Monthly Forecasts



OCTOBER 2014   



It’s an interesting month, with lots of aspects to Uranus (in Aries), two eclipses, and of course Mercury retrograde - and that’s just a snap shot. 

You still have Saturn in your 8th house and rather like the 12th, this tends to bring “consequences” and many Arians are currently (and in the past couple of years) dealing with people who want something from you; mainly because of what they think you’ve got (that they haven’t and perhaps think they should have).

Obviously between the 4th and the end of the month, avoid major decisions about your finances and assets, and indeed the longer you hold off into mid November the better (just to ensure that post shadow retrograde is finally ended).

The Sun squares Pluto early in the month and that is going to negatively affect your reputation or your working environment, and you won’t be seeing eye-to-eye with folk. 

You might try and control others (or are overly stubborn) and that’s going to cause friction.

If someone challenges you, being an Arian you are going to show your horns, and then what may start as a minor disagreement, can take on a life of it’s own.

This tension is passing, so there is no need to turn it into a big deal or the equivalent of WW3.  Try and show some restraint, even if they push your buttons, as it will be more beneficial for you to try to make someone feel less angry or upset, especially after an argument.

In fact from the 4th-23 October you can put an end to something before it develops into something larger, but it’s actually better to prevent a small problem from getting worse by stopping it before it starts. 

This could have financial and legal implications.  In other words don’t go near “danger zones”.

October is not a month to assume anything or take anything for granted, because problems can grow when you least expect them to.

The Mars Uranus trine blesses legal activities and those taking place in a foreign country, but having said that, think long and hard and be totally pragmatic and sensible about not only where you are positioned now, but also why you might be in the future.

With the eclipse on the 8th in Aries and four aspects to Uranus (one good) within the first week, whatever you are establishing now will make you or break you.  Well that’s perhaps an extreme call, but you can expand beyond your wildness dreams and fully realize your potential (and with loads of support)….or you can be stopped in your tracks.

Or you can become self-serving, superior and arrogant, but it looks highly likely that your image is damaged OR enhanced (in response to external influences).

It’s also likely that your circumstances will soon change significantly (your everyday environment and domestic life).

With Mars propelling you on until the 26th, some will make the decision to relocate, or go back to school, or start a legal challenge, or enter into some engagement/activity with media, PR, Internet, publishing et al.

On the 11th there is a Venus Uranus opposition, so your dealings with others will be “interesting” and with Mercury involved, don’t be disappointed or shocked by sudden changes in agreements, or people acting contrary.

Certainly your financial situations will be unpredictable, and any serious agreements should be delayed until late November as they will encounter hurdles, or be rescinded.

It’s a tricky time because you’re less likely to want to compromise and you are dealing with individuals who are unstable or maybe even ‘suspect’ and if you are already dealing with someone (in business or love) it’s not exactly straightforward.

For some Arians there is the specter of an adversary or rival - or someone or a group - who resents you or is jealous, and they are certainly not to be trusted.  But whatever dealings, promises or conclusion you receive in October will change.

That may be one reason why you want to “fly the coup” and Mars in your travel zone (as in international) will make you want to head to foreign shores.

By the 23rd there are a raft of planets in Scorpio and a new moon/eclipse in Scorpio and many Rams will plant the seed of going into business with someone – a “joint partnership”.    Or you move in with someone (as in cohabitate) or share bodily fluids and commence a love affair – or have lots of one-night-stands - as Venus the love planet is stirring up your sexual house (and it’s a stellar time for intimacy).

In a financial sense it’s about two people, or two groups, who need to comprise about shared finances and resources and working out a financial plan.

Once Mercury goes direct and Mars enters Capricorn (on 25th and 26th respectively) you can make some significant inroads and start to realize some ambitions. 

As I said earlier you will be making some significant changes - either in your career or lifestyle - and this could be proactive or reactive, depending on what you’ve been up to…

Pluto wants you to make your mark upon the world, but beware there can be downfalls and therefore you must play by the rules, be co-operative, and act in the appropriate fashion (and look over your shoulder for opposition).

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Like every other zodiac sign, how you handle events this month will dictate how November and December - and 2015 - pans out for you.

So evidently you can make life easier on yourself by your actions now, (and with two eclipses and the retrograde, and Pluto in your legalities house), you can avoid saying or doing anything that could cause difficulties.

There may be some legal challenges to deal with in the first week, or else your health is a cause for concern, but your everyday is rather taxing and pressured. 

You are overly tired and stressing out from all the pressures that you’ve encountered and life does seem a tad jinxed. 

If you are doing an exam, it might be more difficult than you thought, or you have some problems in a foreign country if you are travelling.

The eclipse in Aries on the 8th will be a reminder to listen not just to the incessant demands of others, but also to your own needs. Get more sleep, go for walks or join a gym and have more “me” time.

There may be an emotional issue that you’re grapping with (and with Saturn in your house of relationships it may be over a marriage, business partnership or “dealings” with an opponent or rival).

Something that either you or another party has been trying to keep under wraps can be revealed or else you are working on something that is secret, or even risky.

There’s a nice trine on the 5th that will help any private dealings with respect to sexual issues - but more so any joint finance arrangements  - i.e. debt, loans, taxes, property.   

You may be going into some kind of shared deal, but with Mercury going retrograde on the 4th, do your homework and don’t expect everything to go according to plan, because it won’t.

The second week is difficult as there are two hard aspects with Uranus in your 12th house, so someone may be trying to undermine you (or cheat or deceive you in some way). 

There may be stuff happening behind the scenes that you will ultimately discover was not in your interests and key information (facts, not fiction) will be hidden from you.

There is also the specter of misinformation, being misconstrued or something you say or write is resented or misunderstood so it’s imperative to have everyone on the same page.

In the third week of October, Mercury goes retrograde (25th) and a number of planets are now in Scorpio and that will cause you to focus in the main on your key relationships and how they are working or not working (generally as a result of a sense of lack of support). This can have a number of manifestations depending on the type of relationship and how solid it is, or isn’t.  If it’s a waste of time or draining you, you’ll offload it.

Maybe you feel a sense of lack or you aren’t being fulfilled and you will make some adjustments, redefine the boundaries and recommit or split.  This is a “marriage or divorce” energy, “sink or swim” but the new moon will help to “start afresh” or work on improving a relationship.

At least this energy strips away pretence and gets to the core of the issues and of the person.  

Maybe you are in a battle with an adversary in a business, personal or legal sense and if that’s the case October is going to be frustrating because of the lack of progress and indeed you may feel deflated, powerless and confused.

You are no longer in the centre of the plate in life, and feeling your grip weakening by the day, but there IS change ahead (but probably not until late November and December). 

There is an issue at a distance. or there is a legal, foreign, travel, educational or regional connection, that seems to be in limbo, but once Mercury starts to move forward again at the end of October so will this issue.

It’s going to be an entirely new way of doing things - or a new “deal” - and it’s inevitable because you cannot continue to function (or not function) like you have been.

Is there a different or better approach than the one you’ve been utilizing?  One that minimizes fallout, rather than creates it? 

Pluto has promoted self-aggrandizing action (undertaken simply for the pleasure of exercising control over other people) and there is at least one situation or person that you’ve been controlling or manipulating.

Its time to take yourself out of the equation (as a lot of it’s been based on misinformation and prejudice) and that will help you to grow again.   

It will have a very positive effect on your outlook, as a sense of well-being will supplant the unease and uncertainty and help you get your Mojo back.

Besides, who needs, or wants drama in their lives?

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Issues of joint assets, inheritances, taxes, debts and your children are cause for concern, or they figure prominently and you are discussing these issues.

Mars is in your relationship sector and the square with the Chiron the wounded healer on the 4th (on the same day your ruler retrogrades in Scorpio) ensures that if you have anyone in your life who is “wounded” (or there is a festering issue) or you have an enemy, Saturn in your relationship house in 2015-2016 is not going to be an easy ride.

This applies any kind of encounter or head-to-head, including a, drawn out divorce, inheritance issue, taxation, debt or any of the “joint resources” arguments that Pluto can throw up (and resources can be lost). 

These are not purely financial resources, but you can lose friendships, respect of ex’s, the love of offspring and so on. 

In fact Mercury your ruler now retrograding, gives you the opportunity to go back and use your creativity and genius and see where (if you are willing) you can improve situations.

This is also in the area of love and romance, offspring (of all ages), and creative ventures.  You might be inspired to turn a hobby into a money-making venture or “reconnect” with an offspring.

Again (as I will say with all signs, but particularly you and Virgo), as you are both ruled by Mercury, what is happening now is simply an outline, a framework and don’t for a minute think anything is resolved or a “done deal”.

There is an eclipse on the 8th on the 11th/5th axis in Aries and there may be an issue with a group, organization, VIP’s, your friends, a bureaucracy, and in some way it may relate to your offspring. 

Try and avoid any decisions regarding your children, your friendships (or your association to a business, legal, educational or social group).

Something major could involve a child, or you could discover you are to become a parent, as this is a “creative” energy after all. 

A romantic affair may come to a head, or there is a moment of truth with respect to your offspring (although I repeat, with Mercury, nothing is as it seems).

There is a semi square with Saturn on the same day Mercury turns stationary retrograde so you may have some health issues or more association with matters of health and fitness.

But it’s more likely to do with work, and if work (or the lack of it) has seemed like a major struggle and overwhelming, this is on it’s way out.   You are establishing new patterns of living and working (and probably as a result of you changing a previously held view as from October onwards you will be entertaining the possibility of alternatives that will reverse your previous opinions).

By the third week, Mercury goes direct, and a lot of planets will lend support to tackling chores, becoming more discipline and focusing and getting fit and healthy.

Mars changes signs on 26th and that will further spur you on to improve your lifestyle and fix what is still “hanging” or in limbo and getting back to really enjoying life.  Overseas travel, people at a distance and law figure prominently.

There have been too many “undecided’s” about where you live, what you own, and who you share it with, and there are still quite a few financial loose ends to be tied up (and in some cases your old life has been upended by some disagreement).

With Mars in your relationship sector until the last week of the month, it will be extra hard to stay centered and calm, but with so many planets affecting debt, taxes and “joints funds” large organizations and group, you have to play nice and be more accepting and patient.

You will feel squeezed around the time of the second eclipse, but the message of the solar eclipse/new moon is that it’s time to reshuffle or restructure your life and find a new way of organizing things.

It’s time to come up with realistic (and honorable) goals and take charge.   

Whilst your belief in a Grand Plan may have carried you this far (and is admirable), unless you put in the effort and deal with the “nuts and bolts” it will simply remain a pipe dream – and maybe one that is just that, a dream.

Pluto’s got going again last month and this is part of a long and ongoing transformation of your joint assets (and any form of association in which money is shared), and you’ll see marked activity in this regard at the end of October.

Who holds the power may alter or reverse or monies may be redistributed as part of this “joint” energy.

But if you are tempted to do something “naughty” financially or sexually, you can’t just blame it on Pluto!

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Something in October may make you do a rethink or alter your course and this may be the result of some inner questioning, but some kind of alternation to your path will benefit you.

With the Uranus Pluto squares having upended your life since 2012, it’s highly likely that there is some “issue” in your life.  It could be office politics, family dramas (“Mother” always features for Cancer) issues with siblings, or complicated relationships full stop.

It could be worst than that and you might have an enemy or you are at odds with a group and this may have been going on for a while (or at least developing for a while).

Sorry to tell you that if you think it’s been difficult thus far, it could get a whole lot worse around the end of October when the warrior planet enters Capricorn and declares war on your adversaries.

Mars will make you more assertive and aggressive, but you should stop thinking about the “here and now” and focus on the Big Picture (and act accordingly) rather than rock the boat for the sake of it.   Later on you may discover that the risk reevaluation was highly useful (and it may even net you a large gain).

There is an intimate, domestic, family or real estate issue going on, or you might not be seeing eye-to-eye with a spouse or having “no speakies” but the lunar eclipse on the 8th suggests that you gain the power or authority within a “family” situation that did not exist previously.

You’ll feel as you if are the one holding the Aces for a change, and you will not be as restricted.

Whatever occurs around that time puts you “front and center” and suddenly in focus, or something comes to a head..

Mercury stationary retrograde moves from Scorpio to Libra on the 10th and this will help you to repair your image, (although that may be by way of resolving differences of opinion on your rights and status).

You will be getting your ducks in a row in October, and putting yourself (by sheer work, strategy and effort) exactly where you want to be – your desired position.

By as you are ruled by the Moon, the full moon and eclipse will impact on you more than most and so just tread carefully and feel comforted by the fact that no matter what happens it’s not the final chapter (by a long shot).   It’s just another part of the play.

You are on an ongoing learning curve (about gaining financial liberty) and also extricating yourself from those who still control you or attempt to. 

But it’s more about holding on to your own dreams and not allowing a group, an individual, family, friends or circumstances dictate to you (expressly or indirectly) how to live your life.

None of this will feel overly important by the third week as you’ll be concentrating more on enjoying yourself than any other “side plays”.

You’ll feel energized and restless and eager to enjoy life and that is reinforced by the solar eclipse at the end of the month that is urging you to do just that: have fun and do whatever makes you happy.

If you are single a new relationship is in the stars and if you are attached, an affair, flirtation, one-night stand is highly likely.

Coupled or single, Venus in Libra wants you to merge with your   “family” and that tends to be biological family rather than any “new” family. 

But if your domestic scene needs some attending to, then you should focus on that in the first three weeks and try to avoid spoiling for a fight (because you will feel tetchy).

Patience is a virtue in October, because at the end of the day - either with your significant other, your family or your rival - you have to reach some kind of agreement (even if you don’t see eye-to-eye).

The seeds of a new understanding, structure or deal either at home, with your family or in a financial scenario, is in the making, and will come to fruition, completion (or be executed) in early 2015 at the latest.

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In the first week of October there are communication issues at work or you may receive some unpleasant news about your health.  It’s likely to be that you have a disagreement with a work colleague or else you make a mistake with a document or send the wrong email or some kind of communication snafu.

You are more inclined to come on stronger and perhaps even ram your views down someone’s throat. 

That said, you will be immersed in loads of correspondence and talking up a storm over a key issue.

Many Leo’s are about to become parents or a child becomes more important for some reason or another (adoption, illness, education), or you may merge with another family or discuss legacies or be fighting over a child (as in access).

At the same time your “fun” is changing and the way you socialize or relate to friends is undergoing a reshuffling.

Going back to the “offspring” issue, it may be that your personal philosophy on your social life (and what constitutes “fun”) is changing because of your personal circumstances.

That said for the first three weeks of October, you are more involved within your local community/immediate environment and you’ll be strutting your stuff and much of the month it has to be said revolves around you and your needs.

There will be a stronger need to assert your individuality and that may be via your creative talents (if you are an actor, artist, business or similar) or via one of your favorite things, sex.  Your sex drive is always strong, but in October it’s gale force.

You may visit a sibling (or have them visit you) but you may not be being as straightforward and truthful as you could (or should) with someone close to home.

All you really want to do is have fun, be admired and have your ego stroked; travel and have enjoyable adventures (and if people irritate you, you’re going to give them a wide berth).  

But in October, Leos are “on the move”, or throwing yourselves back into work (but within a different field or environment) and projecting yourself more. 

You might have a promotion, a new offer, a new project or an entirely different posting in a different place or country, but October is about pushing your life plans forward.

That said, Mercury is clouding your vision and so you are seeing what you want to see at the moment, but if you have been involved in a media issue, patent dispute, legal injunction or a transgression on foreign soil, then you may have to make a financial settlement.

By the third week of October your focus swings towards home and hearth and family (or your domestic scene is very much the focus).

You will take steps to make yourself feel emotionally safe and secure and that might mean buying a property, getting married, getting divorced, moving in together.  

At any rate you will be making long-range plans for the future and re-organizing or even re-modeling your home or home environment in order to establish the type of domestic life that feels comfortable, emotionally secure and solid.

If your domestic scene or your relationship with your family has been wobbly, then you will take steps to improve those relationships. 

It’s possible you relocate, but it will be about satiating your emotional needs.

You won’t be “out and about” as much; it’s more internal and home driven in the last week and you’ll be considering how to balance work and home (so that one doesn’t sacrifice the other).

That’s not to say you won’t have professional success, because from around the 24th onwards you’ll be participating in a progressive or professional activity that brings you status and joy.

People will look up to you – although leadership comes naturally for you anyway – but because your self-confidence is so strong (thanks to Jupiter in Leo), you are luckier now and can take a few risks.

Whatever happens at the end of the month may be the push you need to take charge of your private life.  Go Leo!

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Like Gemini you are going to be more affected by the Mercury retrograde so you should try and any avoid big decisions or signing on any dotted lines or indeed agreeing to anything in October with a view that it will be permanent.

That said, no matter what you are doing now you have beneficial Jupiter playing “Guardian Angel” on your behalf, so if you are engaged in any private dealings or something “behind the scenes”, it will be to you advantage.

This may be a private concern, but even if you don’t know what someone is doing or can’t see the entire picture or don’t have all the information, Jupiter is well aspected to help.

But having said all that, ideally hold off anything important until late in November.

So use October to hedge your bets because you’re not going to be assured of any outcomes. Less is more.

Mercury will do the “lost in translation” number and even put the brakes on, so just when you feel it’s safe to exhale, it’s not, and be prepared for all the Mercury snafus, delays, changed minds, and left field scenarios. This situation cannot go on forever and you will be released from the shackles of a financial nature before too long, hopefully by early 2015 at the latest.

But in October you would be silly to take anything for granted or worst, get led astray by your own needs and completely lose sight of the needs of others. I say this because whatever you are dealing with now will set the agenda for 2015 – 2016 and that can have huge ramifications on your home and family for all that period.

These issues can include children, siblings, parents, property, and others will hold you accountable for the quite some time to come, so thing before you act.

Both the Sun and Venus are in your second house of finances and self esteem, and the total eclipse/full Moon on the 8th in Aries is in your 8th house of shared finances, so this could be excellent to begin to sort out (or resolve) financial, property and tax matters. There is an ending, but it could be the conclusion of a matter or you give up on whatever unsuccessful plan or scheme that you’ve been pursuing and start again with a more effective plan.

There could be some drama regarding taxes, debts, and investments OR the resolution/finalization of outstanding ones, and perhaps some money coming your way.

That said you may be obliged to part with a large amount of cash; and this could be a financial settlement on a property, or some other form of financial agreement/settlement, or you others seek out your backing for an idea/proposal (either by way of personal or financial support).

One way or another October could be a learning curve, although one that you didn’t necessarily need or want…

Just remember if family means anything to you, in the past, now, or in the future, you must factor that into your decisions (because family is somehow entwined).

From the third week onwards you’ll put all these bothersome things behind you, (or you let someone else deal with the dross), as you’ll be following up on some other rather interesting offers - or should I say temptations. 

Your fantasy world is going to get rather “fecund” in the last week of October and going into November. 

If you are coupled - and not that way inclined - then it may be some other kind of venture that you are pouring your creative energies into (or really addressing the long-term aspects of your home and domestic scene).

Either way you will be pursuing what you really, really want from your emotional life…

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Venus is in Libra and this is three-week gift from the Cosmos as it will sprinkle you with star dust, and instead of you having stars in your eyes, everyone else will in your presence.

Whether you are 8 or 80 your allure factor goes up a notch and there is no such thing as “age appropriate”.

This is a time when a number of Librans undertake cosmetic enhancements, or you may be doing the “big reveal” in this time and showing the world you new hair, teeth, face, breast, pecs, hair transplant or whatever it may be.

It might be new glasses or new clothes, but you will be doing something to enhance your existing appeal and attractiveness.

Venus of course is the love planet, so there will be “desire” and flirtation (but no Bunny Boiler stuff, please) as Pluto and Jupiter in aspect to the Sun in Libra can make you cross lines.

Your fixation for “the right” relationship, often translates into infatuation, and it’s not necessarily always someone who is appropriate or even available….

At any rate you are in a super cycle for people gazing (socializing) and Jupiter is sending many positive aspects in October, 
so if you’ve been a bit of a wallflower of late (as if!) you’ll be very, very busy.

This is your kind of energy, and although the Mercury stationary retrograde can bring some confusion or misunderstanding in your communication, this period does allow you the opportunity to refine yourself (either literally or in the way you project yourself within your social settings).

It’s also possible that there is an admirer who you want to offload, (as they have gone from a plus to a minus) or an emotional entanglement that you realize is holding you back.

It’s a cliché and trite to say Librans have trouble making up their mind, but you probably will feel compelled to change your mind in one particular relationship.

That said, you might change your mind on another kind of commitment (that isn’t romantic) but it’s all about getting your life in order. 

The latter half of the month will see a significant jump in personal connections (both new and existing), and will be a welcome respite from some of the unpleasant issues you’ve been dealing with (you’ve been at odds with more folk that usual for quite some time).

This could be within your community, group, with siblings or family and others perhaps are a bit “put off” or angry at your actions, an announcement or your “new” image or your reputation. 

Something that you do displeases your family - and partnerships in general may be tested.

You may be fed up to the back teeth with someone close, but if the connection is solid, this is just a passing glitch, however if its not, then there could be some splits.  However you will need to compromise and negotiate (especially in business partnership) but you’re good at that anyway.

On a plus note, October is a FAB month to truly connect to a “special someone” in your life and you are entering a new era (having made a raft of decisions of late).  Many aspects and plans have been revised and you’re certainly taking a new approach to life.

You are a sign of the scales so every aspect of your life must be in balance for you to feel good and one-way relationships (that are weighted in other’s favor) are just not going to cut it now.  In fact you are somewhat bored of the status quo and with the new image you are adopting, you’ll need to adopt image-appropriate folk to go along with that…

Life may seem abnormal or even surreal for a while, but it will settle down by the end of the month.

It’s all about your image in October and the measures you are taking to redefine that image.  It may be minor or major.

The lunar eclipse on the 8th will drag your focus on yourself back to your finances, because no doubt your recent obsession with you and your image has cost a bit and you’ve probably got some big debts.   

Or maybe part of your new “drive” and profile is about showing the world how successful you are and in this money-driven world that means you need more of the folding stuff.

You might want to buy a new home, car, clothes, travel or just entertain a lot, but at it’s core, it’s about making yourself feel good and “spoiling the senses”.

However you are fully aware that this is a new era in your life, and time to begin again or start fresh in order to feel respected, valued and credible.

You might be considering new ways of making more money (or else new ways to spend it) and with Venus in the picture; fine feathers really DO make fine birds.

By the end of October you are in a brave new world, and in entirely new territory.  Your personal control has taken a while to regain - or gain - but you got there! Others have been pulling your strings for way too long (and you have facilitated that), but now it’s all about YOU and doing things on your terms.

In fact there’s not a lot more in October other than being about YOU, although your new ideas of bringing in more money may involve publishing, the Internet, media or some form of communications/on-line consulting idea.  

The next couple of years are all about communication, and you will be very, very busy, although Saturn is bound to test you.  You might for example experience some difficulties with people who are used to your old ways (that you are changing this month…).

You will undergo some tests in your relationships with your siblings and those in your immediate environment (like neighbors or acquaintances in general) and there could be disconnects.  It’s all about communication and how effective you are and the image (gained by your verbal conduct) that you project and this is this very area that you address in October (along with your personal/physical image). 

If you can fine-tune your style of communicating and the way you interact with others, you’re going to make your future connections a whole lot stronger.

You have nothing to fear but the truth, and the truth is nothing to fear.

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October may feel like you’re treading water waiting for all the plans you’ve made and initiatives you’ve taken (and in fact everything you have set in train in September) to take hold or come together.

You’ve certainly “planted the seeds” and all your efforts will come to fruition, but you won’t see too many of your plans “bearing fruit” in October. 

That’s because it’s too hard to predict where events are going (thanks to Mercury retrograding for most of the month), but take comfort that things ARE happening, you just can’t see them yet.  Mercury will slow progress down, but that said, some things are occurring elsewhere or behind the scenes, and by the time November comes around, you may be in for some surprises. 

I’m not sure if they are good or “not so good” surprises, but just like the proverb, you will reap what you have sown.

As I have said to all zodiac signs, October is not a month to taken anything for granted, or make any assumptions, but especially for you, this is not a time either to keep treading the same path or backing the same people. 

For optimum results, hitch your wagon to a new face, a new organization and a new idea and be ready to jump on board at the end of the month.

If you want to know who the “right people” are, it’s most likely someone who you have failed to properly appreciate - probably as a result of over familiarity – and they are right under your nose.

There can be a lot of action around the 8th at the time of the eclipse, but the outcomes won’t be what you had hoped for if you don’t take the time to evaluate the situation (and people) very carefully.

Something could come to a conclusion, or there may be a problem with how you communicate your message, or alternatively you are surprised by information that you receive (that is shocking or was unknown until now). 

There may have been a lie told to you, or vice versa and this could be in your personal life (as both your ruler and Neptune tend to bring illusions and “castles in the sky” kind of thinking and actions).   

In an intimate relationship there can be intrigue, deception and jealousy, but the main problem is that you didn’t really see the person clearly enough in the beginning; you saw what you wanted to see. 

But you will have options, and by the third week of October you will be getting loads of attention (and financially and in your corporate world, there are opportunities on offer, if you are prepared to embrace them).

Saturn is in the final stages of shoring up your base, and laying the foundations for a success future, just so long as you’re prepared to do the “hard yards” and give your all (and your very best).

That said, I repeat it might be wiser to postpone big decisions until November to allow you plenty of time to think about key decisions, as Mercury will bring confusion and changes of heart.

There is also something that you are dealing with that you want to keep private or that is happening behind the scenes, or some deep secret or confidential matter (that only you can deal with or resolve).

You will feel “out of sorts” around the time of the lunar eclipse in Aries on the 8th and feel a pressing need to reform some area of your life, perhaps to do with your health or your daily routines.  Maybe it’s “all work and no play” or you have a horrible boss or dreadful working hours, or you detest your working environment or your job.

This is a great time to make some constructive and positive changes to any of your routines or to improve your working conditions or even to change jobs (although I’d defer that until November).  But you can start thinking about it!

You’ll certainly feel a greater sense of discontent about all the things that are restricting you in your life. 

Maybe you are overweight or feel like you are overly “burdened” in another way, but by the end of October there will be a great sense of release.  You’ll have freed yourself from at least one problem or responsibility or whatever (or whoever) you felt was tying you down.

You might have a new outlet – such as a new job, a different living environment, or a new relationship – but you must heed that inner voice of yours and pay homage to your needs; personal, private and public.

In the third week, the Sun enters Scorpio  (along with a raft of other planets) and that will not only restore your confidence and enthusiasm, with Mercury now direct, this period will usher in new beginnings and a sense of renewal.

This is your best time all year to believe in yourself, (and reinvent yourself if necessary) and express your personal potential to the world. 

Act on your own hunches and pay homage to your wants, because you’ll be brimming with self-confidence and can really expand your personal agenda if you wish.   A word of caution, this is not a time for arrogance as that can be your Achilles heel.

As I said earlier, November will be the harvest of whatever you have sown, so victory or defeat; success or a time when past mistakes or misdeeds must be punished or paid for…

If you play your cards right in October and plot the right course, there is absolutely no reason why it can’t be a period of huge achievement - just so long as you harness the right energy and people…..

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Some Sags have had a great year so far (i.e. Brad Pitt) but even for those Sags (the majority) for whom life has been a little “less” than it should be, you’ll be delighted and relived to see and feel a change in the Cosmic climate.  

Your faith in the life has been restored (along with your inherent optimism) and you genuinely feel that everything will not only turn out all right, but that life can be a wonderful adventure again.

Jupiter also improves (and blesses) this optimistic outlook, as it traverses your house of distant shores, luck and adventures and enhances limits, a new scope or a new way of thinking.

I’m not saying that you still don’t have any issues to deal with, (Saturn is still in your 12th house after all), and you’ll certainly be reviewing life and your position at the end of October; but for the first few weeks it’s more “fun and games”.

You’ll probably be spending more energy on your social life and “outside activities” and you’ll also be spending more money as friends and group activities will be more expensive. 

You want to have fun, and are no longer interested in the incessant demands of other background issues of your life that are distracting you from getting on with the joy of living.

You want it all right now: romance, fun and good times (and your good times are usually rather adventurous and creative and more often than not, involves travel).

Friends will figure very prominently in the picture for most of October and you’ll rely on them more and want to “work” that part of your life (that you may have neglected or allowed to lapse).

If you’ve had any kind of distancing with friends or with your group, the retrograde can help restore good feelings and get everyone back on the same page.

It may be that you have been dealing with a private or personal matter (one that you’ve successfully managed to keep under wraps) or else you’ve been too focused pursuing your own goals and have overlooked or ignored your friends (and the very people who can offer you personal support).

It’s also highly likely that this recognition was as a direct result of feedback you’ve received, or friends (or an organization) have questioned your values and ethics.

Mars is in your sign for most of the month, which is a very positive energy, as it will make you more confident and also more self-assertive and feistier.  But this is a time not to focus too much on your own wants (social, romantic and fun) but rather pay some respect to your key friendships. 

Love is very much in the frame for single Sags and some will be quite obsessed by a certain someone, whilst others will be joining committees, social organizations, sporting groups et al.

At some point in October you will entertain the idea of taking a risk; and it could be a financial risk or an emotional one, but for a lot of Sags, love is a BIG part of October. 

Some Centaurs will discover they are to become parents or an existing child may make you very proud for one reason or another.  Others will find adult children returning to live - or planning to leave home - or they may have some drama in their lives that they want your help with.

You do have some quite challenging cosmic aspects, and certain events that have unfolded have certainly got your back up; but unfortunately with Mercury going retrograde, not a lot can be achieved (or not very quickly). 

The total lunar eclipse of the 8th is in your house of love, fun and creativity and a romance may be tested - or it could end - if it’s not been on solid ground for a while.

This may be because you want to have more fun (and this relationship is impeding that) or else you want to have more fun with a certain someone and work and other distractions have been thwarting this. 

Put it this way if you don’t pay homage to these feelings and either immerse yourself in a great romance or party up and storm (and simply have more fun), you’re not going to feel whole or “intact” or even happy.

From the end of the third week when Mercury starts to move forward again you’ll be doing a big “review” of life and love and the whole shebang.

This is a period of reckoning - for good or not-so-good - but you’ll now be made aware of the cost (financial or personal) of some things you’ve set in train earlier on, that perhaps may have not been wise.

It could be an emotional consequence that is now getting you into hot water as a situation unravels, but you will need to pull back and give some thought as to what you do next.

The end of October and much of November won’t be much fun (so you may as well really enjoy the earlier frivolities and good spirits) and “make hay”.

Acceptance is the ultimate answer.

A situation might not be what you wanted or is even “ideal”, but if you can look beyond it, only that way can you find contentment and happiness (and perhaps peace).

It really depends on what you have been up to as to whether this flagellation is deserved or not; but a lot of Sags do have something “under wraps” that they may not want to share or talk about.

It could be an affair, a private business dealing, secret plans or some other kind of big secret, but you’ve got to be able to cope with it psychologically.

If it makes you fearful or it upsets just thinking about it, or you are repressing your feelings, then it probably isn’t “ideal”.

But whatever it is, you will be quite secretive about it at the end of the month. 

Best way to proceed?  Do the right thing - or fix it - and you’ll know what that means for your individual circumstances.

You probably need to do this first before you can “let it go”, but it will be necessary to do some kind of soul-searching in order to attain peace of mind or restore your emotional equilibrium.

October/early November brings a perfect opportunity to set in motion some of the things that are dear to your heart and wallet.  Note I said start something moving forward or working to your advantage, (not forcing it through) which is what you’ll be inclined to do with Mars in Sagittarius and then in Capricorn in your money house.

You can achieve miracles with your personal and professional plans, but this does come with “rules” and provisions and some special arrangements.

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There is some issue in your public life or your career, and the Mercury retrograde can help you to polish your image, or mend bridges - or resolve differences of opinion on your status.   

Some folk will think you are amazing …and others not, and that’s because Saturn hasn’t exactly helped in your dealings with groups, teams, organizational or committee groups, authority figures, VIP’s and even with your friends.

But if you can deal directly with the circumstances that are causing difficulty or hesitation, that will clear the way for the next few months and indeed the next few years. 

You are a Cappy and so you would be the consummate professional (and run an efficient and slick operation), and you can always be relied upon.  The issue has more to do with office or social politics - or personal undermining - rather than anything to do with your performance.

This is what you have to contend with now, however Mercury retrograde makes it difficult, (because it might not always be evident) which makes it harder do deal with effectively.

There is some problem with your career image, your name, or reputation or how you “come across” with your superiors and colleagues and October is going feel unstable in this regard. 

There are respect issues that are upsetting you, (and Mercury retrograding is not exactly helping the dialogue), but if you can operate without any clearly defined rules and be more flexible (hard for you when your one level is “excellence”) it will be easier to deal with. 

No fixed limits or boundaries – keep it “fluid” - and that way you can’t be disappointed or upset.

But it appears that no matter what you do, you don’t seem to be able to satisfy a critical audience and you won’t be able to enjoy any recognition for your efforts (without feeling like you have to do the equivalent of back flips and somersaults), and that still wouldn’t be enough.

Then there is your love life, and right now (and actually has been for a while) if push came to shove, your private life would win out over your career. 

You want to feel accomplished in all areas of your life and that includes your primary relationship: to be loved, respected and cherished.  In other words to have a successful union.   

The same applies to your professional and public life, you want others to have a high opinion of you and admire you for your efforts (and that usually translates into a monetary value).

You have been working like a fiend during September, probably towards one goal in particular, and yet it’s what’s happening in your private life that is the more important realm right now. 

You can’t be “all things to all people” and your emotional equilibrium needs to have some stability, and that means spending less time chasing your professional ambitions and more time with those you love and who love you.

Whatever your motivations, not much will ever drag you too far away from your professional commitments and yet, you or someone else may have been imposing an excessive burden of work or other commitments on you, and it’s just not possible to do it all.

Besides some issue to do your home, family, or property appears more important and you might be pregnant, having issues with a spouse, caring for a relative, relocating, or have retired from work.

There is a need to make “home” a priority in your life, and you have to find a way to honor that need, but at the same time, still be productive at l’office (that is unless you have retired permanently and then you would be “improving” your home…).

Mercury retrograding is going to drive everyone bananas for a while because there are more slip-ups and people drag their heels and change their minds and everyone seems unreliable.  Things get lost (such as files and important documentation) or errors are made and then have to be redone.

From the third week onwards you can drag your focus away from your home, family and domestic issues and start to get out and about more and the latter part of October will be a rather sociable time.

The time spent concentrating on your home, family and “inner” needs was obviously worthwhile (and restorative) because by the latter part of October you are more grounded. 

You’ll be venturing out more and away from the home: in meetings, group events and shared interests and in outings with friends, but there will also be public commitments that have a humanitarian context.  

At work you’ll do more networking, establishing news contacts and gaining new clients and enjoying team efforts and all this should translate to more income.

Life becomes noticeably easier when the Sun moves in Scorpio and Mercury ceases to retrograde (and Mars changes signs into Capricorn).  

You’ll be back to focusing on your career and public ambitions and wanting to well and truly put yourself on the map and from your earlier expenses (and ongoing message from Saturn until December) will take the necessary steps to best apply your personality in order to achieve your goals.

You will be making contacts in both a social and professional sense and for the former, you’ll start to view yourself more in terms of your role in society and with the group you mix with – your “tribe” – and can better see the benefits of belonging to a group or community rather that operating solo and running your own race.

It’s a group goal/intent rather than an individual focus “all for one and one for all” and yet with the ground support that you will now enjoy from others, there so much you can achieve personally and professionally in November.

You’ve probably been a tad attached to being the one dispensing the orders or running the show, and being rather headstrong and stubborn, but now you’re more aware of just how valuable the team is – collectively.

The very same rules apply to your main squeeze.  He or she doesn’t need to follow the screenplay of your life (with you as the Director and Producer).   They have a life of their own also.

It’s possible that something happens that crystallizes all this in your mind, and forces you to become more objective and “real”…

The Venus Neptune trine on the 27th will make you very perceptive when it comes to dealing with other people and you’re a lot more adept at reading their moods.  You’re actually sincerely interested in others and in being a true friend, and as T. Williams knew, “life is partly what you make it, and partly by the friends you choose”.

Never a truer word spoken for Cappy’s at the end of October and in November.



There are some difficult aspects with Uranus your ruler and that can impact on the relationship with siblings, neighbors and communications in general.   

Thankfully overall, the transits of Venus and Mars
in October will be favorable for communication and yet it may be a tall ask to rely on this notion at work.

Saturn has been bringing all sort of unwanted tests in your career - and to your public reputation - and at it’s worst manifestation, your working environment could be the equivalent of a vipers pit (where you are literally trying to stay “alive”).

Part of this has to do with Pluto in the twelfth house that is forcing you to confront ideas and notions that you haven’t previously entertained and these are being thrown up in your interactions with your working colleagues and peers.

You’ve been a Big Picture kind of guy or girl, but it’s possible that you are missing the smaller details, and in doing so, this is actually impeding your progress.

Those smaller details can include your support group; the people under you or around you, and it might be time to give others their due (so they can better serve your larger purpose).   By doing so, you may discover a better version of your own vision as well (never underestimate the resources and input of others).

Don't hurry; you've got time (because you shouldn’t be making any major moves in October).  At the end of the day, you may find that utilizing capital that you had disregarded or overlooked, will give you the necessary resources to actualize a dream (and that most likely will include tapping the resources of others as well).

If you present the right argument, it will be appealing to others and excite them.

It’s about epiphanies, and learning something perhaps for the first time, and actually becoming “wiser” no matter what your age (and it’s about common sense that you won’t learn at college….).

There may be some sort of drama or conflict that is the catalyst for this different approach, but in October you’ll be spending a lot of

energy improving your position within a working group.

There will always be people at odds, and those who try to damage your reputation, but notwithstanding, if you can rise above it all and remain detached (your specialty) this will help you immensely in October.

Ideally you become more loyal and committed to group practices even if you are at the top of the totem, because everyone needs “bottom up” support, and this will become rather apparent in October.

If you do try run your own race and push your personal ambitions, you’ll experience ego fights, antagonism and resentment in others and a career issue may even come to a head.

Mercury is retrograding in your career house until the 10th and this may call for a rethink of your career goals and if this is really, really where you want to be. 

Mercury is the planet of communications and the lunar eclipse on the 8th is in your communications house, so you may hear from your previous company or receive an offer for a position that you have previously applied for (but was unsuccessful).

You may have failed to act on an idea or an opportunity to do something at an earlier time and now it’s back on the agenda again.

Many Aquarians will receive some special news in October, regarding a family member, or a long held wish (and that may be a promotion).  You get a “yes”, a green light or a stellar opportunity and that may involve travel or education.

In fact the end of October and November are ripe with opportunity as the Sun’s enters your career house, ensuring that you getting your “due” (money, status, recognition or quality of life).

You will be making adjustments in either your career or lifestyle (or both) but this is a time when you’ll be playing for keeps and thinking for the long term.

Still don’t try and find definitive answers for your career and future in October, leave that until November.

Overseas and foreign influences and concerns (and opportunities) do figure in October and this is likely to be a domino effect that reaches the end in the second quarter of 2015, when it’s very likely you’ll find yourself in a different place entirely.

This month you’ve got to deal sensibly and constructively with matters to do with your public profile and standing (reread above!), and as I said earlier, remain detached.    

In the meantime, start developing some new business plans and goals, so that when November comes around, you can put these into effect.

There will be communication issues right through until December, so you need to be more aware of how you come across and if there are any elements of your personality that may need “adjusting”.

You’ll either have a promotion or an entirely new career direction and this is likely to be overseas or away from where you.

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Mars is transiting your house of career, success, ambition and public reputation so if you haven’t got all the deserved kudos in your career, or you haven’t got a lifestyle that is worthy of you, then you will be making changes accordingly.

I imagine this epiphany is the result of too many sacrifices, being overlooked (and making a great effort, but not getting the financial or personal rewards). 

You are tired of people trying to steer you or impose upon your kindness and with the fiery planet Mars in play, there is going to be some out of character resistance.  I’m not saying you’ll have standup rows with your bosses, but you will be saying “no” forcefully and won’t brook anyone trying to limit you in any way.

For much of October you’ll be concentrating on your finances and sorting out your debts (as well as money in) and perhaps redistributing some of it.  You might go on a holiday, buy a property, or take out a loan, but whatever you do, you won’t be disappointed or remorseful – instead you’re probably going to be thrilled.

It may be time to take a look at a budget (or some kind of loan or restructuring) as you might be a tad overextended, but if you can do some fine-tuning, you’ll have all that you need for something that you really, really want. 

It might be an asset, an experience or just peace of mind, but there does seem to be a lot of  “costings” and paperwork, so it’s likely that you are getting all the facts and figures together to see if you can afford some kind of planned undertaking.

The same “restructuring” is going on in other parts of your life to (all this due to the Mercury retrograde energy) and you’ll be sifting through your contacts lists and working out the “value” of your contacts. 

Some are worth their weight in gold, whilst others are all show and no substance (and you know who they are).

If you are a couple - or in a shared accommodation situation - it’s likely you will be discussing shared expenses, and home expenditure and trying to establish a budget.  

The lunar eclipse will give you the incentive (and the push) to make some necessary financial changes and as I said, if you share your space with anyone (or you share your expenses) this will be up for discussion. 

Some Pisces are having discussions with business partners, banks, lending organizations; credit card companies et al, about who owns what (or who owes what) and you could be “joined at the hip” financially; or someone else’s financial woes, or a company’s fluctuating fortunes could be impacting on you.

Some lucky Pisces will receive a financial settlement, whilst others will take on a debt, but you do need to get money in.

Lastly it’s not solely about money, it’s about the subject that I have been banging on about for a long time, your self-worth and whether others (by their actions) are validating this or not

If this “bean counting” affects your career (and you don’t think you are paid enough or getting the appropriate recognition/respect), don’t for a minute make any rash decisions, certainly not in a Mercury retrograde month.

Saturn is going to be in your career house next year (and for the next two) and is currently in your house of legalities and “foreign” connections, so whatever you undertake now can assist you greatly in reaching stellar heights in your working life into the future.

But that said, don’t make any decisions in October that will impact on your career, just try and fly under the radar until November.

Uranus is the planet of surprises and shocks and can upend or undo even the best-laid plans.  Plus you have the north node in your house of “joint funds”, so in many ways you are transforming your attitude toward material things (maybe as a result of your “experiences” regarding money).

Especially around the 8th it’s all about your bottom line and how that makes you feel (in terms of “worth”) but if you are tempted to measure your status in terms of money then you may get the Uranus “shock”, rather than the pleasant surprise.

This is to teach you not to depend on physical possessions, but rather the non-tangible things (and people that are far more “valuable”).   

Pisces are the dreamers and have a wonderful fantasy life, but if you’re living a Wolf of Wall Street kind of existence (he was a Cancer BTW) then you may be “living in interesting times”. 

In other words, don’t go crazy with speculating or overspending.    

There could be some spills and thrills from unexpected gains as well as unexpected losses, but you won’t end up on skid row (as Jupiter is very helpful and omnipresent in your house of work and is well aspected with Mars).

In terms of the self-esteem aspect, Neptune rules you and can bring magic - but also disillusionment deceit and confusion (and heartache) - but you are getting a lot savvier now as to who is friend and who is foe.

At any rate, by the third week any dramas will have eased and you’ll be feeling pretty good (and most likely travelling as you’ll be feeling very adventurous). 

Or perhaps you just blot your mind to any concerns or erase the bad memories of the past and to start again on a new life with the hope of being successful.

A more expansive career path IS on offer, so let VIP’s and bosses know that you’re prepared to play ball and be flexible and more accommodating.

You will be finding a personal guide to living in October (from the experiences you encounter) and your own reflection of events.

It’s highly likely that you do need a new structure for living life, and one that allows your spirit to grow, not diminish it (so feed your spirit for adventure, and stretch yourself!).

Your greatest joy/fortune in the last fortnight of October will come from foreigners and travel and you’ll feel renewed by life.

Its true that some Pisces will have their personal beliefs tested in October, but that will only occur if you are in the wrong…

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