Monthly Forecasts




The month starts off with a full moon in your house of honors, career, life direction and reputation and as this is on the home axis it will likely involve some discussions about finances to do with home and family members.   If you have family members in business together, you may be discussing roles and responsibilities before the start of the weekend.

Something may come to a head at work or you are the focus of more attention than usual – for one reason or another - and a boss or coworker may be a source of discomfort or frustration.

Or you could switch gears and decide to change jobs or change careers or you (or a family member) get a wonderful professional or career-related offer that makes you burst with pride.  A less than ideal manifestation is that you can do something that damages your reputation.

Mars your ruler squares the nodes in Libra opposite your sign also at the start of the month and your position within your family is under scrutiny or there is some underlying matter that affects your name or reputation that has roots in a family saga.

Perhaps it’s your wife or your husband, family member or business partner whose actions or role in life can raise you to great heights or can burst your bubble - or sink your reputation.  Whatever they are doing, can (and probably already is) having a direct impact on how you are seen and perceived.

In many ways you are joined at the hip and if they are a roaring success, then you no doubt bask in the glory, and vice versa, but you really do have to “separate” out because it’s a precarious position to be a mirror for someone else. 

Perhaps you are always meeting someone else’s needs and living their life vicariously, but if that is the case, Uranus is going to ensure that this state of affairs won’t remain for much longer. 

The nodes move on in November, Uranus stays until 2018/19 (and Uranus retrogrades on 26th) and that may be your “eureka moment”, when you realize that you can act in a highly independent way.

You are a very independent sign, but this month may make you realize just how super-independent you really are and can be, and that you don’t need to swing from someone else’s coat tails.

You can make waves all by yourself and pick and choose and this may be in your love life or family life, career or life in general.

If your “rebel has been bottled up and contained, July is when the genie exits the bottle and that can signify a career, relationship or residence change.

Try and avoid run-ins or conflict with those in power (law, government departments, bosses etc) but you will be keen to make some dramatic changes in your life between now and December.

Jupiter is bringing more love, confidence, and happiness especially via your children or the younger generation, and if you are single a lot more sex, flirtations and admiration.  You are super magnetic in July; red hot, right from the start of the month when Venus meets with Jupiter and that should usher in a very romantic week.

Around the 6th -10th there can be a battle of wills with a family member or a boss/coworker as the Sun in your house of home and family opposes Pluto in your career and reputation house. 

All interactions will have a power play aspect to them, and will be heated, so don’t let it escalate into an all out conflict.  Positively directed, it can bring about constructive change and the new moon on the 15th, in house of home and family, suggests that there are some changes, or a new beginning around this time and for the next few weeks. 

It may be a new way of dealing with a flat mate, family member or an offspring, or you may move to a new place or commence renovations, but matters relating to home and family will be your focus, not only in July but possibly for some time to come.

Venus retrogrades on 25th (followed by Uranus the next day) and you will go from a period when Venus was in Cancer to needing and seeking love and reassurance from your family and an appreciation for the “home” to wanting to be attractive and appealing to all.  Married or single just remember you attract the love that you think you deserve. Unfortunately the kicker with Venus retrograde is that is harder to maintain a love connection for one reason or another, geographic, overtime etc. and it’s more “hit and miss” and star crossed lovers and thwarted love.

A love affair may end in July (or going into August), but one will start almost immediately afterwards and overall, there will be little holding you back in July.

Also if you want to make yourself more appealing using cosmetic surgery or some other kind of intervention, don’t do this during the Venus retrograde.  Wait until after 6th September.

The full moon at months end makes you a star on the social circuit and networking up a storm and you will be on everyone’s social list and perhaps even being the model citizen and spreading yourself around a number of committees.  

Your spirits and vitality are high and you want to be out and about spreading the joy (and having fun).

You are well and truly alive and so very grateful for that. 

Life is full of beauty and you’re really noticing that fact.

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You will be pulling out all stops at the start of the forecast and communicating up a storm.  With the full moon in your communications and publishing sector, “words” in all their forms hold a lot more weight.  This is also the house of education so you could start or finish a course, or receive exam results or get the “green light” for a university or college placement.  There is a lot of mental activity and movement in general, but communication in all forms will lead to new directions, expansion (or complications, depending on what you say). 

This is also the house of travel, foreign influences and legal dealings, so a trip could begin or end - or have a complication - or a legal matter could become more interesting, especially if you are dealing with a matter at a distance. 

Your view of the world is changing and your place in it, but one way or another you are going to be making a statement and declaring your position: what you think, feel...and it’s a very transformative time for you.

July continues with the improvement in your home affairs, family, where you live and anything to do with homeland, and tangible home, including anyone you share your space with.

Some Taureans are moving, selling, buying and relocating countries and that new start can occur very close to the beginning of the month (and ties in with that “life statement” that is unfolding)..

Venus retrogrades from the 25th and if you’re in the process of trying to create a “home” it’s going to be more problematic, and especially for you as Venus is your ruler and will resonate more in this area.  Therefore sign the lease, make the move, sell the property or whatever home and family related issue you have to deal with BEFORE the 31st and better still, the 25th.

Taureans will be coming into great power in about a decade and although that sounds a long way off, start laying the groundwork now and make the right choices.  Align yourself with movers and shakers or a powerbroker or anyone who can help you along the way, and even to go far.

If you are involved in commercial enterprises, the Internet, web, or any form of media related activity, the new moon mid month will help you to make a new start or re-launch.  Communication in general hots up, and you have new ideas and a lot of new contacts (and with siblings if you have them) and if you do, it’s possible you float a commercial or joint venture deal with him or her. You can expect some unpleasant commuication around the 6-10th that may have a legal aspect or else news from an educational institution or a compliation or shock to a dealing in a foreign land.  If you are travellign overseas you should be extra vigilant around unsafe areas, or better still, avoid them.

Many Bulls will be taking a short journey for business or pleasure around the 15th, but there is a lot of movement in general in July, more so that normal.

With Saturn back in Scorpio all forms of relationship issues will of course be back on the agenda to deal with, and this may be connected to a current partner (personal, business partner, legal entity) or even an ex or an adversary that you have been doing battle with and there are some arduous and important issues that remain up in the air.

Until Saturn returns to Sagittarius in September you will be back dealing with the consequences of past actions as Saturn retraces old ground.

Choices were made, and perhaps an irrevocable decision where you decided to go all the way, no matter where it led, although at various times you may have thought “maybe I should have re-considered this one and where these choices were going to end up”.  This will involve issues to do with a marriage, a business partnership, a contractual or legal agreement, and the individuals can include a spouse, lawyer, agent, ally or foe, or anyone with you are acting as a team, joined forces with or working together.

By now - and certainly by September - you’ll see just where this does end up, but of course you’ll remain resolute and firm…or is that simply being obstinate and stubborn..?

But there IS the distinct possibility of an end to either an agreement OR the conclusion of a conflict.

Indeed the full moon in Aquarius on the 31st can see an end or closure to an issue or problem that has hung around in your life for far too long. 

This may also see the realization of a long-term wish or career goal or an aspiration that is very “heart” felt.  This is all about you: your reputation, your career and your life direction, and it’s a highly beneficial energy and one that should see you basking in admiration and honor.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

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With Uranus bringing exciting and different faces to your social set, and Jupiter now really blessing your social life, groups, friendships and networking, everyone you meet and every connection you make, tends to lead somewhere positive.   If old friends drop out it will be for a reason (geographic, divorce, death), however they will be replaced by a whole new set who can really take you places.  

Communication remains your ticket to ride, more so now than in over a decade, so really work it and a recent invitation or business opportunity or social connection will open doors in ways you could only dream of.    It’s a roller coaster ride at the moment, but if you hang on tight and enjoy the journey, you’ll have a blast.

The full moon in your 8th house at the start of the month can bring some serious issues to deal with and perhaps relating to joint finances in some form or another.

It can also bring an end to a complex situation or even transform it in some way, but you are likely to be dealing with issues related to other people’s money – inheritances, taxes, refunds, insurance, loans, credit card and so on – either money in or money out. Financial obligations may be testing or you have to make unexpected payments or rethink a shared money issue.

Other Twins are thinking long term with a financial partner (business or personal) and working out the machinations of future transactions and dealings.

The Sun Pluto opposition on the 6th also affects your joint resources house - and not in a pleasant way - as the Sun is in your money and asset house and Pluto is in the sector of money that you share with other people – and you may have to make a big outlay (or your self esteem takes a hit).

In fact the first two weeks of July are problematic financially and you may be rejected for a loan or get hit with an unexpected expense or an authority figure withdraws support or imposes restrictions or penalties.

You may have to make a large outlay, or money that you anticipated receiving doesn’t materialize, or you experience a loss in some other form.  Any connections with groups, organizations, VIP’s, authority figures and friends will be a source of disappointment and financial drain.

Thankfully the new moon mid month will help you to make a new start in a money issue, and thus you will either find a way to make more money, or meet any outstanding debt or get your finances under control.

For most, this is about self-esteem, and lets face it, all the social and commercial growth IS making you feel pretty positive about yourself and so this fresh energy allows you to find even more (new) avenues to expand your world.

Also around mid month you may make a fantastic connection, and this person will influence your future lifestyle for some time to come.  It may be a business partner, a landlord, a venture capitalist, or a mover and shaker within your community, but they will be very much aligned to where you are going (or you go with them) and by the third week of July you’ll start to know exactly how this is going to unfold.

There is some never ending story elements to July also, where a previous issue returns and re-loops or restarts as Venus retrogrades back in your house of commerce and communication from the 31st.  It may be an issue with a sibling that does “another round” or a paper trail or commercial dealings that goes off in yet another tangent.

That why the full moon in Aquarius at the end of month will be so helpful to you, as if falls in your house of perspective and legal dealings.   

For example you may develop another mindset about an ongoing matter that will be more helpful to your cause, and/or you can bring a positive end to any legal issues.

This is also the house of education, travel, foreigners and publishing, so a business dealing with an overseas company can come to fruition, a long distance trip can conclude, you might publish a book or launch a website, or finish your studies. 

This full moon will help you find the right values, outlook and philosophy and will do wonders for your personal and spiritual growth.  Your philosophy is expressed in the choices you make and the choices you make are your own responsibility (and so it’s best to choose wisely).

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The beginning of the month brings some kind of peak or end to a relationship.  You may be reunited with someone or you may part or else you are simply considering a key relationship or contractual arrangement and there’s bound to be an underlying reason for that.  Someone close may have treated you badly or it’s simply not working and as this is the house of open enemies, either you or someone else may declare themselves as an adversary by their actions.

If you are single you may meet someone special or enjoy a renaissance - or a reunion - with a loved one, but generally one-to one or one-to-a-group connections could be rather emotional and intense (and you do feel full moons more than most, being ruled by the moon).

At the very least you would have been feeling emotional and drained.

This is also the house of contractual arrangements so you may be discussing those or dealing with issues along these lines and you’ll commence the month running around attending to a lot of details and tying up loose ends. 

Perhaps you are travelling soon or dealing with bureaucratic, legal or commercial matters that need your attention.

You have the Sun in Cancer now so it’s a new slate time, time to move on from a difficult past or difficult family dynamics as the nodes passage through Libra heads towards November closing one particular chapter of your life to do with home and family.

Steps you have taken in recent months or developments in your life are going to either make you wealthier (or already has) or else reduces your outgoings and saves you a fortune.  Either way your financial situation improves.

All CAncerians are choosing liberation and emancipation over anything else, and although you are among the most loyal of signs, and very family orientated, it can also include cutting the umbilical cord and any other family yokes around your neck. Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn plays a yoyo game with power between you and another.   Pluto is power and Pluto wants you to hold the power in all your key relationships and that new power can be the ability to no longer rely or need that person or that situation in your life. 

The scales have swung in your favor and your lack of needing someone else has disempowered them, which in turn makes them resentful.  If you still have a “shadow” or a toxic person/ situation in your life, get rid of it, or readjust the parameters or change your approach or mindset.

Saturn back in your house of children means that you go back to having an issue with them, either distanced from them or some other change with respect to the younger generation, and maybe the connection you had before will never be repeated or can’t stay the same for whatever reason. You are making some very hard and tough calls now, some by necessity, some by colossal and life defining decisions 

What you say in July and especially after August is a game changer, so write it, blog it, publish it or share it on the Internet but let your real emotions and true thoughts be heard and read.

There is a difficult period for relationships around the 6th and perhaps a contractual arrangement and relationships in general are fraught and any pressure that has been building up over a period will be unleashed.

A number of Cancers are feeling quite obsessed about a person or an issue, and are prepared to go to great lengths to get him or her or it and in July around the end of the first week, you can effect a fundamental change to the status quo.

This is an important new moon for you mid month because it’s in Cancer and if you are born around the 15th, this is a huge opportunity to make a fresh start in how you are seen, perceived, your brand, profile, reputation and place in the world.   It’s a great time to make a new you if the “old” one was not optimum and many Cancers have had bad press or received a bum rap over the past few years.

Maybe it’s your delivery or how you look and those are two easy things to address if you wish, as your energy will be high with the Sun in your sign and you’ll feel more optimistic and ready for a fresh start.

However around the middle of the month you’ll also be reviewing some of your recent choices and as you’ll be feeling quite emotional at various times during the month (two full moons).  You may feel as if you’ve reached the end of your tether and unable to deal with it anymore and around 15th you may make some irrevocable and irreversible decisions that have no way back. Fortunately this is followed by a Sun in Cancer trine Saturn on 21st, which is a very favorable period for you particularly regarding people in positions of authority or seniors (including parents) as they seem more willing or eager to help you out.

Between 25th July and September when Venus retrogrades in your house of money and assets, you may find it difficult to get your rightful share of what is owed to you or you may repeat an earlier process and get it right this time and gain what is already owed.   This is followed the next day by Uranus turning retrograde in your house of career, reputation and life direction so if you’ve had a set back to you reputation or in your career you can regain some ground.  It’s also possible if you’ve given up or failed previously, that you get another chance.  

You may revise or rethink choices, decisions and actions you've made - or are making - relating to your home and family, possibly with a financial undertow, so try and make all financial and home related decisions before the 25th.

There is a full moon in your joint finances house at month’s end so money and resources that you share with others will be very much in focus.  As this is a transformational energy also, it’s about working out what you need to give up or get rid of in order to move on with your life as it may be holding you back.

A change of heart or revising an earlier decision is very possible, but then half of life is an act of revision.

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At the beginning of the month you may need to focus on your health or the health of a pet, as something could come to light in this regard; or you finally get the epiphany to take better care of yourself and dispense with bad habits.

This is a full moon in the area of work, health and daily environment, so there can be some changes in these areas.  You could change jobs, or there is an issue at work or some other aspect of your everyday life changes.

You are likely to feel more emotional and stressed, so take it easy and if things are completely out of control, this is an ideal time to get your life in order.

You are in a bit of a purple patch when it comes to romance, but with Saturn now back in your house of home and family if you already have a domestic partner, this could cause some issues and with Venus retrograding from the 25th in the house of endings, some relationships that were doomed to fail will end between now and September.

If you’d experienced difficulties previously, but not done anything about it, this allows you to have another try so it can be a positive passage also.  But if you had planned to separate earlier, now it will be “official”.  There will be emotional pain in the upcoming months and one particular relationship can be quite scarring or you are the victim.  Maybe its that your self esteem is a bit low and you don’t feel lovable, which is a shame when you have Jupiter in Leo.  Funnily enough a lot of Leo’s will feel it’s best to go it alone, in business, in life, in love and will feel happinest doing their own thing and following their values and redefining for themselves what is worthy, lovable and of value!

Timing is also a problem and it may be a star crossed lovers scenario, although of course Jupiter is making you very appealing in general, and right now, Jupiter is at it’s strongest direct impact and delivering extraordinary success in all areas of your life.

Many Leos are trying something completely different or else reintroducing themselves to an adoring public through work or play.

Your image and brand is sizzling and red hot and all the PR, kudos, recognition and rewards are coming in fast and thick throughout July.

Indeed this has been happening for a while and will continue, so make the most of it, especially in the first week.

Be careful around the 6th during the Sun Pluto opposition.  You are ruled by the Sun and so it’s going to resonate more with you and in the area of health, secrets and behind the scenes dealings.  Someone may be undermining you at work or you have an enemy there who is jealous of your success that you may still be unaware of or even recognize.

Many Leo’s are dealing with something clandestine around mid month and it may be a private personal matter or secret dealings, or your role behind-the-scenes in a work project.

There may have been some issue that has upset your emotional equilibrium and you do need to try and chill and have “me” time to sort out what needs to be worked through. If you have done something you regret or something that has hurt someone by your actions, you may have created an enemy without even knowing.

Your ruler, the Sun enters your sign on 22nd and that will usher in a passage when you can launch new projects or start afresh in anything that has been bogged down or is no longer working. 

Some Leo’s have recently split and gone separate ways, both at work and in life and thus you will welcome this period of greater or renewed confidence and enthusiasm. July and August in many ways is a period of new beginnings and really depends on what ended or changed up until that point.

This is why July is such a defining month because you will change the setup of one union, a marriage, a business partnership, a conflict or a challenge and rewrite the rules or introduce a new arrangement. 

The key thing in July is to think with your head and not allow your emotions to dictate your actions.  Maybe a break is all that is required but finding middle ground and a workable understanding, not matter what the pact, is the key to its success.

The Sun trine Saturn on the 21st will do wonders for your home, family and domestic world and it’s a very favorable time to work on issues relating to those with whom you share your space with and connected to by blood.

In all unions it’s about finding the right balance of power and give and take and the second full moon at the end of the month, concludes are rather emotionally redefining chapter.  This can be good or not so good, you could be “sealing the deal” (personal or business) or ending an arrangement, but it’s more likely to be the former as it’s quite a beneficial energy for you.

If you can accommodate or meet the needs of your emotional or business partner there is every reason to suspect that you will enjoy a long and happy coalition in which you can blend and agree.

If you can’t then it’s going to be more problematic and for a significant number of Leo’s, July is a “make or break” month.

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A full moon in the house of pleasure, creative ventures, romance and true love could see a declaration of love or a declaration that it’s over.   

It’s most likely going to usher in a fun passage, when you are pursuing pleasure and kicking back your heels and if single pursuing more sexual encounters.   If you are already partnered, the passion quotient will go up a notch and it’s a perfect time to be having a sultry and romantic getaway.  It’s also a fecund period so take that into consideration.

This may be the trigger for a change in a relationship as it becomes apparent that it has to be restructured in some manner.

Jupiter is in a great position for you to connect with your inner needs and any unconscious emotions so listen to your inner voice and you can’t go wrong. 

This is the house of intuition and compassion - so use both - as there is karma here.

Life will be more problematic if you are doing the wrong thing and truly wonderful success is yours if you are doing the right things and on the right track. It’s as simple as that.

If you are keeping anything from public view, this can be blessed, just so long as you consider everyone involved, as Jupiter wants you to be spiritual and accepting and to “do the right thing”. 

In other words choose a higher path whenever possible. 

You are in a wonderful growth period and setting yourself up for untold success in a couple of months time and the period between August and December will be truly amazing and it’s an improved or completely revised version of your previous self.

Whether it’s your business, your brand, your profile or your appearance, you are set to rule over the next year and this is the time you are sowing those seeds of success.

Early this month - but probably more so in August - you will emerge the winner and feel truly justified in all of your actions.

A number of Virgos are still dealing with matters that are private or else behind the scenes ready for a big launch, or it may be something you wish to keep hidden and confidential or under wraps.

In July you may be presented with an important task or asked (or even expected) to do whatever is necessary to get something done or over the line; which you will do with your usual willingness and skill.

Tread warily around the 6th however when there can be a problem with authority figures, a group or network that you belong to (or are involved with) or in a romance - or with a child - as all these areas can be affected adversely.

Mid month a new moon in Cancer suggests a new friendship or a new love or perhaps a friend turns into a lover and it’s a whole different connection. 

You may be letting it “all hang out” around this time and offloading what’s really on your mind and sharing how you feel with a close associate or BBF.

From a business perspective it can be a great time to network, as connections made now will be profitable ones.  This is also the house of hopes and dreams so make a new one and if you already have a wish, don’t be surprised if it materializes.

Venus enters Virgo on the 18th and you’ll feel fabulous for the remainder of the month, and doing exactly what you want to do and what makes you happy.  No doubt you will be aim to be somewhere chilled with someone you love and this will increase the “loving” vibes. 

However Venus retrogrades from the 25th and then from the end of the month backtracks into Leo and when in Virgo you can become a bit self-centered because just about every man and his dog will want you!   You’ll be feeling great, but that may change as the month winds down as certain circumstances may make you feel on the defensive and you may feel depressed or unwanted /unlovable /unacceptable and may need a lot more reassurance that all will be well.

You have both Neptune and Chiron in your house of key relationships so deception, boundaries, adversaries, pain and sadness are possible, but then so is great healing and peace.

This may be someone close to you or someone who was once close to you, but Neptune will muddy the waters and make the “usual” relationship approach with this person ineffective.

Either you can’t pin him or her down, or they are acting badly or you are a love carpet or the ticket to ride or you can’t keep up with their demands.  

Mars opposes Pluto mid month and Pluto is in your house of love, so this is the most likely time that someone with whom you are romantically involved tries to push you just a little too far…

Venus will be entering the “hidden” part of your chart and Jupiter has been there fore a while, (and both meet up in July) so there could be a private or clandestine love affair.   As this is also the house of endings, you may decide that’s its in the “too hard basket” and end it. 

This is also the house of joint finances and shared resources so you may be keeping money hidden or there may be an end to an ongoing saga relating to joint funds.

Much of the focus this month is on groups, VIP’s, networking, socializing (and seeing your hopes and wishes materialize) and if you’ve been doing the hard yards, there is absolutely no reason why you won’t be enjoying stellar success and popularity.

The second full moon (in Aquarius) on the 31st can bring a significant change to your daily routines.  If you have been investing all your energies in a pet project (that so many Virgo’s have been), then this may be when you finally see it realized and come to life. 

It’s clear that you are taking the right steps as you are slated for great success in the very near future and the planetary aspects at the end of July suggest that whatever you’re working on (publicly or privately) will be one of the best moves of your life.

It will also be the most valuable thing in terms of reputation, profile, image and financial gain. 

Everyone builds his own image and has the power to choose - or else escape some necessities of choice...

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There may be a family or home issue to contend with as the month begins, but the concept of family takes on a greater dimension and meaning.

It’s possible that there is exciting news that impacts on the family or there is an important family gathering. 

This equally applies to your career as Mars squares the nodes in Libra on the 1st, when there can be surprising breakthroughs or unexpected stumbling blocks.  Mars is aggression, so there may be a red flag around this time, which harder for you when you dislike conflict and hostility.

This is also the case around the 6th and indeed the first two weeks will have more “cause and effect” power scenarios than at any other time of the month.  There will be battles of wills and people going to extremes. 

That said, there may be obsessions, yours or someone else’s, and there is increased romantic attraction this month.  If you are single there will be lust and desire and you may be yearning for someone from afar or secretly. 

For couples your intimacy factor improves and you’ll feel closer than ever, although some Librans will find their other half, or a casual lover, thinks the grass is greener in another fence.

The nodes in Libra are trying to liberate you from any over dependence on another for emotional support, or any over-support of them.    You may be repeating the same relationship patterns again and again, but you have until November to change the way you relate, which is a process that is near completion. 

You are in fact dancing to your own tune now, more than ever, because you came to the realization that the other way simply wasn’t working. 

It was your own relationship version of madness, doing the same thing over and over again and having the same outcome, and once more in July, some Libra’s may be seeing someone who is not available, literally or emotionally.

There is likely to be some form of star -crossed lovers situation in store for you…again, and as your ruler Venus goes retrograde on the 25th, this also suggests both a clandestine or hidden arrangement (and probably your own emotional self undoing).

Around the 6th there will be a problem at either home or work that you are impelled to deal with and if you work with a family member then this will be even more exacerbated.  

It seems it is more of an ego problem and the dilemma may be yours as there is a lack of objectivity or perspective as the root of the trouble, so avoid taking any action until clarity is restored.

On a positive note there will be a significant change to your reputation, career or life path around mid month and it’s likely to be “reward for effort” and some Librans will either start a new career path or a new job position. 

Alternatively you may be setting new professional and life goals, but there should be a brilliant opportunity that arises that pleases you immensely.

Whether it’s a lifestyle choice, a career one, or something that literally makes you famous, something very exciting is on the horizon.

This is most likely to be a group project, and you will find your greatest success in either an organization or as part of a team and you might also have found love within this group (and perhaps the same love that may ultimately disappoint you).

This is the house of hopes and wishes (along with friends, groups and your social life) so a long-held wish that has been on the back burner might suddenly become realistic. 

Friends from the past may appear or an ex lover from another period of your life, who is seeking “another chance”.

You only get what you work for and it would appear that you have been working very hard for the last year and therefore you should get everything you want.   

Money may be a bit tight until September (now that Saturn is retrograde) or you may be financially responsible for someone close to you, family or another individual.

On the 14th there is a square between your ruler and Saturn so there may be some self esteem or monetary issues, and it’s possible that you are not feeling appreciated or “valued or overworked and perhaps even a sense of being alone in the crowd.

Uranus retrogrades on the 26th (the day after Venus retrogrades) and this in your house of relationships, so an ex may come back onto the scene (quite possibly a crazy, eccentric or very “different” person) or there’s something very unusual about the association; or you meet in unusual circumstances. 

It’s likely that if you’re single you’ll meet someone in the next month or so, and almost immediately feel as if you are “in-love” as it will be a very exciting relationship. 

Then out of the blue, Boom… that’s the end of the relationship and it’s a shock, and you may not even understand why because everything seemed to be going just fine.

You are not very good at any kind of personal confrontations and don’t really enjoy it when it becomes real and painful (or ugly) and this situation is quite possible before December.

This doesn’t have to be an intimate relationship; it can equally be a contractual/business partnership, with a family member, or even a good friend who suddenly pulls the pin for some reason.

You end the month on a high note, when there could be something very significant that occurs, a pregnancy, a thrilling development in a flirtation/romance, or the go ahead of a project that is very dear to your heart. 

If you’re an artist you may get an exhibition or a sale, or some other form of creative venture is realized or rewarded.

Around the 31st is a great time to go on a sexy weekend or simply tell someone that you love them if you’ve been reticent to say it. 

For some, it may be the end of a romance, but of course there would have to be problems before then for that to occur, and only if you haven’t been paying attention to the message of the nodes in Libra. 

If you are repeating the same emotional patterns, then you may get the same outcome, but by the same token, if you're never scared or embarrassed, or hurt, it means you never take any chances….

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A full Moon in the house of communications at the start of the July suggests there could be an issue with a neighbor, sibling or your community in general, but by the same token you may reach a new height in a communication matter, e.g. improved polls, excellent feedback for a website or media project, or a community award.  At the same time, depending on how this energy manifests you might be misunderstood and find it harder to “sell” yourself and your ideas.

You may be late for appointments or they are cancelled, or become complicated, or there is simply too much communication for you to deal with (a full inbox for example).

But speak from the heart especially in the first week of the month and you’ll be fine, as that way you can be certain that others hear the “real” you.

July is a great month for your career, but since Jupiter is fabulously positioned and has been for a while, tremendous things are happening for your personal and professional life.  Your stock is rising and there is no reason why your standing in your world shouldn’t be at an all time high.

This is “reward for effort”, the more groundwork you have done the greater the outcome as it’s rather like a domino effect.  You should be seeing great results and professional success, whether in business or your career (sales, rewards, increased profits, positive feedback), or whatever and wherever your profile is engaged.

Expect to move up in the world, onwards and upwards.  Your future success lies in group activities, all-for-one-one for all, when you will be able to achieve great things in a collaborative effort, so begin to think now in terms of cooperation and joint ventures as the future is all about that. 

Whilst personal growth is a big factor, enhanced by the new moon mid month, there may be some issues as early as 6th relating to foreigners or foreign dealings or even global companies.

Venus squares Saturn in Scorpio and this may lead to misunderstandings, as they see you as unfriendly or distant or others are not on the same page with your values.  There can also be a legal problem that arises around this time. 

It’s highly likely that a large number of Scorpio’s are making tracks overseas around mid month or having more dealings with foreigners or foreign entities and there may be a commencement or enrolment of a course, especially anything to do with writing, PR and media related disciplines. 

If you have any legal issues in your life this may change course or you may suddenly have to deal with a legal matter or a higher power (authority figures, bureaucratic organizations and so on). Venus in Virgo and then back into Leo suggests that your goodwill and success is tied up in a group or teamwork where you all have a common interest that is heartfelt, as well as commercial.

Saturn of course is back in your sign until September and the aspects this month are beneficial for you, especially with any professional or educational dealings at a distance. 

July is a month that could be a financial bonanza or at the very least your self-esteem gets a huge boost through affirmative validation.

The only time you could go south is not putting limits on your time and efforts or by not saying “no” when you should, or at the other end of the scale, become way too pushy and push the envelope right off the table. 

Don’t ignore societal or legal limits or cross any boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed, or you will do so at your peril.

If you ignore convention or responsibility, even paying a due bill or full taxes, or whatever it is you must do to comply; you can create a barrier for yourself. 

You won’t know if you’ve gone too far until the choker chain that society and responsibility places on us all, begins to actually choke you.  Then it may be too late to pull back.

There is a strong Venus – Jupiter aspect for much of July and Jupiter the planet of expansion and optimism in your career, reputation, fame and honors house will deliver the goods.  He is joined by the Moon on July 18 – 20, so July truly a month to reach for the sky and think big and go “beyond” in all that you undertake (as it’s all very possible and there is great potential).

Whilst there may be a relationship reality check, your PR and public or professional face is brilliant and you can break new ground.

At the end of the month Uranus retrogrades on the 26th until December and you may find that your body, (mind, spirit, emotions and physical body) starts to show the effects of overwork.  You may become more sensitive emotionally or exhibit some health problems or get a short fuse, impatient or bored and tetchy (and especially with family members).

The full moon at the end of the month in Aquarius is in your house of home and family and something comes to a head or conclusion and this can be a good thing as it’s a positive energy.  You may conclude a sale or a purchase or renovations, or a family reunion takes place.  There may be significant news relating to your tangible home or with a family member or flat mate.

Keep in mind that acceptance of others brings inner peace (instead of anger and resentment) and if you operate not in a self- centered way, but for the whole group (whoever your “group” is), you’ll find your own version of a rainbow.

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A money issue may grab your attention at the start of the month or something occurs that potentially affects your finances in some way. 

This can manifest in different forms, you may lose a job or your income dips, or you overspend, or receive a huge bill, or some other financial issue arises that was unforeseen.

The full moon occurs in the house that also rules an entirely different sent of “values” so it’s not just things of value (money, property and other assets) but your personal values and how that impacts on your self esteem and your own “worth”.

What you have or want seems to take on greater importance, and you feel the need to identify or separate out what is yours or what you feel you should have (or you need) or what you need to feel “worthy”.

Values also mean doing the right thing, applying wisdom and having the courage - or even the inclination - to do so.

Essentially you enter the month dealing with a range of matters relating to your security – financial and otherwise - although the new moon mid month allows you to make a fresh start in this area. 

You will be dealing with issues to do with other people’s money, like debts, taxes, and joint finances and it could be quite an intense time especially as there may be a slow down or even a change of plans. 

If you’re banking on receiving something shortly or there are some plans eventuating, you may have to wait a little longer.

This continues throughout the month and the period around the 6-10th can be problematic with the Sun opposition Pluto affecting money and assets, particularly money shared or involved with other people.  The 8th house rules inheritances, taxes, loans and money from other sources other than earned money, so any of these areas can flag problems, or a partner’s income flow may be compromised.

The new Moon in Cancer suggests that you will be dealing with other people’s money or perhaps settling some debts or, better yet, getting money that you feel is owed to you.

You might engage in an intense sexual encounter, and you are easily seduced under this energy, and a new romance, strong attraction or even obsession is on the cards.   There may be some issue to do with someone you are already involved with: a lover, spouse, business partner or adversary, but if it’s the latter, the only way to deal with this is to talk, talk, talk, or change your perspective, especially after what occurs in the first week of July.

Mercury faces off Pluto in Capricorn on the 15th and you may not like what someone says, or they may not like what you say. 

You are taking no prisoners now and will “tell it like it is” and others will be left in little doubt as to how you really feel about them.

If someone slights you, you will bite, and in fact react intensely to anyone who pushes your buttons.

Travel and people at a distance factor large in your world in July, as Jupiter is strong here now in your chart and providing abundance and luck in these area. 

Perhaps you are doing a bit of international travel or you are having more dealings with people who are overseas.  This house rules education, legal matters and everything to do with global, and international, and so with beneficial Jupiter in the picture, you’ll have good outcomes (and the advantage) in all of your dealings in any of these matters.

This is the house of the mind, so use your mind and information to find solutions to help you get where you want to go.  Jupiter ceases in this area in August so try and wrap up legal issues before then, while you have the help of the Cosmos.

Try and initiate or hammer out a deal around the 21st when the Sun trines Saturn in your house of dealings behind the scenes and when people in authority or others may be working on your behalf.  This may be a government official who signs off on important documentation, an educational institution who gives you the green light in an Ivy League school, or a tutor who gives you an HD in your exams.

Your intuition will be working well and you’ll instinctively know what is important to achieve and what is not, and around 21st-25th is a favorable time to work on issues that require input or the green light from those in authority.

It’s also easier to understand the parameters at play, but you will have to make an effort to achieve success.  It won’t just come to you without some exertion, and perhaps even more than one attempt.

However every effort you make, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction and will have the desired results.

The full month at months end will bring to a head a matter with a sibling and the moon energy encourages communicating emotions and feelings.  It’s important that you say how you feel to neighbors and siblings, but in any area of your life, communication is the answer.

This is also the house of movement and transport, so it’s possible that you get away for a short journey after spending much of July fighting for what you feel you need, or want (and your share).

Mercury will add intensity to communication matters for much of the month, especially around mid month, so you can anticipate some intensely deep and profound conversations.

It may be impossible for you not to act on your feelings or express how you feel and it IS imperative to try to put words to your feelings, even if you write it.

It will work if you work at it.

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This month starts off with a full moon in Capricorn, so it’s clearly all about you and what you want in relation to others.  This is the prism from which you will be reviewing and assessing the status quo, who needs to go, what needs to change and how you can meld with another.

Maybe you are feeling neglected or perhaps there is something lacking within a relationship dynamic that has you upset.  

It may not be about a particular relationship, but your dealings with others in general, and doing your own thing and going on your own pathway in life and being accepted for who you are. 

It seems very important to you with Saturn back in Scorpio to be “at one” with the group and to be socially received and accepted.

There is a Sun opposition Pluto on the 6th and evidently with Pluto in Capricorn and Cancer being opposite your sign, that this is going to affect you more than most.  

This will be predominately in the area of relationships, but also your image, reputation, profile, brand and how you come across and relate.  You’re keen to make a splash and raise your profile and many Cappy’s have taken on new ventures and are expanding their professional activities.   

It’s been trial and error for a while, but you know you have to lift your game and change the way you approach business.   You also have to change how you relate to people, and remember the adage, more bees with honey, in other words you make more friends by being nice, rather than by being rude or superior.   

It is easier to get what you want by flattering people and being polite to them, than by making demands, although that’s easier said than done with Mars in your partnership sector, which will make it so much harder to be accommodating of the needs of others.  You’ll want it to be your way or the highway, but that’s simply not going to work in your favor.

Adversaries are evident and won’t go away quietly, so it’s best not to provoke them.

Given your “feistiness” (courtesy of Mars), you are not willing to compromise and any negotiations or projects that call for cooperative efforts will be more problematic.

You are keen to make more money now, but you may not be going about it the right way, and may be a tad unfair or overly pushy, which others will not appreciate

There is a new moon mid month in your partnerships house (business or otherwise) and all forms of committed relationships including key contractual dealings and this allows you the “fresh start” that may need to occur.  For some that fresh start means being without a certain person.

It also rules known enemies, so you can enjoy a change in the dynamic or a second chance with any of your key connections, including an adversary. 

Issues that relate to agreements, compromises, and essentially making an effort to improve your relationships are a positive manifestation of this energy. It’s about striking a balance, and getting along better with others, although when Venus is retrograding you may find that your partner becomes less demonstrative.

Don’t worry, as a Capricorn you naturally feel you deserve more and thus you don’t need make demands to get more, it just happens naturally.  

That said; Venus will retrograde back into Leo at months end when you may start to argue over joint finances and who gets what and the full moon at the end of the month, will also focus on money and what you have versus what someone else has.

For much of July you are uncompromising in your position, you will not back down when pushed, especially if someone tries to strong arm you or use pressure tactics.

You know what you want in July (actually you’ve probably known since birth!) and with Pluto strong in your chart you do have the power to pursue any of your hearts desires and life objectives.

Just be prepared for more clashes of wills this month as defensive reactions may lead to confrontations.

July may not be the best month of 2015, but by the same token there is the possibility that you can pull of something big if you seek out the triumph in any adversity. 

In even the driest deserts, there is always a well.

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A lot of thinking is going in the first few days of July as you reflect on your personal status quo and some of the issues that you may have suppressed - or not allowed to be acknowledged - that now have a way of creeping to the surface to be deal with.

There may be some hurt that needs to be healed, or unfairness that needs to be righted, or you are simply feeling drained by recent events and on the outer in some way.

Whatever it is you do need some time alone to recharge the batteries, and so you’ll feel less inclined to be around people.

It’s as if you are treading water in July waiting for something to happen: the go ahead, a decision, a change in a situation, or your circumstances.

It’s likely that you will be focusing on your physical well being for one reason or another and are likely to introduce some changes and this also includes your workplace health. 

The Sun Pluto opposition on the 6th is when an ailment can come to light or a work issue, but by the same token there may be some “action” in a working situation that was unknown. 

If you have left a company on a bad note there may be some enmity or professional undoing, so keep your eye to the ground and nip any bad PR in the bud.

You may want to use this period productively in both a working and health (and wellbeing) sense and the new moon mid month encourages positive lifestyle changes and healthier routines and fostering mental and emotional stability.

A number of Aquarians made big calls recently, left jobs or moved houses, or changed their lifestyles in some significant way.

This is likely because you’ve had enough of a certain situation, and realized there was so much more to be had, or a better existence (working or otherwise) than the one you were in.

Uranus your ruler retrogrades in July from the 25th and that will either introduce some rebellious urges or tone down the recent ones.  I think with Uranus in your communications sector, there have been some problems due to sudden rebellious urges where you just wanted to cut loose, and simply broke off the relationships at the drop of a hat.

The new moon in Cancer mid month gives you a fresh start in a working life, or just getting your everyday act together and that may be helpful because you could be drowning in overwork.  By the same token if you are self-employed and business has been a bit thin on the ground, there may be new contracts and projects for you to work on.

There are some crazy times in July, especially around 15th-20th when you could be at war with your colleagues and in fact most of the world, and your speech may be very cutting.  By the same token something you write or say may be very costly (as in a mistake) or communication you receive is shocking…such as your marching orders.

Mars squares Uranus on the 25th so “expect the unexpected” and it’s quite a roller coaster of events between then and around the 30th. You will be feeling very antsy and prone to make all sorts of surprising moves and declarations, and whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

You won’t feel as if you have much control over events and it will be a frustrating time, and you’ll be quite likely to make sudden outbursts that you may regret later. It’s also important to be careful in any kind of movement: cars, trains and automobiles, just take extra care.

There is a full moon on the very last day of the month in your sign so clearly this is a time when everything reaches a peak or comes to a conclusion or fruition.

It may be a major juncture in life, in a relationship (job, personal) and you may decide that a current partner is not a good fit or doesn’t uplift you, or bring growth into your life and you split.  However with Jupiter at a strong point in your relationship sector, even if the relationship is failing or experiencing difficulties, you do have the ability to revive it (or get back together if you have already split).

There may be an unexpected trip that you take at short notice at months end as you explore new opportunities, ideas and avenues and some communication you receive at this time may bring a welcome surprise and this may be as a result of positive developments that took place earlier in the month, around the 21st that leads to a wonderful outcome.

For some it’s lovely surprise to finally discover how un-lonely being alone can be…

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July is a positive time for career expansion and you’ll also be having a ball at the same time.  There is more fun, romance and good times to be had and friends, groups and networking are key as you enter July.

A connection can develop into something far greater and at the very least you’ll be socializing and spending time with others who are all on the same page, either in business or in life.

This will be quite a social month for you, and professionally you’re certainly making inroads and realizing some dreams for the future and one particular business connection will transform into something radically different  - either show great potential - or develop into a strong partnership arrangement.

Around the end of the first week, (at the time of the Sun Pluto opposition), is when you are likely to see a breakthrough or a breakdown or there may be some issue with a group activity project.

You might start a new creative venture with a loved one, create a life (baby) or simply wallow in love and romance and fun.  You are feeling on top of the world and pretty good about yourself, and that will attract good things into your life.

A special connection, project, or time spent with your offspring, is going to be very rewarding.

Mars trines Neptune on the 8th and that’s going to do wonders for your love life, your creativity and social ability.  You’ll feel emotionally in control, love what you do and really enjoying life and perhaps even acting the clown.  If you are in any kind of showmanship career, i.e. sales, public speaking, real estate, you’ll be great at inspiring others and marketing your product.

Until the 25th July, you have fabulous moneymaking stars, but once Venus retrogrades back into Leo on 31st you may undervalue yourself and your work, or become insecure about your performance, or dissatisfied with what you actually are doing work wise.

The new moon on July 15, in Cancer does wonders for your creativity and your love life, so essentially July is more about love and laughter than nose to the grindstone, although business and money shouldn’t be a problem at all; in fact you have the Midas touch.

Uranus, the planet of surprises, will turn retrograde on July 26 and that indicates that your approach to work and money will change in August when you will get the urge to do something radically different.   Don’t be surprised if you adopt a quite unconventional approach in how you earn a living, as you begin to rebel against the normal working routines

In fact you will be much happier doing something unusual or original - or at least different - and your secure well paying job may not be making you happy anymore. 

Of course this can be quite disruptive for you and for those you love, or those you work with, so prepare ahead in July for the changes that are coming. 

There will be thrills and spills ahead as you drift off into fantasyland or pursue more artistic and creative avenues, or you may simply want a welcome relief from the daily grind.

You’re not terribly motivated to work or concentrate in August (maybe from all the fun and frolics you had in July) and you’ll see the manifestations of this in July so make allowances for your change of heart and mindset.  

The best time for this reflection will be at month’s end as the full moon in Aquarius will occur in your house of the subconscious and the hidden, and those things that you hide from yourself. 

It’s time to listen to your gut and instinct (and to pay attention to your dreams) and work out what it is that will make you really happy. 

It’s time to go behind the scenes of life and listen to the hints that you or others – or the Cosmos – has been giving you about how you can positively change your life.

This is going to be fantastic for you and with Neptune in Pisces you will be collecting all the awards.

Jupiter has been helping your working life and dramatically altering your business relationships, working environment and your physical wellbeing and next month will turn his focus on your relationships.  You can build on the business connections you’ve established in the past year, and indeed cement a romantic one. 

This is the house of serious relationships and contractual agreements, the ones that are enduring, and so if you go into a business arrangement with someone, it’s for the long haul and slated for success and the same applies to any personal connections.

You are well and truly moving rapidly towards successful unions or towards some place, either geographic or where you want to be positioned in life. 

The future looks both bright and very promising.

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