Monthly Forecasts




You start the month off with a sensational trine, bringing more romance and fun and if you have children, a greater involvement or connection with them.  As the trine is between Jupiter and Uranus and Uranus is in Aries, then it’s all about you, not to mention a number of planets in Aries providing extra “oomph”. 

It may be that your name or reputation is on the line over a project (in a positive way) or how you are seen as a Mother or even how you have fun. Don’t worry the whole world is getting a glimpse at what you are capable of and before too long you’ll be able to sell snow to the Eskimos.

This is a "you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression” energy, so go "all out" with how you look, act, speak etc and strut your stuff, because it’s important that you do so. Put your best foot forward and sing your own praises (because everyone else will agree with you).

A lot of Arians will be doing some cosmetic work or “enhancements” or even having lots of medical and dental checkups, whilst others will need to take some radical steps to improve their personal stock.  Improve attitude, behavior, physicality etc. and the full moon in Virgo in your house of health and daily habits will ensure you address these issues.

Order and routines may sound dull to a feisty Aries, but some kind of reorganization will be required (or something that has been left undone has to be finalized or resolved).

When Saturn retrogrades on 14th you’ll be seized with self-doubt or guilt about something, but this is momentary and will pass once Saturn “settles in” to the retrograde.  A lot of stuff will be hidden: your feelings, dealings and fears, and you will be like a duck gliding over the pond, serene on the surface and paddling like mad underneath.  You will not show your vulnerabilities (and one of those may be regarding a poor choice in love or a decision that involves your child/children) and you’ll hold your ground.

However do try and play by the rules mid month to make life easier on yourself, as you could have a run in with someone in authority or a senior person.

The final Uranus square Pluto occurs the day after (16th) and you’ll be glad you’ve finally gotten this monkey off your back (Aries and Capricorns, and Cancers and …).  You have your zodiac mates.

For you, it clearly affects YOU, and your career/public image/reputation.  Some want to toss in a job (say goodbye to that horrible boss), others are leaving a lifestyle and moving on. You may “recreate” you and make a brand new one (new look or new manner) or change your life in some way.

With the solar eclipse in your house of the hidden on 20th you might be feeling a bit retiring and want to stay under the Doona and do a lot of psychological and spiritual cleansing (and once that is finished, the world will look brighter and make more sense).

It will clear away the confusion you’ve been feeling and you’ll have a better understanding of where you are headed in life and what you want to achieve.

Be careful about whom you talk to and what you say, as a secret can be let slip or it may be you who is more secretive or are hiding something. 

There may even be a hidden enemy is doing you damage (without you being aware of it) so the best advice is do the right thing in all things…

Alternatively you may be spending more time in places that are “hidden” or confined, such as prisons, hospitals.

On the same day the Sun arrives in Aries, and it’s your annual rebirth time and along with it arrives more confidence, happiness and a sense of wellbeing.  At month’s end there should be more money or less drain, but whilst there will be an improvement to your finances, you’ll be spending a lot more also.

Still you end the month on an optimistic note (and more at peace that you’ve been for a while).

You can’t wait until April!

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The trine at the beginning of March will bring positive news regarding a family, home, domestic or lifestyle matter.  That said, trines do tend to continue with things, so if there have been issues or disappointments/uncertainty in this area, that may very well “ramp up”.  

Hopefully you get good news or a positive development, and all the concerns that you may have had about a family member, house, country, domestic scene is resolved.  Or at least it ends, or is “put to bed” one way or another.

That said, you might get re-inspired or try another approach or decide to move…J

You’ll certainly be more sociable and that’s been evident in the past week or so and perhaps even with more involvement in some way with the younger generation or your own children. 

Taureans will be either spending more of their time or of their focus on places at a distance or outside the domestic scene, or especially dealing more with groups and authority figures.  New friends are a distinct possibility and around the time of the full moon in Virgo on the 5th, there will be a lot more fun (or love ) or you hear great news regarding a child or the younger generation.

Many Bulls can expect to receive very pleasing news in the first fortnight.

If you are already with someone you’ll feel loved up and more secure and if you are single, watch out for Cupids arrow.

Some Bulls will find love whilst others will end a love affair (or you finally “let go” of a hope regarding a lover, a child or a project.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes for much of the month, especially with the Uranus Pluto square affecting all that is ‘hidden and unknown.  Saturn turns retrograde and this is in the area of sex, debt, and joint finances and there will be a lot of going over old ground and revisiting past issues.

This is especially so mid month with the final square and that has a huge impact on legalities, education, publishing, and people at a distance. 

These are the areas that have been hammered and that’s the last “hit” thankfully and the political machinations and unscrupulous people who have been working against your best interests will soon be a thing of the past.

A lot of my Bovine siblings have been dealing with hidden enemies and you’ve certainly had some power struggles or had to deal with someone who was throwing their weight around.  No more are you under this pressure; the pot is off the boil.

In fact things may even start to go your way for a change, and events in the first fortnight might bring you the opportunity to really establish yourself. You may travel, go back to school for a higher education, or you might be involved in a law case, that should go your way.  You will feel empowered and better yet, respected.

February was a shocker with the power plays and messy dealings and this may continue into March if you don’t take a different approach and the arrival of Venus in your sign on the 17th can really help out.

At the very least you’ll feels better and see life in better perspective. The new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces will influence how you see the world, and how you deal with groups, society, VIP’s, authority figures and your friendships and associations.

Yes, you do have a particular responsibility to a group or your clan; so don’t lose sight of that.

One way or another you’ll be a lot more involved with group activities and organizations through March and April, but in a more selfless way and with a more charitable outlook. 

Humpty Dumpty is about to be put back together again.

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You start the month off with all forms of communication ruling and that’s just fine for you as a Gemini.  The trine will bless communication with groups, a child or children, siblings - and in fact communication of every description – and you’ll be holding forth and doing what you do best, being a human coaxial cable.

Something in your life is either broken or incomplete, and it may be a project that is nearing completion, or a family dynamic that needs TLC.   Whatever it is, will need every ounce of your intelligence, and gift with the gab to put it right (and the rewards will be great).

The full moon in Virgo on Thursday will bring something to a head (or a conclusion) and this will be within your home, domestic scene, family, or whatever is pushing you on and rattling your cage.  This is quite a lucky energy, so you can have some great news to do with real estate, family or some other home-related matter.

You will be taking a good long look at the family structure and how it operates (or doesn’t) and you may need to make some kind promise or assurance in order for something else to work.

Nothing has worked well in this area for a few years now, so this month provides another chance for another shot at getting it fixed (or at least improving the dynamics). Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

Saturn goes retrograde in your relationships house, mid month so you can go back to the drawing board with a key relationship or business, legal arrangement and get it right. 

It’s all about relationships this year so you may as well jump on board and get savvy with public opinion.  It’s also quite likely that you are being subjected to some form of political pressure via a group or via the opinions of others that is affecting how you operate.  Maybe it’s a pressure from yourself and you do want more than you are getting, love, respect, validation and it’s likely you are feeling hurt and misconstrued.

The group that you are heading (be it family, an organization, or your own enterprise) is demanding a redevelopment or an entirely different approach. 

The last Uranus Pluto square on the 16th, really impacts on the area of joint finances, inheritances, taxes, loans and any kind of shared resource. Uranus is affecting a father figure, money, hopes and wishes, friends and groups and your ambitions and Pluto in the house of joint resources and sex.  There can be a biological tie to money, or it could be an ex, but there will be some argument about money.   It’s very likely that you are feeling intense, obsessive and rather emotional around this time also.

The second half of March you may feel a bit lost as to what to do next and feel as if either no one is taking any notice or listening any more (and if they are, are still ignoring your advice).  You may not even know what you want. 

The solar eclipse new moon in Pisces will deliver a clear choice: your reputation and public standing, versus home and family, or a long-term goal versus a short-term outcome. 

You will feel under pressure to get something over the line, and it may require a significant (and even life defining) decision because of some underlying situation that is affecting family and money/career issues. Whatever you do, avoid getting engaged in anything even remotely forbidden, criminal or “off limits”. The way something is arranged could be wrong, or the advice you are getting, or even the people in the mix.

Still, this is your moment, your time in the spotlight and you’ll be playing a very prominent role in outcomes.  The great job, social success, rewards and achievement is all yours for the taking.

If you can dream it, you can pull it off

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The trine at the beginning of the month will restore some of your lost faith and you should be the recipient of great news.  We’ve been promising you the world and then you end up eating crow, and may be wondering what happened to the much promised success, money and validation. 

Well, this will start to come in earnest (after the final Uranus Pluto square mid month) but even as early as the first week, (and you’ll certainly have had people sitting up and taking notice of you).  That’s for certain. 

You’ve got a much more secure foothold than you have had previously, and you’ve been performing admirably in the face of hardship and doubt, but even so, what you wanted may not have materialized.

It won’t be until the 8th April that you start to feel financially secure again but even from the second week onwards you may start to see real progress. At the very least you can vent your feelings and the full moon in your communications/siblings house on the 5th may cause you to say, write (or yell), to and sundry, but especially to siblings if you have any.

Saturn changing direction mid month is likely to make you feel depressed and depleted and some news that you receive may bring you up short or realize that there are parameters or limitations that you can’t get past. Alternatively you may think that you’ve been at fault or inadequate in some way, (in whatever issue you have been dealing in).

But it also gives you the chance to have another go, a second take, a review, and if you’ve laid the groundwork, and kept the faith, your fortunes will turn around (although perhaps not in March).

There may also be some great news regarding your children or the younger generation or else you throw out an ultimatum and March is the time you get to know one way or another (but there are foreign ties or something to do with communication, internet, email or education).

There is a Uranus square Pluto mid month and this is the LAST ONE. Yes, it’s over.  This has been affecting your reputation, career, lifestyle and relationships for the past three years (and not in a good way).

It is about liberation (Uranus) but sometimes that can feel like a catastrophe and painful and the “liberation” could be from a relationship, a family dynamic, lifestyle or a job.

With Pluto there are always power struggles.

There may be some long distance travel around the new moon on the 20th, or a new start in a legal or education matter.  You might simply develop a completely different mindset, but it’s likely to involve foreign shores.  This energy also affects legal matters, publishing and education (as well as questions of morality and ethics) and you may be searching for some form of “truth”.

Expect to really expand your world culturally in the next year (probably via travel or relocation) and the last part of March will really focus on what you are doing to do - and where you are going to live -for the future (as in the rest of your life). 

These will choices at a fundamental level, and you will be making lifestyle adjustments.  You are also very driven to get what you feel you deserve, happiness, respect, love or money (whatever it is you want or feel is lacking in your life).

You are literally “shoring up” your life.

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The trine on the 3rd is between Jupiter and Uranus and Jupiter is in Leo so this is fabulous for you in all of your favorite areas, sex, joint funds, and transforming your life for the better. There are nice aspects between a number of planets that bring blessings to travel, foreigners and love, so you are likely to be romancing a foreigner or traveling this month.

That’s good news as you’ve been feeling somewhat intense and a matter from the past may have been playing on your mind and if you are in an intimate relationship, the actions of a partner may have been making you feel vulnerable or insecure (and your personal PR may have also taken a hit).

With Jupiter in Leo you should be having a blast (or that is what you would expect) but Jupiter has been like the slow freight train and from the 8th April onwards will turn into the Shinkansen. 

You’ll feel happier and closer to a certain someone and may take it to a whole new level and you will be having a review of some of your main life values.  You might buy real estate or some other major expenditure, but most Leo’s will be loved up and in the lap of luxury. Whilst some Leo’s are leaving a job or some income stream might stop, that’s because you are going to enter a whole new cycle of abundance (that will start in April).  Others are simply spending a fortune on having a good time!

You are also more in touch with what others want from you, especially in a personal relationship, and what their needs and comfort levels are and you should be enjoying very intimate, sexy and loving times.

Around the time of the final Uranus Pluto square, mid month, if you haven’t already headed on a journey, you may receive a sudden invitation to do just that, or for some significant educational or even political opportunity.

Watch out, as there could be a big bust up at work around this time so avoid toxic people. 

There is an overpowering energy around the 20th at the time of the new moon in Pisces, and something may end and if it doesn’t you have to work out how you can be “joint” (given certain circumstances).  It may be differing financial needs, or sexual ones, or just different goals and it could be needs for liberation and more flexibility versus keeping someone happy that you have a connection to and care about.

At any rate, this Cosmic energy should be beneficial to your finances and all joint arrangements (money coming in from another).

Leo’s tend to push the envelope a bit, so you really do need to think about boundaries and not going too far, (or expecting too much of someone) and this is particularly so in the last week of March. Some situation is going to transform and be very different, and that doesn’t have to mean that it’s bad, but some adjustment will be required to make it work.

If you are a sexual Leo (and what Leo’s aren’t!) sex will be all consuming in March –April (passion in spades).

You’ll be more adventurous and crave new influences and new activities (and perhaps new people or new sexual adventures….).

Put it this way, you will not brook any restraint; deny yourself any pleasures, or take no for an answer.

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The trine on the 3rd will help that matter that you have been dealing with that is hidden, unknown by many or a great big secret and you make finally make the judgment call.  With Jupiter still retrograding in your house of the hidden, and all things behind the scenes, there is something private, hush-hush or “off the record” and it is likely to be financial.    Jupiter trines with Uranus and this will help anything to do with joint resources, loans, inheritances, mortgage, (and it’s likely that these areas have been a pain in the neck for a while or dealing with a recalcitrant person).

You know that Jupiter enters your sign in August, but until then you have to keep working on this matter, doing the groundwork and keeping it secret and operating behind the scenes. That said, once Jupiter moves forward on the 8th, you’ll start to see some success in this area and the 10th suggests welcome news in this regard.

There is a full moon in your sign on in the first week, and that is all to do with YOU, your needs, your goals and your wishes.  However it’s also important not to lose sight of the needs of others as well and how you can harmoniously blend your own needs with theirs (and some Virgo’s will be taking the next step in a key relationship).  Moving in together, getting married, going into business with another.

It’s a great time to focus on yourself, and evaluate your life and the people in it and your own priorities, but whatever you do decide, it should benefit you under these stars.

You can push your own envelope and you can get what you want, but at the same time it’s nice to maintain the respect of others also.

As this is an intense full moon for you, you are likely to be emotional, so therefore be very careful what you say and do, as you are not overly logical and balance – in fact quite off-kilter and your decisions will be influenced by how you are feeling – and a money issue is at the heart of your needs.

Until August, it’s not evident who’s dominant in financial and relationship equations, and thus it’s best to play it save. But you won’t feel like doing that because of your own emotional state, and it could be great passion or fury.

Uranus is in the house of house joint money and the last Uranus Pluto square on the 16th, followed by the new moon solar eclipse in Pisces on the 20th, allows you to take a new approach to partnerships (business or otherwise).  This might be a marriage or it may be converting an enemy, but you can change the relationship to one of equality and cooperation, compromise and agreement.

A lot of Virgo’s are feeling “incomplete” so whatever is causing this sense of “lack” go ahead and fix it (you are The Ameliorator). 

Some relationships will terminate at the end of March and some will be fixed; it’s up to you (but how you handle this will affect your self worth for better or for worse…).

At times you will feel fearful and insecure in March, and an old relationship grievances will have to be revisited in order to be resolved.   But yes, you can rewrite the past if you want.

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Groups, friendships and relationships of all description (and especially loving ones), are all blessed early in the month thanks to the helpful Jupiter Uranus trine on the 3rd.

These are not superficial relationships or flaky friends or fly-by-night (one night stand) partners either.  Your stars suggest profound connections that add something meaningful to your life - such as a political group or social/humanitarian/philosophical types - as opposed to just drinking buddies.

Jupiter is transiting this area (and has been since mid 2014), but has been retrograding for the past four months and so friendships and love affairs have been a bit “unconventional”.  The good news is that Jupiter moves forward on 8th April, and thus March will start to exhibit signs of greater intensity in sex, love and friendships in general.  

That said, because your feelings will be more profound, so will your vulnerabilities, and things like feedback, acceptance and validation will become much more important when you actually deeply care…

You’re certainly wading into the deep end of the pool, but this is bringing lifelong friendships and perhaps even a life long romance. 

At the other end of the scale, this can deepen feelings of animosity (you’re feeling everything “more”) so you could have some adversaries. 

Mars remains in Aries all month, so you are going to be “tetchier” in relationships and more forceful, so you have to make a conscious effort to remain diplomatic and cooperative. 

Once March is past you won’t be quite the drill sergeant with your nearest and dearest, but until then - remember the scales of justice -there has be a balance!

March may certainly prune some folk from your life, but that’s so that you can sort the wheat from the chaff and be left with “quality” connections. 

Sometimes you can be a tad too conciliatory and eager to capitulate, but not in March!  Some faces who currently exist in your life will be replaced by new faces (as your social world is expanding) and you will be meeting a different kind of person that you would previously have “hung” with.   Maybe that’s because you’re doing different things and pursuing different interests.

The full moon in Virgo on the 5th may make you feel less social and you “vant to be alone” but that’s only a passing thing, and the rest of March is a blast. 

But around the 5th, it’s better to keep your own company and spend time reconnecting with yourself as you’ll feel more “whole” doing that.

There is the last of the Uranus Pluto squares (that have been hammering your home life and relationships) on the 16th, so you’ll be thrilled with that news.  Uranus is in your house of relationships, and Pluto has been affecting the connection with your mother and family and a marriage or relationship can break up around this time.  Or you may get some other kind of “surprising” news relating to home, family and lovers, but you do seem to be a bit “down” around the first fortnight.

You are all about balance, and you are either out of synch with someone, or your own equilibrium is out of sorts (and of course there is the possibility of a “third person”) as the 7th house includes rivals of the emotional kind…

Maybe it’s because you are feeling out of sorts, but you will concentrate on your health and wellbeing around the 20th - or get motivated to sort out your life. 

The new moon in Pisces, can encourage health and lifestyle changes (and also protecting yourself) and as a Libran that may include saying “no” to others who want to take advantage of you. 

This could be at work, with neighbors, or in love, but healthy boundaries result in healthy relationships and a greater sense of wellbeing.

If your working or personal life is toxic, rid yourself of the cause, but it’s about taking charge of your life, and developing some realistic life plans.

Maybe you get a health warning that suggests you have to lose weight or exercise more, or maybe someone is literally sucking the life out of you!  

It will be a busy time at work in the second half and you will be busy and that’s going to be a stretch (because you’ll be trying to “balance” your time between work and personal life).

There IS a big focus on your love life, but the energies suggest this will be for all the right reasons and you’ll be “loved up” and happy (and friends will be very supportive).

It’s a great month to get away for a romantic tete-a-tete or to meet someone new.  If you are already in a relationship (and that includes working ones and friendships) you will be reappraising the viability and dynamics at work, and seeing if they fall short or not.

If someone doesn’t fulfill you - or brings out your worst side - it’s time to move on…

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With the helpful trine between your career and work houses, it’s a Red Letter month as far as your professional life and public standing goes.  Jupiter was supposed to deliver the prizes in your career, and make you the great success that you aspire to be and yet, you’ve been getting the short end of the stick at work.  Maybe you were demoted or dissed or felt vulnerable or more in the spotlight (where your failings were more on show!).

Don’t worry, the energy is now turning things around in your favor - big time - and in March you should get some fantastic breakthroughs, such as a promotion or reward.  You will feel secure and are reaching a pinnacle of career success and the recipient of much acclaim.

In fact you have been almost Capricorn-like as you clawed your way up the ladder, and the victories are coming fast and thick.  There will be some form of validation in March (a very pleasant surprise), but the real rewards will flow in from April 8th onwards until August.  If you’ve been diligent and honest (and worked like a fiend), then you are going to be rewarded handsomely.

Granted the environment that you work in has not exactly been “friendly fire” and you’ve had to dodge a few bullets.   You put a superhuman effort in, but felt disillusioned and unappreciated, but in fact what you were doing was sowing the seeds of success and that will become apparent now. 

Around the 10th is stellar, but for most of March you should be a huge success (or at least enjoy a lot more opportunities to progress).

You may have been forced to revise your approach, or the way you worked, or even the way you took care of yourself. 

Maybe you got a scare regarding your work performance, or your state of health, but it’s likely taken some event or circumstances to revolutionize how you operate (and even how you present and appear).

Clever networking, along with a solid image and reputation are crucial to your ongoing success (and your individual place within the society/world you life in).

It’s about making the right connections and being on the same page and surrounding yourself with “like minded” folk; i.e. the people who want to achieve the same things that you do. In that way, you can all kick the ball in the same direction.

The Uranus Pluto square on the 16th will affect a situation either at work or within your community (or with an educator or even a sibling). Uranus can cause a revolution at the office that knocks you off your feet, so forewarned is forearmed.  If anything has been hidden from you, you’ll know about it then.

There may be some issues in March regarding a lover - or your children if you have them - but the new moon on the 20th can help with a new approach. Some Scorps will discover they are pregnant whilst others will get closer to their offspring. 

If you are single, then love and romance will reign supreme (and it may be “the one”) but in general all Scorps “just want to have fun” now.

You will get a boost in confidence and your social life will pick up and you’ll get loads of support from groups, committees and associations. You’ll feel more secure in life - and about your future with your group or with a lover - and you certainly won’t feel lonely!

You are a sign that likes to control, but you are now all about “give and take” and enjoying the simple pleasures (and we all know what that is for you…!).

But in March, in the main, is “hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go” (and with a big smile on your face). 

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Love, children, fun, travel, and advances with any legal dealings all come under the beneficial influences of the Jupiter Uranus trine on the 3rd.  

You’ve been like a horse trying to burst out of the barrier at a race meeting and you know you’re going on a journey, it’s just a question of when.   You’re willing (and change is ahead) but the Cosmos is dragging its feet and you’ve been waiting and waiting.

Perhaps a trip was postpone, a legal case delayed or subjected to complications or an academic position or publishing opportunity put on hold.  For way too long you’ve been kind of shut down or shutting something out, but now the atmosphere is ripe with promise and the frisson of things happening…but not just yet.

All you really want to do is get away and lurch out of that starting gate, and travel and explore, and you will be presented with an opportunity towards the end of March and definitely in April. 

Of course with Saturn in your sign you are having to be more responsible and “grown up” (no matter what your age) and ensuring that your foundation is secure and the full moon on Thursday (5th) will make you consider the Big Picture and the longer term.

There is some goal that you may be seeking to obtain (success, respect, reward) or you end a career or a life situation that has been central in your life for a long time.

As your public reputation or your career will be in the spotlight (or moonlight) around the 5th, this is your moment to step up to the plate (and others will be expecting you to do so), especially those older or in authority.

From the weekend, unresolved issues will find resolutions faster than you thought possible and it’s probably as a result of your brilliant ideas.

The last of the Uranus Pluto squares occurs on the 16th, affecting love, children and money.  Children can cost more and may be a money drain, or a new love becomes expensive or another relationship drains your resources.

On the 20th there is a new moon/solar eclipse in your house of home and family and you can move, sell or improve your home or make “reparations” to your family.

Family becomes more important and it’s possible to renew a relationship, or visit a relative and be open about what you are feeling (especially if there has been bad blood or overhanging financial issues). 

Or you may simply come to terms with the past and unresolved families issues and accept that something cannot be changed, and “let go”.

Family will rally around you, especially when you feel vulnerable, which you may at times and likewise you are offering your family more support, and so it’s a “love fest”.  

But your parents, family dynamics and lifestyle are important issues in March. 

You may want to relocate countries or move to another area/new home, but some kind of change is necessary to fix a problem or fulfill and emotional need and whilst you might move, the house with the picket fence may not appeal as much.

Your usual way of living (whatever that is now) may no longer be as appealing as it used to be as you will be seeking a home life that suits your needs as they are now, not as they were.  But it will be whatever makes you feel secure and safe and “works for you” and that may relate to literal and tangible property (i.e. style, location, furnishings etc) or by improving family relationships - or both.

Some Sadges have to improve family and home life because of underlying issues and whatever is developing in this regard now, and throughout March will really “take off” after April 8th. 

You will be taking charge of a situation - one that you have let spiral out of control or allowed to become almost farcical or fantastic - as you may have been living in your own little bubble and artificial world and completely lost sight of reality.

There may be a situation - or life itself - that seems a bit out of control and a situation has gotten out of hand, but the end of March is ideal for improving your life. 

Just remember, rules aren’t overly necessary, but principles are…

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Your sex life, your home life and money that you share with others, are all well aspected in the first week of March and that is especially so if your business is on-line, or fluid or involves communication.

This may be face-to-face sales, or via a website, (and you’ve certainly had some challenges here in the past), so you’ll be very pleased with the advances that you can make this month.

As far as love and “connections” go, you are developing stronger bonds and these may have likewise been absent or missing in action for a while; or someone was there, but distracted or distant. 

Or there was no one there and now you are meeting “prospects” as you are in an emotionally rewarding and restoring passage.

Your love and sexual life (and financial one also) is showing encouraging signs and with Pluto in your sign, you are of course in a “transforming” period.

At the time of the full moon in Virgo, you will have a chance to transform something in your life, either letting a person - or a situation - go, or starting afresh in some area.  Whatever it was, it is clearly tying you down and keeping you from more important things (other people and other pursuits).

There is an ending or a closure and for most it will be the end of a particular outlook, view or mindset as your personal views are undergoing a huge metamorphosis.

Maybe you sign up for a course or enroll in college or get on a plane and go on a long journey (maybe to see your Mother).  Perhaps you take up a new religion, but in some way you need to broaden your horizons, mentally or physically.

You are becoming more honest to yourself and honoring your own needs and being more able to communicate these to others.

With both the trine and the Uranus Pluto square involving Uranus, this of course impacts on your home and family and it will be this area that you are “transforming” also.

There can be a change to the relationship with your Mother or Mother in Law or you withdraw from a toxic family situation.

Pluto is certainly empowering you and ensuring that you stand up for yourself, and if you are in a marital or similar relationship, then there will be resistance from your other half.  In other words over who wears the “pants” in the relationship.

There is likely to be a significant change to your domestic arrangements - and an entirely different structure or approach will occur in March  - and may include a new house or new living arrangements.

There can be welcome and exhilarating home developments, or unexpected and upsetting events, but there will be fundamental change.

From March onwards (and certainly as a result of the solar eclipse in Pisces), you will be concentrating on improved communication and becoming more active in your immediate environment (neighborhood and relatives).

This is also so with your siblings and there can be a renewal in one particular relationship, if there has been some distance or bad blood.

If you are in sales, education, networking, or anything to do with the World Wide Web, you are going to be throwing yourself into some form of group activity (that may have an intellectual aspect) or you are simply “educating” people about a product.

There are big changes that have occurred within you, and you end March having a big review of your circumstances and surroundings to see if it’s still a good “fit”. 

If not, you’ll make changes accordingly.

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Your ruler trines Jupiter on the 3rd, meaning that you will kick off the first week of March by having a very positive energy surrounding your relationships, and one relationship in particular. 

This may be a business relationship or with your significant other, but it’s been like a game of football.  You are aiming for the centre, but one of you keeps moving back away towards the goal posts and the goal posts keep moving!

This has been happening for a while now, and the union has undergone some low points, but also some really high ones, and the high ones may have been more evident recently (with more to come in March).

The full moon at the end of the first week, will highlight shared resources and this may be a home, or a job (or a person).  You may be saying farewell to an employer, lover, spouse, or living arrangement in order to advance the quality of your life (or at least make some progress). 

You may need to do it in order to “move on” but there IS a lot of discussion about what is shared, who owns what, and in what percentages and joint material worth.

There can be an ending around the 5-10th, or a renewal of a relationship or joint arrangement, or maybe something that you had hoped to transpire work wise or in a relationship, didn’t (and you’ve had to make adjustments accordingly).

You’re about to get a second wind (and likely a fresh start) or some great news, and there may be a great reason to feel optimistic about the future.  This could be a marriage proposal, a business proposition, or some other fabulous development (and it’s likely to involve money).  This will be a lot more than usual and indeed the new moon/solar eclipse at the end of the month (20th) suggests a significant windfall, a sale, raise, bonus, refund etc, but it will be BIG.

Be careful around the 16th at the time of the Uranus Pluto square because Uranus is your ruler and thus will hit you harder.  Pluto remains in the house of hidden enemies and the subconscious and a sibling could be an enemy, or you just feel a bit “wobbly” (as in some psychological doubts and fears).  

You will end March (and indeed, much of the upcoming year) concentrating on your finances and personal sense of security.  This may be your other half (and thus “putting a ring on it”) or getting the balance right with shared resources and possessions.

But actually this energy is more about your needs than someone else’s and you will be laying down the law in this respect.

If you have been catering to the needs of someone else, (your employer, other half or even an adversary), all this is about to come to a screaming halt.  If you don’t take a stand, then there’s going to be problems, because you’ll start to feel used and offended.

Be very careful about spending too much now, and running up large debts to make someone else happy or to “show off”.

A new job or new lifestyle IS in the pipeline around the last week of March.

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A lot of Pisceans haven’t been well and if that is the case, then from now on, your health will see a marked improvement, and you’ll have more vitality and energy. 

Others have considered that their daily life and environment is a bit flat or not functioning very well, and you seem to be chasing your tail and not actually getting anywhere.

Therefore it will be welcome news to know that much can be accomplished in March and you’ll be quite visionary and confident about future prospects (and that for many, will include a new job or different kinds of work).

Before you get too carried away by your working life, early in the month you’ll be concentrating on your nearest and dearest and catering to their needs.  Pisceans are naturally self-sacrificing and you will be focusing on someone else, probably to the detriment of your own needs.   Some relationships may end around the first week of March, but others may enjoy a renaissance if the relationship has been flagging (a second honeymoon!).

You will be spending time with your main squeeze (i.e. the person you love) if there is one, or else people you really like.

There are lots of opportunities from the Cosmos in March and the final Uranus Pluto square does affect your money house and you could makes a pile if you work hard. 

But this is a square after all, so watch out as someone could pull the wool over your eyes or cheat you out of funds (and Saturn does turn retrograde in your career and public image house).  You may invest in a turkey, so do your homework, but if it checks out you could make a killing.

I think you’ll spend part of March reviewing your career and lifestyle because of a necessity (health, wealth, or lack thereof) and maybe there just isn’t enough income to sustain your existing lifestyle. 

Don’t panic too much, as March is quite a month for you and should be super exciting and fun (as half the heavens are in Pisces and the new moon and solar eclipse takes place here also on the 20th).  

So it’s very much about YOU and getting YOU sorted and how you proceed, or gain control, or reinvent yourself.  How you present, your standing in society and public perception, your personality: in other words are you coming across well or not. 

That said, not all Pisces are ‘out there’ as many of your sign are internalizing some hurt, fear or a “behind the scenes” activity, or denying some life truth, or literally acting dishonestly. 

If it’s the latter, you will get caught because Saturn, the taskmaster planet, and the planet of fear and caution will insist that you are honest, sensible and down to earth. 

However if you do that, the skies the limit and a large number of Pisceans will be undertaking new enterprises and projects (or a new job). 

You’re more prepared to take a risk now (a calculated one) because with all these planets in Pisces it’s about personal development (self, money, lifestyle etc) and you’ll be developing all aspects of your personal potential and expressing these in different and new ways.

If you have been pandering too much to anyone and sacrificing your own needs, then that is going to change also, because you must do “your own thing” and you do have more inspiration and enthusiasm.

This is the beginning of a new era of self-knowledge and enlightenment (and with stellar outcomes) but only if you can express yourself, and voice your own opinions, and follow your own path….

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