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Leading up to the weekend may be feeling a bit flat and insular or withdrawn, as you do not seem to be in your usual groove. 

There is a full moon in your health sector so this may the area that is tested, but it’s also a good period to put Humpty Dumpty back together again (if you feel that needs doing) or any aspect of your life that is out of order. 

It's in this passage of your life, more than ever, that you truly realize that being healthy doesn’t just mean the absence of illness, but enjoying emotional, social and mental wellbeing. 

You are engaged in something that is outside the norm and what you usually do on a daily basis has changed and maybe you started work or finished work or you’re experimenting with health habits, (e.g. sports, training, diet) or taking a different approach to any of these areas.

There is also a sense some instability and changeability in your world or you have a different agenda - or someone else does – with more pressure on joint finances.

Someone close could change a financial structure, or even a sexual one, but at least one key association – business or personal - will change radically. 

This week, something that has been hidden or kept under wraps and private comes to light or comes to an end or a health issue becomes apparent.   A health secret might become public or you discover what a loved one has been up to on the sly around the weekend.

There will be a lot of opportunities that arrive unexpectedly from around the 2nd onwards that will be very advantageous and can expand your life in ways that you weren’t expecting.

One of these may involve travel or a new business venture but your real voyage of discovery consists of having new eyes.



Some involvement with groups, teams, friendships or children comes to a head or an end before the weekend and yet you’re in a passage when there will be many opportunities to expand your life in ways that you weren’t expecting.

It’s like the shackles are finally off and whatever has been restricting you is lifted, or ends.

Romance, fun, pleasure and travel (and an enhanced social life) all factor in the future picture and if you’ve been feeling on the outer socially or within a relationship, you’ll feel as if you have more support and are more accepted.

That said, you may have a romantic disappointment, argument or a difficult time early next week, and any issues that have not been resolved will come to a head, specifically in the area of home and family. 

There is a Sun Neptune opposition on Monday which creates a dynamic energy in the area of groups, authority figures, VIP’s and there will be a new start or a breakthrough in a family matter, home, flat, property or lifestyle.

However this is not a good time for any financial undertaking or formal agreements as you could stray from your goals and lose focus (and misconceptions abound).

Around Tuesday when Venus conjuncts Mars, both in Leo you initiate an important change or have to “let go”, adjust or make a 180 turnaround in your stance.

Just be aware however that a reverse side also has a reverse side. It’s very possible that before the 17th September, the weirder you’re going to behave, the more normal you will look.



There is an issue in your life that is soon to be resolved.  It may relate to family, it may be your flat, or your home and or where you’re going in life.  It could be a long-term goal or a career pursuit or you have an opportunity to “grow” your respect/reputation in some way by your performance and actions. 

You had a good run in your business connections or advancing a project or goal, but that had slowed down recently.  Beginning this week, you’ll find that your efforts will start to lead someone and you’ll enjoy real progress (and thus a restored confidence in your financial wellbeing).

Your ruler enters Libra at the start of the forecast, and that will help you in any communications with your children or a lover and in fact this is a great time for you to express yourself in any form, as the results will be very positive. 

There is a conjunct between Mercury and the nodes in the relationship sign of Libra and Venus retrograding in your communication house, suggesting you have an opportunity to fix some form of communication or a commercial snafu from the past.  The full moon on your career and home axis; indicates that a previous life direction or career path may need to change in order to improve home and family relations.

If you’ve been sacrificing family (or a family member) for the sake of reputation, honor or public image, then you may want to do a rethink.  But it’s not about making the right choices so much as dealing with the consequences.



You’re making a big push in a commercial sense, trying to figure out your financial future or career direction and this is likely to include making an impact with your voice or message. 

This can be by email, or phone calls, but you are very much in a growth cycle and new experiences that will bring growth and expansion will become evident.

It’s very much about standing out from the pack and being an individual and owning your specialness or even separateness.

The more emotionally independent you become, the more others will want to know how you feel (and mean it) and the way you assert and to express yourself now will have a direct impact upon your future financial situation.

Key relationships are evolving, but heading in the right direction, although you’re not on the same page quite yet (although the full moon in Pisces ruled by Neptune suggests an emotional ending or closure). 

So many Cancerians have been subjected to relationship, career and reputational hurts thanks to Uranus and Pluto and some that have been dragging on for years (Julian Assange and Schappelle Corby are two examples that come to mind).

This week your self esteem, financial obligations, security and self confidence will all have the Midas touch as you have a second chance to repair one of these areas and bring finality and closure. You’ll have a lot more confidence in your own capabilities and more optimistic about life.  We are all broken and wounded in this world, but you will grow strong in the broken places.



As you approach the weekend, finances will be up for discussion.  It may be your job, your budget, or money that you share with someone else (a spouse, business partner).  

There’s a lot of relationship changes going on in your life, ex’s back in the picture or a new love, and for many, more specifically, a deepening or restructuring of existing unions.

Whatever your personal scenarios, you’ll be going after the person you want. 

This can be more commitment in a business association (more money or more investment of time) or it can be shaking up a stale connection, resetting boundaries and “the rules”.  

Some Leo’s have been involved in romantic and corporate triangles (and dealing with the accompanying complications) so if there’s been a third wheel in your world, decisions will be made and one person will exit. 

It’s about letting go of a person; a situation or your own doubts in order to move on, as it’s been your indecision that has been holding you back. 

With Venus retrograding in Leo, it’s also about “a second chance to make a good first impression” or to repair any old emotional hurts wounds.

Around the 1st September you’ll have clarity and realize who (or what) gives you the greatest pleasure and enjoyment in life.  That may be relating to the person you love, or the realization of what you want and need from a partner or in a business venture/life direction. 

Although you may have escapist tendencies from the Sun Neptune opposition the day before, it will reveal any feelings that have been hidden in your unconscious…or a miserable pile of secrets.



With the full moon approaching in your sector of key relationships, what is occurring now will be all about your connections and dealings with another. 

This affects marriages, business partnerships, dealings with family member (especially siblings now that Saturn is back in Scorpio) and any serious contractual agreements between parties. 

With Saturn in the picture, any commercial and personal dealings (or personal connections that have a commercial link) require absolute integrity. 

The Sun opposes Neptune on the 31st and that will make you more sensitive and aware of the feelings of others (as Neptune is about feelings).   The only problem here is that you can also become self deluded, at the opposite end of the scale and certainly there is room for misunderstanding.

That’s why being truthful will help you as this is the only solution to current vulnerability and perhaps even giving something up or forgoing what you want in order to accommodate the needs of someone else. 

Your ruler conjuncts the nodes in Libra on Friday and that will help you to say what’s in your heart and head and give you the confidence to say how you feel.   Any ideas and ideals will be accepted and understood and by the weekend you’ll know where you stand in a situation, as it will be very clear.   That said, some Virgins will have a change of heart about a person or situation or reconcile. 

Either way, this week it’s less about you and more about another as your long term emotional (and possibly financial) security is tied to another.  Developments over the next few weeks will demonstrate that there is no security, only opportunity...



You’re focusing on your mental, emotional or physical well being as the weekend approaches and that may be because you feel tired and run down or stressed.  It may be as a result of feeling “overfed and overwatered” (from socializing too much) or you simply have too much on your plate.

You do feel as if you’re “on show” and there are some responsibilities that you have to address or finish and that you may have been a bit tardy getting around to and that may not have made some folk happy.

People are forming an opinion about your work ethic, so you may want to lift your game in this regard.

Mercury conjuncts the nodes on Friday and both are in Libra.  This will make you think a lot about relationships and whether or not you’re better off solo or a deux.  If you are currently in a relationship you might be thinking about ending it as you might be feeling trapped or hemmed in.

Clearly this is about you, and your ego and self-esteem and that may relate to your role in a working situation (and who gets top billing) and who is making the decisions.  Expect power issues this week and for many, justice and power will be brought together.  There will be character tests this week as you attempt to combine wisdom with power and knowledge. 

Only the truly wise are the ones who are able to contradict themselves… and you may have to.



“All work and no play makes Scorps a dull boy or girl” and you get a reminder of that this week. 

You’ve been “nose to the grindstone” for a while and deflecting image problems, reputational and brand issues and in some instances have had to defend what you say and think.

Mars your co-ruler is in your house of career giving you both the drive and ambition, but also creating complications.

So it will be a welcome change to go out and have some fun and romance in your life or reconfirm to your long-term partner just how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them.

By the same token some Scorps will end a relationship around the weekend, but only if it’s not been travelling too well. 

Given that Saturn is in Scorpio there can be an ending, setback or disappointment for you - perhaps in business, in politics, within your group, committee or club.  Someone may pull the pin on you and that may happen around the 28th when you receive unpleasant news.

The good news is that Venus retrograding - and then going direct in Leo on the 6th - will give you another opportunity to get it right or take another approach.

The Sun opposes Neptune on the 31st and as Neptune rules emotions (and all that is hidden), and someone may have a secret plan that becomes apparent and you may have to face up to some truths.

The full moon in Pisces will also bring emotions to the brim and so changes are inevitable, but just try not to have a personal agenda as your breakthrough will be as a result of a change in beliefs or perspective.



A situation relating to your family or home, homeland, property or private life comes to a head or a conclusion around the end of the week.  By the same token you’ll be feeling very sensitive and may find yourself wanting to run away from some form of reality and may feel isolated.  You are finding it difficult facing some harsher aspects of your world or you are frustrated with developments (or lack thereof).

A lot of family discussion will occur on the weekend and some of what is said, or simply the situation you find yourself in will create distress or even grief. 

But it’s important to focus on what is the truth and the reality of the situation (and not simply what you wish for), with Saturn back in Scorpio and the past looping back into the present, bringing regrets of past actions, karma and uncertainty.

It’s a very emotional week when you are cresting an emotional wave; one that you may surf all the way to shore or be unceremoniously dumped.



It’s as if you are stepping outside yourself and looking back as you are able to be highly objective and rational about the person you are without self-pity, nostalgia or other emotions clouding the picture.   

Your emotions are very tied to logic and you are no longer at the mercy of your emotions as you have been, in a rather confusing passage where you loved ones are concerned.  Emotional and financial security was (and is) at issue, but also your own transformation and this is a positive one. 

You are strengthening your emotional core and shoring up your ego, and at the same time appearing to be a very cool customer.

In fact your personal power and self-determination is truly formidable now, along with a financial drive that is also intense and even quite obsessive.

There could be some problems relating to publishing, Internet, website, sales and either a legal issue or one that involves foreigners or people at a distance.  But you’ll also be thinking “big and bold” in these areas and maybe you sell a website or an on line business or launch a blog.

Retrograding Venus confronts Mars both in Leo on 31st and that may affect long distance travel or some form of international communication. 

All forms of communication will work for you this week if you work at it, but you must define your terms and lay out the rules.



For a while now you’ve been uncertain about where you stand with a certain someone.  It may be a boss, family member, co-worker, but there are financial undertones and so it’s someone with whom you are joined financially in some regard.

There will be issues of worth - not just your financial wealth - but what you are worth to someone in other ways.  In some instances the price may be too high, you are paying too much to put up with someone, whilst others are being ordered to cut alimony cheques or dividing spoils. 

It may be that you are co-purchasing a home or a business, but around the weekend there is a change to your financial status - more money or less money, shared money and so on.

You may have to talk a loved one around this week or you may try and fail, but don’t fret whilst Saturn remains in Scorpio your new life direction is still not finalized.

Retrograding Venus in Leo, conjuncts Mars on Monday in your house of relationships, so nothing is established and anything that is not right will be easy to change.

Whilst relationships many not go “according to plan” this week, the future looks very promising in this regard and you’ll soon feel as if your whole world is complete.

The one thing that will make the difference will be a change in your attitude (and you won’t know what a certain person is thinking if you don’t say anything..).



Obviously the big news for you this week is the full moon in Pisces, on the relationship axis and thus the balance between you and another (lover, family member) or indeed in any form of any partnership.

That said; it may not be easy to find equilibrium this week as others are not playing ball or are otherwise engaged.

If you are in a long-term relationship (working or personal) your spouse, boss, sibling or offspring may be withdrawn or acting unreasonably.  Instead of beating yourself up with regret or heartbreak, or trying to do emotional or professional back flips and somersaults in order to please and accommodate others, just wait this time out and allow it to pass. 

True, some associations are past the point of no return, or you can no longer keep running on the treadmill of a dead end job or an unappreciative association.   If that is the case then you need to stop the world and get off. 

Your urge to escape reality is very strong this week as you may be feeling misunderstood and unappreciated, but when the Sun opposes your ruler on 31st, whatever occurs around that time suggests the opportunity of healing in a key relationship connection.

But you’ve always known that love heals everything and love is all there is (and that it isn’t Time) so live your life from your heart.

Forgiveness may be your fragrance of the week.


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