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A contractual matter or important paperwork may be completed this week or rejected or an issue for discussion.  Students may have to go back to the drawing board and repeat a subject, re-sit an exam or rewrite an essay.   There is a foreign influence also and there may be underlying concerns with travel, a foreign person or a situation at a distance.  Neighbors and your community (or where you spend time and the people you mix with) may also be problematic. 

Neptune squares Saturn and the Sun this week, both in Sagittarius in your house of international relations and legalities, so dealings with others will be unclear and confusing.  It is also likely that you are dealing with someone who is antagonistic or it is you who is “fired up” over someone or a situation.

For all signs, the end of November and early December is “interesting” to say the least and so nearly everyone is going to feel a tad strung out. 

The key to real progress is to figure out exactly the agenda of the other person is (whether this is a sibling, neighbor, partner, boss, enemy or ex) as once you know that you can act and react accordingly. 

As the week progresses you’ll get a better idea as to how things may pan out, but foreign and “global” anything, people at a distance, travel, education, legalities and relationships in general will be your bête noir. 

Saturn demands realism over Neptune’s illusion so you have to think, say and act, as it “is” not how you fantasize or wish it to be.

The trine with Mercury and Uranus in Aries on the 1st will be very welcome and will result in a short trip to finalize a business or contractual deal or to explore and discuss new ideas and new business proposals.

The planets have moved out of your house of debt, loans and joint funds, so you are not so hampered or concerned as you were about money issues.

Just make sure that you go into any legal contracts or agreements with your eyes wide open and with abject honesty.



Joint funds, joint relationships (including employee/employer) debts, taxes, loans or anything that is “owed” and even a situation that needs to be transformed will be topics du jour.

In fact you will be thinking about money a lot as the recent full moon in Gemini brings a financial situation to a head. 

Maybe an income stream ends, or a joint contractual arrangement is terminated, and Neptune brings illusion and confusion to group activities.  This may be your dealings with a committee, social set, authorities or a bureaucratic collective, and when Neptune is in play (as it is for the next few weeks and especially this week), there is no such thing as a “sure thing”.  Everything is still illusive and unknown and confusing.

For everyone this is a time to keep it real, as any deception or living in dream worlds will be exposed and the bubble will burst.  But if you are diligent and authentic then you will make progress in spite of the evident malfunctions. 

The right road to your destination is not always straight and smooth but the potholes are not sinkholes, although as a materialist sign (in the best sense of the word) you are currently worrying about money and “the future” - involving other people – and probably with good reason. 

There is also a major transformation occurring in a relationship dynamic, and you may get to hear how someone really feels about you or about a personal situation that impacts directly on you. 

I wish I could say it’s their problem not yours, but in a key sense it’s your problem also (remember the “joint”).

Try and act like a Libra and think in terms of harmony, balance and cooperation whilst retaining your Taurean trustworthiness.



For all signs this week and in the next few, the truth of a situation will be revealed.  Saturn is “shirt-fronting” Neptune and Saturn will win out in terms of exposing the reality of situations.

Many Gemini’s have been to-ing and fro-ing about someone or a situation, but what develops this week and how a relationship, contractual or lifestyle situation is unfolding, will give you real clues as to how things are going to pan out in the longer term.

There was a recent full moon in your sign last Wednesday so it’s a key period of the year.  You’ll think and feel more and mull over issues, but you’ll also take action and bring something to an end or resolution.  

Full moons of course are emotive; the moon is about feelings, and this week not all of them are good ones.  If you have been living in a pipe dream or an illusion, then you will realize that now. 

With Neptune in your public image, status, public reputation and life direction house you might be resisting letting go of a situation that you have invested your soul into.  It’s been your raison d’etre.

If you are being forced to do so for financial or other reasons (probably emotional) the frustration will be palpable.  Alternatively you may be trying to force your will on a situation, but either way life may feel unbalanced and unmanageable.  

By the same token you have a wonderful opportunity to transform a key aspect of your world for the better and you are being forced by the Cosmos to work on yourself.

Venus remains in Libra and that will bring loving connections to your offspring and a lover, and your social life holds promise, even if your heart is not currently 100% in it. 

From September next year you can enjoy better or renewed connections with a child or lover, so it’s likely that you will begin to plant the seeds for the future now and begin restructuring your home life and sense of security.

What is occurring in your relationships and serious contractual arrangements now and your life story for the next two years are connected and thus you have opportunity to re-write a new episode in the story of your life.

Regard this is a period that offers you the chance to make new choices - the key of course is in knowing which ones.



The recent full moon in Gemini still affects you almost as much as it does Gemini, as the moon is your ruler.   This is illuminating anything that has been hidden and that may be your real feelings that you’ve hidden from yourself, or you discover that others have hidden stuff from you.  

You will also feel almost as emotional as Gems are feeling, although yours will be private and hidden.   This energy (and angst) is directed towards family matters and members, real estate, your home and even where you live. This planet is also making you aggressive, fiery and driven. 

Saturn is in your house of everyday, the nuts and bolts of your life and helping to fix anything that is broken or faulty. A lot of Cancerians over indulge on mood enhancers so that’s something that Saturn wants you to not be in denial about and address in the next two years. Health and routines and fixing whatever is broken, although how you deal with these issues may impinge on your emotional and mental wellbeing so that’s something to consider also.

Neptune is creating the dream and Saturn will help you turn it into reality (that is unless the dream is too far fetched) but nothing will feel concrete or certain for a while.  There are still a lot of unknowns, but you do have the entire perspective and most of the pieces of the jigsaw that may have been missing before. 

This is a Cosmic climate where what is right, just and real will prevail and pipe dreams will remain just that, but there are lot possibilities that you still don’t even know about.

Neptune is in your house of legalities, foreign connections and international relations, travel, education, media and publishing. If you are on solid ground in any of these areas, and put your heart and soul into your efforts, Saturn will reward your commitment.

Other people are still pressing your buttons and there may be a situation that you had overlooked that becomes a real headache, but what is occurring this week will set the tone for how you deal with your home, real estate, family members, your homeland and domestic scene for some time to come.

You will make a very honest but perhaps blunt announcement this week that will surprise or shock others and have far reaching consequences.

Truth makes many appeals, not the least of which is its power to shock..



Your ruler squares Neptune on Sunday and that may stop you in your tracks as this occurs in your house of serious relationships and children.   There may be some disappointment or unsettling news or you discover that you’ve been deceived.  Maybe a project or creative endeavor that is dear to your heart (and that you’ve invested your energies into) has a set back or you have to let go of your expectations.

With Saturn squaring Neptune on Thursday (followed by the Sun), this is a cycle in which it’s imperative to distinguish truth from illusion, and that includes to yourself and within your key relationships.  You cannot force a situation as the more you push the more elusive it will become. 

There may be a severe challenge to your role, reputation, and status and even to your sense of identity or else you might be confused about your life direction.

If you are on the wrong path, you’ll become aware of that now, although confusion will still prevail and be the most difficult aspect to deal with in this current Cosmic climate.

Neptune can bring deception and illusion so you might have someone on a pedestal or they may be presenting a false image or even erroneous facts and figures.   Be very discriminating and cautious about new business opportunities or anyone who seems too good to be true as you can be deceived or misled.  

The recent full moon in your groups, friends and hopes and wishes sector suggests this is the area that may see a break or you’ll feel stressed about a meeting with an authority figure.

Maybe you are the one who is overlooked for the promotion or dumped or betrayed, but this is designed to set you on a new road in love and in your creative endeavors.  

The good news is that there are more opportunities to make money and with Venus entering Scorpio next Friday, when you’ll be flavor of the month both at home and at work.  A conversation, email, contract, or message from a sibling can be the architect of this change.  There could also be a great opportunity disguised as an impossible situation.



Saturn squares Neptune at the start of the forecast and what happens around this time and in the next few weeks will set the tone for the next year.  This is the story of the 2016, with the synopsis being written now and the first chapter happening this week. 

It’s about your key relationships, and especially to do with family: Mother, siblings, children relatives, spouse and also any contractual arrangements between parties, including property and all forms of real estate and family our life partner arrangements. 

This does and will affect your sense of security and it’s making you feel unsure and uncertain and yet by the same token with Chiron now going direct, what is occurring now gives you the chance to heal a broken relationship or fix an unworkable arrangement. 

There is a helpful trine with your ruler and Uranus on the 1st suggesting innovative thinking or a surprising communication might work in your favor. 

That said there is a square with Chiron and your ruler on the same day so it may hurt first before you heal.  It’s a bit like lancing a boil.  You have to remove the unpleasant stuff first. 

You do not appear to be on the same page and others are being recalcitrant to say the least so it’s likely to be personal. 

However you do have powerful Cosmic support, not least Jupiter, but also other helpful alignments that suggests the ball is very much in your Court.  Saturn will make you somewhat defeatist; don’t be.

The recent full moon in your house of career, public reputation and life direction brought heightened emotions and as this is also on the home and family axis, there will be endings or conclusions looming.

Whatever you do, don’t take anything for granted as Neptune will bring illusion and can paint very different pictures to the one that is real.  Just make sure that what you think you are seeing and believing is what is real as surprises are in store. 

Saturn is in the area of home, property and family for the next two years and unless you get real now about certain situations, that’s how long this is likely to continue for.  

Start looking at the Big Picture now and make your decisions accordingly.  We are talking about securing the foundations of your life.



Just like for everybody else at the moment, the Cosmic times are more interesting, especially for the mutable signs.  Saturn is squaring Neptune exactly at the start of the forecast and so this week is crucial in terms of communications.  What is written and said, in contractual arrangements, emails and any kind of depositions must be truthful and honest. 

For example you might be signing contracts that are dishonest or to your detriment where you are short-changed or your rights are being disadvantaged.  Maybe you are saying or writing something that is untrue in an assets declaration. 

Alternatively a doctor might say you need to give up something that is detrimental to your health, but you chose to ignore it.  Or a lover says they are unsure of their feelings or acts in a disinterested way, but you don’t believe them. There are so many examples of how this week can bring you unstuck unless what you write and say, believe and hear is factual.  No more wishing and dreaming and hoping. 

Having said all that, you are in the box seat compared to a number of your zodiac siblings because you have both Mars and Venus in Libra.  This dynamic due can help ensure that whom you love and what you really want can ultimately manifest, just so long as you are not being totally delusional.

Saturn is in your communications house so you need to say the right things and honestly, and be responsible for all that you write and declare in commercial transactions.

There was a full moon in Gemini, a fellow air sign, in your house of legalities, education, travel, people at a distance and foreigners (and your perspective of a situation) and that means that something surrounding one of these areas has you “off balance”. 

If you have a business overseas or a global enterprise there may be difficulties or someone foreign or who lives at a distance may be causing your legal difficulties.  An overseas educational institution can be the area of disappointment and upset or more positively your studies come to an end or conclusion.

Neptune will continue to face off against Saturn and bring a lack of clarity and illusiveness.

Jupiter will be in your sign next year, and so what you are doing in this preparation stage will impact on your brand, image, worldly status and appearance.  Jupiter expands, either way on how the world will regard you: your public status and communication in all its forms and how that image will be broadcast.

Good or bad press, Internet messages, legal documents, politics, social media and so on and in a very real sense, the way you communicate will determine the quality of your life for the next two years.  This is D Day.



There is nothing like two Scorps against each other, a bit like the battle of the gladiators.  A high percentage of Scorps have just that going on in their lives; another Scorpio who wants to sting you with their tail.

You are a sign that investigates everything and so you’ll fare better than most in this climate of deception, underhanded tactics, hidden agendas and illusion and confusion. 

You are someone who will watch their back and not trust anybody or situations or taken them on face value and this will hold you in good stead now that Saturn is in your money, possessions (and self esteem) house.

Neptune is bringing confusion to a serious romance, your creative drive and the younger generation whilst the recent full moon got you riled up about something to do with your everyday environment.  It is a transformative time in an intimate situation, and with any form of joint finances. 

You might be in denial about a working matter and see yourself getting a promotion for example when the reality is far from the truth.  Don’t invest wasted time into wasted activities if you don’t have a hope in hell, you have to see situations exactly as they are, not how you’d like them to be. 

Other people could also be leading you astray, a lover may be saying one thing and meaning another or have an entirely different agenda.  Just be “aware”. 

With both Mars and Venus in Libra what you are dealing with is happening in a confidential way or behind the scenes.  You or they are not being open about it. 

Just remember with Saturn in your money and self esteem zone whatever is taking place now will impact on your future income or your self esteem and sense of self worth for some time to come.  Think may be thinking wisely, but not too well.



Obviously with Saturn in Sagittarius (and squaring Neptune) and the Sun in Sagittarius squaring Neptune also on Sunday and conjuncting with Saturn there is a lot of activity and developments in your world.

However you have Jupiter in a very fortunate position, in your house of public reputation and status, ensuring you have lots of support and backing. Saturn is advancing in Sagittarius and squaring in Neptune so unknown and illusive issues to do with your family, property, and security are coming to the forefront.  What is occurring in your family situation can also impact on your status and reputation and Jupiter can expand on issues (good and bad).

Saturn is around for a couple of years, so if you are kidding yourself over anything or running your own agenda or not telling the truth, then you could be dealing with the consequences for some time to come in a similar vein to when Saturn was in your 12th house of karma.

Right at the present time you have a number of planets in your sign so you do have extra Cosmic support to push through your own agenda (just so long as it’s “real”). 

The recent full moon in Gemini brought to a head a relationship, business partnership or contractual issues you and others (or entities) or even an ongoing conflict with an enemy.  There may be a decisive confrontation or a critical moment or situation that arises to show you where you stand and the “reality” of the situation.

This is a climate of initial stages and first phase (Saturn) and finale’s (the recent full moon) and this of course can be positive or negative.

This can be a positive outcome or answer, especially with your current Cosmic lineup, but you won’t be able to avoid some kind of a situation that involves people trying to defeat each other by either refusing to change their own aims and demands or by hoping that the other person weakens first.

However if it’s a distortion or exaggeration, then Saturn will ensure you know what is in accordance with fact or reality, by what occurs in the next few weeks.

It is more productive to work on a solution that is realistic and practical, and likely to be effective that pursing a fanciful hope.



This Saturn-Neptune and Sun-Neptune dynamic is all about making the right choices.  Fact or fantasy, real or unreal, a fluid situation or firm boundaries and this sounds right up your alley as you will always be a stickler for doing the right thing and acting responsibly. 

After all, Saturn is your ruler and for you it’s all happening in your head and what comes out of your mouth. 

How you are thinking and what you are saying and with the full moon in your house of general environment and working life, it’s about how you are dealing with your “everyday” and the methods that you use.

If something is faulty in your world, or you’ve experienced disappointment or a setback, (that has probably occurred privately and “behind the scenes”) the Sun conjunct Saturn on Sunday will help you to establish realistic goals that you can accomplish.

Mercury trines with Uranus on the 1st so what you have been thinking about with respect to your home, family, real estate and personal security, you will begin to put into action.  Trines are generally favorable and continue to “roll out” until it’s done. 

Uranus is the element of surprise and in your house of domestic scene and family, what you announce or decide may come as a shock to others (or what family members say to you could catch you off guard).

A lot of Cappy’s are dealing with partners who are having family issues that flow onto you and that can also be another manifestation of Uranus. There can also be some confusion or illusion regarding communication; Internet based businesses dealings with siblings and neighbors, and whatever you are working on behind the scenes.

Where there are any loose ends, or a situation that is not functioning very well, you do have Cosmic support to pursue its completion and ensure the soundness of its structure.

Remember your rulers guiding principles - discipline and responsibility - and stay committed, but flexible.



The Saturn square Neptune that took place at the start of the forecast will affect the relationship you have with groups and in some way the group delivers your self-esteem or income. 

Saturn is the realist and Neptune lives in a dream world, so the group could burst a bubble or make it harder to achieve your hopes and wishes. 

The recent full moon was in your house of serious relationships, children and creative ventures and some relationships may have ended or a project came to conclusion.  By the same token a romantic relationship could “wax” and be elevated with passion.  There are three planets in your magical house of hopes and wishes, friendships, groups, social life.  Thus contacts, associations and networking efforts are where dreams can come true, but also where you can have unrealistic expectations thanks to Neptune. 

Jupiter the lucky planet is in a lucky house and blessing anything to do with international communication and foreigners (including personal and business relationships), long distance travel, higher education and the law.  This is also the house where you can see the Big Picture of your life, as it’s the house of perspective and broadening your horizons. 

But Neptune can have a confusing effect on you just like everyone else in this Cosmic climate, and bring subversion, delusion and abnormality.  Nothing is set in concrete at the moment and rather “fluid” and information you receive this week can be interesting or simply unusual and bizarre. 

Hopefully it brings mystery and magic, but you won’t know for sure either way for a few more weeks, so remain flexible and be prepared for plans to change..

Mercury trines with your ruler on Sunday (when you can expect a nice surprise).



Chiron in Pisces moves forward this week, and with three squares, two with Neptune and one with Chiron respectively, it’s a transformative week for Pisces.

The recent full moon in Gemini occurs in your house of home and family bringing a conclusion to an ongoing family issue or the sale of a house or might move or break ties with a family member.  

Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring your ruler, Neptune so your image may be tarnished or a relationship is a disappointment, mainly because you believed in either.  If your belief was built on false promises or misrepresentations or any kind of illusion or deceit, then this is the cosmic climate when that will become uncomfortably evident. 

Saturn is in your house of career, public reputation and life direction and you’ll be feeling the effects of Saturn by now, as it advances into this area.  Achievements are harder to obtain and your reputation may be damaged if you have backed the wrong people or chosen the wrong path.

With this energy its either the realization of something you’ve worked long and hard for OR you discover it’s all been a mirage. Alternatively you may decide on a new life direction or a new career (or business partnership) as both Mars and Venus are blessing all forms of joint financial arrangements.

You could also be planting the seeds now for a collaboration that delivers great riches in 2016 (and perhaps with a family member).  That said this current illusory nature of the Saturn Neptune square will be around for a while, so best to hold off for another few weeks before making any irrevocable decisions.

You may not know right away what is reality and what is fantasy, although your entire soul feels that "the dream" is the reality, and that it really happened.


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