans), cooperating with siblings and maximizing Self and environment.

You, You, You, it’s very much about you these days and the Jupiter inconjunct with Pluto on the 5th, is probably going to morph this into self-obsession.  Well that’s probably a tad extreme, but issues to do with you, your image, brand, actions et al, are going to figure very prominently.

You’ll certainly be making some kind of a splash (and probably a financial one), as you’ll be spending up a storm for most of September.  This is not so much on financial security (such as a house or investments) but more on the “good things” of life. That said, you will also be “wheeling and dealing” at work - and probably with your own finances. 

The full moon on the 8th forces to you consider others, the concept of “give and take” and that what’s good for you has to also feel OK for someone else.

Someone around this time is going to remind you of that fact, that they have needs also, and that what you are doing for yourself is not making them feel comfortable. You may have taken a situation - or a person - for granted and this is the “wake up call”, and you may have to deal with issues of joint security – yours and someone else - and co-habitation/domestic issues.

Mars (for most of September) is going to make you pretty self-obsessed and pursuing fun, enjoyment and pleasure; and in fact you may go overboard (so this may be part and parcel of the “issues”).

It’s also possible that you are obliged to hand over a significant sum of money around the end of the first week: a property settlement, payout, deposit, loan, etc.

Pluto goes direct on 22nd and if you have been going overboard you may get a reality check with your health. especially if you have been burning the candle at both ends, or ignoring any existing health issues.

This can also bring some conflict within your professional life (maybe you’ve been AWOL and not pulling your weight) but by the same token, if you’re sick of your job, you could pull the pin around now.  

Certainly there will be some tensions between you and your bosses around this time, so if you were going to change jobs, this would be the most likely.

Your ruler enters Libra on the same day, and this will bring renewed warmth with your siblings, neighbors, close relatives, friends, and co-workers and you’ll be hanging out down at your “local” and being very community-minded.

The second quincunx of the month with Jupiter occurs on the 23rd, this time with Chiron, and this will affect your sex life, any joint associations (including financial ones) and your reputation.

The new moon on the 24th may bring a new idea, or you have to MC an occasion, or begin to research a project, or a renewal in a relationship with a brother or sister.

Jupiter trine Uranus on the 25th and as Jupiter is in Leo this will be especially beneficial to you, particularly to any travel or overseas ventures. 

You may be offered an overseas job or your self-image/reputation is enhanced or you receive good news regarding a legal or educational matter, but far horizons seem to beckon….

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Key message: Feelings, emotions, “wants” and “needs” and what you really value.  Will money set you “free”?

The inconjunct in the first week (5th) between Jupiter and Pluto is likely to make you somewhat obsessed about a love interest or your children.  There is also a secret or a matter that is hidden or occurring behind the scenes that you are fixated about.

The arrival of Venus in your sign on the same day is going to help balance the “obsession” factor with a softer approach and make you more romantic - as opposed to the Bunny Boiler. 

In business and in life you will be more agreeable and cooperative and in case that message didn’t hit home, the full Moon on the 8th reinforces the fact that relationships have to have equilibrium to flourish. This applies to all the important relationships in your life, including those people who are your opponents; it’s about finding a balance.

It’s not just about what you want, it’s about what is best for everyone, so compromise and negotiate (although you are likely to be blisteringly truthful if they are “out to lunch”). But if you don’t make some kind of effort, a partnership will undergo a "test" at the start of the second week, so make sure you pass! 

For some lucky Virgo’s you may be blown away by someone you meet on Monday 8th.

Mars is stirring up your home, family and domestic sectors for most of September and either giving you more energy for the extensions (or to endure a family get together); or this energy can bring conflict and dispute within a family scenario.   Mars is making you more distrustful and self-serving.

However it’s quite likely that at some stage in September, you have to be the Matriarch or Patriarch or take charge of some family affairs, or deal with a domestic/family issue.

This may be the reason why you are feeling defensive and moody (or is that compulsive and insecure?) but you can anticipate some family-related conflict or disputes (especially if you are dealing with “old” issues).

Pluto goes direct on 22nd and this will bring tension within a love relationship and/or with your significant other (sometimes it’s mutually exclusive..) or a relationship with your child/children.

Again, I repeat for a few lucky Virgo’s, you can look forward to a highly emotional and intense love affair beginning around the third week of the month, but one that has a sense of déjà vu. They may remind you of someone else, or the same things attract you (even if you swore you’d never go down that path again…).

At least the Sun changing signs into your financial sector on 22nd should assist your personal finances - or else you are simply paying a lot more attention to them - for one reason or another.

The second inconjunct of the month, with Jupiter, is on the 23rd and this time with Chiron.   You have to be careful, because this could be your undoing in a relationship, or you encounter opposition that was “hidden” or something that has been brewing behind the scenes catches you unawares.

At least the new moon should bring a new era of stability and inner peace - or a new income source (or even a settlement).  There is some “new” money and the Jupiter-Uranus trine on the 25th will bring healing to a joint money issue.

This is also a wonderful energy for anything that has been hidden (and to your psyche) and will help you to become more grounded. You’ll end September with more financial security and greater stability in all your close relationships (especially the romantic kind). It should be a “Happy” Birthday.

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Key Message: New beginnings, voyage of self discovery (no matter how old you are), merging of outer and inner…and all that you will become.

In the first week you’ll still be dealing with some issue relating to your friends, groups, clubs, organizations, VIP’s, family, home and real estate.  These are going to be the areas that will become “larger” and more pronounced, thanks to the Jupiter quincunx Pluto and September does bring the promise of a lot of social interactions.

At lot of stuff is going on behind the scenes, maybe in your head or behind closed doors and you could be having a secret love affair - a friend morphs into something a lot more interesting and you don’t want the “group” to know - or just doing a lot of thinking (as there will be some relationship concerns to deal with).

It may be that your friends or family are acting strangely or a relationship has come to an end and you are feeling sad and wistful. Maybe you love someone from afar, or they are already taken, and so your feelings and desires are – by necessity - being kept private and this could reach a crisis point and you realize that some aspect of your everyday life has to change. 

Maybe you feel slightly under par in a physical sense, or you decide to draw the line on how others are treating you (and you’re likely to tell certain parties of just how you are feeling around the full moon).

But you are feeling out of sorts and discontented with life, but blaming others is not going to make anything better.  In reality it’s incumbent on you to make those positive changes to your life and Mars will give you all the ideas (and from the 13th onwards the energy to do something constructive about them).

You’ll certainly be communing with society in generally, but be aware that Mars will give you a more assertive, Me-focused style that might not “gel” with others (plus you are more sensitive and taking everything to heart). 

Even though you are the most diplomatic sign, this is a period when conversations can become a tad heated or descend into arguments, but directed well, you can sell snow to the Inuit’s (it’s a great energy for those in sales and lawyers presenting a case).

Pluto going direct on the 22nd is not going to help with the psychological stuff either, as you’ll be probing your past, your childhood, your family baggage, your personal life and raking over failures and disappointments and any emotional legacies that have made you act like you do.

Relationships mean everything to you, so you tend to go overboard to accommodate the load of others (lest you miss out any of the ‘action’) but you are evolving slowly and putting yourself on more of a pedestal, and with a greater value.

Many Libran’s will finally make the decision in September to relocate to somewhere more “you’ (as in an environment that better matches your spirit and persona) and this is more likely to occur when the Sun moves into Libra.

This is the best time all year to assert your personal influence beyond its normal boundaries, so don’t waste the last week of September and October!

The second Jupiter quincunx  (inconjunct) this time with Chiron on 23rd, refocuses on those areas that have been prominent all month: work, daily life, health (mental, physical and emotional) and your association with friends and groups.

The new moon on the 24th is the best time all year for your “reinvention” and that ties in with the sun in Libra and the changes that you need to make.

On the 25th Jupiter trines Uranus and blesses those relationships that have been tested, especially in the area of friendships and group activities.

Your ruler Venus enters Libra at the end of the month and then it really is YOUR time.  You are simply irresistible.

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Key Message: retreating, reviewing and consciously confronting (and making sense) of life - and the secrets you keep from yourself.  Hidden enemies, some possible karma, but positive transformation…

Not much is happening until the 5th when there is an inconjunct between Jupiter and Pluto, the former the “expander” and the latter “obsession” so you can see where that is going.   

This is going to impact on your career, public reputation, life direction and communication (which is going very well BTW) but if you’re a public figure you’re going to have to be very careful. 

That said, you may make a big splash or make a huge impact, and the Internet (news/emails/communication), is going to figure very prominently.

Thankfully Venus arrives in your groups sector on the same day and that will aid all social and group activities and make your friendships more harmonious.  Indeed you will seem more charming within groups, and can probably make a pretty good impression for most of September.   

The full moon in your fun sector will bring just that - more pleasure and enjoyment - and if you don’t yield to those things (or if you have no love or laughter in your life), this full moon is going to make you feel somewhat empty and lacking.

As this is the house of love, you may rush over to your lovers house and tell them exactly what they mean to you (good or bad), or a love affair comes to an end – or reaches a peak – ultimate highs or ultimate lows…. and not much in between.

Mars makes you more money-hungry in the second half of the month, and you’ll be awash with ideas and financial schemes, but don’t center your whole life around the idea of money and possessions.

Some Scorpio will be doing the “who owns what” argument in September, either in business or in life, whilst others will be licking wounds by maxing out the credit card.  Yes you can buy happiness (if you know where to shop!).

Pluto turns direct on 22nd and that change of energy may bring some communications problems (and you may be misunderstood or suffer from foot in mouth syndrome).  Someone might question whether or not you are telling the truth - or your version of it - and there will be one highly charged exchange.  This may be within your community or with a sibling, or via some kind of media release (if you are in PR or similar).

Whatever occurs may make you want to pull back or even go to ground; and the end of September sees you being rather quiet and reflective.  Perhaps a particular association, role, partnership or some other form of attachment is to your disadvantage …or is ruining how great you should be feeling.  Maybe their presence or role upsets you, or a persona, situation or lifestyle is past its use-by date (and around the time of the new moon on 24th is ideal to consider all these possibilities).   There may be some endings as a result of the second Jupiter inconjunct, this time with Chiron on 23rd.)

You might have a falling out with an adult child or a divorce causes an “ending” to the existing relationship structure.  A business might close or a romance might end, but this is a time for “letting go” and doing some soul searching.

There is a very beneficial energy on the 25th when Jupiter trines Uranus and this will make amends for any hurts that you’ve experienced in your working life so far this year. Indeed your working life is expanding and you are promised success, and the deserved rewards for all your efforts.  

If you have any health issues (including psychological) these can be healed also and you are well and truly on the downhill run now all the way to the finish line (where you will finish FIRST).

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Key message: strength in numbers, actualize and enhance yourself through others, realizing hopes and dreams by banding together (all for one and one for all..).

The first week of September ends with a central issue, and that will be in one of the following areas: foreign affairs – or people at a distance - travels, legalities, education, publishing or money (and how this relates to your self esteem). 

This is as a result of the Jupiter Pluto inconjunct that will make all the issues seem so much bigger and more profound.

But the Cosmos has your back by way of Venus and this is also a very beneficial time to ask favors of powerful entities and to “butter them up”. Venus at the top of your chart will bestow her charm on your public reputation and make her presence felt in your career and public life, so there will be greater opportunities and others will go out of their way to help you.

You are also more socially ambitious and if you are not working, these benefits may come via your spouse or life partner.

It’s likely that you have been swept up in activities at work, or in your public life and allowed the home fires to burn down, but the full moon on the first Friday of the month will bring your attention back to domestic issues.

There is likely to be a family, home, domestic or property-related  matter that demands your 100% focus, and in fact your home life, domestic scene or family dynamics may be in not as perfect as it would seem. 

Mars enters your sign, and that will ensure that you are immovable and you’ll certainly be feisty. It’s now about YOU, about your plans and your wants and needs and you’ll now be able to move forward with what you want (after treading water for a while).

If you have any opponents right now I feel sorry for them, as you will be quite formidable; but there will be a set of circumstances in which you need to fight for your ground or counter someone else.

You will be taking the helm of your life - and perhaps taking charge of a situation - but don’t demand your way or run roughshod over others because you will be pushy (in a Panzer tank way…).

This could be a financial issue, because when Pluto changes direction on the 22nd, this may bring a dramatic (or even traumatic) financial situation, or at least financial news that doesn’t sit well with you.

At least the Sun changing signs on the same day will brighten up your social life, and you’ll have the support of your friends and any group dynamics.  The good news is that something that you’ve hoped for could finally eventuate now (or in October), and that’s likely to be achieved through friends or networking.

The second inconjunct with Jupiter (and Chiron) occurs on the 23rd and that will impact on home and family, but possibly in a positive way, as Chiron is the healer and if you have “healing” needed here, this may well be what the doctor ordered.  But there is some form of hidden pain or anguish that you are keeping under wraps. 

The new moon continues on with the general theme of group activities, socializing (especially with VIP’s and movers and shakers), friendships, networking and connecting in general and perhaps a renaissance of your social life. 

At the very least, make a new wish for the future on the 24th.

Jupiter trines Uranus and brings a very beneficial energy to legalities, overseas connections (many Sags are in the process of relocating or at least weighing up the possibility), people at distance, love, romance and your dealings with children.

You end the month back in social mode, enjoying your friends and being on the “same page”.  They are either for you or against you and if it’s the latter, as I said, I feel sorry for them…

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Key Message: prestige and social status and relationship to the group, achievement, self-manifestation via community and use of power.

Pluto is in Capricorn so when Jupiter conjuncts with this planet, issues of self, body, image, brand, reputation are all brought to the fore and may become paramount…or neurotic (if you obsess about how you come across). 

Jupiter will expand on issues of sexuality, taxes, joint money and transformation, obsessions (i.e. sexual obsession) and you may encounter difficulties with joint finances and shared resources, or you might “expand” and buy a house - or some other asset with another.  Gain or loss.

It’s “up, up and away” after the 5th, either on a plane, train or automobile - or a magic carpet ride in your mind  – in other words far from the everyday.

Foreign people and places or a foreign love interest will grab your attention for most of September and you will be particularly attractive and charming and significantly more popular.   If you are in the area of PR or sales or any form of promotional work, you’ll fare very well indeed.

The full moon will literally propel you out the front door in search of adventure, as you are bored and restless and find life rather ordinary.  But unfortunately you’ll be snowed under with paperwork at the end of the first week (hopefully for all the right reasons, such as sales invoices) but phone will run off the hook and you’ll be very, very busy.

An important document could arrive or you may need to take a short trip (or if you haven’t’ paid attention to the mundane, detail things of life, this may be catching up on you now).

Mars may open up a Pandora’s box and any past indiscretions may burst on out, or you are dealing for much of the month with a matter that you wish to keep private or under wraps (such as that burning sexual fantasy or passion..).

Pluto in Capricorn changes direction on 22nd and you may change direction in some regard, mainly with how you appear or come across, and this may be quite a transformational period around the  third week of September.  There may be some aspect of your

self-image that you have to “let go of” or a control issue that you need to release yourself from.  The catalyst for this change of direction will be a love affair – or a new person in your life - who helps you “see the light”.

But much of September is about your image, your "place" and standing and your reputation and you are “fired up” (and of course as a Capricorn you want to be a star and a success).  You also want the rewards and positive recognition for your efforts.

The second inconjuct on 23rd may bring up issues with siblings community or Internet issues, but the new moon the next day puts you front and centre in your career.  Maybe you change jobs or get offered a new one/promotion, but your reputation and life goals gets a mini-makeover and you may be establishing some new ones (goals).

Jupiter trines Uranus bringing benefits to home and family and any “joint” funds, i.e. inheritances; but the main story of the month is your ability to network with those that count (and make stellar headway in your life aspirations and career). 

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Key message: voyage of discovery in search of true meaning and a clearer understanding of life, ideals, ethics and spirituality (gained by travel and interaction with foreigners and different cultures).

The real action begins around the 5th of the month when Jupiter conjuncts Pluto.  This energy will affect relationships – secrets and hidden issues - enemies, friends, family, fears and vulnerabilities.  There might be some depression or even self-undoing (but only if you ignore or suppress whatever emotional baggage is being manifested); but these issues are going to feel “stronger” and more omnipotent. 

There may be some heavy situations to deal with – in fact the very things that underpin your life – such as the person you love (or are involved with, i.e. business partners), especially if their actions are making you insecure.

At any rate the arrival of Venus on the same day in your “joint” house, will make you want to smooth over any differences and that may be with a business partner, boss -or emotion partner - but the topics up for discussion (argument) are finances, sex, power and all the “hot” topics. 

Maybe someone wants more commitment - or less - or a change; but handled well, this could result in a deeper union.   

All these issues of power and control (and joint finances) will be exacerbated at the time of the full moon on the 8th and this is about striking the right balance of power, and sharing money and time and all the things that “count”.   

Most of the time you are feeling overloaded with all the things that you are doing for others (with seemingly unending appetites and with little thanks). So for most of the month you’ll be focused on improving your position within groups, because certain people do seem to want to trip you up – maybe through jealousy - however group activities and cooperative efforts are ultimately the best way to achieve your goals. 

No lone wolf stuff, and don’t lord it over others - or step on toes – as team efforts will get you further (if you can continue to hack it).

Pluto changing direct on 22nd will primarily have a psychological influence, but events that occur around this time may force you to deal with hidden and buried aspects of yourself (or even exposes you to a situation that could turn your life upside down).

Don’t break the law or misbehave or do anything that you will not be able to control.

Towards the end of September you’ll be a little “over” dealing with personal and relationship concerns and will want to break out of your rut.

This is a time when you tell your boss, or other half, just what you really feel as the second Jupiter quincunx with Chiron will stir up money and self esteem issues (the latter to do with your key relationships).

The new moon is about developing a new outlook and a new perspective on life and this may be found via travel, other cultures, religion or education.  You may decide to change countries, visit a sibling, start a new relationship (with a foreigner) or travel or begin a multinational venture such as import/export businesses.

You might publish a book (that is read globally) but there are so many positive financial energies around you now, but seemingly in a different place or elsewhere...

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Key message: interactions - sexual and otherwise -opportunities and restrictions, new beginnings:  regeneration, growth and transformation.

Friends, groups, VIP’s, family, health and work are your key words in the first week – for better or for worse – as a result of the Jupiter quincunx Pluto. 

But September is really about relationships of all descriptions, mainly the one-on-one kind: the lover, the boss, the friend, the child, and the enemy. 

You may have felt a bit bypassed, or overlooked, or that you’re not getting the kinds of relationships (or attention) that you deserve and this may come to a head at around the time of the full moon on the 8th-11th.   

Whilst you will be feeling emotional (full moons generally are) don’t be a sad sack and act in an asinine manner, rather firmly assert what you want.  This is an ongoing theme and I mentioned it in the weekly scopes quite recently, but people will keep asking and you’ll keep doing (and feeling imposed upon) until you stand up for yourself.

Work on your self-assertiveness and discover your emotional equilibrium, rather than letting it all spill out (as you will regret any scenes).

This may just as easily be within your professional life, because you may be feeling overlooked there also, and your ambition is quite high at the moment.   

At any rate whether it's professional or personal, you want to be noticed and applauded and if you’re not getting the kudos then you’re going to make the necessary changes that will accommodate your aspirations.

Mars can be aggressive and feisty (and always determined) so you may have some conflict with bosses (and any form of authority) and it’s possible that September is a month when you consider going out on your own and no longer “working for the man”.

Indeed when Pluto changes direction on the 22nd, a working goal may undergo a change. 

But it may be bigger than that; it may be some other kind of life goal that changes as a direct result of an interaction (or a meeting) or someone opens your eyes to other possibilities.

At any rate you are gaining new insights into yourself and your place in the world.

Around the 22nd there may be an intense situation with a friend, authority figure, organization or child and someone may try to manipulate or exploit you (especially if you have children together) as in a power struggle over children, access, financial support et al.

This is a key month for you as you are undergoing change: to your outlook, how you approach relationships, how you handle your sexuality, your money and resources and most important of all, how do you excise those traits that self sabotage or undermine your power.

 This is quite a profound month, and how you are dealing with life (good or not so good) is up for review.

But on a positive note, you’re keen for a positive change; real change, and making some improvements that will stick.

The new moon will help with this process; it’s all about empowerment – both financial and emotional – and you will no longer be the person who is easy to overcome or influence...NO WAY!  

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