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There are favorable career stars at the start of the week and if your public stock has been a bit rocky of late, this is your time to shine.  You’ve had a few “dips” lately, and people driving you bananas (and it doesn’t help when you overact).

Thankfully you’re becoming more sanguine and your ire is not as easily “fired up” and by the same token, situations will turn around.  Petty problems and niggling issues are resolved, and there are breakthroughs at work and within your social scene. 

A secret - or whatever you are doing privately - your own agenda will work out well for you.  For many Aries that agenda contains plans for your offspring – or you as the offspring.  Maybe you want a child to come home, or you go to them, or you want them to go to College or you want to have a child, or you want to be in the Will or have a parent live with you – so many variables depending on your age and stage in life.

But whatever you are deciding and “cooking up” right now, it’s for the longer term.  You’re definitely thinking Big Picture, so if an idea has failed or you are no longer sure of its merits, be wise and sensible and let it go (and that should become obvious around Monday).   

Before the weekend if you do need to put an end to a job/task or role that you detest - or someone does it for you - don’t fret, the Cosmos is with you (i.e. there’s better things ahead).

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There can be good news from afar or regarding someone at a distance.  It may be legal news, or something to do with media, publishing, Internet or via email.  Groups, VIP’s, influential folk, socially (and friends) are sources of advancement and good news/outcomes and/or pleasure. 

Maybe a message you send or receive alters the dynamics of a situation or you have a breakthrough in understanding that leads to profitable outcomes.  By the same token a message may be a blessing in disguise. 

Every communication right now is ripe with potentials so make sure you are able to recognize that, even if you have to look beyond or around an apparent hurdle and that could seem like a 15m wall on Monday.  Uranus is squaring with Pluto and Pluto is applying the pressure in 9th house areas, foreign influences, legalities, education and publishing and any of these areas could bring a sting or a breakthrough.

That said, overall all your relationships, (particularly your romantic ones) are working better than they have for a while (and perhaps some of you are travelling and fallen for an exotic stranger!).  Travel looms large for the Bulls.

You’ll be spending up big on the weekend, and Friday in particular may see a big outlay.  Still you feel quietly confident that all will be well (perhaps you’ve discovered a money tree!), but the money pressure is eased.  You are enveloped in a sense of security, probably from your nearest and dearest as opposed to work/career.  Someone is going to take care of you and all will be well.

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You should anticipate a nice breakthrough or favorable news to do with a shared money/assets issue.  You might have a rebate, a settlement, an inheritance, or some other kind of bonus or a debt might be paid off.  Or it mightn’t be a breakthrough, but a break off and a financial arrangement ends.   That sounds positive (especially if it’s a debt), but it may be quite scary too, as you might fear the ramifications.  

You’re not really an “ending” person, you like to initiate things - so that’s probably the discomfort factor.   Unless there are other implications that you’ve been hiding from yourself.  If so, the truth will set you free.

On a more exciting note you could have a night of passion and meet someone who really blows your hair back.  There is a lot of excitement around you, via friends, loved ones, and “potentials”, so it’s generally a highly enjoyable time and group celebrations in particular are highlighted.

By the same token your needs, financial or sexual could make you feel exposed or vulnerable, especially if you have made some assumptions about a relationship - or relied on gossip  - even your own.  Around Monday (at the time of the Uranus square Pluto) could be significant, either way (good or bad).

The right communication can get you far now so use it (as only you can) and reap the rewards.  One glaring conversation needs to be had before Christmas.  Just so long as it’s a real conversation and not just “chit chat”.

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Your relationships are good, so no moody Crabs this week.  You’re in a good mood overall (unlike the first few days of the week when something was preying on your mind) and foreign influences /places and people may have played a part in some capacity.   That said there could be one relationship in particular (probably with someone at a distance) with whom you are doing a rethink.  There may be loyalty issues (or what they are saying, you’re not getting) and it’s fruitless and you feel blocked.

If you are relying on this person to do something, chances are you are the one who is going to have to carry the load, or be left high and dry (so better to do something about it now).   

Don’t be the deer in the headlights, life is what happens when you are busy making plans, so don’t allow fear or uncertainty slow you down. 

Money and assets and what you own (or don’t own) has been on your agenda for a while, and this week in spite of some indications to the contrary (especially in the lead up to Monday with the Uranus Pluto square) you could plant the seeds of a wondrous development. It’s something quite left of center, an unusual or unexpected proposition or via someone overseas or foreign. Don’t discount it, as this could be the start of great things.  From little things, big things grow…

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You’ll be feeling vital and energized and raring to go.  A real energy burst and lots of “horizontal” jogging, romance, fun and flirting – all the good stuff that is right up your alley.   

You have to keep an eye on limits though, and not physical ones, but of the emotional and money kind.   There could be a debt or an obligation - or some issue of who owns what - and in what percentages.  If it’s an emotional kind, you could have been stretched to your limits for quite some time, and you either snap or adjust.

However if there is something about your health or visage that you want to address, this is the prime time to book the cosmetic enhancement, gym membership or find a personal stylist. 

Jupiter is in Leo, so it has to be about YOU, YOU, YOU, although it hasn’t exactly felt like that for the past few months.  But fine feathers do make fine birds and you have so much presence this week it’s almost freaky.  Maximize your potential and see what happens...recognition and reward is slated for you.

On Monday there may be an issue at work thanks to the Uranus square Pluto that could see some dramas with colleagues, customers or bosses.   Or alternatively you get a reality check regarding your health. 

Something disturbs your routine in some way and throws you off balance (although your equilibrium could be “shaken and stirred” by a romantic attraction at “l’office) with Venus bringing romance to your house of work. 

Either your heart or mind will see saw.

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You’re feeling loved up, fecund and sexy, no matter if you are 16 or 60 (only if you’re the former you had best take more precautions because the Stork could be visiting in 9 months…). 

Or you might need to take precautions of an entirely different kind if you are having a clandestine affair… that quite a few Virgo’s are doing. The Uranus square Pluto on Monday is your house of children and sex and creativity…what more can I say..?

If you’re in a long-term relationship you’re more likely to be nesting with your loved one and pottering around fixing up home and hearth.  You could be considering some form of renovation or even a move, but you are inclined towards some significant change to your domestic environment. 

In fact if you have a real estate transaction pending, you’re likely to get confirmation of the good news this week.

You’re in an emotional growth spurt, when you can make huge strides in getting to know yourself and your motivations, and life in general will start to make a whole lot more sense.  

You’ve had your doubts and worries regarding joint money issues and what people think about you and that has caused you to hesitate.

You also spend a lot of your time “doing the right thing” but you’re not sure it’s “right” for YOU anymore. 

Maybe it’s a spouse, a sibling, offspring or a Mother that you are overly supportive of, or feel bound to; or, more likely, it’s a business venture that you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into.  But whatever situation or set up that you are currently weighing up, you are fast reaching a fork in the road when a decision must be taken and a position adopted.

Believe in yourself and the path you take (as you’re generally always right!) even if the end of the road/outcome is still not in sight.

It says Exit, and that’s a good place.  You need to emancipate yourself.

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Anger management is called for at various times this week, especially around the end of the weekend and on Monday.  It’s likely to be at work or home (same axis) although Venus will help with smoothing over family squabbles. 

Indeed, with a bit of luck you are the Domestic Goddess or God, presiding over your castle, and entertaining up a storm, your absolutely favorite things. 

You are hanging with groups - lots of them - and your friends are never far from your phone, door or bed (yes friends can morph into lovers now).

They are your greatest support structure, no matter what is “going down” especially on Monday; they are there for you always.  BFF’s.

This is Libra’s “best practices” regime, but you cannot be all things to all people and that’s why you get angry and stressed (although you don’t show it, diplomatic sign that you are). 

You are the classic fence sitter, and then get angry when you stay right there, on the fence.  Others have wandered into backyards (metaphorically speaking) and had doors slammed in their faces, and had hearts broken and ego’s dented. 

So friendships reign supreme and they understand you and support you.  At least you can choose those, unlike your family….

If you’ve been brave enough to sever a tie, don’t let the past drag you back.  If it didn’t work then, it won’t work now.

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Some good news is en route this week and about time as you’ve been suffering from “foot in mouth” disease of late and can’t seem to put a foot right (yes, always in the wrong place). 

There are some issues to do with your parents or relatives or your tangible home.  It can be broader than that, and you may not be “keeping house” effectively, if you are in charge of a group, committee or even a nation.

There are “issues” that you’ve had to deal with: public reputation, professional standing, and you’ve been walking on eggshells. 

This week you’ll crunch them underfoot and stride forward and this can be the U turn, in your fortunes. 

But don’t be too cavalier and careless or feel as if you are invincible, because whilst rewards and recognition are on offer, if you are backing the wrong horse you’re never going to win the race, so keep your options flexible.

Venus will come through for you in the communications area, so use this window to make reparations and seal deals whilst you can.  If you want to win that certain someone over, this is the time to pull out all stops.  It may be for a terrific job or a place in their heart, but they will sit up and listen.

Having said that, avoid making any displays or overtures around the Uranus square Pluto on Monday as you’re likely to fall flat on your face (with the foot in mouth..).

If you get the opportunity to travel, either for work or pleasure, don’t hesitate to grab it with both hands, as you’ll encounter synchronicity in either love or a rare career opening.   Or it will simply be a stellar platform in which you can demonstrate your leadership abilities.

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I think you are a tad on edge at the moment within your environment and you’ve got to remain positive, which for a Sag is not such a great stretch. The people who might be driving you to distraction can be your neighbors or your family (and especially any siblings if you have them) but even in traffic, getting from A to B is stressing you out.  

You seem to be communicating more than usual and writing, calling…and shouting, and what you are saying is rather “heated” and not all your connections are smooth sailing.  You might even be fighting over your piece of turf and something you thought was “in the bag”, isn’t even close. 

This could be literal as to what you own, or personal, and you feel someone is encroaching on your territory. If it’s the former there will be lots of facts and figures and balance sheets and as this in the area of shared resources and joint finances (and things you co-own with others) you may not be on the same page as to spending.

Venus is blessing your house of money so if your bottom line is not added to, then it could be that a financial concern no longer exists or eases.  It might not be apparent right away, but it’s turning out just the way it should. 

So many Sags are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  What form is it taking for you?  Hint:  It involves travel in some capacity and the Uranus square Pluto will hit this message home.  “Freedom”.  And that requires money …or the letting go of it.

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You feel good (and better still you look good), and you are quite the magnet right now with so much Cosmic power at your disposal. Better yet, Cappy’s usually know exactly what to do with power, so even if you have moments of self-doubt (especially around the Uranus Pluto square on Monday), you’re still performing way above par.   

Besides what you’ve been searching for career-wise, you probably found it this year and have really fallen into the job of your dreams. If not, you’ll still make a lot more money or enhance your public profile over the next week or so.

If you’ve been looking for love, after this week you may not need to. You’ll either stop looking if you realize it’s “not there” - or you’re swept off your feet - but one way or another it’s a defining period romantically and a lifestyle situation is changing. If others keep repeating the same patterns in relationship dynamics (especially the behavior of extended family and in-laws) and it’s never going to change, it’s time you changed the infrastructure before it changes you!

There is a lot of expansion and growth in your world, although that could mean that you are spending up a storm.  You are certainly working hard, and have a lot of irons in many fires, and this is a good week to assess if perhaps you have spread yourself too thin.  But even if you are stretched to the max, you are really making your mark, being seen, applauded and going places (whether you’re aware of that or not).

This is not as good as it gets by a long shot…the “deal of the century” is still ahead.

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It’s a wonderfully social time for you, mainly within group functions and these can include the younger generation also. 

At the other end of the scale, VIP’s and influential people will be drifting in and out of your life and helping you to achieve your aims and bringing new opportunities for a fresh start. 

If you’ve been waiting for the go ahead for a project or a personal ambition, it should arrive this week, (although don’t forget to reassure those who love you if it’s a fundamental change). 

Walk them through it and take the time to listen to their vulnerabilities and concerns. 

That said; if you’re doing cartwheels and somersaults and still not getting any real appreciation, it may be time to consider a new approach or a new person.  You are gaining emotional clarity (and a brand new outlook) and that can help resolve differences and bring unity to a key relationship or “dealing” with it once and for all.

You are very confident and in “carpe diem” mode and really determined to make a name for yourself, but you might be a bit abrasive and narky.   

Jupiter can really help you with all your relationships, so don’t allow Mars to steamroller a budding friendship or damage a union.  Long termers can be enjoying a renaissance OR a rebirth, but it IS undergoing change. 

But Jupiter does bring blessings, so overall it’s a good energy and even the challenges are constructive.  You are making headway and progress and getting the breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for.

Travel, new career opportunities and overseas destinations figure strongly in the near future.  An exciting new venture is around the corner (and you should get the green light this week) with a flurry of documents and contracts to sign.  You are on your way!

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It’s a bit of a frustrating week I’m afraid where you don’t seem to be able to achieve “lift off” in anything.   You’re not sure of what you want or what those you love want, and you can’t seem to appease anybody.  

Not only that, it seems you are getting the run around by others because you’re such an easy target right now due to your uncertainty and momentary loss of confidence.  And that dip in confidence may have a direct correlation to a dip in your finances or a fragile economic base.  A business opportunity may fail to live up to expectations and you feel disappointed and dejected.  Projects are delayed, people change their mind or rescind contracts, and co workers are anything but reliable.

Thankfully Mercury trines Jupiter brings good fortune and opportunities to all forms of communications so the cosmic influences are perfectly suited to making new plans rather than trying to execute existing ones.  Not the ones that will transpire this week, but the ones you wish to pull off in 2015 such as a new job or a different career.   

There is a stroke of real luck and a new position or business opportunity ahead for you so think big, and come up with some concrete life goals. 

Jupiter is going to bring blessings to your routines, working life and environment (and health) but not just now, you’ll have to wait a couple more months to see the “roll out” of your wishes. 

They will transpire, but in the interim there may be a cosmic lesson metered out around Monday (in either a romance, via a boss/authority figure, your children, or with money). 

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