Monthly Forecasts




The month starts off with a full moon in your house of honors, career, life direction and reputation and as this is on the home axis it will likely involve some discussions about finances to do with home and family members.   If you have family members in business together, you may be discussing roles and responsibilities before the start of the weekend.

Something may come to a head at work or you are the focus of more attention than usual – for one reason or another - and a boss or coworker may be a source of discomfort or frustration.

Or you could switch gears and decide to change jobs or change careers or you (or a family member) get a wonderful professional or career-related offer that makes you burst with pride.  A less than ideal manifestation is that you can do something that damages your reputation.

Mars your ruler squares the nodes in Libra opposite your sign also at the start of the month and your position within your family is under scrutiny or there is some underlying matter that affects your name or reputation that has roots in a family saga.

Perhaps it’s your wife or your husband, family member or business partner whose actions or role in life can raise you to great heights or can burst your bubble - or sink your reputation.  Whatever they are doing, can (and probably already is) having a direct impact on how you are seen and perceived.

In many ways you are joined at the hip and if they are a roaring success, then you no doubt bask in the glory, and vice versa, but you really do have to “separate” out because it’s a precarious position to be a mirror for someone else. 

Perhaps you are always meeting someone else’s needs and living their life vicariously, but if that is the case, Uranus is going to ensure that this state of affairs won’t remain for much longer. 

The nodes move on in November, Uranus stays until 2018/19 (and Uranus retrogrades on 26th) and that may be your “eureka moment”, when you realize that you can act in a highly independent way.

You are a very independent sign, but this month may make you realize just how super-independent you really are and can be, and that you don’t need to swing from someone else’s coat tails.

You can make waves all by yourself and pick and choose and this may be in your love life or family life, career or life in general.

If your “rebel has been bottled up and contained, July is when the genie exits the bottle and that can signify a career, relationship or residence change.

Try and avoid run-ins or conflict with those in power (law, government departments, bosses etc) but you will be keen to make some dramatic changes in your life between now and December.

Jupiter is bringing more love, confidence, and happiness especially via your children or the younger generation, and if you are single a lot more sex, flirtations and admiration.  You are super magnetic in July; red hot, right from the start of the month when Venus meets with Jupiter and that should usher in a very romantic week.

Around the 6th -10th there can be a battle of wills with a family member or a boss/coworker as the Sun in your house of home and family opposes Pluto in your career and reputation house. 

All interactions will have a power play aspect to them, and will be heated, so don’t let it escalate into an all out conflict.  Positively directed, it can bring about constructive change and the new moon on the 15th, in house of home and family, suggests that there are some changes, or a new beginning around this time and for the next few weeks. 

It may be a new way of dealing with a flat mate, family member or an offspring, or you may move to a new place or commence renovations, but matters relating to home and family will be your focus, not only in July but possibly for some time to come.

Venus retrogrades on 25th (followed by Uranus the next day) and you will go from a period when Venus was in Cancer to needing and seeking love and reassurance from your family and an appreciation for the “home” to wanting to be attractive and appealing to all.  Married or single just remember you attract the love that you think you deserve. Unfortunately the kicker with Venus retrograde is that is harder to maintain a love connection for one reason or another, geographic, overtime etc. and it’s more “hit and miss” and star crossed lovers and thwarted love.

A love affair may end in July (or going into August), but one will start almost immediately afterwards and overall, there will be little holding you back in July.

Also if you want to make yourself more appealing using cosmetic surgery or some other kind of intervention, don’t do this during the Venus retrograde.  Wait until after 6th September.

The full moon at months end makes you a star on the social circuit and networking up a storm and you will be on everyone’s social list and perhaps even being the model citizen and spreading yourself around a number of committees.  

Your spirits and vitality are high and you want to be out and about spreading the joy (and having fun).

You are well and truly alive and so very grateful for that. 

Life is full of beauty and you’re really noticing that fact.

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You will be pulling out all stops at the start of the forecast and communicating up a storm.  With the full moon in your communications and publishing sector, “words” in all their forms hold a lot more weight.  This is also the house of education so you could start or finish a course, or receive exam results or get the “green light” for a university or college placement.  There is a lot of mental activity and movement in general, but communication in all forms will lead to new directions, expansion (or complications, depending on what you say). 

This is also the house of travel, foreign influences and legal dealings, so a trip could begin or end - or have a complication - or a legal matter could become more interesting, especially if you are dealing with a matter at a distance. 

Your view of the world is changing and your place in it, but one way or another you are going to be making a statement and declaring your position: what you think, feel...and it’s a very transformative time for you.

July continues with the improvement in your home affairs, family, where you live and anything to do with homeland, and tangible home, including anyone you share your space with.

Some Taureans are moving, selling, buying and relocating countries and that new start can occur very close to the beginning of the month (and ties in with that “life statement” that is unfolding)..

Venus retrogrades from the 25th and if you’re in the process of trying to create a “home” it’s going to be more problematic, and especially for you as Venus is your ruler and will resonate more in this area.  Therefore sign the lease, make the move, sell the property or whatever home and family related issue you have to deal with BEFORE the 31st and better still, the 25th.

Taureans will be coming into great power in about a decade and although that sounds a long way off, start laying the groundwork now and make the right choices.  Align yourself with movers and shakers or a powerbroker or anyone who can help you along the way, and even to go far.

If you are involved in commercial enterprises, the Internet, web, or any form of media related activity, the new moon mid month will help you to make a new start or re-launch.  Communication in general hots up, and you have new ideas and a lot of new contacts (and with siblings if you have them) and if you do, it’s possible you float a commercial or joint venture deal with him or her. You can expect some unpleasant commuication around the 6-10th that may have a legal aspect or else news from an educational institution or a compliation or shock to a dealing in a foreign land.  If you are travellign overseas you should be extra vigilant around unsafe areas, or better still, avoid them.

Many Bulls will be taking a short journey for business or pleasure around the 15th, but there is a lot of movement in general in July, more so that normal.

With Saturn back in Scorpio all forms of relationship issues will of course be back on the agenda to deal with, and this may be connected to a current partner (personal, business partner, legal entity) or even an ex or an adversary that you have been doing battle with and there are some arduous and important issues that remain up in the air.

Until Saturn returns to Sagittarius in September you will be back dealing with the consequences of past actions as Saturn retraces old ground.

Choices were made, and perhaps an irrevocable decision where you decided to go all the way, no matter where it led, although at various times you may have thought “maybe I should have re-considered this one and where these choices were going to end up”.  This will involve issues to do with a marriage, a business partnership, a contractual or legal agreement, and the individuals can include a spouse, lawyer, agent, ally or foe, or anyone with you are acting as a team, joined forces with or working together.

By now - and certainly by September - you’ll see just where this does end up, but of course you’ll remain resolute and firm…or is that simply being obstinate and stubborn..?

But there IS the distinct possibility of an end to either an agreement OR the conclusion of a conflict.

Indeed the full moon in Aquarius on the 31st can see an end or closure to an issue or problem that has hung around in your life for far too long. 

This may also see the realization of a long-term wish or career goal or an aspiration that is very “heart” felt.  This is all about you: your reputation, your career and your life direction, and it’s a highly beneficial energy and one that should see you basking in admiration and honor.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

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With Uranus bringing exciting and different faces to your social set, and Jupiter now really blessing your social life, groups, friendships and networking, everyone you meet and every connection you make, tends to lead somewhere positive.   If old friends drop out it will be for a reason (geographic, divorce, death), however they will be replaced by a whole new set who can really take you places.  

Communication remains your ticket to ride, more so now than in over a decade, so really work it and a recent invitation or business opportunity or social connection will open doors in ways you could only dream of.    It’s a roller coaster ride at the moment, but if you hang on tight and enjoy the journey, you’ll have a blast.

The full moon in your 8th house at the start of the month can bring some serious issues to deal with and perhaps relating to joint finances in some form or another.

It can also bring an end to a complex situation or even transform it in some way, but you are likely to be dealing with issues related to other people’s money – inheritances, taxes, refunds, insurance, loans, credit card and so on – either money in or money out. Financial obligations may be testing or you have to make unexpected payments or rethink a shared money issue.

Other Twins are thinking long term with a financial partner (business or personal) and working out the machinations of future transactions and dealings.

The Sun Pluto opposition on the 6th also affects your joint resources house - and not in a pleasant way - as the Sun is in your money and asset house and Pluto is in the sector of money that you share with other people – and you may have to make a big outlay (or your self esteem takes a hit).

In fact the first two weeks of July are problematic financially and you may be rejected for a loan or get hit with an unexpected expense or an authority figure withdraws support or imposes restrictions or penalties.

You may have to make a large outlay, or money that you anticipated receiving doesn’t materialize, or you experience a loss in some other form.  Any connections with groups, organizations, VIP’s, authority figures and friends will be a source of disappointment and financial drain.

Thankfully the new moon mid month will help you to make a new start in a money issue, and thus you will either find a way to make more money, or meet any outstanding debt or get your finances under control.

For most, this is about self-esteem, and lets face it, all the social and commercial growth IS making you feel pretty positive about yourself and so this fresh energy allows you to find even more (new) avenues to expand your world.

Also around mid month you may make a fantastic connection, and this person will influence your future lifestyle for some time to come.  It may be a business partner, a landlord, a venture capitalist, or a mover and shaker within your community, but they will be very much aligned to where you are going (or you go with them) and by the third week of July you’ll start to know exactly how this is going to unfold.

There is some never ending story elements to July also, where a previous issue returns and re-loops or restarts as Venus retrogrades back in your house of commerce and communication from the 31st.  It may be an issue with a sibling that does “another round” or a paper trail or commercial dealings that goes off in yet another tangent.

That why the full moon in Aquarius at the end of month will be so helpful to you, as if falls in your house of perspective and legal dealings.   

For example you may develop another mindset about an ongoing matter that will be more helpful to your cause, and/or you can bring a positive end to any legal issues.

This is also the house of education, travel, foreigners and publishing, so a business dealing with an overseas company can come to fruition, a long distance trip can conclude, you might publish a book or launch a website, or finish your studies. 

This full moon will help you find the right values, outlook and philosophy and will do wonders for your personal and spiritual growth.  Your philosophy is expressed in the choices you make and the choices you make are your own responsibility (and so it’s best to choose wisely).

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The beginning of the month brings some kind of peak or end to a relationship.  You may be reunited with someone or you may part or else you are simply considering a key relationship or contractual arrangement and there’s bound to be an underlying reason for that.  Someone close may have treated you badly or it’s simply not working and as this is the house of open enemies, either you or someone else may declare themselves as an adversary by their actions.

If you are single you may meet someone special or enjoy a renaissance - or a reunion - with a loved one, but generally one-to one or one-to-a-group connections could be rather emotional and intense (and you do feel full moons more than most, being ruled by the moon).

At the very least you would have been feeling emotional and drained.

This is also the house of contractual arrangements so you may be discussing those or dealing with issues along these lines and you’ll commence the month running around attending to a lot of details and tying up loose ends. 

Perhaps you are travelling soon or dealing with bureaucratic, legal or commercial matters that need your attention.

You have the Sun in Cancer now so it’s a new slate time, time to move on from a difficult past or difficult family dynamics as the nodes passage through Libra heads towards November closing one particular chapter of your life to do with home and family.

Steps you have taken in recent months or developments in your life are going to either make you wealthier (or already has) or else reduces your outgoings and saves you a fortune.  Either way your financial situation improves.

All CAncerians are choosing liberation and emancipation over anything else, and although you are among the most loyal of signs, and very family orientated, it can also include cutting the umbilical cord and any other family yokes around your neck. Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn plays a yoyo game with power between you and another.   Pluto is power and Pluto wants you to hold the power in all your key relationships and that new power can be the ability to no longer rely or need that person or that situation in your life. 

The scales have swung in your favor and your lack of needing someone else has disempowered them, which in turn makes them resentful.  If you still have a “shadow” or a toxic person/ situation in your life, get rid of it, or readjust the parameters or change your approach or mindset.

Saturn back in your house of children means that you go back to having an issue with them, either distanced from them or some other change with respect to the younger generation, and maybe the connection you had before will never be repeated or can’t stay the same for whatever reason. You are making some very hard and tough calls now, some by necessity, some by colossal and life defining decisions 

What you say in July and especially after August is a game changer, so write it, blog it, publish it or share it on the Internet but let your real emotions and true thoughts be heard and read.

There is a difficult period for relationships around the 6th and perhaps a contractual arrangement and relationships in general are fraught and any pressure that has been building up over a period will be unleashed.

A number of Cancers are feeling quite obsessed about a person or an issue, and are prepared to go to great lengths to get him or her or it and in July around the end of the first week, you can effect a fundamental change to the status quo.

This is an important new moon for you mid month because it’s in Cancer and if you are born around the 15th, this is a huge opportunity to make a fresh start in how you are seen, perceived, your brand, profile, reputation and place in the world.   It’s a great time to make a new you if the “old” one was not optimum and many Cancers have had bad press or received a bum rap over the past few years.

Maybe it’s your delivery or how you look and those are two easy things to address if you wish, as your energy will be high with the Sun in your sign and you’ll feel more optimistic and ready for a fresh start.

However around the middle of the month you’ll also be reviewing some of your recent choices and as you’ll be feeling quite emotional at various times during the month (two full moons).  You may feel as if you’ve reached the end of your tether and unable to deal with it anymore and around 15th you may make some irrevocable and irreversible decisions that have no way back. Fortunately this is followed by a Sun in Cancer trine Saturn on 21st, which is a very favorable period for you particularly regarding people in positions of authority or seniors (including parents) as they seem more willing or eager to help you out.

Between 25th July and September when Venus retrogrades in your house of money and assets, you may find it difficult to get your rightful share of what is owed to you or you may repeat an earlier process and get it right this time and gain what is already owed.   This is followed the next day by Uranus turning retrograde in your house of career, reputation and life direction so if you’ve had a set back to you reputation or in your career you can regain some ground.  It’s also possible if you’ve given up or failed previously, that you get another chance.  

You may revise or rethink choices, decisions and actions you've made - or are making - relating to your home and family, possibly with a financial undertow, so try and make all financial and home related decisions before the 25th.

There is a full moon in your joint finances house at month’s end so money and resources that you share with others will be very much in focus.  As this is a transformational energy also, it’s about working out what you need to give up or get rid of in order to move on with your life as it may be holding you back.

A change of heart or revising an earlier decision is very possible, but then half of life is an act of revision.

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At the beginning of the month you may need to focus on your health or the health of a pet, as something could come to light in this regard; or you finally get the epiphany to take better care of yourself and dispense with bad habits.

This is a full moon in the area of work, health and daily environment, so there can be some changes in these areas.  You could change jobs, or there is an issue at work or some other aspect of your everyday life changes.

You are likely to feel more emotional and stressed, so take it easy and if things are completely out of control, this is an ideal time to get your life in order.

You are in a bit of a purple patch when it comes to romance, but with Saturn now back in your house of home and family if you already have a domestic partner, this could cause some issues and with Venus retrograding from the 25th in the house of endings, some relationships that were doomed to fail will end between now and September.

If you’d experienced difficulties previously, but not done anything about it, this allows you to have another try so it can be a positive passage also.  But if you had planned to separate earlier, now it will be “official”.  There will be emotional pain in the upcoming months and one particular relationship can be quite scarring or you are the victim.  Maybe its that your self esteem is a bit low and you don’t feel lovable, which is a shame when you have Jupiter in Leo.  Funnily enough a lot of Leo’s will feel it’s best to go it alone, in business, in life, in love and will feel happinest doing their own thing and following their values and redefining for themselves what is worthy, lovable and of value!

Timing is also a problem and it may be a star crossed lovers scenario, although of course Jupiter is making you very appealing in general, and right now, Jupiter is at it’s strongest direct impact and delivering extraordinary success in all areas of your life.

Many Leos are trying something completely different or else reintroducing themselves to an adoring public through work or play.

Your image and brand is sizzling and red hot and all the PR, kudos, recognition and rewards are coming in fast and thick throughout July.

Indeed this has been happening for a while and will continue, so make the most of it, especially in the first week.

Be careful around the 6th during the Sun Pluto opposition.  You are ruled by the Sun and so it’s going to resonate more with you and in the area of health, secrets and behind the scenes dealings.  Someone may be undermining you at work or you have an enemy there who is jealous of your success that you may still be unaware of or even recognize.

Many Leo’s are dealing with something clandestine around mid month and it may be a private personal matter or secret dealings, or your role behind-the-scenes in a work project.

There may have been some issue that has upset your emotional equilibrium and you do need to try and chill and have “me” time to sort out what needs to be worked through. If you have done something you regret or something that has hurt someone by your actions, you may have created an enemy without even knowing.

Your ruler, the Sun enters your sign on 22nd and that will usher in a passage when you can launch new projects or start afresh in anything that has been bogged down or is no longer working. 

Some Leo’s have recently split and gone separate ways, both at work and in life and thus you will welcome this period of greater or renewed confidence and enthusiasm. July and August in many ways is a period of new beginnings and really depends on what ended or changed up until that point.

This is why July is such a defining month because you will change the setup of one union, a marriage, a business partnership, a conflict or a challenge and rewrite the rules or introduce a new arrangement. 

The key thing in July is to think with your head and not allow your emotions to dictate your actions.  Maybe a break is all that is required but finding middle ground and a workable understanding, not matter what the pact, is the key to its success.

The Sun trine Saturn on the 21st will do wonders for your home, family and domestic world and it’s a very favorable time to work on issues relating to those with whom you share your space with and connected to by blood.

In all unions it’s about finding the right balance of power and give and take and the second full moon at the end of the month, concludes are rather emotionally redefining chapter.  This can be good or not so good, you could be “sealing the deal” (personal or business) or ending an arrangement, but it’s more likely to be the former as it’s quite a beneficial energy for you.

If you can accommodate or meet the needs of your emotional or business partner there is every reason to suspect that you will enjoy a long and happy coalition in which you can blend and agree.

If you can’t then it’s going to be more problematic and for a significant number of Leo’s, July is a “make or break” month.

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A full moon in the house of pleasure, creative ventures, romance and true love could see a declaration of love or a declaration that it’s over.   

It’s most likely going to usher in a fun passage, when you are pursuing pleasure and kicking back your heels and if single pursuing more sexual encounters.   If you are already partnered, the passion quotient will go up a notch and it’s a perfect time to be having a sultry and romantic getaway.  It’s also a fecund period so take that into consideration.

This may be the trigger for a change in a relationship as it becomes apparent that it has to be restructured in some manner.

Jupiter is in a great position for you to connect with your inner needs and any unconscious emotions so listen to your inner voice and you can’t go wrong. 

This is the house of intuition and compassion - so use both - as there is karma here.

Life will be more problematic if you are doing the wrong thing and truly wonderful success is yours if you are doing the right things and on the right track. It’s as simple as that.

If you are keeping anything from public view, this can be blessed, just so long as you consider everyone involved, as Jupiter wants you to be spiritual and accepting and to “do the right thing”. 

In other words choose a higher path whenever possible. 

You are in a wonderful growth period and setting yourself up for untold success in a couple of months time and the period between August and December will be truly amazing and it’s an improved or completely revised version of your previous self.

Whether it’s your business, your brand, your profile or your appearance, you are set to rule over the next year and this is the time you are sowing those seeds of success.

Early this month - but probably more so in August - you will emerge the winner and feel truly justified in all of your actions.

A number of Virgos are still dealing with matters that are private or else behind the scenes ready for a big launch, or it may be something you wish to keep hidden and confidential or under wraps.

In July you may be presented with an important task or asked (or even expected) to do whatever is necessary to get something done or over the line; which you will do with your usual willingness and skill.

Tread warily around the 6th however when there can be a problem with authority figures, a group or network that you belong to (or are involved with) or in a romance - or with a child - as all these areas can be affected adversely.

Mid month a new moon in Cancer suggests a new friendship or a new love or perhaps a friend turns into a lover and it’s a whole different connection. 

You may be letting it “all hang out” around this time and offloading what’s really on your mind and sharing how you feel with a close associate or BBF.

From a business perspective it can be a great time to network, as connections made now will be profitable ones.  This is also the house of hopes and dreams so make a new one and if you already have a wish, don’t be surprised if it materializes.

Venus enters Virgo on the 18th and you’ll feel fabulous for the remainder of the month, and doing exactly what you want to do and what makes you happy.  No doubt you will be aim to be somewhere chilled with someone you love and this will increase the “loving” vibes. 

However Venus retrogrades from the 25th and then from the end of the month backtracks into Leo and when in Virgo you can become a bit self-centered because just about every man and his dog will want you!   You’ll be feeling great, but that may change as the month winds down as certain circumstances may make you feel on the defensive and you may feel depressed or unwanted /unlovable /unacceptable and may need a lot more reassurance that all will be well.

You have both Neptune and Chiron in your house of key relationships so deception, boundaries, adversaries, pain and sadness are possible, but then so is great healing and peace.

This may be someone close to you or someone who was once close to you, but Neptune will muddy the waters and make the “usual” relationship approach with this person ineffective.

Either you can’t pin him or her down, or they are acting badly or you are a love carpet or the ticket to ride or you can’t keep up with their demands.  

Mars opposes Pluto mid month and Pluto is in your house of love, so this is the most likely time that someone with whom you are romantically involved tries to push you just a little too far…

Venus will be entering the “hidden” part of your chart and Jupiter has been there fore a while, (and both meet up in July) so there could be a private or clandestine love affair.   As this is also the house of endings, you may decide that’s its in the “too hard basket” and end it. 

This is also the house of joint finances and shared resources so you may be keeping money hidden or there may be an end to an ongoing saga relating to joint funds.

Much of the focus this month is on groups, VIP’s, networking, socializing (and seeing your hopes and wishes materialize) and if you’ve been doing the hard yards, there is absolutely no reason why you won’t be enjoying stellar success and popularity.

The second full moon (in Aquarius) on the 31st can bring a significant change to your daily routines.  If you have been investing all your energies in a pet project (that so many Virgo’s have been), then this may be when you finally see it realized and come to life. 

It’s clear that you are taking the right steps as you are slated for great success in the very near future and the planetary aspects at the end of July suggest that whatever you’re working on (publicly or privately) will be one of the best moves of your life.

It will also be the most valuable thing in terms of reputation, profile, image and financial gain. 

Everyone builds his own image and has the power to choose - or else escape some necessities of choice...

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There was a full moon in Sagittarius on the 2nd that takes place in your communications and commerce house (and this also includes travel, contracts, community, neighbors and siblings).  Chances are there is some big event within your community or with a sibling, or a contract is concluded (the agreement drawn up, but hopefully not signed until after the 11th..).

There will be more “movement” and you’ll be busy, much more so than usual, probably by way of an increased social life and you’ll also be using your “voice” more: via emails, internet, face book and so on.

Venus enters Leo on the 5th and that continues with this theme all month of group activities, friendships, and more conviviality.  You will make new friends in June and perhaps some new business contacts, and you’ll certainly be talking up a storm and exchanging ideas (and probably on something that you’ve been working towards for a while).

Neptune retrogrades on the 12th in your work and daily environment house (and health sector) and this may increase your sensitivity at work.  This can manifest as stress or physical ailments, headaches, backaches or more chaotic situations at work or increased difficulty in relating to coworkers. Or you could be being naïve about an unfair working situation (you do more work and get less money or a lesser percentage). 

Mars continues to traverse your house of travel, legalities, education and publishing until 24th, and so you will be exerting a lot of effort into one of these areas.  In fact a lot of your energy is vested into something that is very dear to your heart and that you consider a “long term” plan.

Others are arranging overseas travel or fighting lawsuits, but if it’s the former, with Jupiter in your groups and friends sector (on the love axis) you may be visiting friends, a lover or your children who live abroad.

The end of the first week of June is ideal to “seal a deal” with a group activity or else you are setting up a business that has a very “international” element or foreign involvement.

If there is a significant financial outlay to your plans, you do need to tread warily between mid June and September when Saturn returns to your money house, making money harder to come by.  Money may be in short supply and so you have to really keep an eye on how you spend it (unless you want to run out!) so make sure your priorities are in order. 

On a brighter note, if you can get the right safeguards in place, then you can end this period, having done very well and increasing your bottom line substantially.

This is a month of personal growth, but actually it’s a whole year of incredible progress and success and that launches with the new moon on in Gemini on the 16th. 

Your horizons are really opening up and that will be via your dealings with global enterprises, people at a distance, higher education, and all forms of the published word.  In other words sell yourself and your product.

From the 21st you are on a roll, and you’ll certainly be getting your dues.  If you don’t consider that one particular arrangement is fair, you’ll be ensuring that is rectified and “balanced” in June. 

Chiron goes retrograde on the 24th and that suggests that you address some long term habitual behaviors, ones that have a bearing on your happiness and wealth (and perhaps even emotional, mental and physical health).

This passage (until the end of November) will assist you to take control of any unhealthy habits and tackle any unfairness on the job.

If your contribution is not being sufficiently recognized, or if you are being taken for granted, it would be during this passage that it comes to a head to be “healed”.

But you can look forward to more recognition and/or a better quality of life and you’ll be enjoying your work more (and that may be because you have a fundamental career change).

Whatever you are planning in June and setting in motion is for the long term, but just be aware that money may be tight (and self esteem and kudos) may be lacking. 

I do stress to watch your expenses and cap your outgoings over the next 12-13 weeks.

As I’ve mentioned for all signs, there is a great trine on 22nd between Jupiter and Uranus.  Whatever happens around that time will be a surprise, but a very pleasing one.  

Someone in a group declares their love for you or you “partner” with a network or a group activity.  You might attend a social event and get hit by coup de foudre.

A VIP may seek you out and reward you in some way, but this energy is heavy with good fortune and you will benefit from whatever occurs or appears around this time (no matter what form it takes).

You will become very ambitious as June draws to a close and really driven to look after numero uno for a change.  Because of your Mars influenced feistiness, you won’t be as diplomatic as usual and you will baulk at any restraints, so in many ways there will be more “heat” and drive from fiery Mars (that will produce great results). 

As you enter July you will switch your ongoing focus (and it will be ongoing) in your career and professional status, back to your family and home. 

It may be because of a family relationship or some other issue to do with your private life needs attention.  You’ll be quite sensitive around the 30th and what you are seeing may not be what you are getting; in other words the reality of a situation is distorted (either by you or someone else) and there is lack of clarity as to where things stand.

Just know this.  Whatever you start in June (romance, business association etc), especially in the last fortnight, can become outstanding and very successful …just so long as you have nothing to hide.  

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The full moon is all about an issue to do with money and there is some sensitively about this, because it’s not just about you, but what you share with someone else.

Some Scorpio will change jobs around this time, hopefully to get a better one, or you get a raise, but there will be some fluctuation in income flow. 

On a positive note a loan may end and that will put more money into your pocket, or you are denied a loan, or get an unexpected bill so there might equally be a “money shock”.

Why I think you may be changing jobs is that when Venus enters Leo on the 5th, this is a time when you will get good fortune and luck breaks in your career, and not some minor promotion or job, but something big; it’s a big step up.

Neptune is retrograding from the 12th and you may look for a more “perfect fit”, a better employer or company, but this can equally be within a personal/intimate relationship. 

In fact a lot of Scorpio are changing partners in the next few months, but you have to stay grounded as to what your expectations are as there is some escape from reality going on.

If someone is hurting you emotionally or not making you feel “right” then you will move on.

Saturn moves back into your sign for a 13-week stay (from mid June) giving you the opportunity to get right what you didn’t manage before, or at least do some more fine-tuning.

This is a very personal transit and so a lot of the appraising going on will be about YOU and how you can improve yourself. 

The two-year transit of Saturn the realist has given you a very clear vision of what you want to achieve for yourself and as Saturn is the planet of responsibility, you have (through all the trials you encountered) developed a very strong sense of self and self-discipline and staying power.

The new moon is about your “rebirth” and so you can launch the new improved and finished version of Scorpio over the next year. This new moon energy is very transformational, and you can transform an intimate relationship, yourself or any other aspect of your life.  You are like the chrysalis emerging from the cocoon.

The Sun also moves into an area of your chart on the 21st that ushers in a new era of different influences and innovative activities.   It’s like a fresh slate and you will feel as if the weight has been lifted from your shoulders and your spirit has revived. 

It’s a good feeling and it means your life is really moving in the right direction.

Jupiter continues to bestow good fortune in your career and since April is doing wonders for improving your reputation and indeed you have noticed a marked turnaround in your status.  More profits, more clients, more public approval, and more success in general and now having both Venus and Jupiter in this area, means that June will be a remarkable month for advancement.

The only Achilles heel in June is to do with your emotions. 

You have Mars until the 24th in your house of sex and intimacy, and that is going to stir up your emotions.  Plus you have both Neptune and Chiron retrograding in June (12th and 24th) that will bring all sorts of confusion to your relationships (and especially with one child).

A relationship can bring discomfort or pain in June and you may also be feeling a bit flat, somewhat in “party pooper” mode.  If you’re an artist you will lose your creative edge for the next few months, or feel as if your creative identity is confused and that also includes parents (prospective and otherwise) and there may be some problems with childbearing.   

Romantic and sexual issues may arise and it may be that the person you love or admire is unable or won’t commit, or is unsure or vague about their feelings towards you. 

There may even be some deceit or confusion or they don’t make you feel special or even appreciated (or your children are taking you for granted).

Perhaps you are momentarily disinterested in sex or you are confused about your sexuality, but you’re not getting the response you’d hoped for from a certain person.

This may be financial as Mars in Gemini until June 24 also focuses on money you share with someone else, a life partner, or commercial entity or ex.  Maybe you’re getting the equivalent of a financial “drive through colonoscopy”, by way of alimony or child support or a lover with champagne tastes.

The new moon mid month can also focus on this area, and your finances will be given more emphasis - not just in mid June - but also for much of the upcoming year and specially relating to other people's money.

This can include - but is not limited to - loans, insurance, inheritances, legal settlements, business partnerships etc; all forms of other people's money.

With a bit of luck it will be you who is on the receiving end around the 22nd and it could be a large amount coming from another person, an employer, or you win lotto, or get a surprise from an inheritance (who knew your aunty was THAT wealthy!).

You might get offered the dream job, with the dream salary, in a dream location.

Scorpios will have a lot of reasons to cheer in June, and most things will work out to your advantage.

You will seem to be at right place at the right time and good things can happen to you, and an important document could arrive in the last days of the month.

Your road to success is well and truly under construction!

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June kick-starts with full moon in your sign, so whatever is occurring (and is probably unsettling you) is very personal.  

Full moons uncover information and bring things to a head and that can be negative or positive.  Full moons can bring closure and fruition or an end to something unpleasant and this is likely to relate to someone at a distance (overseas) or a foreign entity, a legal or an educational matter. 

Jupiter is lucky and Jupiter is your ruler, so in some way, whatever occurs around this time should be beneficial.

It really depends on what you’ve been up to in the past few years as Saturn retrogrades back into your house of karma and “cause and effect” mid month, so it’s a time of reaping rewards or paying the piper.

You have a beneficial influence from Venus from the 5th in this same area, and in fact all month, and life could be quite wonderful (if it wasn’t for the ongoing issues surrounding your family, home or homeland). 

This can be your tangible house or apartment, or where you actually reside (as in country), and both Neptune and Chiron have caused some interesting dynamics since early 2012.

Maybe a family member is being unruly or pushing the envelope or there is some kind of chaos and disorder within your home. It may be a family secret – a “skeleton in the closet” or a family member has a problem with alcohol or another form of drug – or you do.   Thus a calm and serene domestic environment is not possible to achieve.

Some issue is impacting on your property or your family or where you live, so hopefully June will give you an opportunity to sort out some of these things.

Saturn moves out of Sagittarius and returns to Scorpio in mid June and this may be a time when you need to face some consequences of earlier actions.  It could be emotional, financial or a combination of both, but right now (and until September) it could become a runaway train unless you do something to stop it (and it does appear that someone has no limits as to what they are prepared to do).

When Chiron the wounded healer retrogrades on 24th, between June and December you’ll become more sensitivity to issues of childhood and of motherhood (either your own Mother or your role as Mother).

Maybe you distance yourself from a Mother, or they do the same to you, or you no longer feel as if you “fit” into your family or have a place and belong. This could be because of some kind of prejudice or because of disapproval by other family members.  The problems that you are experiencing may be because of a Mother (and with Chiron and Neptune), alcohol may be a factor, or she is not acting in an appropriate manner.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that what you want to happen, should, and it will probably turn out better than you had hoped.

There is a new moon in Gemini in your relationship house and that gives you a “new” or fresh start in a key relationship (business or otherwise) or even with an adversary. A relationship may reach a peak and you decide to make it official or you decide to partner up in a business sense.

There may be a new form of equality or more cooperation and compromise and beginning mid month an agreement may be reached in a long-standing feud.

It’s unlikely that things will go according to plan in mid June at any rate and any negotiations or discussions might not lead anywhere because by the third week you will be somewhat ratty, either from some external pressure or your own insecurity.

Clearly Mercury is reviving the past as is Saturn, and with Mercury in Gemini in your relationship house, past or long-standing emotional issues are back on the agenda.

It is more difficult than even to move on from the past until September so clearly there are “issues” that need to be solved or a green light given. 

Mercury will continue to retrograde until the 11th and indeed it won’t be until the 27th that you’re out of the woods.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t get the result you want; it just means that it will take longer than you had hoped.

That said, Jupiter your ruler is doing his utmost until the 11th August and will help you win the lawsuit, or get overseas residency or help you get HD’s in exams, or publish your book or you launch your website or blog (and it’s a great success).  There are so many manifestations as to how this can pan out.

The Jupiter Uranus trine on the 22nd is a great event in your life (and in the lives of all your zodiac siblings) and will help you with a family, home, property, residence, visa or domestic matter.  If you are trying for a baby this is the day to hear the news or “get to it”.

Mars wants you to cement the deal – just “get it done” - and that includes contracts, business unions and emotional ties (and you will be highly focused on one particular matter all month).

But if you can hold off until 22nd and then make your move then, you are slated for success.

You’ve had enough pressures and responsibilities thanks to Saturn to last you a lifetime, but it looks like the planetary aspects of June may finally let you know where you stand with a property, money, business or legal deal; and from the 27th things will suddenly start to move forward again.

June is a month when all will be revealed, and the cards shown, but it’s also in a stalemate mode with no ending in sight. 

As the month ends and you approach the full moon in Capricorn on the 1st July, the money/property issue is back on deck.

You may have to ask yourself “what price freedom” and what’s most important to you.  What do you value, is it yourself or your assets. 

Questions of what you consider is yours and what’s someone else’s considers is theirs, will also arise and you need to find the answers.  Otherwise this will go around and around…. 

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This month ends with a full moon in Capricorn (actually on 1st July) so you’ll be front and centre then and more self protective and concerned about yourself. 

I say this because you enter the month feeling somewhat on the sidelines and alone, but it’s likely to be self-enforced: you need time out.  

Perhaps you’re exhausted from all the socializing that’s been going on recently, or there is some underlying issue that is impacting your peace of mind.  There does appear to be some psychological baggage or life questions that you are working through. 

June is very much about you and another; it may be someone you’ve just met or a long-term relationship/marriage.  This union in June will be the source of some of your anxieties, and their actions - or none actions - can lead to a sense of vulnerability.  It may not be a romantic association, but a working one or a social one, but the lack of response or positive feedback is making you feel undervalued and antsy (and insecure).

There is the possibility that you become the prey or injured party in external machinations, and casualty in a working situation or some other group dynamic.

Saturn goes retrograde mid month and that will make you review all of your group associations, your network, community, friends, and why you are involved with them, and if you should continue to be involved with them. 

If you have a toxic friend or you detest your neighborhood, or your working group, you’ll pull the plug some time before now and September. 

There is the possibility of an event or action that prompts this move and there may be some form of betrayal or disappointment or a “loyalty” issue.

As this is also on the axis of children and love, there may be an ex that returns from the past that predicates a change to your current situation, or there is some issue to do with a child or stepchildren that has to be addressed or cleared up.   It may be a difficulty with your partner that necessitates a move.

With Neptune going retrograde on the 12th (followed by Chiron on 24th) both in the same house, the communications house, the chances of being misunderstood will increase or you will feel confused. 

This is particularly relevant to a sibling, but in general you may have a sense that your input is meaningless somehow or that you are not getting due credit or believed. 

It’s not just Mercury retrograding in June that is causing this, in fact for the next few months until December you’ll say “x” and people will hear “y”. 

It’s a kind of “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” scenario, but it won’t just be a male-female thing.

The core of the problem is that people will see you as a lightweight or superficial or your sincerity might be called into question.  Apart from this being a very unfair call (because Cappy’s are anything but) on a plus side, it will spur you to even greater heights as you will be driven to prove others wrong and show just what you are capable of.

But do expect to see some elements of this in the next few months, and yes you will get annoyed and frustrated by it. 

For most of June there will be delays at work and in your daily life and it’s as if you are walking through wet cement and as Uranus continues to stir up your family scene, that does make it more problematic to be the career power horse that you aspire to be. 

Thankfully the new moon in the same zone on the 16th gives you a new start in your working life (a second wind) and you could start a new job shortly afterwards or improve an existing one. 

As this is the house of communications, you may decide to do more marketing or start actively making more sales and “working it”; or use social media more (blogs, Facebook) to promote your product, especially if you have been coasting and not doing much previously.

Gemini is the sign of communication and the twins, so you may wear two hats, your day job and communications/online interest or second job by night or in your spare time.

You may want to make some sweeping changes to your home scene and that will provide a fresh start to your daily environment.  Or if necessary you may even start laying down the law and demanding a few “rules” and parameters to your ongoing loyalty and service. Maybe if you have been a bit self centered it’s a change in approach where you switch the emphasis from you to them.

There is a great trine between Jupiter and Uranus on the 22nd that will benefit you enormously.  Uranus is in your family sector and Jupiter in your “joint money” sector (or money from other people).  You may receive money from a partner or family member or they fund a new business enterprise.   However there is likely to be money involved in this “pleasant” surprise.

Another great period is around 8th -10th June when family will offer support or you find the right answers to a family problem or you hear great news about a family member.  If it’s not a parent who helps you out, it could be a older/senior or powerful person, who makes a surprise move or show of support that puts a smile on your face.

Mars until the 24th is giving you loads of energy to fix what needs fixing in your life, and improving all your existing arrangements.  This is also directed in your working life, where you will be busy, (but perhaps not as swamped as you feel).

From the third week you’ll be directing all your attention towards the key relationships in your life, and how they function and the dynamics at work between you and them.  It may be a boss/employee connection, or an intimate one, it could be a relative or in-law, or a friend, but how they are treating you is saying a lot about you.  You know the saying, “show me your friends and I’ll tell you about yourself”.

Maybe there is a void that needs to be filled, or maybe someone is bringing out the worse in you or doesn’t “complete you”.

June may well be an ideal month to set some new relationship rules in place, some tweaking and adjusting and in some cases redefining the boundaries.

You will be laying down the law, it’s your way or the highway and if you feel that someone is like a lead balloon or a yoke around your neck, then it just may be the highway. But there will be changes and a “shakeup” of at least one key connection.

The month ends with a full moon in Capricorn on 1st July, bringing something that is very important (or dear to your heart) to an end, culmination or closure and it’s a likely to relate to someone else.

It could be the end of a relationship or closure to an ongoing situation - and that is a huge relief.

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I think a lot of Water bearers have made some big moves in the past month or so, changing houses, countries, jobs, relationship statuses and entering June you are clearing the slate in your social life.  It’s a kind of spring-cleaning of all your associations and stale or fair-weather friends.

There will be some connections cut around this time, but by the same token this energy is actually quite powerful and helpful for networking and getting involved with others socially and in groups.  But it’s quality not quantity and rather “specialized”.

Romantically June is going to be rather special. 

You’ve had Jupiter here for the past year (until August) really helping all your key connections and ensuring you discard the ones that shouldn’t be with you for the long haul. 

Venus arrives on the 5th creating a very loving atmosphere and you will be going all out in your relationships and making concessions and ensuring that you respond to your partners needs.  In other words you want to love and be loved and in June you are going to get on better with everyone.

You’ve also got a new moon in your house of love mid month (16th) so all in all it’s a “hearts and flowers” period, but while you’ve got your love life sorted out, you do have to pay more attention to your finances. 

Maybe you are spending a fortune trying to impress another, but you have both Neptune and Chiron turning retrograde in June (on 12th and 24th respectively) and both of these are in your money and property house, so you have to view your finances realistically for the next few months. 

Nor should you sell yourself short, and take a lesser salary or undervalue your efforts. 

Money can literally slip through your fingers and whilst it should still come in, and perhaps in large sums, it will then slip on out just as easily, so you have to budget. 

You will be more vulnerable in your financial world until December but by the same token as Neptune is also the planet of magic, money can appear magically.  But it’s also the planet of deception so avoid any get-rich-quick-schemes.

Neptune retrograding suggests that you need to be more practical in financial matters and put in boundaries for yourself and others and make sure you are receiving an adequate reward for your efforts.

Life could feel a bit harder for the next few months - in a financial sense - or you could feel victimized and helpless because of your financial situation. Situations surrounding money might cause anxiety or angst for the short term (the next few months) and then they will settle down again.

As I mentioned earlier, there will certainly be nice distractions and the new moon on the 16th will light your fifth house of true love. 

If single this can bring an opportunity to find love and if attached, there will be more romance and loving vibes for the next year.

There will be very loving and joyous times mid month, and some event or opportunity can change how you share your life, but in a joyous and exciting way.

There could be a wonderful surprise such as a romantic gesture, or gift, or a trip away or some luxurious experience that you both share.  As the 5th house is the house of children, there may be news of a pregnancy or you head off for IVF or get the green light for an adoption. 

If you are trying to launch another kind of “creative” project, then this energy is ideal also, and you will open the doors or get the good news call from the bank manager for the loan.

To make matters more complicated, Mercury is retrograding until 24th in this same area, so evidently there will be some confusion, delays, frustrations and reversals in these same areas.  You may receive surprising news from an ex, or be concerned about a pregnancy or a child at this time (for example shared custody arrangements).

Obviously as Mercury is the planet of communications, going backwards in this house is going to complicate and thwart discussions and in finding resolution or agreements and discussions relating to children could be a bit problematic.

There is a great trine between your ruler and Jupiter on June 22 so of course that’s going to be stellar for you. Uranus in your communications house and Jupiter in your key relationships house, means that there will be great news for the two of you or whatever you say to a lover, or boss will be “gold”. 

This is a very special day (for you and Leo’s in particular) so if you want to “put a ring on it” this is the day to ask.

It’s a great day to seal a business deal, or for any big plans, including children, property, country moves, business ventures or indeed anything major (or even to get away on a luxurious trip).

By the last week of the month you’ll be throwing yourself back into work (maybe because of your finances) but in fact you’ll be focused on improving all aspects of your world.

Don’t work too hard or get too stressed, as your health will be a bit more fragile in June/July and indeed a health issue could come to light at months end. 

There is a full moon in Capricorn on 1 July when a secret plan could be revealed or something that you have kept hidden comes to light and this may relate to money. 

Most of what happens in June is “a deux” so if it’s not all been “wine and roses”, you’ll still be able to work things out together and strong relationships will get stronger. 

Two is better than one in all your dealings, and in fact you will gain more by working in synch with another.  United you stand in striving for common goals.

Just remember the influence of Neptune and Chiron and ensure your finances are protected and conserve and shield what you have.

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You start the month focusing on your long term goals, your career, life direction, reputation and standing as there was a full moon in your house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame.

You are looking towards the future, and planning for the long haul and working out what you need to do (and what you are prepared to do to get there).

In some instances a job or career path may end, or change around the start of June, or similarly some career or professional problems are resolved.   There may be some other important event in your career and perhaps you get an offer you can’t refuse.

June is a significant month because for much of the time, your home and career areas are being influenced and these will be the two key areas that you spend most of your time focusing on (that and love and romance, especially if you are single).

There is a new moon mid month on June 16th in your home and family sector and this may bring new opportunities or new options relating to your home and family.  Maybe you decide to change where you live or change your domestic set up, bring in a new flat mate or have a child return home, or renovate, or any number of home and family manifestations. 

But the news around mid month will relate to family members or your tangible home and homeland and many Pisceans will be taking the plunge and buying a home, or upgrading or some other significant home move or improvement.

Venus from the 5th will assist you all month to “get to it” and tackle any repair jobs around the house, or sort out the mess in the garage.  You will be more concerned about restoring order and cleanliness within your home or perhaps you go around to your parents place and build something or install something that is of assistance to them.

The other key thing about June is how you are perceived “out there”.  Both Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces in your house of self, image and “brand” and how the world sees you.  Both are going retrograde in June (12th and 24th respectively) and that will make you even more attuned and sensitive to your environment and how you feel personally.

You do have a problem at the best of time with discipline and setting up boundaries and separating yourself from others as you tend to morph into their mood and then can’t separate out how YOU really feel.  

When both these planets are retrograding this is going to become even more confusing and unclear and the signals will be vague and you’ll get a bit lost in your way and life direction.

Your imagination will also run riot and you’ll be extra sensitive.

Because of this heightened sensitivity you may drink more or get into trouble in other areas of “susceptibly”.  There will be vague fears and at times even a touch of paranoia, because you’ll keep seeing things or reading into situations, things that don’t exist.  Your self expression and self esteem will be affected in the next few months, or you won’t feel as confident about your image (including body image) and presentation.   You might have self-doubt about your attractiveness or have some hang up about your looks or be unable to express yourself very clearly.  What you say can be misunderstood, misperceived or somehow “lost in translation” or you can’t find the right words.

Saturn compounds this by also retrograding back into Scorpio and that will impact on your belief system and make you question yourself.  There will unfortunately be some experiences that will either disappoint or disillusion you between now and December and trust will be broken and you will doubt your judgment about people in general.

There may be some unfairness in the law, or in a foreign country or in dealings with a global or international company; or an overseas venture can experience difficulties.

The new moon on June 16 will be very welcome as it will be the catalyst for not only the next few weeks, but also the next year and will assist both your home and career goals. A few days later the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st and that will bring a change of mood.  Your spirits will lift and you’ll be feeling a whole lot better, with more energy and more faith about the future.

From 16th June until mid July is an excellent period to start anything new, especially your own project (one that has your own ideas or you established or created).

On the June 22 there will be very pleasing news about a work related matter, and with Uranus in your money house, it’s likely to be a pleasant surprise about money; perhaps a new contract or some other financial development.

As this is the house of health, if you’ve been waiting on results or an outcome of treatment, you’ll get the all clear or a clean bill of health.

At any rate the news you hear (and it’s likely to be a surprise or unexpected) will be good news and will help restore your faith and optimism in the future.

Mars will enter Cancer in your fifth house of true love, children, fun and creativity on June 24 and after a hiatus of a couple of years, you have fiery Mars heating up amour.  This will help you to find romance if you are single and Mars in this part of your chart will make you more magnetic and appealing. 

If you are already attached, your relationship will heat up and enjoy a renaissance and it’s a perfect time to go on an extended romantic holiday or renew your vows – or whatever.

You will be Sex on a Stick going into July and from the end of June, you’ll start to have a ball.  Fun, pleasure and good times await and you’ll have a lot more sex appeal and if you are single, you’ll be very much in demand.

As you head to the end of June, there is a full moon in your house of friendships, socializing, networking, VIP’s and associations and you may be very busy socializing.   There could be one huge event that brings a lot of your friends and associates together, but there will be a lot more folk around you, either via work or play.

You’ll feel “at one” with others and with a sense of belonging.   You need to feel needed and an integral cog in a wheel, and that the role you play in the lives of your friends, lover, children, family and work is important. 

In order words, you want one mind and one heart in many bodies.

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