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AUGUST 2014   



You are a bit of an emotional basket case for much of the month as Mars disempowers you  - or at least makes you feel more vulnerable and uncertain.

Maybe you are in love with someone and they don’t love you back or you feel trapped and caged in a wasteland of a relationship or people are just “on your case”,  and pushing your buttons and those button have sex, joint money, tax, inheritance and joint property written on them.

Maybe you are playing the “Keeping up with the Jones’s” or it’s a Warm of the Roses with a spouse or business partner….or eek the tax man.

It can be a month of bad news (someone wants to end it) or some other kind of crisis (probably financial) so the trine between Saturn and Chiron on the 5th is very welcome as it can keep the wolf from the door, hold back the creditors and even heal a broken heart. 

It can also bring a lot of sex your way, maybe even of the “forbidden” kind and it’s certainly assisting anything that is under wraps or happening privately.

The full moon on the 10th works in perfect union with Jupiter in your house of fun as it’s on the same axis so friendships, lovers, fun, groups, networking all become more important. How you “rank” amongst family members, in business, socially seems to be something you are dwelling on (and during the long seven month Mars transit of Libra, may have alienated a few folk).

You’ll seem to still be having a polarizing affect, either repelling or attracting, but either way you will be rather social, but doing so conscious way. 

It’s seems as if you are making an effort and going out of your way to attend functions and to meet people, especially those that have a charitable, business or civic spin to them.  It’s all about making connections and surrounding yourself with others who might be able to help you further with your plans, or at least share some similar goals.

There is a full moon on the 10th and that could bring a friendship to an end or you cut ties with an organization/group or family member (or a loved one), but there is likely to be an ending of some description around this time.

Again there is that yin yang aspect where you are socializing more but could end up throwing wine over each other.  You’re pretty socially ambitious these days and if they don’t fit your image or approach, you could be quite ruthless in your dismissal - or you simply ease them out.

Then Venus arrives on the 12th and along with Jupiter are transiting the same solar house of love, joy, fun and pleasure, creativity and children.  What does that mean for you?  Passion and joie de vivre reigns supreme.

You will feel very much alive and fecund (if you’re “pregnancy eligible” watch out!).  But you are mentally running around singing “I just want to be me, I want to be free… “but you also want everyone to notice and applaud and for some that may remain at the flirtation level, whilst others will take the next step (and Mars the fiery planet is heating up the house of sex…)

You come back to earth a bit between the second and third weeks, when you get all fixated on your health and want a makeover (although that may be because you want to look your best for a certain someone).

Feedback and validation continues to be vital to you now, so you’ll be super efficient at work, maybe even the workaholic, but you want your life to be streamline and to operate like a well oiled machine (perhaps in part because it’s felt a bit “off kilter” of late).

As I mentioned, you’ll be offloading people - and maybe even your job if you’re tired of that – but you will be sorting out situations and putting your life in order to restore balance.

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Not all Taureans are like the cartoon image of the long eye-lashed Bovine contentedly munching the clover in the back paddock.  No indeed, many of your sign are snorting, strong willed, uncompromising and belligerent and totally unbending.  Which is why Saturn’s transit could have been somewhat harder for the latter group when you have to conform or get whiplashed (metaphorically speaking).  

But all month with Mars now in your relationships sector you’re probably going to resemble the latter, and there will be challenges and ego conflicts.  Or you could use this energy to do a huge evaluation and redefine some of your connections and work out exactly where they stand in your life and if you can deepen or fix an association or kick them to the curb. 

Right now you may feel as if you are treading water or wedged between a rock and a hard place and it’s all “unknown”.

One way or another August is the critical moment, an important month in a life game and will demonstrate if all your sweat and tears have been for naught, or actually worth the effort. 

Sink or swim, reward or failure or in a less dramatic vein, requiring some major amendments to the game plan. 

But you are fighting (or at least dancing) with the enemy.

Your mission is to discipline yourself, plan ahead and don’t let out details…just yet.

Allow for interference around the 25th, when Mars conjuncts Saturn, but if you’re patient you can pull off an amazing feat …or finally let go of a situation that is now obsolete. With Jupiter now blessing your home and hearth and family relationships you can make an effort to create domestic and familial bliss and iron out long-standing family problems…or not. 

But in spite of Jupiter’s presence, Saturn may cause you to feel that certain extended relatives are unimportant to your happiness (and in reality irrelevant) and that not having to pander to their meanness is actually good for your psychological well-being.

Until December Saturn is in more harmonious aspect so it’s less about ego fights (and others jealousy of you) and stubbornness and more about approaching others as equals.

The full moon on the 10th shines a Cosmic spotlight on you and how you behave is under the microscope.   You could have a magnum opus or a performance you would hope to forget.

You might be headhunted for a job or another lifestyle option  presents itself or an offer an offer almost to good to be true in a business, property or home related matter.

Whatever occurs Venus turns up two days later and brings peace and contentment to your domestic scene and making your home scene very “Waltons’s like). But all of August (and in fact all year) home, family, homeland, flat mates and property and your domestic scene are likely to see improvement and benefits (and maybe even financial gain).  

In the third week, you’re feeling fabulous with high spirits and loads of energy and it’s great to be alive.  You’ll be humming “it’s a beautiful world” and chomping at the bit to get out there amongst it and enjoy.  No more nesting and reflecting. 

The new moon on 25th launches a new era of fun (maybe as a result of the earlier mentioned Mars Saturn aspect on the 25th), and partying up a storm and if that is no longer age-appropriate, then you’ll be socializing a tad more than usual.

One way or another you won’t be spending much time alone, and romance is very much in the frame.

You are oozing confidence; feel great about yourself and are Bold and Beautiful.

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Work, business, public life and your reputation is rather enhanced as the first week unfurls and this seems to be particularly well aspected and yet your focus in not on your career, but on more esoteric and spiritual perspectives.   

An event - or a situation in life – that you are facing is making your question (or at least review) your belief system and whether your principles and convictions are helping you or hindering you. 

This may be the moment when a number of Gemini’s decide to sign up for a course, toss in the job and go back to school or take that plane to the Ashram. 

There is a lot of cerebral activity going on (situation normal you would say for a Gem) but this is the spiritual and mental growth kind.  Jupiter in your communications house is helping you to really connect and commune and you are growing mentally and Mars is powering you like a Duracell battery.  With both Jupiter and a new Moon on the 25th (and Mercury your ruler until mid month) all in your communications house, you are the Road Runner of the zodiac. With so much energy, mobility, verboseness and mental smarts at your disposal that if you don’t channel it you are going to get antsy and feisty and take out your impatience on those around you.

Gemini’s are the strategists and schemers of the zodiac and this energy is ideal for putting your most cherished schemes into effect, so how about constructing a scheme of happiness and then fitting your world around it (and you are the person who can control the world right now).

This full moon on the 10th also falls in the house of education, foreign affairs, legalities and publishing, so you might finally write that book (and it’s published), or you relocate, or finish a course or a court case ends - or it becomes very complicated – but whatever it is, chances are it’s all good news as you seem unusually certain and comfortable about life, with few doubts. 

The skies also augur well for some rather good news in the picture in the latter part of the month and that may come via a sibling and chances are you are spending more time with one in particular in August, than you have for a while.

In fact in the latter part of August your family in general takes on more importance, and you have a greater need to feeling a sense of belonging.  That said, with Mars “energizing” you, some confrontations are inevitable, but no matter whether you are the Brady Bunch, Modern Family or Switched at Birth, August is the month to restore any lost faith in the family unit and regain trust if that is necessary.

This should be an enjoyable with a few road bumps, especially around the 25th, but your intuition is very strong and will tell you the right course of action (and one that will benefit you in the longer term). 

It’s about ensuring your ongoing emotional security and shoring up your support systems, not just for August, but forever.

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The trine at the beginning of the month will help you in your love life, with your children, and anything to do with legalities, education and overseas travel or places at a distance.

Mars is putting the foot on the pedal in your “fun house” so if you’re lucky this can be a pleasurable time, that is self gratifying in the main, and helped along by the fact that you are super appealing all month. 

The trine suggests you may be travelling or having pleasant times with children (your own or someone else’s) and if you are single, you could be having a ball (as in passionate times). Until the 12th Venus is in Cancer making you fabulously attractive and in pleasure seeking mode and it’s hard to say no to yourself!

You’ll spend more, eat, more, sleep less, but enjoy more and live the “high life”.  Hell, you only live once…that we are consciously aware of at any rate.

For a change you have good reasons to be happy and optimistic, as the stars are lining up to deliver and there are very positive signs for a money train pulling into your station (well it’s certainly en route).

In many ways it’s quite a big month as the full moon on the 10th is going to alter something in your life on a fundamental level.  It could be how you are feeling, or an ongoing situation that was “stuck”, or a family dynamic that was in standoff mode, or any number of things.  But you get the green light after a long, long period of amber or red and in some cases you are literally restarting your life more positively.

I know I’ve been rabbiting on about the liberation of Cancers, but some of you still clung to notions, people and places like a Linus blanket.

This is the house of joint money and joint assets, so clearly issues relating to the resources and assets of others could be in the picture around the time of the full moon.  It could be money in or money out, or you may need to spend money to get something - or to prove a point - or vice versa.

However it appears it may be the vice versa as Venus arrives on the 12th to bless your money house and do away with financial woes.  This may be literal or you simply stop thinking about money (because you are having too much fun), but there will be more financial optimism.

In the third week it all systems go and your life really heats up, and you’ll be travelling more, speaking more and socializing more, although a lot of this “busyness seems to have a work related aspect (such as errands and documents and so on). But there will certainly be a noticeable increase in the amount of communications you have with others in all its modern day forms.

Siblings and other relatives and people in your community will be playing a greater role in your life than usual and if you have anything to say to them, you will have the “silver tongue” (or is that the gift of the gab?).

If you’ve had a falling out with a sibling or it’s not “ideal”, August is the best month all year to attempt to restore the relationship.

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August marks the first full month of Jupiter in your sign and so you should be focusing on your Grand Plans for the next 12 years of your life, as you are now embarking on Year 1. Plus you have your ruler in your sign, so your magnetism, “presence” and influence is extraordinary.

But for some reason, you are distracted in August and family related issues appear in the main to be the source of your distraction. Maybe it’s your parents who are cause for concern or else you are at each other’s throats over some family related argument.

It’s probably the usual issues: the Will, who you are seeing and what you are doing with your life et al.  If it’s not with your parents then it’s someone who shares your domestic space, a flat mate, lover, spouse, children et al, but you do feel stressed and angry.

Old issues are being reviewed (the ones that still haven’t been deal with) and you’re tired of it and so it’s fair to say that at the moment your personal life is less than stellar.

At least the trine will help you with money and inheritance discussions with parents, or how to split the house or the budget or any kind of joint assets/expenditure that are currently discussing.

Your key relationships are being evaluated and that may be with a business partner, lover or family member.  It’s true that many Leo’s are thinking about leaving a job or a person, or else, they are worried about someone else leaving them.   But right now if you really love that person, you’re going to go “all the way” because your feelings are rather intense now. Put it this way, Leo partners will be left in no doubt as to how you really feel.

The arrival of Venus on the 12th in Leo will shake off any residual feelings or emotional distractions and turn the focus back onto the most important person in your life..YOU. 

You will feel great and you will be going after what you want, in business, in love, in life and in the main this will focus on your own financial security.  If you have your own business you’ll be thinking about ways in which to expand it or if you are employed how you can increase your income. 

Or you may just end up spending loads on anything you’ve set your heart on - or on rearranging your life -and that could cost you heaps…!

You will reshuffle your life cards and arrange them in a new order, and one that gives you the necessary kudos and a sense of worthiness as well as ensuring your long-term security.

You won't be aiming at the easy remedy or solution - or even a temporary one - but rather one that addresses the underlying problems.

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Saturn in Scorpio has been creating extra issues within your community, with the landlord, body corporate, the neighbor and especially with your siblings. This is a time when you can go to war, or else remember (and not in a pleasant way) how they treated you way back when….

The kicker is (and how the Cosmos can be mischievous at times) it’s likely that one of you needs the other for something, in spite of your differences.

However with Mars in your communications house it will be a lot harder for you not to try and provoke another party, because you will both end up resisting vehemently…. just like now.

However this energy if used productively (and directed towards a particular end or objective) can actually get you want you want…instead of it getting all heated and descending into a screaming match. 

So use this Cosmic gift to plead your case because you will be more articulate. A talks to B and explains what happened, or asks for something from B (who might be the "boss" in this scenario). A needs to give a good reason why he/she did something bad…or something along those lines.

This won’t be easy, but Saturn trining the “healer” Chiron in this house, will make it less “Babel”-like and both Jupiter and the Sun will benefit anything going on privately or “behind the scenes”. 

When Venus arrives on the 12th, this is a time you can amend or undo anything you wished you hadn’t done (or at least repair it) and Jupiter will make you more compassionate.

You’ll tend to think in terms of more “kindly” thoughts and in fact August can be a great month to spiritually and emotionally regenerate.  

So if you are benevolent and kindhearted, there can be a phenomenal turnaround to a situation (and Venus will encourage self-sacrifice and selflessness).  So the first half of August you are the shoulder to cry on or the warring sibling, or The Ameliorator for the group, but you have to do all this behind closed doors.  The second half of August (when Mercury your ruler enters your sign on 15th), ups the ante with siblings, friends and society at large et al. From now your communication is more open and authentic (instead of being kept under wraps) and it will tend to work in your interests (and hold greater weight). 

Any agreements that have stalled or been delayed can advance quickly and it’s a successful time, especially if you’re dealing with facts and figures.

The new moon in your sign on 25th is a powerful one and one in which you can reinvent yourself or change how you come across to others (for the better) – a better sibling, spouse, friend etc.

Or it might be reinvention of your exterior and you might just want a makeover to make yourself hotter and more desirable.  But this IS the month to change yourself in some personal way.

It’s also about doing new things; going new places and meeting new people and most pertinently, having the courage to try again at something that may have previously failed.

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is possible or you can live as if everything is..

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Wow you are on a roll, and the last seven months was getting the boulder (YOU) to move and now it’s rolling down that hill and gathering no moss.

Now you want to “get out there” and enjoy life, meet new people and make more money and you’re as resourceful and switched on as you’ve been for a long time.

With so many great things going on around you, don’t be one of those Libran’s who are getting antsy over who owns what or that you are a failure (especially if your other half is raking in the spoils and leaving you in their wake). 

That said, you might be a tad twitchy if they are spending your dough or getting into the debate of “who owns what and in what percentages”.

But it’s more likely that you will be maxing out the credit cards all month as Mars is literally burning a hole in your pocket and pushing you towards extravagant whims.  Hopefully the other manifestation of Mars, along with your taskmaster Saturn who has been holding the purse strings for two years, means you’ll have more moola.

But around the 25th, be very choosy about who you give money to or what you spend it on, especially as the trine between Venus and Prometheus suggests impusive spending and lots of money out.  That said you could identify a great financial opportunity on this day.

This is a great month to network, in fact all year is going to be filled with social activities, and you’re going to have LOADS of support and generosity from those around you (and this really is a time when your friends have your back). 

Use August to devise some new life strategies (but not ones for this month, but the kind that will take you forward for years to come), because there is some “magic” in the skies that are gifting you any wishes you send on “out there”.

Speaking in terms of the Cosmos, you are the equivalent of the Sun and everyone is going to be revolving around you for quite some time to come.   

There will be a LOT of group activities and get-togethers, but your biggest breakthroughs will occur with someone new or someone outside your usual group, and this person will bring you a lot of joy.

The full moon on the 10th falls in your house of love, romance, and fun so guess what you’ll be having…?!

A lot of Librans have just met someone new, and it may be a recovery fling - or the real mccoy - or just a pleasant interlude.

As full moons are endings there will of course be some breakups also, but I don’t think that is going to come as any great shock (and besides, you’ve got all your “besties” on hand for support).

No doubt they’ll take you straight out for some fun and fresh flesh.

Venus arrives in your friends sector on the 12th so a friend could turn into a lover or you find love within a group situation, and at the very least you will make some great new friendships.

For a Libran, this kind of energy is as good as it gets, because it’s all about convivial times and sharing of ideas and ideals.

Maybe you have been burning the candle at both ends (and in the middle as well), as the new moon on the 25th sees a kind of retreat or maybe a holiday finishes or a love affair peters out.

Or maybe you start a love affair, but it’s an “affair” (as in it’s illicit).

For some reason you’ll be doing a bit of soul-searching to find some level of emotional peace or perhaps you said something that you hadn’t meant to and have set the cat amongst the pigeons.

You may find that someone you care for lied to you, or wasn’t entirely honest..

But overall August is a month to kick back and enjoy what life has to offer, don’t worry about the bills until September, but rather search for new goals and new values.

Call it your tribe, your clan, your network or your “family”, but whatever you call it, you need them now.

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You start the month with positive energy thanks to the trine on the 5th with Saturn in Scorpio and that may help you with the “heart” thing. Whether you knew it or not the past couple of years was a reconstructive “upgrading” of your soul, although it felt like a Cosmic menopause (sorry guys!).

In effect Saturn’s visit is to set the agenda for the next cycle in your life  - the next 30 years – although the next 15 will be focusing on your internal development (which is why Saturn had to get you into emotional shape by pummeling you and turning you into a ‘survivor’).

The Cosmos has been conducting its very own intimate and detailed description or study of you as a result of the various “tests” and where there were fault lines in your makeup, there was an earthquake.

Mars has now left that seven month journey through your subconscious house and is in Scorpio and this is your Big Moment, your time to shine, and to leave your mark upon the world and to take charge of your life.

You’ll be able to maintain your position, in the face of any opposition and be able to assert yourself with ease and you’ll see this in every area of your life - in love and in business - and all those musings that took place over the past seven months will come to a head around the time of the full moon on the 10th.

Full moons tend to single endings, so it could the end of a dispute with family, a flat mate, spouse… or The End.

That said, you might have finished painting the house or you sell it or move.

You are more focused on where you’re going in life and how you’ll get there, but there is some form of Cosmic intervention going on and even the hand of fate, so what’s happening around the 10th is more Kismet than cosmetic.

Jupiter the planet of good luck, expansion and benefits is beaming blessings to your status, your love life and your career, all of which will see tangible signs of improvement. People are now with you as opposed to against you and you’ll relish the new and powerful support en route.

On the 12th Venus arrives in your public reputation house, the house of career and life purpose and this could bring news of a promotion or a great new job, or some other form of positive recognition and reward.  This won’t be a congratulatory pat on the back, but something major - a high spot in your life.

This is a month when dreams can come true, (although it’s more likely to occur in the last week or so - or even in early September) but it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll end the month happy and focused on new goals. 

Keep focused on your dreams and visualize how it all pans out in the future.

This is just the start, but don’t waste that Cosmic guidance (which could be in the form of a financial, professional or real estate suggestion/opinion/offer) that can increase your future security.  Use it or lose it.

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There are various manifestations of what you’ve been going through for the past couple of years.  You could have felt gloomy and depressed and “less” for no apparent reason or you kept encountering horribly negative folk who dragged you down or drained you.  Or in the house of karma and “cause and effect” you could have been facing up to consequences of your own earlier actions. Whatever it was you didn’t really feel like you had a lot of control over your life or events and it’s been almost impossible to implement any plans. 

The smart Sags cut their losses and cleared the slate ready for next year and the others are still dealing with this hidden or private situation that continues to develop.   I can’t stress enough, time is running out (Saturn will be in Sagittarius in five months), and so time IS of the essence, to get this resolved.

It’s these former Sags who are bouncing back very well right now as Jupiter begins to change your perspective and you are no longer sweating the small (or big) stuff – and possibly the hardest passage of your life.

Optimism, which is a Sagittarius byword, is back and there will be plenty of opportunities to do the things that you love (travel and learning among them) for the whole of the next year so remember than and hold onto that thought if you have any “dips”.

Mars is plowing its way through your 12th house and this can deliver either a reward or punishment (as in cause and effect).  If you’ve been doing noble and done smart things then you’ll be reaping rewards, and if not then you may have to pay the Piper. 

Jupiter will bring luck to legal affairs so you should be protected there, but you will be throwing your energies into something that is “behind the scenes” or private or in the background of your life. 

The Saturn Chiron trine will bring favorable energy to any private matters to do with your home and family so if there are any skeletons in the closet that you have been hiding, this is the month to fix it. Compromise, accommodate, trade off and then come to terms with the balance.

The full moon in the 10th is in your sibling house, so perhaps this brings to a head an ongoing issue with a brother or sister.  Maybe you end a long standing argument, makeup, or it turns into war; but this is actually quite good energy to let them know exactly how you’re feeling and have them really hear you.

Don’t be surprised if after the 12th you have a pressing desire to head to foreign shores and new horizons, or you may be attracted to a foreigner or vice versa (and for the rest of August you are super attractive and charming and very appealing).

You have a double luck Whammy (Jupiter in a another fire sign and a Jupiter ruled house - and your ruler is Jupiter) so the innately lucky Sags are very blessed – and you may need that in the last two weeks of the month.

The new moon on the 25th is a great time to develop new goals, and the last week or so of August will be very busy with meetings, group events and in outings with friends.

At any rate you are a lot more centered than you have been in a while and yet it’s seems very important for you to be seen in a positive light. 

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You’ve been a bit “all over the place” and even though your cool, calm and collected Capricorn exterior suggests otherwise, inside it’s a seething vortex of emotions.  There is someone or a situation that has made you all at sea and this may have been going on for a while as it seems to be issues from the past that have never fully been dealt with…if at all.

Or maybe just back in a different form but the situation and relationship with your mate, spouse/significant other or ex, that has not exactly been operating smoothly or normally (but has veered all over the place like a Auto pilot trying to correct itself). Perhaps one of the issues that have put you on hold in taking any action, and you may not be sure exactly what to do next is because of your finances. It may be a time when you need to show what’s yours and what you are entitled to and outline your needs and what exactly it is that you need to feel secure and financially comfortable.

But there is an “out” to be found in August, (especially before the 15th) or an event or a situation will help make up your mind and find a solution.  Jupiter, and other planet in Leo during August ensure that you will benefit from anything that is shared or joint or split down the middle (or mutually accommodating).

One way or another you appear to gain via a partner.

In the main in August it’s what’s happening outside of your door (or outside your head) that will bring you what you want and indeed team efforts will be more productive than going solo.

After Mars long stay in your career house, you may be disenchanted or disenfranchised with work colleagues or your boss or suffered from some unfair treatment.    Now Mars is in your networking and group sector, where Saturn has been teaching you ‘lessons’ for a while, on how to deal with groups and operate in teams.  This has been under scrutiny and review for the past two years, and the challenges you encountered was to make you a better friend, teammate, and colleague. 

The trine energy on the 5th will ensure an abundance of ethics, loyalty, integrity, support etc. so network and team build to your hearts content – it will be profitable, especially around the 10th.   

The full moon in your money sector can bring a change to your income/earnings or financial status and there can be more money in or more money out.  There is the possibility of a job, project or money source coming to an end.

Venus will bring a passionate encounter if you are single and you’re in the mindset to ride off on the stallion into the sunset and this is compounded by the new moon on the 25th that suggested you are so over it all and want outta there.   

You need a big adventure that takes you away from all this….so what is it to be?

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You’ve have had an interesting mix of Pluto and Saturn and the former bringing subconscious feelings, phobias and fears to the surface and the latter delivering results of your past actions.   So that’s a very “open recipe” and essentially what you’ve done in the past is what you’re experiencing in the present (and you will certainly know by now if you’re been following a course that is likely to result in success or failure).

Bosses and coworkers are driving you nuts, but that’s probably as a result of any offensive words or actions that are rebounding on you. But if you’ve good, then you’re very, very good   and even if there are unconscious forces that are still shaping your life, you are in a much better position to create something positive out of any crisis. 

Mars is firing up your ambition and increasing your desire to be recognized for your professional or personal accomplishments and you are craving more attention and recognition (than perhaps you are currently getting).

Don’t worry you’re going to get a lot more social and personal support thanks to Jupiter and many benefits are en route through all forms of partnerships.

The full moon on the 10th may force you to look deeply at the quality of your life, and in the mirror at yourself and really weight up where your priorities are and if you are happy with them.  More importantly are your priorities in line with your significant other or just other people in your life.  For example are you pushing your own barrow but steam rollering everyone else in the process.

Or it may be the complete opposite where you have completely subjugated your needs and lost your own individuality and personal needs and any growth within a relationship. 

There must always be room for you, so no lopsided arrangements or unfairly giving or dealing (and that applies to both your personal and business life).

If you are single Jupiter in your opposite sign of Leo and a raft of other planets is making finding a certain someone or strengthening existing ties a whole lot easier.  There are a lot of possibilities and options so make sure you explore every one, but there sure is luck, love and money to be found in some wonderful partnerships.

The new moon on the 25th is one empowerment and given your new Jupiter transit, this may relate to empowering yourself within the context of a relationships.  That may be with a lover, or with a boss, but by the same token the aspect between mars and Saturn suggest some waves.

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All play and no work didn’t make you dull, but it may have disappointed you or made you cynical and it couldn’t go on forever.  It may be those circumstances, life, your finances or expanding career possibilities that pulled your focus back to the daily grind, but don’t fret as there will be some financial rewards to look forward to in August.

But it’s possible that around the full moon you are mulling over some private matter or psychological issues that are weighing you down.   Whilst it may be tempting to put on the happy face, if you are feeling down, don’t suppress how you feel, let it all out and get in touch with how you are really feeling about certain things. Try not to get too fired up or resort to a legal fight…just yet.

After your hectic revelries of the past few months, being alone may be what is required and besides you won’t feel too much like socializing, but rather retreating and licking the wounds.

If any of your questions and “unknowns” relate to family issues, property, where you live (country, town, place) or with whom, your domestic scene, flat mates et al, then the second half of August is the time to ask the difficult questions of someone.

Someone at a distance or a foreign interest captures your attention for most of the month and you will be doing a lot of travelling (or at least trying to) and yet, there is that pull to deal with routines/work and “orderly existence” (i.e. health).  It’s like a magnet, you’re being pulled and repelled, but after the 12th it has to be said that you are focused upon the dynamics within one particular relationship. 

Or maybe you are reflecting on relationships in general and why they “work” the way they do, and how you may often feel shortchanged or unfulfilled.  Maybe someone is married or emotionally unavailable or wants to keep you as a secret or hidden… so there has to be some readjustment of boundaries and “the rules” and to re-define how it works (bearing in mind the concepts of “true sharing” and “partnership”).

In fact this is the big theme of August, improving your existing relationships and/or starting a new one - and one in which you can blossom and grow.

Chiron and Neptune have been redefining how you feel about yourself and at times have pulled the confidence rug out from underneath you. August however is giving you the opportunity to turn that rug into a magic carpet ride. 

The process goes thus: first you figure out how you feel and what you really want, then you implement it, and then you enjoy it.

You have a Cosmic obligation to have this in place by the end of the month (all those planets helping you create “order” and healthy situations are at your disposal) and by the last week in August your deepest wishes regarding your personal life will be granted.  Finally.

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