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As the week progresses there will be some anxious moments for one reason or another.  This has two reasons. Firstly the (ongoing) issue in your life is your increasing restlessness (thanks to Uranus in your sign).  That restlessness is manifesting as aggression and forcefulness, but you demanding the ability to make decisions for yourself without influence from outside.   You wish for the freedom to live as you choose….and to act and make decisions without consulting anyone…so you can see how this may cause some issues and resistance.

Secondly, it’s because the current planetary patterns are making you overly sensitive and on edge, and especially on Monday/Tuesday when there will be disagreements.  But you don’t want to end up scolding, criticizing or acting over-hastily as you could damage some associations and at the very least create uncomfortable moments.

It’s preferable if you head straight home from work (and bypass the after work drinks) because you are feeling defensive….and at the same time blameless - a rather tricky combination.

So you should take time to analyze any “intent” from others (real or imagined) before you taken any action or leap to conclusions. 

That said, someone who has been in your life for a while IS far from satisfied about the status quo – and this can be a spouse, colleague, family member or friend (or even an enemy), although this seems to be centered around some form of communication that takes place at home, or with family members.

Even so, there may be a cause to feel anxious (although it’s not necessarily this week that you will see the real reasons why) but the situation will reveal itself later on in April and become very clear.

Because the astrological climate is somewhat volatile on Monday and Tuesday, even if you are with sedate, sober and dull folk, you’ll still have a tendency to lose your temper very quickly…through frustration!  

It’s a good thing therefore that the party train has arrived at your stop ensuring a rather hectic and fun social passage ahead (and when you can really let your hair down…).

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You’ve got a few planets in your house of the hidden, secrets and self undoing so you may be keeping a secret, or doing something that is a somewhat covert (or else someone else is and you’re about to discover what) and that’s likely to occur around Friday or early next week.

But there is more happening in the background of your life than in the forefront and you are trying to evade a situation, keep it under wraps or deal with some problem in a quiet and low key (or even underhanded) way.

There may be some awkwardness in your social life on the weekend, that relates to conflicting loyalties or social triangles (and concerns about which way support should go).   Denials or disclaimers may fly thick and fast and friends may choose to withdraw from social activities rather than confront issues or be pressured to make a stand or choose sides.   

Much of this centers around communication – something that was said, or written - or unsettling news about (or from) a sibling.  But whatever has been “behind the scenes” may be revealed or discussed publically.

I do think you’ll have to confront some situation this week around Monday/Tuesday that calls for your innate resilience and stoicism and you won’t feel like you have a lot of control over events.

On a positive note, Friday/Saturday is great (one of your best weekends for a while), and highly social and you’ll probably have more fun than you’ve had in ages. You’ll feel loved and wanted - even if it’s just with your family or friends!

You may even plant the seed (via a third party) to heal a long festering wound or seek their help to resolve a complex situation.

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On the one hand you’re being the quintessential Gemini and flitting around and having a good time (well at least you’re having a busy time) and there is an embarrassment of invitations to choose from or you are simply seeing more of others.

There have been some dramas in your life of late, shifting loyalties and social and family triangles, but something or someone (or your own mindset) changes the scene or a 11th hour reprieve or a brilliant idea or intervention that saves the day.

That said there may be some issue relating to your reputation or public image or your career on Friday or Monday/Tuesday and it may involve your offspring (if you have any) or the “younger generation” and if not, a creative project.

However you might purposely cause some upset or create a difficulty in order to teach someone a lesson - or else to get some action (especially if a situation has been stalemated for a while) - as Mars will generate far-reaching anger and exasperation.

But be cautioned however, that if you are tempted to do that - and don’t take corrective action or get on top of this situation - from April onwards it could become a runaway train and all the progress you’ve achieved lately could start to unravel.

Count to ten and figure out the smart approach, because even though you might be highly sensitive to an event or a statement made this week, any immediate and unthinking emotional reaction will not yield predicable results.

There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in a storm, and this is the former…

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That 70’s term “creative visualization” is exactly what you will excel at this week, and if you feel that’s a waste of time, think again. 

As a cardinal sign a LOT is en route for you and with Jupiter direct in your sign for only another three months, you owe it to yourself to pull off the impossible. 

The planetary energies are gifting you with more influence and Jupiter will do his utmost to bring about positive outcomes, so if you feel it in your water (you are an intuitive sign) that a change in your fortunes is approaching …then guess what…you’re right!

A major occurrence is about to unfold, and it is currently gathering momentum and not even you know where this “Unstoppable” train will end. 

Any meeting you have this week will be very favorable and your “shaky” reputation and image is soon to be restored and shored up and both your personal, social, romantic and financial position are about to improve.  

Sure you are still going to have your moments of self-doubt (and it’s possible that legal issues are part of the picture) but you are taking back control of your life (and you need to remember that on the astrologically stormy days….around Monday could be one of them). 

You are approaching an intersection, and a turning point in life; you just have to know in which direction to turn (and that may even include a U turn), but there is also someone (or a group) who is trying to force you to travel down a particular path or adopt a particular viewpoint.  At some point this week, an old grievance will reignite or there could be a sudden outburst of hostility and one unresolved issue in particular is likely to come to a head (although this could continue to simmer until July).  This is most likely to involve an ex, a parent, another family member or a mate.

Many Cancers are travelling to foreign shores and/or are liaising with people of a different background to you (another culture) but any new strategies or changes in approach that you employ this week (even to old issues) will work in your favor.

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You are a bold and audacious sign and right now are probably starving for some adventure that can do you justice.  In fact you are craving for some more “buzz” in life – and that will cause you to make plans accordingly - but in some cases, that may bring some complications to your love and/or family life...

You might be travelling (or making plans to do so), or implementing some fundamental changes to your lifestyle. 

Alternatively you might be driven to realize a burning ambition, but you do need to avoid pushing the envelope too far or testing the limits of someone’s patience (especially a loved one).

You have a lot of dreams and goals, but some of these will need to be embraced by the important others in your life and not everyone is going to be in agreement with you. 

Some will feel threatened by your plans, abandoned, or “not on the same page” with your thinking and you will need to employ all your natural persuasiveness and charisma to swing others around to your way of thinking. 

But even with all your inherent gifts in this regard, there are still likely to be some arguments and battles of wills, particularly around early next week.

This may be over ideology, shared money or joint issues (such as property, offspring, respective needs and lifestyle preferences) and it would be better for outcomes if you can allow others to steer the direction of your conversations (or at the very least keep up).

But there are changing family, career and lifestyle plans and a decidedly foreign influence (or direction), but don’t put yourself out of reach, emotionally or physically unless, that is, you want to…

Your world is expanding and this will become more obvious as the month progresses, and you are well and truly “on the way”.

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Shared money/assets and resources (including shared offspring) will be the topic of conversations this week and your finances are in somewhat of an “unknown territory”.  In other words volatile - and changeable – and your risk in this regard is to do with communication.  

It might be how you say it, write it or what someone communicates to you, but your money, income, debts and any shared investments are all important (even crucial).  You must be very vigilant and accurate this week when it comes to any formal written agreements, facts and figures and avoid taking any form of risk.

It would also help if you could put yourself in another’s shoes in order to gain a broader understanding and a better outcome, and this might be by way of discussing alimony or a division of assets, or a company liquidation, or a new start in life - what cost is freedom –or maybe with a new love, or a tax debt or some other kind of financial liability.

This might necessitate you considering getting a loan or restructuring your finances or asking for a raise, an advance, or finding an additional source of income - such as a second job. 

Mars will continue to ensure that there are heavy pressures being placed on your wallet or other money-related matters until July (and you will find that you keep falling short and are unable to fulfill those demands).

There is also the risk of impulsive spending on personal or “ego-satisfaction” stuff and this is clearly not the time to do that, so avoid the urge.  

Chances are that this spending is on a “certain someone” as romance could be thrilling and a huge part of your life right now – and for many Virgo’s you are “gone” in love – and circle Saturday as a significant day for developments.

That said, this can also be a turning point (escalation or resolution in a dispute), but there is an element of risk in all forms of communication.

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Well you’ve got Mars in your sign and that is going to bring conflict and disorder and although you are someone who will go out of their way to maintain peace, your apple cart has been really shaken up (if not upended) of late. 

There might have been a crushing disappointment - or you have lost control of your life in some way - or your direction is more uncertain because of some circumstances or developments.

Neptune has brought confusion and uncertainty into your working life and yet the good news is that between now and July, Jupiter will bless your career and show you in a rather favorable light.  Out of the blue you might get a great offer, a surprise appointment /posting or simply great feedback from those in “high places”.

But you can’t avoid the conflict that as a cardinal sign you are likely to encounter as April progresses and especially with the upcoming eclipse in your sign next Tuesday.  

If you’re getting positive feedback then your image is fine and if not…well then this will be the cosmic nudge to address some aspect of your personality.  But it’s much more than that; it’s about how you fit in with another’s needs - as they may be diverging instead of merging…or vice versa.

It will be an emotional period after the weekend, and challenging as it may be, you will need to be less egalitarian and more assertive and think if yourself and go into self protection mode.  

You can anticipate some kind of development within a key association and you might be fighting with someone (or for someone) or for yourself, however you probably won’t get the opportunity to push your case as whatever occurs in the next week or so appears to be rather finite and perhaps unexpected.  

Deeds become destiny and that may mean making a commitment or taking it to the “next level”.

Whilst you might not end up where you wanted to go, you’ll end up where you need to be.

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After the weekend you could feel like you’re treading water and this might be because you’re not sure which way to go with a situation or you are simply tired and have run out of steam. 

You’ve have quite a journey with Saturn in your sign and as the final year progresses you’re no doubt in a different place and space than you were a couple of years back.

It’s likely however that you are feeling a tad emotional and run down and therefore it’s a good time to chill, rest and regroup - and listen to your own inner voice about what you want to do – so that you can fine tune your own “awareness”.

It’s best that you get far from the madding crowd or one person in particular so you can hear yourself and your own needs clearly.  You might be still recovering from heartache - or be in the throes of love - or you might be torn between two lovers.   You might be considering changing course entirely (because of a new love), but there does appear to be some kind of “romantic plot” in your world.

Maybe you are simply considering a life change and that might involve a different job or a different geographic place, or some other kind of “fresh start”.

There is something or someone that you want, but you’re not quite there yet (although it’s almost in reach). There is however the possibility of being misinformed (or you have formed the wrong impression) and this might be about a person - or an opportunity (perhaps one that relates to real estate) - and although you are ambitious and keen to make progress, do your due diligence and investigate all offers.

You are in the process of defining what you want and need and  

if you have patience you can have what you want.   But patience means waiting.  Not passively waiting, but keeping on when the going is hard and slow.   That is patience.

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You so want to let rip (a bit like Leo) and track down some different (and more apt) alliances and pals to hang with…and happily you have loads of opportunities to do just that. 

No doubt you are travelling and having a ball and seeking out new friends and associates and yet the pull of home and hearth and domestic intimacy is strong.

Your spirituality (whatever that means) is going through a renewal -or in other words your perspective is changing - as are your needs (and this seems to relate in the main to your home and family scene). 

Therefore I think it will be within your domestic and family sector that you have some “action” as some Sags no longer want to be a couple, but rather run their own race, whilst others are doing the complete opposite and are leaning towards romantic times a deux.

There are even a high number Sag’s who are about to become parents!

However the planetary storms early next week are suggesting some disagreements and because you are understanding, sincere and principled, if someone close wishes to go down a certain path that you don’t agree with, then don’t be pushed into it. 

You are in a passage where you want to experience a whole lot more out of life – and even throw caution to the wind - but some actions come with a penalty or a cost. 

Because you are just, you are someone who can see both sides of a situation at the same time (of a cause or with someone’s personal or business stance) and so there can be confusion as to your position.   

This may be of concern to others this week (especially in a business or legal forum) and your relationship to a group or organization might be tested and become rather complex; and areas of concern are joint finances, loans and taxes.

On a positive note, a marked increase in sexuality has arrived and for a number of Sags, a passionate love affair is just around the corner…

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Either on the weekend or early next week there is going to be some issues relating to either your home or your job.  

Maybe you decide to throw in your job or restructure what you are doing in your career, or you might want to sell the house or move out into another house. 

There will be dialogue with partners; most likely romantic partners and some of that dialogue will be rather heated and intense, but it might not result in any resolutions or outcomes (and this has been going on for a while).

A lot of your anger stems from the fact that someone seems hell bent on challenging your plans and you can’t keep a lid on your resentment any longer.  If it doesn’t boil over later on in this week (as in early next week) then it will very shortly. You need to take some kind of definitive action and there are signs of endings and beginning and “letting go”.

You are going through a personal “revolution” and “upgrading” your existence and so may need to clear the decks or restructure as you go along (or else someone may do this for you, if you have not taken action..). 

In April that appears to be exactly what is happening in some facet of your life, and you are probably exiting a situation - but at the same time, improving it – even if it’s a complicated process!

It may be that you feel you need (and deserve) more from a love affair than you currently are getting and so decide to make a move. Particularly in a long-term relationship, what you thought you wanted has lost its appeal and that may be a long term emotional or business partnership, but there are some major changes afoot this week.

However any form of change can be stressful and if it’s comes from an external source, it could knock you off balance for a while. 

That said; you are so fed up about some aspect of your existence that you are inclined to do a knee jerk step (which is so unlike you) and one key relationship in particular may not survive this week, or the next couple.

There are painful emotions at play, that involve a spouse, family member or flat mate and so there is going to be some kind of upset within the domestic scene especially if you push too hard.

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In the 1950’s there was a television quiz show called “Pick a Box” and the catchphrase was “the money OR the box”.   This is very apt to you at the moment, but in a slightly different guise as you can choose to have your freedom OR take the money and in turn be “boxed in” and restricted.   

So do you stay and get paid and pay the bills or do you up and leave? You do have the opportunity of improving your job (either an existing one or a new one) and also of travelling far and wide.  Perhaps you travel to a new job!

To this end there will be a series of discussions and conversations but one way or another your career and public life is changing and expanding and as Mars is in your house of travel, overseas connections that is where your interest and direction appears to lie. There has to be more meaning in your life, you don’t want to simply go through the motions anymore; you want to be challenged and stretched and have adventures. 

Maybe you have to take a calculated risk and toss it all in and follow your heart and that may mean following a person or doing a course - or something else that you desire. 

It’s not about the money that simply pays the bills, now it’s about the quality not the quantity of just about everything…

Venus and Jupiter are ensuring that you are being blessed and protected so you will fall on your feet and this energy will help you through any anxiety about your next steps (and help you to define what it is that you really do want). 

There is a lack of support where you are currently or even someone who seems determined to pull the rug out from under you at every opportunity.

Buy yourself some time (and pick the money and the box) and be cautiously optimistic as a right opportunity - or the right mindset - will come knocking in a week or two.

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Venus and Neptune form a powerful alignment and both are in Pisces (and Neptune is your ruler) so this is a “breakthrough” week in which in some area of your life you can truly hold court. 

This energy has everything to do with your Self, your brand, your persona and your role in life. You may even find yourself the centre of attention (and attraction) at a big event, or see the realization of a long held dream.  But whatever it is, you are getting the validation that has been denied to you for too long.

You can be the person, the role or the business head that you have always hoped to become (and/or to achieve) and in a very real sense, you are undergoing a big makeover.  This is not just about your spirit, but also how you look and present.

Many Pisceans are having cosmetic interventions and other “external” stuff so that the outside matches how the inside is feeling.  Best foot forward and all that.

At the same time that there are so many new beginnings or a re-launch or a new start, there are also endings, but these are positive endings and an ending of a way of life that is not longer relevant to your future.

There are some sensational times ahead and in some way you will be the rock that everyone leans on - or the Matriach/Patriach - or you head up a project or a team enterprise and one particular wish or goal will be realized.   

If you are single you may meet someone very special, but you will be getting out and about more after a period of alienation (or self imposed isolation). 

You’ve made peace with a certain reality or come to terms with a fantasy that you now know was misplaced (and needs to be let go), but you are finding your centre and defining your role in life.

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