Monthly Forecasts




The month begins with a Mercury Saturn opposition and a full moon in Scorpio, both on Sunday 3rd and the former will affect your communication with people at a distance and any legal dealings you may currently be engaged with.  There can be news relating to an educational, publishing, media or Internet activity and there may be some unexpected obstacles or an impediment that slows your plans down.

Perhaps there is some opposition to your ideas, which is why the full moon in Scorpio on the same day is very helpful however Mercury is opposing Saturn on the same day and as Mercury rules communication (documents et al) try and avoid writing emails, signing anything or “formalizing” anything around this time.  Wait until Wednesday 6th when there is a nice trine between the Sun and Pluto (and Pluto is in your sector of professional success and public reputation).

This energy can assist in making positive improvements to your personal connections and getting the balance of one particular association right.  It may be in a commercial sense, it may be in a legal challenge, it may be with someone from afar.

This is about adopting a cool and rational approach and that sounds very “Aquarian” which is why the transit of Ceres in Aquarius since April 3 (until 3rd August) is particularly helpful to you.  This transit falls in your groups, VIP’s and friends sector, so “emotionality” is minimized and you will allow others to take more control (always a hard ask for Aries..).

Indeed with Jupiter in your house of love until August, “love is all around” and comes without conditions.  Thus it’s not too much about YOU and your needs and you’ll show more concern for others and there is a better balance within all your relationship dynamics.  It’s good to get this right early in the piece as Ceres transits can bring traumatic life changes (until August). \You will feel nurtured when accepted by the group, or when participating in causes, or in any forms of activities shared by people with similar goals. When under stress, Ceres can make you feel disconnected from others at times, or even socially inept.

From the 7th you won’t really be focusing on the outside world but more on your family and domestic scene.  Your home or “a home” will be the focus of your attention, along with the broader family dynamics.  You will be dealing with home and family related issues but in a nurturing and supportive (Walton’s family) way.   However this warm and fuzzy feeling may exclude siblings as mid month, Mars enters the area of your chart concerning siblings and you may be having “issues” directly with them, or regarding them. 

Mars will certainly give you the gift of the gab, and you’ll be very articulate and communicative, but you can also become more assertive and self-centered…and that is already a danger area for Aries. 

Try and keep onside with neighbors also as you could be more opinionated and argumentative for the rest of May.

There is a new moon in Taurus on the 18th and that continues with the theme of a “fresh start” in your value system and how you operate in this regard in order to feel “worthy”.  Material security and all forms of financial issues will be in more in play, and it’s also a good time to pamper yourself either physically (massage, facial etc) or via a holiday.

On the same day Mercury retrogrades (but this influence began as early as the 4th when the pre-shadow phase started) and this retrograde will impact on both your social life and your financial one. 

Why?  Because this is the house of commerce (and the new moon was in your money house) so you do need to consider some aspects of your financial structure and foundation.  There will also be some inconsistencies with your friends and groups: cancellations, last minute changes and others being less reliable in general.

On the 21st Jupiter aspects Pluto and this suggests miscommunications or false hopes to do with a lover or a child, but the energy does signal a major shift in career, lifestyle and reputation (and again this may also involve siblings in some way).

The month ends with both a square and a trine, and although there is a yin and yang aspect, it should certainly signify developments within a relationship and also your own subconscious.

There could also be a document or information that surfaces that has been hidden until now - or was lost – or is now lost, but don’t deceive anyone as it will be exposed!  This energy could feel undermining and there may be some remorse or disappointment about a failure or setback.  Saturn is retrograding in your legal and foreign house (people at a distance and foreigners) and will return to your house of joint funds in mid June. If there are any current or potential “joint funds” issues, resolve it now and certainly before the 18th. Forewarned is forearmed.

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The asteroid Ceres represents nurturing and care (the mother figure) but a transit of Ceres can also bring scandals.  I mention this as Ceres is transiting your house of public status and reputation and so some Taureans could become infamous or notorious before August and/or have their reputations impugned or sullied.

Hopefully it simply makes you more popular and you become more public (and a magnet for others) and people will want to take care of you and vice versa.  You will be more focused on goal setting and pursuing a successful outcome in one particular endeavor and may want to be in a leadership position or to control a situation.

Thankfully there is more of an “all for one and one for all” energy so you will tend to be less controlling then may normally be the case.

On the first weekend of the month there is a full moon in Scorpio (on the 3rd) opposite your sign and this affects your relationships.

Whatever occurs is a game changer and Saturn opposing Uranus the planet of change, will bring just that.  Saturn the practical planet encourages you to be realistic and think about the Big Picture and in May you will be doing just that.  There is a new moon in your sign that will cause you to plan for the long term, not just upcoming months, but upcoming years.  There is also a full moon in your opposite sign, and this suggest that May could be the month when your ship comes in.

Whatever you have been working on or hoping for will either come to completion or you will see the final result of your efforts.

You will have more faith and trust and understanding and not operate in a climate of fear and vulnerability.  Jupiter has a few months left to get you settled and secure within your family, domestic scene, home or homeland and it’s about belonging and feeling secure and feeling at peace.

So many Bovine siblings are moving house, relocating, moving country, changing their family dynamics, and generally rearranging this part of their lives.  You are likely to have begun this process in April, and will continue it through May, but June – August is when you will make some amazing inroads and changes and you’ll be thrilled by the developments. 

In May there is a retrograde (that in effect will continue until late in June) so these things will take time to unfurl, but it’s likely that you’ll be taking a trip or discussing contracts/documents in May that will have a bearing on events in June-August. 

There will also be some great news that arrives regarding this in May, so don’t worry you won’t be disappointed.  If you’re sweating on a green light, you’ll get it.

You are very much the diplomat for most of May as Venus is in your house of communication, and with the Sun in Taurus for much of the month, you are excellent company and you are feeling rather contented and at peace (and that makes a pleasant change). 

That’s welcome news because for much of the month you’ll be fretting over money (or arguing over it) and there will be a lot of money going out until the end of June.  There will be more expenditure towards a certain “cause” or whatever is currently important, and you’ll also be spending a lot of time on this matter.

The big news for you of course is that there is a new moon in your sign, on the 18th and this is always “big” and as I said, May will be the turning point.  A new moon in your sign is clearly the most powerful and its always about a “new start” and so you will begin a new or different chapter in your life.  If not, you will start to operate within a more conducive climate within a situation that has been difficult for you.

There will be a lifestyle change, a demeanor change, a new job, or project, in other words a new you.  This is when you can create a new chapter and your own personal story line (so make it as interesting as you can). As this is a very personal new moon, you are progressively anxious about creating and projecting a brand new identity (or to shore up an existing one).

Mercury retrogrades from the 18th and as I said above you’ll be fretting about money and if you have “enough” for what you need to achieve. You are trying to give yourself a new start and a new launch pad to the future, but you may be coming up short and security is very much a driving force for you in May. 

The last week in May is all about money: money shared with others or via a group, or an organization; for a project, a new home or a new lifestyle and your sense of security or of home seems to be predicated on someone at a distance/foreign.

May is “your month” and the month to finally achieve an important goal or a long held wish. It won’t happen overnight, or without some effort, but it will happen.

Many Bulls will be travelling towards the end of May and it will be happy times because this has a distinct bearing on The Future.

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Ceres will either help or hinder your dealings with those at a distance, or in a legal sense as Ceres transits your 9th house.  As this is a nurturing energy for much of May, you make inroads and heal some aspect that relates to this sector of your chart. 

If you are studying a Lecturer may become more of a mentor and assist you, or a legal person can guide you….OR you could get found out for cheating (the scandal element of Ceres). 

There may be a legal scandal OR you win a legal case.  As this also rules the Internet and publishing and media, you could get great press or be in the tabloids (like National enquirer). 

For those of the older generation you could rise through the ranks of your church or spiritual group or suffer a fall from grace.   Those who hold a higher power, authorities in general, foreign entities, higher education, religious groups, government and the law, can help or hinder you, grant you permissions or deny you. 

Certainly in May you have some huge Cosmic assistance with a raft of planets in Gemini including Mars but also some drawback such as Mercury your ruler retrograding in your sign.

Mercury in Gemini will make it easier to defend yourself and state your case (and any position that you may have adopted) and your ability to relate well should enhance many aspects of your life, especially your financial one.

Generally speaking May should be a very stable month for your relationships, and you are more magnetic and alluring so the month shouldn’t disappoint in the love stakes (and you’ll have more sexual energy!).

The long awaited arrival of Mars after a lengthy hiatus will make you more confident, self-assertive and energetic so you’ll have more impact.  You’ll be determined to be heard and to get your point across and at times will deliberately and passionately use your communication gifts to get what you want.

The new moon in Taurus on the 18th (the same day that your ruler retrograde in your sign) is rather significant as it reminds you about something you don’t do very often and that is doing some soul searching.

You might have to do this to achieve some emotional peace that may have been MIA for a while (depending on how your Pluto transit is affecting you and what you’ve gotten up to..).

A new moon in the house of the subconscious is quite a sensitive passage and one when secrets (yours and those kept from you), can emerge.  If you have stirred up any hornet’s nests or put noses out of joint then you’re most likely to know about it now - and someone may be undermining you behind the scenes without you even knowing about it.

Therefore this important retrograde (for you) is very timely as you are being given the opportunity to purify or improve how you act and Mars, Mercury and this new moon will all promote the development of ideas and the right line of approach (or attack..).

Maybe you have to reconsider some of the reasons underlying your previous actions and revise your approach.  Maybe you have to amend how you act and tone down some of your less that favorable traits.

As this new moon in on the 12th/6th axis, there will be some health related aspects also (and the full moon in your health house was likely to have brought this to a head), and these may be of the emotional and psychological kind. If you have any demons and fears/depression or have been exhibiting any neurotic or uncontrollable behavior (not entirely unexpected with Pluto in your 8th) this is the time to get this monkey off your back.  It may be as simple as eradicating a worrying situation from your life, but you should be more vigilant about your health in May.

It’s also very possible that in typical Gemini style many of you will be doing a 180-degree change of mind and the next month provides the ideal planetary climate to have a change of heart, shore up shaky associations and find solutions to any ongoing problems.

In spite of some drawbacks to the month there is a lot of positive stuff in the mix also. Venus makes you charismatic, alluring and sexy, and Mars will give you all the “get up and go” you need (and then some).

By the time the 21st swings around the Sun enters your sign and its clean slate time and one of enthusiastic new beginnings.  Best of all you’ll be surer of the direction that your life is heading.

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May is a good month for you in many respects.  From the 7th you’ve got Venus in Cancer for the rest of the month and that is going to do wonders for your love life and either bring new love in, or more love to an existing union.   Before then you have a rather nice full moon placement (that falls in your house of romance and pleasure) and so at least your personal life is firing on all cylinders.

Speaking of pleasure you’ve got Ceres transiting your house of sex, and so you’ll want more sex (because sex will equate to being nurtured and loved under this influence).  But in the main you’ll be feeling pretty good about life and yourself and about how others care for you.

Life has been difficult for a long time, Uranus in the 10th and Pluto in your relationship house has been testing, but this is all designed to liberate you from the ties that bind (i.e. the ones that you shouldn’t have).  You have been craving more freedom (or liberation) and that has manifested in different ways. Some have had radical career changes; others have distanced themselves from family, and particularly the mother figure.  There have been financial restrictions, legal ones, and other dampers on being able to achieve the kind of life you seek.

However there is no question that this process has made you a lot more self sufficient, and your ongoing life experiment is paying off.  As Alan Harper would say in Two and a Half Men “winning!”  You are working on the premise “jump and the net will appear” and that has been the case since 2011.

The full moon on the 3rd will have some bearings on a love affair, a project or something to do with your children (if you have any) and it will also be the catalyst to have more fun and love and that will remain the theme for the rest of the month.  You are closing the door on a chapter of sadness and limitations and letting go of anyone or anything that impedes your liberty and happiness.

It’s true that this is also a month when you really go inside and get to the heart of your true feelings particularly driven by Mars from the 11th onwards right through until 24th June. 

That combined with the Mercury retrograde suggests that the past will be looping back into the present much more so than usual.  It can be a karma passage (reward or punishment) and you’ll certainly be ploughing your energies into private matters.  A lot of Cancers will be keeping their activities under wraps in May as you want to keep some project or plan to yourself (or else you don’t want someone to know what you are really up to….). 

May will be a time of treading water and waiting for something to eventuate or a situation to come to fruition and much of what you are waiting on is going on behind closed doors.  It may be a decision, or a go ahead, or something that has to be adjudicated or resolved and all I can say is expect the unexpected and don’t assume anything (or you’ll make an ass out of you and me…).

With so much activity in your house of the hidden and subconscious your intuition is on overdrive so listen to whatever messages or feelings that you are getting.

It may be that you join in support of someone or something, because it’s an opportunist outcome and you realize that is the avenue that spells success.  The idea is to back the side that appears to be most in favor - or follow the trend and profit from what is the most popular (even if you don’t agree with it).  Ceres that remains until August and then ducks out and back in again at the end of October won’t just affect your sex life but also anything to do with joint finances.  Jupiter until August will help you get what you deserve and the new moon in Taurus (along with the current transit of Sun) is suggesting networking and being at one with a group, is your best bet.   

Making overtures and reaching out professionally can be very fruitful especially as you have lately become more aware of your position within a particular group.

You may be important OR insignificant, but you will be more certain of where you stand and how much power you do or don’t wield. Even if it’s the latter, Jupiter will bring opportunities to bolster your coffers and obtain the right support and the skies do suggest you have a lot more power than you realize so work out how to best use it for your own benefit and gain.

But the Cosmic message is to join with others and/or strengthen ties as opposed to going it alone.

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You begin the month deeply engrossed with business and lifestyle discussions, as you are particularly keen to share and exchange your ideas on one particular matter. This could be with work colleagues, friends or children, but it can also equally be with sporting or humanitarian groups or commercial groups and organizations.

Mercury entered Gemini at the end of April and as Mercury is the planet of communication, this will bring a lot of discussion, meetings and more communication in general with various groups and organizations and authority figures/VIP’s.  If you have been at odds with someone or have a business adversary, it's necessary to look at a global outcome (as opposed to just what you want) and incorporate shared ideas and values and maintain good communication and cordial relations. 

The full moon in Scorpio on the 3rd will briefly help to bring your focus away from your career and professional life and back towards your private one and there will be a lot more love and commitment in your life for the majority of the month.  One particular bond will get a whole lot closer mainly because you are engineering and promoting this to occur. 

With Venus in cancer from the 7th you will desire a closer and more profound kind of love, and you’re prepared to make sacrifices to get that.  Some will take a back seat for a lover (not easy for the proud Lion) and make adjustments in a career or lifestyle to accommodate a relationship.

It’s all about a “certain someone” in May although it might be worth analyzing why you are feeling so needy for a soul-mate type of union.  I say this as you may throw away one good relationship in search of an ideal and your drives and motives are a tad confused.  This is a bit of a danger period as you may be tempted to seek an affair or “another” to get the kind of love you feel you deserve.   At times you will feel let down and disenchanted and taken advantage of and boundaries are somewhat fluid.

In fact that’s been a case for Leo’s for more than a decade, but if this person or association is important (and he or she or it is) then in a “global” sense, you must together establish parameters that work.

Your love life is a major consideration in May, especially as there may be external factors and “outside shock” or other circumstances that can impact on the security of the union.

Ceres since early April and for a few months is making you more willing to nurture your partners (and that includes intimate /romantic ones and business colleagues) or attract partners who appear to want to “mother” (Ceres) or nurture you.

Therefore it’s quite important to keep a balance or else you will end up feeling used if you are doing all the giving.

It’s possible that significant tension emerges around the 6th when Saturn opposes Uranus that will cause some problems with a lover or children (or in any forms of joint financial enterprises).  A bank may recall a loan or you get a big tax bill, or a large credit card bill or some other less than good news.

A lot of Leonine relationships will be elevated to “the next level” but that can also mean you seek “another level” with someone else and around mid May is your most lustful and romantic time.

Try to come to terms with what is unpredictable about yourself and life in May because from the 11th Mars is suggesting that cooperative efforts is the best way forward (and the way you are most likely to achieve your goals).

Don’t try and do any business activities on your own and its important also not to be the lone wolf in any aspect of your life, but rather make a conscious effort to indulge in group activities and ditch the ego (although no doubt you are the one leading the group!).

The new moon in Taurus on 18th provides a “fresh start” in a lifestyle or career or any form of long-term goal and this also allows you to recreate a new profile or enhance your reputation in some way.

You will be talked about around this time for your activities and behavior and thus it’s important to ensure that what you are doing around this time can stand the scrutiny (and you will be more sensitive than usual as to how you are perceived).

The second half of the month is a great time to develop new business plans and goals (with a group), but also to hone your reputation - or tone down your behavior...

The last couple of weeks of May suggest you will be busy with career and/or public responsibilities although Mercury retrograding on the same day as the new moon (18th) will act as a fly in the ointment with respect to new business and lifestyle plans.

However the retrograde will provide a wonderful opportunity to tackle group dynamics and address any issues that may exist, so that everyone is on the same page and everyone is feeling happy and “on target”. 

You may have been too much of a lone Lion or paid too much attention to your own goals and ignored your support base and May is the month to realize that they are just as important, if not more so.

Don’t lose sight of the role that others (or another) plays in your life and take a moment (or indeed use these weeks) to work out where your support comes from - and whether or not you are nurturing that support in the right manner.

All this is good, because from the last week onwards it becomes a very sociable time and you will be enjoying life immensely.  If you have children, they will play a greater role, probably because you become more involved in their lives and activities. 

That said you will be spending more time away from home base than in it, and hanging out with friends and groups.  It’s also very likely that you will make some new friends and or new business affiliations and a lot of Leo’s are working on something BIG.

If you feel as if your name or brand or reputation has been lagging or has taken back seat since 2014 (and you haven’t received enough recognition for your efforts) then you’ll be delighted by the developments over the next few weeks and months.  A business or property idea that was on hold or abandoned may be back on the agenda.

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Every zodiac sign has a raison d’etre and a key thing that motivates them.  Aries is “I am”, Taurus, “I have”, Gemini “I think” and so on (you can see this in my personality profiles on my site). 

For Virgo’s its  “I analyze” and you do analyze (and criticize) situations and this is because you need to be of service and improve things.  I refer to the Virgins as The Ameliorators (as opposed to the Terminators) of the zodiac. 

This is even more so now as Ceres transiting Aquarius is suggesting that being of service and “work” (in whatever form that is) will make you feel happy and give you a feeling of satisfaction.  Indeed you will feel nurtured by helping co-workers, friends, and family and at the same time you may feel “nurtured” by others taking care of you.  The latter is more likely to be in a health and welfare way, the gym instructor, the doctor/therapist and so on or someone who helps your working environment (the accountant, web master..).

You are aware that you are “on a roll” and this takes off in earnest from August onwards when Jupiter is in your sign for the first time in over a decade.

Pluto (in a longer term process) is ensuring that you stand out from the pack in a career (most likely some form of creative enterprise) and in life in general. 

There is a deep and compelling need to express yourself and this month in particular is likely to bring a raft of questions and concerns to do with what you are doing career wise and how you are living your life.

Because you need to do things your way this month, you are more likely to experience disagreements and disputes, especially with authority figures (bosses, funders, older folk etc) who may be trying to coerce you into doing something differently.

It’s a frustrating time because there is a lot you want to do, but with your ruler retrograding from 18th (pre shadow from the 4th) you can really only think about what you need to do, rather than successfully implement it.

You may feel as if you are lagging behind or not getting your due kudos for your efforts, so if there is something to say, or an explanation that needs to be given, call, email, or do it in person around the time of the full moon on the 3rd (as this falls in your communications sector).

Love, romance and lust is also very much in the picture, and that can also include the emotional connection you have to a sibling.

When Saturn aspects Uranus on 6th you will try to bring two disparate parties together or combine very contrasting energies (a partner’s and yourself for example).

But your success will come from not forcing some kind of “fit” or trying to control what is uncontrollable.  Hard as it is for a Virgo, try and accept what may seem unacceptable - or at least what is outside your domain - or what you perceive to be right.   Defying order and logic can prove a real challenge to you, but one you have to embrace.

You may be tempted to manipulate others for your own purposes - or insist on your own way - and this may have caused some disturbances in a romantic or even business connection, so you need to let go of the rigid boundaries.  

You want to uphold what you believe is right no matter what others may say - or how much pressure is put upon you - and so there can be disagreements with authority figures.  

This is especially so around the 4th when your ruler opposes Saturn and it’s easy to miss the Bigger Picture as you’re too focused on obstacles and minutiae.  So in the first 8 days of May, don’t focus on winning or losing (or being too rooted in your own views or indentify), but instead focus on achieving greater variability and allow opposites (without the stress and pressure).

You are going to get more involved within a system of ideas and your Cosmic message is to not alienate others, but rather accommodate their views whilst retaining your independence and if you can pull that one off (deal effectively with the politics), then you can accomplish great things!

Mars from the 11th will stimulates your ambitions and you will want to receive the credit and appreciation for your efforts.  In your career, your social circle and in your intimate/romantic life you want to be seen and admired and you are rather self-promotive. 

Mars doesn’t come around that often in your career zone, so if you want to go it alone in a new career, your own business, or effect an expansion, this is the time (although the retrograde will slow things down).

It’s about enhancing your status and how you are perceived within your group or your career, but as I indicated above, there will be opposing views and ego clashes that will result in resentment however the new moon in Taurus is extremely helpful in getting this balance right.

There will be new friendships and associations formed this month and there will be a lot of good times shared with friends and a lot more warmth and friendliness. This new moon on focuses on personal growth and will help your spirit grow (and that’s something that Jupiter is now working on big time before August) and you are developing a new perspective on life. 

I doubt that you will be content with the same old, same old and travel, learning, exploring and expanding are all key components of this energy (in other words, imagining new adventures that will feed your spirit and then doing it!).

Your ruler retrograding in your public reputation house does suggest that your brand and how you come across may need some work.   As indicated about there will be differences of opinion, mainly about how you see yourself and your role and how you see others and their role…

Deal with what needs fixing and improving (and that’s what you do so well) and your world will open right up and become your oyster in a few months time. 

Focus on your professional life, your reputation and status lifestyle and work out what is appropriate in terms of remuneration, status, recognition or quality of life and make the adjustments accordingly. 

Refocus; pull all the threads together, and then you're on your way. You are laying the foundations for your long-term future so treat it with due seriousness.  Find the right avenue for your self expression (and where you can best sell or communicate your message to the public) but know that your career and life is about to get very exciting.

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At the start of the month, there will be more involvement with a group, organization (or amongst your friends) but whatever is occurring is very beneficial and heading in a positive direction.  Perhaps you join together to establish an intellectual, political, cultural, educational or humanitarian institution.

There is a full moon on the 3rd in Scorpio and this will have financial ramifications - and involve discussions about joint finances - what is yours, what is another’s, and what you share.

It is also likely that some kind of change in your income or financial status will occur in the early part of May.

Since the end of April Mercury has been lifting your spirits and restoring faith and optimism and if you have been immersed in any emotional or financial difficulties, this is easing or you can see you way out of the problem. In fact you are not going to allow anything to impede your progress and joie de vivre and no matter what is occurring (good or not so good) that won’t impact on your openness and willingness to embrace the new.

These include new ideas, new places, new people and new influences and certainly a new outlook on your life.

Ceres transiting in your house of pleasure, true love, children and creative ventures since April (until August and then again in October onwards) suggests that these are the things that will make you feel happy and whole.

You will feel cared for by having romance and fun, and that also includes team sports, games and any form of speculation.   In fact any form of excitement will do the trick, but you will long for more shows of love and devotion from a partner or a prospective partner and to be able to smother them in return.

This is also the house of children, so you may be putting yourself out more for your kids (unconditional love) and going the extra mile or perhaps considering having a child or another.  In fact the younger generation will feature strongly in your life whether you have grown up children or no children at all.

This can manifest as a creative venture via children (a new child-minding centre, or creative writing for children, or children’s clothing) or some other youth orientated activity.

A significant number of Librans are mobile, heading somewhere and you may be taking your children with you or visiting them or making arrangements for them in your absence.  This journey or journeys are not around the corner, but to far-flung places in the world and foreign entities factor large. 

Perhaps you are establishing an orphanage or steering relief for children caught up in some form of conflict.  So the travel may be for pleasure - or work - but there are excellent Cosmic influences for success at a distance (and hopefully it’s not a child labor factory that you’re involved in…).

After the 7th, Venus will do wonders for your career, reputation, public status and how you are perceived, and to your life style.  This can manifest in various ways, but one of the traditional ones is to get some benefit or breakthrough in a career or business activity.

Put it this way, everyone will look favorably upon you and upon your efforts; you’ll look really good on the job (physically and how you operate) so you can expect to receive favorable feedback.   People will notice your achievements and in turn you are more receptive to opportunities as they arise.

In fact May should be a high spot in your career and you are feeling very passionate about what it is you are involved in as it has your total commitment. This career high will continue until the first week of June (as Mars will also ensure that you continue to improve your lot  - your position and reputation).

You are pouring your energy into one particular venture or project that is very dear to you, and in some capacity it may well involve dealing with people at a distance or you are going to take up a job overseas.

Maybe you are sourcing goods from overseas companies, or establishing a travel company, but places at a distance are very helpful to your success. It may be that you have invested your energies into arranging a trip overseas and that is coming to fruition now, but it’s important to your soul and happiness to be broadening your horizons, literally and figuratively.

A significant number of Librans are mobile, heading somewhere, returning and this is not around the corner, but to far-flung places in the world and foreign entities factor large.  This may be for pleasure - or work - but there are excellent Cosmic influences for success at a distance.

Alternatively you may be immersed in legal dealings (this is also the house of the law) and attempting to remove some restriction from your life.

Put it this way, you won’t be treading water in May, you are doing something innovative and beneficial and these represent major advances.

The new moon in Taurus is a time of empowerment, but also of join finances (and sex) so you may start a passionate affair or begin a venture with someone, with shared funds.

Your money and assets are in focus around the 18th, but it’s mainly dealing with other people's money or money that comes in from elsewhere (bank loans, refunds, credit cards, etc). It may be that you decide on a divorce settlement or divvy up some other shared spoils.  Maybe it’s sorting out the profit distribution in a joint venture, or negotiating a legal settlement.

From a sexual and intimate perspective this can be the start of deeper levels sharing or it can relate to sharing a budget (from the sublime to the mundane). There is a transformation or regeneration that may occur around the 18th in either an intimate relationship or a financial one. There is the likelihood of an intense attraction early in the month (and one that almost feels fated) and whilst this could be a business/financial connection, it’s more likely to be a sexual one.

Mercury retrograding helps you to redesign the blueprint of your life and make it more colorful and expansive (but you can’t get too carried away with the bigger picture and overlook the details, especially the financial ones).  You have to stay real and not totally escape from reality whilst you expand the vision of your own life and dream up ideas for the future.

This is the month to formulate expansive and long-term goals, and you are surrounded by support (and friends who are only too eager to help you to achieve your ends).

You've got time, so don’t get frustrated with the slow downs of the Mercury retrograde, and do try and keep at least one foot on the ground.

But the great news is that achieving your goals will be a lot easier and you can really make stellar progress with your life.

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The full moon at the start of the month (May 3) is obviously important as it’s in your sign and that is one of personal significance.   As this is on the relationship axis, it can affect a relationship, and one can end, or something that affects you personally can reach a peak. 

It’s most likely that there are some wonderful developments in a one-on-one arrangement, although it may also suggest the need to strike the right balance with another.  This is especially so as Mercury in Gemini will be stirring up your mood and your reactions (resulting in overreactions).

Obviously a personal full moon is urging you to be YOU - in other words, don’t worry so much about everyone else around you and focus on yourself - without being be too needy or pushy about it.

Whatever occurs will assist with your personal goals, and you may find that if you are single, the weekend brings a new love (or you propose during the first week to an existing one). May in many respects is a month that will show you where your relationships are headed, one way or another.

If your are in a marriage or cohabiting relationship (and even if you are not) your domestic scene, family, real estate (flat, house, etc) have a great bearing in May and will continue to do so for much of 2015 (with the exception of September). 

Where you live, how you live, with whom, even your country (if you are a politician or diplomat for example), will throw up any uncertainties and doubts  - and some problems.

One thing that is harder for Scorpios than most is to concede or forgive or bend the rules (your rules) to fit in with the wishes or needs of someone else.  And yet that’s exactly what may be required this month.

It’s likely that home and family will make you feel more secure - or you may buy domestic real estate in order to feel more secure - and you are more emotionally insecure for much of the month.  Your reactions are heightened and these will be intense at times when your desires are thwarted or you feel threatened.

When Mercury retrogrades from the 18th you’ll feel this even more sp, but as early as the first week onwards, you’ll see past emotional issues being put back on the table. Past complaints and angst will be back on the agenda, perhaps not exactly in the same format as before, but even though they may appear to be different, they are not.

At times in May, life will not feel easy, and the past will have a greater hand in current and future events than you would be comfortable with.

It’s likely that there have been some things that you said or did (or didn’t say or do) that now needs to be addressed and some past actions may come back to haunt you.   For example, if you have abused your position or rights as a Manager/boss/owner or have picked on people or make their lives difficult, "just because you could” then you will be in the firing line.

Even if this is not the case, the reactions and feedback that you have received have at times dented your self-esteem and impacted on your sense of self (and you have not always felt appreciated or understood).

The basis of power between you and another - or even a group - will need to be restored or rearranged, but also the way in which you communicate and convey your message has to change also.  Watch out for problems (especially during the retrograde) with your PR, what you say, write, publish and convey.

Try and take a step back and see yourself as others see you, and that may help with the new approach and as Jupiter is certainly giving you all the opportunities to enhance your reputation and public profile. 

With a bit of luck between now and August will open up a host of career and lifestyle opportunities although you may have to rid yourself of unhealthy connections and transform situations and circumstances that are dysfunctional.

Venus in Cancer from the 7th will bring a different and broader perspective, and most likely a lot more travel and some Scorpio’s will have a love affair with a foreigner, or you establish or improve your connections with another country (very helpful in a business, political and travel sense).

You are feeling more confident across the board and this will also do wonders for your personal relationships.  Unfortunately Mars will tend to erode this positive influence and make you more emotional and reactive, and make you more at the mercy of your emotional reactions.  At times you will vulnerable and befuddled by what is transpiring and if you want someone too much then you are even more at risk of being unable to protect yourself and your own interests.

This may not be sexual, but within a power play or people politics and you may feel overlooked and ignored or that your desires are going unheeded.   This in turn can cause irritation or even rage and that may translate into aggressive action and so it’s self-defeating.  You get angry, they get angry, you push and they push back and so on so it can be quite exasperating.

The new moon in your opposite sign, Taurus will assist greatly in a fresh start in diplomatic relations and negotiations especially if they have become fraught and seething with resentment.

You can re-define a relationship and sort out any issues of cooperation, partnership and sharing and can rewrite some rules and start a new era in your relationship(s). If you are single don’t be surprised if you start a new relationship around this time as you do want “someone to watch over me”.

It’s also a good time to review money and joint asset arrangements and it’s likely that you will be talking about money with someone around this time.

Dividing the spoils, and distributing assets (or even missing assets and funds) are also up for discussion and with Mars in the picture this can be somewhat heated.

So the message for all of May is to work on resolving relationship issues  (and be a better “partner”) and foster mutual support, in both your intimate and business life.

There will be changes to relationships as a result of discussions and actions, and if you want positive outcomes, then think – equality, sharing, cooperation and compromise - not separate beings and separate finances.

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Mercury retrograding from the 18th (and beginning the pre-retrograde on the 4th) will give you a stellar opportunity to mend one particular relationship or at least minimize any potential damage.  You’re more attuned to how you are being perceived by others and that can help you make adjustments to your own direction or actions. 

The full moon in your house of the subconscious and the hidden will provide the necessary epiphanies and insight, and the answers will emanate from deep within as you connect to your inner drives and deepest feelings.  It’s also possible that something that has been hidden comes to light around the first week also, but either way, you are probably exhausted by all that has “gone down” of late and simply want to recharge and lay low.

So you should try and get more rest and be ZEN (in the first week at least), and let the full moon energy pass.  The past couple of years have taken their toll (and the past couple of months have been particularly “interesting”) and there may have been some physical movements, such as more travel or relocation or similar.

Money issues are up for debate or further consideration/discussion in May however is unlikely that any key discussions or compromise solutions stick as the retrograde will ensure that they backtrack, re delayed or become void.

Your emotional life is also an area that is activated, as there are a number of planets in your partnership zone, including Mars that will certainly liven up your associations.

This will bring more heat and that can mean more passion or fiery conversations, but there is the propensity for more conflict, especially around mid May.

You are generally a rather insensitive and tactless sign (you have been accused of having a missing sensitivity chip at times) but the current planetary action will make you more sensitive and more attuned to how others perceive you.  However that in turn will make you less sure of yourself, and of your own opinions and there may be periods when you feel lacking in confidence.   

Thankfully Mercury will support relationship dialogue and from the 21st, it will be easier to find compromise solutions, although you may have to change your position, as you won’t be able to preserve your position or safeguard it.  

This may have financial implications or it may simply be your opinion and point of view that needs to give way.  But you will find it hard to justify a particular stance, as it won’t stick.

Of course this is going to lead to heated exchanges, because you may feel more vulnerable or even a tad fearful about the developments.

It can go either way depending on your personal circumstances and so what you are told will either dispel any doubts and be a relief - or send you to the therapist.

No matter how anxious or uncertain you may feel at times it’s important that you don’t ignore your own needs (although I doubt that will happen as Mars will make you a lot more assertive within all your key relationships).

So in a nutshell, May can be a bit of a touchy month, and some of this can involve a sibling or a neighbor.  Ceres has been transiting this area of your chart from early April and will continue until August (and in reality until 2016 with the exception of September) and that is impacting on the relationship you have with brothers and sisters or else your community and neighbors. You need to feel “at one” with your siblings and yet at times in May you will feel anything but. 

The Cosmos is saying that between now and 2016; in order for you to feel truly nurtured and at peace (Ceres the Mother) then you need to feel like you belong with sibling(s) or within your community/neighborhood.

The other energy about May is that it will start to show you who in your life is your friend and who is your foe and it doesn’t have to be frenemies but people who hold you back or encumber your progress - or damage your reputation.

If someone is acting like they are helpful and are in fact the opposite and instead hindering you, it’s time to make some changes.  This can be anyone from a lawyer, financial advisor, doctor, lover, friend, family member…you get the drift.

Make sure you are looking after your own interests (as opposed to abrogating your responsibilities to someone else) and getting them to fight your battles.

The new moon in Taurus on the 18th is a great time to start taking care of business – your own affairs - and re-organizing your life, home, work, health and so on.  It’s time to sort your life out.  Jupiter is now blessing any form of legalities, so it may be a legal issue that you have to sort out or deal with, but you do have one of the best windows for many years to improve the quality of your life. 

Note to all, these new experiences should include more travel and a different way of living or at least broadening your mind through education or some form of spirituality.

There is some form of obligation towards someone at a distance, or the promise of another place or homeland, and this will be finalized in the next few months (and there will be fascinating news in this regards this month).  There is a wonderful opportunity (from Jupiter himself) for you to connect in an entirely different way, perhaps with a person or place from afar, so don’t ignore the this opening when it appears.

In May, like Humpty Dumpty you can put the pieces back together again, and carve out a new and stronger relationship. This may be a sibling or the spouse, a lover, child or business partner.  Jupiter is helping enormously with the attitude and that is the key factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship or deepening it.   Over to you.

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Ceres since April has focused on what makes you feel secure and that can mean a large bank account or the knowledge that you will always be taken care of financially.  For others its about getting your financial dues, what you are owed for all the effort you have put in, but in essence its about attending to whatever it is that makes you feel safe and sound.

May focuses on your family and/or long-term associations, and whatever occurs - no matter how if may affect your sense of security and stability - will shed light on one key relationship. You do seem to be more “other” regarding than is usual and Venus in it’s own house (relationships) from the 7th May means that a key relationship – and relationships in general – are paramount.

Normally you aren’t too concerned about what others think - mainly because of your superiority complex (and probably with good reason) but Venus will soften this aspect and make you more receptive and approachable. 

You will open up emotionally to another and this is a process of renewal and change that will produce more love, intimacy and closer connections.

The full moon in Scorpio that took place on the 3rd will make you more aware of your role (and how key it is in the scheme of things) and you will be shown how much you are needed, wanted and admired. 

By the same token, if you are not getting your due accolades for your efforts, then you will be making changes – but they will be constructive and encouraging - and instigated by you.

In May you are far more involved and concerned about how other people see you and for one reason or another you are pinning your fortunes - or your position - on the feedback or responses that you are receiving.   Indeed your self-worth is a mirror to the approval or otherwise of others and to ensure you get the right reaction you appear more willing to agree with the wishes of others. 

Since Uranus the planet of change entered this area of your chart you have been reviewing your home environment, family and your values and on many occasions you fought against this, but this month you will be more receptive and work with people rather than against them.

Whether single or married, with family or flat mates, your home environment, family and domestic scene is being recreated or rebuilt.  Whatever is determined this month will bring a transformation (and most likely resolution to previous difficulties with your family structure).  

These are deep seated and sweeping changes that will result in a renewal or at least a new direction …just as many Cappy’s had just about give up hope of every getting this part of their lives on even keel.

Perhaps it seemed unworkable or unachievable or simply too hard.  Uranus of course is the planet of surprises – the unexpected – so the impractical can find a solution and the bearable becomes unbearable – it really depends on your own circumstances.

You do have Pluto wanting you to succeed, full stop, and enhance your personal power and Uranus concurrently wants you to do something innovative and beneficial for your home life and family so clearly there is some kind of major reformation going on.

Mars will change signs from the 11th and with all Mars transits there is more energy at your disposal and in May it’s can be directed towards improving your daily environment and if it’s broke or dysfunctional you will be driven to fix it. 

You have been much more self-focused since 2008 and wanting to transform yourself in the world and that includes all your connections and infrastructures.  Therefore if you are single it will have a completely different application as opposed to if you are in a relationship or with family. 

But the key question is how do you continue with a parallel path to another (family, job, friends, etc) when you are seeing yourself and your role in the world in a very different way than you did seven years ago.

Now you want control and to keep it - and the control and influence you are gaining over others IS growing and thus the difficulty you are encountering now is when someone tries to hold you back or takes control over you. 

Thankfully the new moon in Taurus on the 18th will introduce a passage of fun and pleasure and you’ll feel better humored (as opposed to fighting for your position or turf).

There is greater confidence, more romance, passion and more play.  “I feel good” (sang James Brown who was your opposite sign) and so will you from the second half of May as there will be more love and happy social times.  

Some Cappy’s are very keen to have another child - or a first one - and may discover that this occurs around this time although the Mercury retrograde of course can bring some false alarms or missed readings or slow this process down.

Of course Mercury retrograde can affect all your schedules and routines, but at the same time gives you the opportunity to solve any problems (especially related to the work you do or even with a heath routines).

This is a month to sort out the wheat from the chaff, become more organized, improve your routines and bring more order into your life.  Don’t be surprised if a number of wishes or heartfelt goals are attained.

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Rather like Capricorn, home and family is quite a focus this month, and many Water bearers are relocating, selling, buying or restructuring their domestic scene in some significant way.

It’s about making yourself feel safe and secure and finding a sense of belonging and more inner security than of the tangible kind (although money questions remain omnipresent).

You are looking for more support in May, of the emotional and intimate kind as you have been feeling a tad vulnerable especially since Ceres has been transiting your sign.  The manifestation of this is that you are becoming very “other” focused and very nurturing or you are more open about your real feelings (which is rather un-Aquarian of you as you normally avoid emotionalism like the plague).  But someone close will be emotionally and you’ll be playing the Mothering role regardless of your sex.

Single or coupled you will be making long-range plans for the future, this month and that originates from the home, you are getting your foundations sorted.  Jupiter until August is ensuring that you have a special someone in your life, either via a marriage, a successful business union or in addition that you benefit from any kind of contractual agreements

A work project could come to fruition or an end or you reach some kind of career pinnacle as the full moon early in the month, highlights your achievements or underlines a failure, and particularly around the third week, when Saturn opposes the Sun so you are likely to take an ego hit. Don’t concern yourself too much as there are more financial benefits coming your way any disputes can be easily settled as you have good PR and greater popularity.

There are new alternatives opening up in May and this may include a new job overseas or a lifestyle change in a foreign country and following the full moon in Scorpio early in the month, it will become clearer just how important or otherwise a job or lifestyle is or isn’t.  

Some will leave a job or lifestyle situation around this time or receive a new job offer and a number of Aquarians are moving house as there is a lot of focus on home and family all month.

For the majority of May you will be nesting although the new moon in Taurus on the 18th suggests a new start within the family or the home (as in buying, relocating) or a new start in family issues that has been up in the air for a while (and there have been some ego confrontations).

From the 11th you’ll feel re-inspired and want to express yourself and have fun, romance and good times and take a few risks. Mars is bringing romance and joie de vivre into your life after a two year hiatus, and the Sun from the 21st will make you more magnetic so single or attached, more romance is very much on the cards.

You are likely feeling good in general, and you tend to spread the joy (whatever that means…) but if you are looking for “the one” or want to perfect for you to find love, or improve an existing union the planetary aspects are ideal.  If there has been warmth missing of late in your key association, you can expect it to be red hot…

Mercury retrogrades from the 18th (but in fact all month, starting with the pre-retrograde on the 4th) and so you can retrace your steps or do an about face in a romance, a pregnancy issue or a matter to do with your children.

If you do have something pending regarding an overseas, publishing, media, legal or educational project (as the transiting nodes and ongoing eclipses in Libra suggest) it will be impossible to guess the outcome in May and make a decision accordingly, thanks to Mercury. 

Key folk are assessing you and your talents and your efforts have been noticed.  Your importance in one particular field is expanding but this may not be obvious to you given the confusion and lack of clarity in May.

Whilst the absence of clear alternatives in May can help clear the mind, your real freedom will ultimately be the right to choose alternatives and there will be a stunning alternatively presented in June/July. 

Just be aware that in May your reverse side also has a reverse side – in other words some decisions will be overturned so best to wait off until late June when your real parameters are know.

Then there will be clarity of mind and clarity of passion and you’ll know exactly in which direction you want your life to head.

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For much of May, your home, family, domestic scene, property, and relatives are all front and centre and your spouse or offspring are a source of pride. It’s a chicken soup, Waltons-family sense of belonging  - home and hearth rules - and you are the major domo (the benign and loving matriarch or patriarch).

That said, when Mars enters this part of your chart from the 11th, you could anticipate some frayed tempers and ego confrontations and you may be obliged to deal with home related issues.  These could include your parents, children or in-laws (i.e. their home and domestic arrangements) or there may be some other stressful issues relating to your home and family.

What you are essentially doing in May is getting your underpinnings strengthened - where you live for the long haul - and also providing a more secure emotional foundation for yourself and renewing your spirit.

Quite early in the month, (from the 7th) Venus enters Cancer and that will do wonders for your charm and magnetism and make you more loving and appreciative within your relationships. 

You’ll also want more recognition and that can be via what you do professionally and in life, within your household or from a lover.  This energy is particularly great if you are single as this is the planet of Venus in the house of true love, so at the very least you can expect a profound sexual attraction.

Those Pisceans wishing to conceive in May have a greater chance of conception and in so many ways you’ll be drawing in people to you thanks to Venus.

The retrograde passage in Gemini (that in reality is in effect all month, and not just from the 18th) will cause you to pause and take a step back and reconsider the direction your life is taking.  You will have more “messages” from yourself (epiphanies) and more insight as to what you really want and truly believe in. It’s better to read the future and get a handle on what is on the way or just around the corner and be able to prepare for it.

The full moon at the beginning of May will make you more receptive to new experiences and growth and you’ll find that your horizons will really open up.  This can also be literal and you may find yourself travelling in the first week or so of May (and also the last week).

Ceres has been transiting Aquarius since April and this affects your house of the hidden and subconscious, and will bring to light any psychological problems and "restrictions." This is where you keep what you don't want to show to the world, those feelings that you have under lock and key. 

But if you are keeping stuff hidden from yourself, then the Ceres transit here will help to un-suppress those needs.  Ceres is nurturing, but because of what’s coming to the surface it may be more difficult to nurture others right now.  Or it could be the complete opposite and you are nurturing every man and his dog, the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate and being super generous.

There may of course be a big secret - or secret dealings and activities - that you are keeping under wraps, and there is a strong message from the Cosmos about operating within appropriate boundaries, either your own or someone else’s.

You may be faced with conflicting choices and could be tempted to go down a path for material gain, but it’s a path that you need to cover up.

Maybe it doesn’t fit spiritually or doesn’t make you happy or satisfies you…or maybe it’s not quite kosher or legal or appropriate.

If this is the case, then you are kidding yourself that all is “OK”. That said, for the majority of Pisces this is the time when your ship comes in and with Saturn in your career house (fame, honors, recognition) for the next couple of years, this is when you can reap the rewards.

You can become make a big splash and become very successful and do very well, but you will also be doing a lot of self evaluation about where you’re at, and you are facing some cold hard truths (especially if you have been holding onto a false image of yourself or barking up the wrong tree).  Either way you are under the Cosmic spotlight and being scrutinized (reward or reprimand).

Alternatively you may feel you are giving too much or being too self-sacrificing and haven’t been sufficiently rewarded or appreciated, but either way it may be a form of escape from the reality of the situation.  So it’s time to get real.

The new moon will help your communication and interactions with others, especially your siblings and it will give you the gift to be able to say what needs to be said. 

There is also a fresh start in your social life, a lot more activity and mobility and a fair bit of travel.  You do seem to be spending more time dealing with people or entities at a distance, or legal matters and important documents.

Your actions will be driven more by your instincts and again, depending on what you may be hiding or covering up, you may be more defensive and protective.

With the retrograde in May you are likely to get worked up about old angers or regarding emotional issues from the past that resurface and need to be dealt with.

The areas or people who are erratic or out of control will tend to be relating to family and home matters…or your career as this is on the same axis.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.

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