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There is a rather nice trine this week, on Thursday that should bring good outcomes and progress.  Good things are happening to you right now, and you should get the results you are after.

It’s actually a time when you are going to pursue your own interests (without excuse or guilt), it’s not about satisfying others, but yourself and being independent. 

Uranus of course is in Aries so when it trines with your house of self-expression, it gives you carte blanche to say and do what you want and as backdrop you have Mars making you either more forceful (more opinionated) or more enthusiastic until the end of October.

Mars will make you more “toey” and impatient for some excitement in your life (as some aspects are boring you out of your gourd).

This may be by way of travel, or undertaking something new - and you will certainly have a more social week - although under these stars you could have a flare-up or emotional outbursts in a social setting.

There will be a significant shift in your current way of doing (or thinking) about something and this should result in either a joint business affiliation OR you protect yourself from any financial exposure to others. 

In other words you go all in or scramble out.

Mercury going retrograde in your house of joint funds, debts and sex (currently in pre-shadow phase), does give you the chance to fix up a business connection.  This is important because with Pluto now moving forward in your house of career and public reputation you can create something wonderful in association with another, or they can destroy you.

But there are some key changes afoot.

This is a period when you can be at your best or feel out on a limb.

If it’s the latter the new moon at the start of the week, might give you a wake up call (or a new opportunity) to improve your PR.

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There is some form of profound “engagement” in your world, either you against a group, or you are with a group against a regime (or a system of ideas) but there is some kind of commitment that is restricting your actions.

Your hands are tied somewhat, but with Pluto now moving forward your views are being challenged, or called into question.  You appear to be opposition to some kind of “higher order” (seniors, father, bureaucracy, law, religious group, the Courts etc) but if you stick to your principles - and what is correct and appropriate -
and take full responsibility for your views, then you will not only gain respect, but be validated (and probably paid very well).

This “engagement” could equally be a conflict over jointly held money or possessions and you may be facing some form of adversity or be mired in a dispute over unfairness.

Take care not to become too much of a zealot or shove your views down everyone’s throats either as you run the risk of overstepping the mark or damaging your (otherwise), very credible position.

Think in terms of forward progress - instead creating a crisis.

Still you fervently believe in a cause or are attempting something where the outcome is either unproven or unknown as yet. 

But with stars the more you believe, and the more strategic your actions, the more you will receive (the old “self fulfilling prophecy argument”).

The new moon will give you a second wind to deal with something successfully or find a solution to a situation that has continued for way too long.

Indeed there may be an opportunity this week to find a short cut or fast track a state of affairs.

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Pluto moving forward can bring movement in a passionate union; or a joint or group project that has been stalled or “on hold” can be dealt with efficiently and smoothly.

There is however also the possibility that this energy makes you obsessive and emotionally and very reactive about a situation (or a person). 

For a while now, some Gems have been pushing the envelope, and this can result in total destruction of a relationship, joint financial dealings or of your own psyche (or someone else’s).

So many planets are currently encouraging you to just have fun, and to express yourself, but you might be like a cat and a mouse and toying with someone for amusement.  

Be careful because you may think there is a safety net or operating under an illusion, or you may even have lost your perception in one major area.

Whilst you want more romance, fun and pleasure (and you are feeling pretty good), Mars is ensuring ego conflicts and challenging times. 

Yes you do have adversaries and relationship problems and people who want something from you (a commitment or indication of where you are positioned financially, in love, with your family and life).

In an ideal world this is a great time to make love not war, and party up a storm, but just make sure you are truly in a commanding position (and in the box seat).

However this week can be your regeneration and return.

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As least you have someone by your side, one major supporter, if not more.  With Pluto moving forward in your relationship house this can either ensure that a relationship erupts (like a volcano the tensions that have been collecting will pour out) or you can take the relationship to a new and improved (or deeper) level, but either way the association will be redefined.

You are being taken on a path, but you can’t see the end of the road, and because the way isn’t clear (and all you can see are the obstacles) you will be feeling somewhat aggravated.

At any rate, life in general should start to improve and you’re not as withdrawn into your shell, but more “out there”. 

There is a key event (with a personal connection) employment, family, intimate, that is redefining you as a person.  What has been occurring - not just now, but has been for a number of years - is fundamentally changing the way you operate.

There can be renewed faith and expectations about outcomes this week, and there is the opportunity of either resolving an issue (or changing your perspective towards it).

You’re making long-range plans for the future, the way you see it, not someone else’s vision. 

Certainly the next few weeks will bring some helpful collaboration -support as well as revelations - and maybe even a bombshell, but one that will push you to change in some way – either your course or your attitude.

Don’t panic about the unknown or about feeling vulnerable.  You have the necessary arsenal to succeed.  Your tenacity being one. 

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This will be an interesting week, with “out of the ordinary” events and maybe even some secrecy.  You might hear confidential news or something that disturbs you.  It may be financial, or relate to foreign affairs (or people at a distance), a legal issue or travel or educational plans.

There is a nice trine on Thursday with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus, and with Uranus being the instigator of change (and sometime the harbinger of shocks and surprises) at the very least this energy is pushing you to be more innovative and even ground breaking.

Maybe you get headhunted by a global company, or get asked to do a course in a foreign land (and the new moon is certainly suggesting a new interest or far horizons).

If you are still on home base, your communication will amp up and your social life will expand, but you are likely to be surrounded by documents and fending phone calls and dealing all forms of communication in general.

With all these great things happening to you, you do run the risk of over-extending yourself or promising too much too quickly and then not being able to deliver. 

Worst you may not do your homework and trip yourself up and get caught out looking less efficient (especially if up until then you’ve been a bit arrogant and self opinionated or rammed your views down others throats!).

The main trap is financial, because the trine will give you an exaggerated sense of faith and confidence in a plan and you run the risk of trying to oversell an idea/project or overspending on it (so you do need to set some limits on your resources).

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There is some issue that is putting the brakes on in your life; most likely in a financial/career/legal sense and all your discussions in this regard tend to send your pulse rate up.

It’s a good thing that you have Venus your sign to “smooth things out” but that’s only until Monday, and then you’ll have to tread carefully as Mercury is currently in pre-shadow retrograde phase.  

Whatever private commercial matter you have been working on (and all that private correspondence that is occurring behind the scenes), may come undone or start to unravel in October.

Still you are in a period of tiding up loose ends and progressing from one lifestyle, situation or career, and you will be ending one particular chapter of your life. 

If this chapter has been difficult, then it will be a welcome time, although with these current stars there may be some mental self-flagellation and doubt going on.

You’ve got eleven months before you start a brand new 12-year cycle of your life, so you have time to give lots of consideration as to where you want to be and how you can be living a better life (ie. more productive, imaginative, artistic and compassionate).   Therefore it’s important to fully comprehend what’s not working and relinquish anything that is holding you back, rather than waste your focus and energies in the wrong areas (and especially anything that can bring you undone).

Matters that are private and/or relating to the family/real estate or your domestic scene are dragging on, and for some Virgo’s if these issues are not dealt with properly and empathetically; could suddenly get a whole lot worse.

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Mars for a long time in your sign propelled you to go after the things you wanted and to build a greater sense of personal and perhaps financial security.

Now with a raft of planets either in Libra (or en route) you have well and truly landed and can start to benefit from those life changes.

In other words it’s a fresh new start and you are restructuring your life to put you on a stronger footing (especially if you feel as if you’ve been in the background or not getting the appreciation and attention you deserve).

This is not just personal (although relationships will always be the front runner for you) but you’re being realistic about where you sit financially and being smarter and more pragmatic with respect to income flow.

You are learning a lot more about your immediate environment and where you fit into the scheme of things and how you are perceived: associates at work, play, romantic and family connections.  This week, you’ll know for certain what someone really thinks about you or what is bothering them and unpleasant as some of the behavior you’ll encounter may be, at least it gives you the opportunity to clear the air once and for all.

The new moon in Libra is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start (and a great time for a makeover) and to take up a radically new job or way of life.

It will bring all the things you deserve and have waited and hoped for way too long – not to mention a new and improved you – your big relaunch.

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It’s likely that you are working on things behind the scenes; perhaps a private matter or else you are keeping a low profile. 

This is a period when you are doing less and feeling more retiring and reflective or you are working on some matter that you want to keep under wraps for the moment (and that you are likely to reveal in late October). 

This energy also affects your health and wellbeing, so you are likely to be paying attention to that area also.

Certainly Saturn in your sign for the past couple of years has reformed your image and opened up a wealth of opportunities and indeed with Pluto moving forward in your communications house, this communication may have a foreign, legal or educational aspect to it. 

But you are acting out your life in a much more public and expansive manner, via your job or lifestyle and with greater responsibilities (and probably being the “voice” within your organization or social group).

Mars is making you very resourceful in terms of making money and improving your position (but also arguing your case and defending your views) and you are currently very credible and persuasive. 

Just make sure you are arguing for the right things, because if they are not, this will come back to bite you as Mercury is soon to retrograde in your house of Self (and this can damage your personal standing and reputation).

Therefore some kind of reflection or soul-searching is in order – do the checks and balances – especially in a personal, ethical or moral sense.

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After a period of laying low (and even feeling a bit uncertain, regretful or gloomy), you’re “chomping at the bit”, to use an equine analogy).

A different mood and mindset has arrived and new things are happening in your life.  Maybe your mindset prompted the change and positive developments or improvements in your lot improved your outlook. 

Who knows, but it’s an improvement and you are feeling more motivated and enthusiastic about life.

You’ve got your adventurous Sag spirit back (that was flagging there for a while) and the new moon will help convert this into productive contact with others.

Even if you haven’t experienced any of Saturn’s “downer” you will be pursuing more excitement and happiness and this may be via a new love relationship, social scene or a new pursuit (but I suspect it has a lot to do with an improvement in your emotional life).

If you are single it could be a new relationship; and one that is the opposite of your usual “light and breezy” type (i.e. great passion and amour).  

That said, Saturn still in your backyard for a while, and this is in the house of self-undoing (and Mercury is soon to go retrograde in this same house) just as Pluto has moved forward again in your house of finances. 

What can this mean?

Something from the past that has a financial ramifications can return to cause you concern, so if you are treading on thin ice (or are about to), don’t. 

Put any financially risky plans on hold until the end of October.

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Saturn has not helped your networking skills and it’s been harder than ever to commune with groups and feel comfortable doing so.  But this week it will be to your benefit to communicate and contribute in a team or working group (and a joint project may come to fruition).

It’s imperative you show support so don’t be found wanting in this area, remember strength within an organization is often from the ground up, not the other way around.

At any rate, the stars speak of constructive and encouraging working relationships and if you’ve recently fallen foul with a friend, then around this weekend is an ideal time to mend bridges and kiss and make up.

Pluto has recently turned direct motion in Capricorn, so you are likely to encounter more control issues, (you to others and vice versa) and this IS a time when past actions can catch up on you. 

If you’ve handled your life well, then you’ll be delighted with your groundwork and developments, and if not, then you’ll start to see the cracks start to show.

At the very least you may be feeling rather sensitive about how you are perceived “out there”.

The new moon can help you make a fresh start in terms of reputation/ image and public goals and this will be helpful because you’re likely to be feeling doubtful and self-questioning. 

You are someone who always appears cool and you can hold it all together better than most, but right now you are feeling a tad ratty (although that may have to do with the actions of someone close).

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You’ve been a bit like a horse at the barrier, raring to go and the new moon will open that gate.  To say you’re bursting to do something different is an understatement and many Water bearers are very dissatisfied with their everyday routine.

So it’s highly likely that you’ll begin to stretch yourself in some area: a new job, a new adventure, or you’ll just head off into the sunset.

Certainly your perspective on your current situation is changing and this may be the week when you decide to do something radical with your life.

Like Leo you are benefiting form the very beneficial trine that occurs on Thursday (between your ruler and Jupiter the bestower of good things), and these will be in the area of communications and relationships.

All forms of communication are blessed, so apply for the job, write the book, establish the website, call the guy/girl and this also has a lot to do with people and things at a distance, so foreign countries or companies/organizations also figure in the picture. 

But whatever it is, it will be a fundamental and far reaching change from what you are currently doing and this Cosmic energy will set you on a new path.

The new moon ensures that you are about to embark on a grand adventure …far, far away.

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You’re on a big learning curve with Neptune in Pisces wanting you to “plumb the depths” and much of that (as it is for all of is) stems back to early childhood. 

You may be reflecting on how some elements of your past are dictating your present (or your future) or why you keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different outcome (which is actually the definition of madness).

Areas to address are the way you assert yourself and express your needs and wants (and have others actually listen and act) and why you are so reticent about showing the world when you are annoyed.

As I’ve been saying for a number of weeks in my scopes, if you can start to be more authentic with your emotions, this will have a wonderful (and positive) flow on effect in your personal life. 

Put it this way, if you don’t get the right response, then your feelings were never valid in the first place and it’s no great loss (and this applies to your business, social and intimate world).

The new moon in your house of joint assets, but also your internal motivations and self-mastery, will give you a “new start” to become more assertive, especially in the areas of debt and sex! 

Thus this week you may be discussing shared assets or financial debt, but as you are being empowered and become more “liberated” in your expression, others are likely to react in exactly way you hoped they would.

This is your personal revolution.

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