Monthly Forecasts






There is likely to be an overhang for a while from the lunar eclipse in Aries last month and circumstances, or an encounter has forced to you make a revision in some area of your life. 

It’s about sorting out priorities (people and otherwise) and who stays and who goes and taking back control of your life.

November can be a great month to make changes to your brand or image or tweak your personality, as this is very much a career and public reputation/life direction/lifestyle month.

You’ve got Mars in your career sector all month (joining Pluto) and this is topped off with a full moon in Taurus in your money house on 6th November, so this is an ideal time to make the kind of major changes in your career or lifestyle (that reflect your goals and aspirations in life and in your career).

This energy will make you very determined, but as you are an Aries, there is going to be the elevated chance of head butting and ego clashes (and God help anyone who tries to hold you back or restrict you/stand in your way).

You will be intent on pursuing your goals with a one eyed vision and will not be derailed by anyone from achieving your ambitions – nor will you hesitate to break down someone else’s power - if you feel the need.

In November you can make your mark upon the world, as Mars will give you more drive and determination to succeed and you do have clearer career goals.

Pluto is giving you more influence in the public realm and at work and you are putting your needs first.  But I repeat, you can’t run roughshod over others without receiving some form of opposition (and that’s quite likely in the last week of November).  

At work or within your home and family (or even in your social sphere), your role is being "tested" to see if you have what it takes to be the person in charge.  

Depending on your actions, you may not feel like you have much control, although what occurs in November may have nothing to do with you at all, but rather involves some drama to do with your spouse or mate - or the company that you work for.

It’s likely that you start feeling a bit uncertain and not in control of your relationships and your surroundings may seem off-kilter (although that more likely early in the month) when your perspective is influenced by your emotional state rather than what “is”.

A situation or a relationship may come to an end - or a job might - but you will be doing a fair bit of reflecting and “thinking” mainly to do with internal issues.  Just make sure you separate fiction from fact.

If you play by the rules and are co-operative with others and act in the appropriate fashion you won’t have any downfalls.

November is an excellent month to do some financial planning (especially joint finances, wills, inheritances, loans, debts, taxes, insurance et al). Income and possessions and joint and “shared” money is what you will be overly focused on - what you own and what you share or need to share - or should share…

There may be an end to a job (income) or the conclusion of a sale, or loan, or debt, or some other change in your finances.

It’s also a good time to concentrate on intimate, and personal matters – again with rationality and logic – don’t allow your emotions to lead you astray.

If you can bring yourself to do it, have the talks about sex, money and power – all the “no go” areas – but keep your communication on even keel.  Well handled, you can go very far and achieve a high level of success in a particular activity.

Mars squares Uranus on the 12th and as you have Uranus in Aries, that’s going to play with your head and you will be extremely unpredictable and volatile.

If an unexpected obstacle arises (or things don’t go your way), avoid resorting to temper tantrums.  Wait patiently and be flexible.

On the 16th Neptune goes direct and you can be very unselfish in your actions now (maybe to do with joint finances/money)  - or you can become seriously deluded.

By the third week you have a number of planets in your house of foreign influences, travel, education, and you’ll feel calmer and more “together” and in fact a good mood arrives.  

Your sense of adventure will return and there will be a whole lot of new influences and activities  - new sights and new places on offer.  It’s therefore highly likely that you will be doing some form of travel or have dealings with foreigners, or a foreign company, or fall in love with a foreigner.

The new moon the 22nd brings personal growth in the form of new studies, a website, blog, publishing, a book (or going back to the drawing board and starting again….)

There can be some drama around 25-27th with your business/finances or to do with family members.

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In November and indeed for the next few months, you have a greater influence in the realm of one-to-one associations.  This may be a spouse, friend, business partner, family member or enemy. 

If it’s a romantic connection and not working out, you may consider doing something about it in November around the time of the full moon in Taurus. 

If it’s a legal issue (just as likely with Pluto hovering around) then you will be going “all out” to address this as you need to restore harmony in your life.

Solid and worthwhile relationships will be strengthened and relationships and the ones that are not meant to be in your life are going to be let go.

You might be fighting a battle for someone else or on his or her behalf, as this energy highlights the activities of a partner – business or otherwise – but you should start to see pleasant developments within the area of your personal dealings.   Even if something comes to an end, it’s for the better.

This is also likely to affect known enemies, someone that either you or your partner has been in conflict with for some time and this energy suggests that November is ideal for creating equal situations, cooperation, compromise and hopefully agreement.

The focus is on the balance that you have (or don’t have) with another and your own goals and needs, versus the needs of others.

It’s now about what you want and need to make yourself happy and complete (although it’s helpful that at the same time you’re become more aware of the realities and opinions of others).

This may be a good or a bad thing.   It can bring doubt, uncertainty and lost confidence, or you can have breakthroughs (and the Mercury energy all month is very supportive of discussions to find compromise solutions).

Mars is driving you to improve your life and push the things that are important to you so you could spend much of November arranging a trip overseas or in some form of physical travel or getting Court approval or offloading a legal situation.

You have to make progress in November or you won’t feel happy, so make sure you do something new or advance/improve yourself in some way.

With the combination of “foreign” (and Jupiter in your house of home and family) you may decide to move back home or buy a home overseas.

There will be a lot of dealings in the last fortnight, and these may be financial, legal, educational or intimate and you may feel as if you’re going over old ground.

The areas affected are intimate relationships and shared resources/finances other people’s money, like debts, taxes, and joint finances.

The new moon on the 22nd will give birth to a new direction or a new outlook, but that suggests that a hope or a situation has to end or a problem gotten rid of before that can occur.

Saturn semi squares Pluto on 27th and you’ll have a strong desire to make changes in your life that will gain you more success, power or wealth - and this is the ongoing theme in November.

Even after Mercury exists it’s post shadow on the 10th, things will still move slowly and although you are one of the more patient signs, it’s going to drive you nuts waiting.

Things will take longer than they should and you’ll feel frustrated and there will be some conflicts with those in power/authority figures and someone is trying to get on top of you or vice versa.

However a point has reached where it is not longer possible or viable to continue with a process, activity or direction and that will become very clear before the end of 2014.

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November may be a difficult month for you because for most of it you’ll be feeling somewhat strung out and frustrated as you feel as if you keep coming up against dead ends or roadblocks. 

Your personal effectiveness is being impeded by a situation or affected by your own feelings, but either way, it’s not “happening”.  If you feel you are being blocked, then you’re going to feel resentful and much of this has to do with joint assets (and any form of association in which money is shared).

You may be wracking up a big debt, or legal bills, but money is going out rather than in.

Therefore this needs to change and one particular situation in November is at “make or break” point and in some strange way this also ties in with your life’s meaning.

The recent solar eclipse in Scorpio will continue to affect you in November in your working life or your own personal habits and your “daily dealings” and maybe your daily environment is not healthy or a working situation/work project is dysfunctional and needs action and response.

It will help if you can identify what it is your really need to make you happy, but it time for an overdue revaluation.

It’s not an easy task because you’re in a critical and fault finding mood, by the end of November you will have the focus and commitment to put right whatever has been bothering you.

This may be improving cooperation between parties, or your own routines and ways of behaving, or your physical health. 

You might at times feel overwhelmed, but if you handle opportunity in the right way, November can be extremely productive and reformatory.  

When you are feeling ratty, withdraw; chill and reconnect with yourself (and what you really want) because you may have been kidding yourself or hiding your real feelings from yourself.

At any rate you may not feel like your usual social self and you will be focusing on one relationship or situation in particular and the dynamics at work within that relationship.

You need to make some adjustments in November as your self-worth becomes more closely bound than usual with approval from others.

The new moon on the 22nd affords you a fresh start in a personal or business relationship (and even with your enemies) or someone close may be helpful in getting what you want accomplished (and you’re much better now with any form of negotiating and being fair).  

You could get engaged, married, divorced, start a business, sign an agreement, move in together, but there will be some fundamental change to a relationship or how you relate someone.

It’s highly likely that some form of a commitment is made in November – you enter a business contract, legal contract, marriage contract, but it’s one that is binding and long lasting.

Neptune turns direct around mid month and this will also have the effect of changing your approach, especially to your career (and the direction in which your life is currently taking).

You will be putting others first, and it’s not just about you, but us and the team and the “family” as you want more than ever for your life to be meaningful and useful.

There is a pathway opening up in November that will allow for a more pleasant career or a more amiable lifestyle (especially if you have been engaged in some form of drama or conflict).  

Maybe it costs you (and there is an outlay) or you take a drop in salary or status, but you will be making a break with the old ways and changing your life direction and approach. No more band aiding.

Loving can cost a lot, but not loving always costs more.

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In November you will want to tell someone you love him or her, or take a risk and establish a new business or reunite with someone that you’ve had a falling out with.

There is a distinct message to enjoy life and no longer be dragged down by the soul-sucking energies (and people) that you’ve encountered, but instead focus on the things, people and activities that bring you joy and make you happy. 

If you feel good about yourself, your confidence grows and so does your self-esteem, but if people or situations make you feel bad or “less” then of course it’s going to be the opposite.

Therefore November is going to be rather sociable, because you are going to make it so, especially around the time of the full moon on the 6th that could be a very fun and social day and that should extend to the following weekend also.

In November you are celebrating life and if you have children you may feel the need to spend more time with them, or bond with them more (and if you’re not spending quality time, you may want to address this in November also).

Mercury will give you the “gift of the gab” and help you to express yourself in the ways that you want to, and you’ll feel quite inspired.

Mars will make you more assertive so just be careful not to become too assertive otherwise there could be more arguments.

There are some connections in your life that are helpful - and others that are a headache.  However you need to start dealing with these issues and this is the month to do so, as it will be in your best interests.

If someone has been treating you shabbily (or in an unfair or unacceptable way), you will be doing something about it now. 

If it’s a business or legal situation, you may do this via an agent or a partner and engage someone else to fight your battles on your behalf.

You seem to be “on hold” and treading water regarding some connection and that’s why November is quite special as Neptune goes direct and Mars gives you courage, and the influence of the solar eclipse from October is creating a forward thrust.

If you haven’t been able to pin down “the one” or you haven’t been able to see your children (for whatever reason), or you are waiting on the outcome of some shared goal, then you are likely to see movement and progress this month.

On 10th November, Mars and Pluto join in the area of relationships, and this can be spectacular or horrible, great news or bad, friend or foe kind of energy. Pluto can go either way; it’s the planet of extremes.

You are very much focused on one particular issue and it may be a project that you are currently working on, although you may get some bad news or opposition to your plans around mid month, or someone is highly critical of your activities. 

Whatever it is, it’s going to be consuming your time on a daily basis and require a lot of application and dedication.

The ongoing theme is about reconciliation and cooperation so if you are not talking to someone or need to mend some bridges, do it now.  But things will not right themselves just because you want them to; it requires affirmative action.

Still, for much of November you’ll be socializing, and meeting up with friends and networking and sharing common goals.

A group association (perhaps to do with a “cause”) can begin or end and hopefully you elevate the connection and just enjoy yourself, and socialize a lot more (and don’t be surprised if a group asks for your help in some way).

Neptune turning direct mid month will make you change your mind about something (and someone could be trying to deceive you), and it’s also likely that you take a trip or begin planning a trip, probably overseas, but certainly some form of physical travel is ahead.

This is also one of best months all year to start on a health or diet regime (and get in early before the end of year revelries) and before Saturn hits your house of health at the end of December.

This is also one of the best months to make another scenario “healthy” and to heal it.

But there has to be mutual or reciprocal action or obligation, otherwise it will remain a festering wound.

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Your focus in November is on your home life, and you’ll be taking steps to make this work for you and that may mean selling your home, moving out, moving someone in, buying, renovating etc.  Whatever it is that will make you feel more secure and settled and happier “back at the ranch”.

Some Leo’s will move and it’s possible that your family, domestic scene or parents are the reason behind changes and adjustments you will be making.

Work wise you are on roll, and don’t be surprised if you receive some kind of reward early in the month, a promotion (that may entail a relocation) or a raise - that might suggest a bigger house.  Even if you don’t receive some kind of tangible reward, the people who count (bosses, CEO’s etc) are watching you and are fully aware of your achievements and efforts.

Mid month may be an issue between work and home, a parent is sick and you have to act on that, or you get a promotion in another state or country or a child returns to live.   There may even be some kind of hassle to do with your tangible home, the flat mate moves out and you have to find another one or the lease won’t be renewed (and calls for “action”).

Neptune changes direction mid month so your boundaries (and well of kindness) could be invaded or taken advantage of, and you’ll be going all out to help out someone.  This is in your house of joint funds, so be careful whom you loan money to or “back” financially or go into business with.

This is also the house of sex and intimacy (and passion) so if you’ve not long met someone, they may not be quite as great as you thought, so it might pay you to do your homework.

But there really is so much emphasis on home in November so you could have someone move in or you move in with him or her, but your domestic environment will change that’s for sure.

The new moon on 22nd falls in your house of love, fun, pleasure, children and creativity and this energy can certainly spark a new romance.  Or you might be starting a new business (watch those shared finances) or buying a property together. 

Others will be making the decision to have a child or paying for IVF or some other kind of outlay on behalf of children. 

But around the 22nd are great times for you, as you can really be yourself, let your hair down and have fun, pleasure and romance.  This is one of the most playful times of the year for you, so if a romance has gone a bit flat, you can certainly bring back the spark.

In fact what occurs around this time will have long term implications - so choose wisely!

This is not the time to be a shrinking violet/wallflower, so get out and mingle, because if you’re single you will meet someone.

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You want to have yourself heard, and give voice to your feelings and views, and that may be within a situation that has problems or on a creative project.  But if you are not listened to, or can’t have an input, you are going to feel rather frustrated.

It’s about selling your ideas, and articulating them, either verbally or in writing, and that can also take the form of study or some kind of training.

You mind is very much “on fire” in November and especially after the 10th when your ruler finally exists its retrograde shadow and you are “full bottle” mentally.

Your ruler Mercury exits post shadow on the 10th and the tortuous Saturn transit of your communications house is only weeks away from ending.  What people said, wrote, emailed (or didn’t say) over the past couple of years has brought pain, thickened your skin and taught you patience.

Nearly all of November the role that a sibling (or siblings) have in your life will be become increasingly important for one reason or another (and they may have been part of the dramas).

Mid month Neptune turns direct and if you are single you will falling head-over-heals; or in a work sense you could be obsessed or fully committed to a plan or project OR engaged in a battle of wills.  Conversely there could be forward movement in a legal matter.

Neptune can deceive and confuse so be very careful with the types of people you hook up with now (like they are manic-depressive, bankrupt or some other less than desirable quality). Still it could be a “coupe de foudre” moment in November.

At the very least you’ll be socializing more in the first three weeks, and love, especially within the first fortnight, is very much on the cards.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s a very good energy overall this month, and you may even decide to add to your brood. One particular association will consume your time and energy and it may be a one way street so don’t allow yourself to become too self sacrificing as you will not be in the right frame of mind to protect your own interests (and heart).

There is likely to be some difficulties in relationships in general around mid month when Neptune changes direction, with a lover, competitor, friend, ally or foe.

The new moon on 22nd occurs in your house of home, family and domestic scene, so you could buy/sell/move/leave/ rent and so on – something to do with one of these areas is going to be a new step or a fresh start.

You could “start again” or have another attempt at patching up a family argument or resolving a family issues. If you focus your attention (which is what you will be doing), you can make long-range plans just so long as you’re not too attached to your own opinion (as you can sometimes appear self-righteous and overly critical).

There is a new chapter in 2015 (in the family/money/career story in your life) and how that reads depends enormously on what you decide in the next 6 weeks.  If you may the right moves, there will be closure, the wrong moves, there will be consequences.

The last week of November switches your focus on the home, family and domestic scene and you’ll be improving this area – whatever that means for you.  But if you want to make a killing on a property transaction, choose the time around new moon on 22nd.

You will also be doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on the past, and trying to come to terms with what has happened and why and your own emotional input.  

You might have moments when you lose your self-confidence and become more withdrawn, but you will gain a lot of benefit from doing some internal housekeeping (and you will be thinking about your Mother and her role or influence).

There will be sudden changes in November, especially around mid month, but don’t worry, you’ll end November feeling relatively content and wanting to nest.

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You are thinking a lot about money in November, maybe you have big bills or you lost your job or you want some money for a specific purpose (a nice new car or house). 

It might be that you feel you deserve a raise or you want to leave your job and have to budget accordingly.  A lot of Librans are very dissatisfied with their jobs right now, and want to get involved in some area of work that is more “you”.

It’s also very likely in November that you run up some large debts so be careful on the designer clothes shopping and with your entertainment spend.  

Get yourself onto solid financial ground and eliminate wasteful practices and attitudes and become more conservative with your money (and feel good about doing so).

Maybe you need more money to look after your aged parents or you have to sell their house or you are parting ways with your spouse (and wondering how you’re going to cope). 

Domestic arrangements are very much “topics du jour” in November either to do with a partner, or a family member and you might ask your parents to fund a property or help you out financially in some way.

It’s likely that an inheritance issue is on the table or it could be a problem (or a mindset) that you’ve “inherited” from your parents that is the cause of some grief this month.

Around mid month when Neptune changes direction you’ll be giving a lot of thought to your place in the world and will want to become more involved and have more of a contribution.

Some Librans who are partnered have felt a sense of alienation and separation and will need more freedom or involvement than they are currently getting.   You can reunite or close the gap between yourself and another or turn a foe into a friend.  There will certainly be more love and laughter and possibilities in this regard, including with an ex (or the one that got away, returns…).

Just remember, if you don’t surround yourself with beautiful people and have fun and romance, you’ll literally get sick and depressed!

If you can’t do this literally, do it via Facebook or Internet dating but you should say “yes” to every function, (and turn up to the opening of an envelope if need be).

But all things considered you should be on a social roll and having a blast.

The new moon on the 22ND can bring some issue to do with siblings (or someone who feels like a brother or sister).  If you’ve had any fallout this is a time to repair the relationship or at least pick up the phone.

You might be emcee at function or training/conducing classes or some other kind of writing and speaking; and as this is the commerce/communications house, contracts, tenders, plans, important documentation, legal papers etc are all on the agenda.  So is the receiving of news – good or bad news - it’s hard to say.

This is also the house of short trips and transport so you may be travelling or buy a new car.

Relationships mean a lot to you, but don’t become complacent in one in particular, but chances are whether you are single or otherwise “taken”, you are going all out in your personal life. 

Your most valuable commodity in November are people.

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Of course with Saturn having been in your sign for the past two years plus (and soon to depart at the end of December), it’s been all about YOU and your personal development.

By now you know what your strengths are and your weaknesses are, and that knowledge should be very helpful, especially if you’ve developed your potential and addressed your weaknesses.  

If this was in a personal sense, then you’ll be enjoying a new era in your one-on-one connections, but if you haven’t then you may be alienating people by your arrogance and obliviousness.

A lot of Scorpios do need to work on some issues or disputes to do with siblings or neighbors.

If you lacked in any way in an educational sense, November is a perfect month to enroll in a course or undertake further training or just learn more about a subject. You are transforming your thinking and gaining a new perspective of the world (and how you fit into it) and digging deeper than ever.

It is also a month that can bring an amazing sexual infatuation, and that’s likely to occur around the 16th or in the second half of November.  It will be “big” and you’ll swear it’s the “real thing”. 

If you’ve been single for a while, November is the month when that can finally change. 

By the same token, if you are with someone, the change of direction of Neptune may you have second thoughts.

Still you have Venus and Mercury in your sign, and Venus will help you find a “better” love if that is what you need.

You are on top of your game and feel confident and won’t hesitate pursuing someone who catches your eye, or making an existing arrangement a permanent one (if you’ve worked out that is what you want).

The latter part of November is focused on your money, asset, personal and financial security and also on your financial needs.  You might need more money to make life better or you need funds to impress you new lover.

It might be time to get a new job, or demand some tangible proof that you are doing a good job in your exiting role, such as a bonus, raise or promotion.

You have a new moon in your money, assets (and self esteem) zone, so this is your best chance all year to make every post a winner because it’s an “ask and you shall receive” time.

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There has been a big (and ongoing) change going on “inside” Sags, - your spirit, soul and “inner” (psychological et al).  At times you are fearful, and if negatively directed some deviousness can come into play, so of course the right approach is one of doing the right thing (or correcting a mistake if need be). 

There is something that Sags have been hiding, their feelings, a secret, or some other activity, business dealings or otherwise but all this is now coming to an end.

November has some heavy drains on your wallet, and this may be travel bills, legal expenditure, money on a project/business venture, an investment, or a lifestyle that in some way threatens your financial security.  That might mean having champagne tastes on a beer income or quitting a job or overreaching on a loan.

You do feel the need to take control of your finances - or one aspect of your financial situation - and it’s hard to consolidate one particular arrangement.

You do seem to want to buy the perfect place and that may be far from where you live, but it’s about future lifestyles (and Saturn in your sign shortly will see some major shifts in your life).

It may be that you want to nest and become “at one” with your community and develop a sense of community spirit – or enter politics - and/or a more congenial domestic scene (and if you live miles from the nearest neighbor you may be making some fundamental changes).

On the 22nd there is a new moon in your house of self and that is a big event for you, as this is a rebirth time, when you can literally wipe the slate clean and start again.  At the very least you will be trying new things or a new approach and with the raft of planets transiting Sagittarius in the closing days of November, you’ll be positively fearless.

Venus from mid month (along with the Sun shortly after) followed by Mercury at month’s end can bring romance into your life.   You will be very busy in the second half chasing the things that you want, and that might be a person or something entirely different that is important to you.

But if you are looking out for a new partner, you’ll have greater magnetism and appeal and will be quite the alluring Centaur (that everyone wants to ride…).

The new moon and the supportive planetary energy certainly gives you the upper hand, so no matter what is that you want to “get” (or bring to fruition that is important or very personal to you) to your heart or wallet; the cosmos is on side.

If it’s that ongoing matter behind the scenes (that a lot of Sags have been dealing with or have just started on), you can make a big impact in November if you wish.   You do have both the drive and the determination to pull off the big one..

Given the other aspects of November, and in your sign’s chart, it’s quite likely to have a financial or legal aspect, but you may very well be signing off on agreements before the end of December when Saturn changes signs into Sagittarius.

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You’re quite “at one” with your fellow man in November, either via a working group or a social one or for a “cause” – such as a charity or a humanitarian interest.

Group interests and organizational involvement predominate and the more involved you are (and the more you are a “leader” within this group), the better you feel about yourself at large.

Certainly you are rather assertive and, confident and even more ambitious that usual (and you’re ALWAYS ambitious).  You want to garner notice and be successful (or famous) and certainly more popular.

Pluto in Capricorn is doing his bit, to ensure that your personality, brand and image is changing to accommodate that need to put yourself on the map and achieve your goals.   His presence in your sign has had a profound affect on how you see yourself and your role in the world - and how others see you.

If you look back to pictures of yourself in 2008, you have literally reinvented yourself and it’s likely that you look; sound and even feel, like an entirely different person.

Not only your appearance changing, but how you present yourself and you are gaining more control, power and influence and can assert yourself better than your ever did (and look after your own financial interests). 

But it’s not just about being successful, it also about gaining the right reputation.

You’ll be “out and about” for much of November, probably within group activities, and it appears a very social month, with theatre and entertainment figuring strongly (and perhaps also lots of training or self help courses).

A number of Cappy’s will be considering relocating to get a better quality of life – literally “moving up in the world”.

Come mid month a lot of planets start to move into your house of the hidden, and you have a new moon there on the 22nd.

This is when secrets can be exposed (your secrets or the ones that someone else has kept from you) or even the ones that you have kept from yourself - if you are still in some form of denial.

You might encounter an enemy or have to spend more time at a hospital visiting a sick relative or friend or a retirement home or even a prison.

Something may occur around mid month and the second half of November that makes you crave more “solitude”.

That’s a bit of a yin and yang scenario, because you have Mars in your sign for most of the month and so Mars is propelling you forward and making you “out there” and yet the energies in the second half of the month are putting the brakes on.

If you want to sell, move (or indeed anything you want to succeed in), get it finalized in the first three weeks. 

That said with Uranus in your house of home, family and domestic scene since 2011 and still around for another couple of years, it’s more a situation of wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”. 

Of course home is always where the heart is and it is having you find a more solid foundation in your life, (which is exactly what you are in the process of doing).

Whatever you do, don’t try and hold onto the status quo.  You are here to advance, and if you don’t the Cosmos will do it for you (and that may feel like a catastrophe).

There’s little doubt that for the first three weeks at least, you’ll be more appealing and popular and your social agenda will be very full (which might be another reason why, come the third week you want to stay home more and recover).

All for one and one for all (the group/public loves you…).

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It’s all about your career and reputation in November, but then it has been for a while.  Saturn has been in this part of your chart for more than two years and of course that brings more pressure to succeed.

You had a set back at the beginning of Saturn’s foray (probably in 2012-2013) and since then, you’ve been super determined to prove yourself.

Again in November (as Saturn leaves here shortly) you want to ensure that you have the right job, lifestyle, life direction, sufficient income etc and more importantly that it adequately reflects what you do (your input). 

In other words is it the right reward for your efforts and do you feel successful.   You could be getting recognition and career "rewards" or asking yourself the question, "Where the hell am I in my life?".

This of course extends to your domestic, home and property situation (as it’s on the same axis), and has everything to do with improving your lifestyle.

Unfortunately you might not get much off the ground in this regard in November (and that will happen in December) but you’ll certainly start thinking about it now.   

Mars is not exactly helping you, and temporarily making you lose direction and you could feel a somewhat ineffective (and a bit lost).  You’re not sure where you are headed or where you want to head and you don’t have a lot of drive and you keep changing your mind.

It’s also quite possible that work becomes more a pain than pleasure and it might feel oppressive or someone is “on your case” or you have lost interest and not performing.

But it’s quite likely that you’re not sure what you want this month.  Pluto is affecting the hidden or private zone of your chart, (as is Mars) so you might be making private plans or working on a secret project or being head hunted behind the scene (and keeping this under wraps), or having an affair.

But chances are by now after your “dip” you are at the top of your game and the “face” of your business or well known, but you are switching your emphasis away from your career towards the Bigger Picture of your life.

Beside your approach to money and lifestyle has been undergoing a change for a while and the past few years have been quite significant in that regard and indeed the past couple of months has probably “sealed the deal”. 

A boss, or a change of circumstances in your company - or a boss’s or partner’s actions – something has alerted you to just how unsatisfactory your situation is and has prompted you to do something about it - or try and remedy it. .

You may be pretty keen to offload the job or retire or find a lifestyle that is more congenial and lets you be YOU and do the things that you want to do - not what someone else wants you to do.

You are likely to be exploring all your options in this regard that can give you the freedom that you are after (and doing a lot of “rearranging of your finances). 

Sell the house and live in a shack on a beach or retire in Italy -whatever it is that rattles your cage.  But you are a lot more flexible and imaginative as to your choices – just so long as it gives you greater freedom.

The last week of the month becomes very sociable so you stop thinking about your job and your future lifestyle and instead mingle more (which is very timely in the lead up to year’s end).

New faces will turn up in your world and networking (both socially and at work) will be a theme for much of the end of November (as well as a lot of time directed towards group activities and committees and perhaps even charities).   

As an Aquarian and ruled by Uranus you have a humanitarian bent, and perhaps you get your work to sponsor or support an disadvantaged group or person.

If you are single you could meet someone via one of these groups as you will be meeting a lot of new people and Jupiter in your zone of partnerships is aiding all your key connections. 

Try not to equate friendships or romance with restriction - or an impediment on your freedom - and this year will help you to reconcile the past and dispense with those negative patterns and fears once and for all.

At any rate, you either already have - or are soon to have - the best life/love/career mix that finally ticks all the boxes.

A thrilling new chapter is en route and one that will make you feel very secure.

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An event or a change in circumstances really makes you stop and think in November.  It could be a life-changing event, or one that has moral or “ethical” implications and you are considering life in terms of deliberate and mindful choices, in a more caring and “aware” sense.

But in some way you will be changing the way you live life and the infrastructure of your daily life and also the contribution your make through it.  Just having a job may no longer be enough and you want to give back more or learn more or reclassify what it means to you of having “made it”. By involving yourself in something greater than yourself you can forge a lasting legacy to society and establish many life long friendships in the process. 

Some will travel, some will stay put, but a “restructure” and rearrangement and consolidation is in order, especially if you already have your “tribe” – family, friends, and work colleagues.

Many Pisces work within large organizations and it is within these organizations that you want to go up the ladder, or even if it’s a small group, you want to be the leader and push your own ideas.  But it’s also about making a difference.

You are quite hungry for status and recognition and yet at the same time you have some form of distraction that is causing a sense of separateness.

Maybe a spouse is unwell or high maintenance or socially inept or you had a financial set back or a change in circumstances.  If you are single you may feel on the outer for some reason.   Maybe it’s the way you project yourself and has been some issues with your identity and the way you come across.

But as I’ve been saying for quite a while, there is a huge transformation going on for Pisces, especially within your group and “tribe” and what you do and how you life.

You can literally leave people reeling in awe now, so get used to you’re appeal and the power this brings and start utilizing it in your everyday life.

With Neptune in your sign after hundreds of years, of course you are undergoing major changes, (and Neptune changes direction mid month) so this may be more apparent around then.

Hopefully this is a time of recognition and you get a promotion or more support; but some may also have to acknowledge that you cannot continue in a job or a situation as it currently stands.  Again, because of life circumstances - or a distraction.

However it’s likely to be more positive and all Pisces are moving forward with this new phase of their lives, and one that will bring more professional success (that may be a promotion or new job etc).

Certainly there is a lot of focus on your professional pursuits and long-term career and life goals around the time of the new moon on the 22nd. You’ve been asking yourself what do you stand for and what kind of future are you working towards, and why?  But a

new way of living is before you, and one that is a vast improvement on the past and better still, you’re going to feel so much more comfortable with who you are.

If you are on the right track this is when you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your efforts and you’ll have the backing of bosses and VIP’.

But there should be a forward thrust from mid month onwards in your life in general, and to all the things that you value and that are important to you – whether that is your career, or a certain someone.

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