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Since March there has been stormy Cosmic clouds and Aries have been amongst those shaken and stirred thanks to Uranus in Aries and the full moon lunar eclipse opposite your sign in early April didn’t help. 

The recent transit of the Sun in your sign and Jupiter moving direct in your house of pleasure was the start of positive change for you and now the former extends it’s influence to your sense of self esteem and general security (money and self worth).

Your weakened confidence returns and there is more appreciation all around and that can manifest as more money (a raise, more business activity) or less outflows.  Perhaps someone is spending a motza on you to show how much he or she cares, but there should be favorable money outcomes in general.

In the next week contracts, tenders, business proposals and all things “monetary” are front and centre and will garner your attention.

There is a quincunx with Venus and Pluto early in the week so it may be tricky or hard to reconcile how others see you with respect to your status, position, reputation, career, money and power, but if you’ve been good, it will be very good and if you’ve been bad it will be ….well, not so good.

You are in an ongoing process of defining who you are and what you want (and you certainly have the drive and determination to succeed) but you can’t strut or flaunt your stuff or act in an uncooperative manner with others. 

If you do, you will confront power plays and resistance and it may be hard or impossible to remove certain thorns in your side, so you may as well play along.  If you are living in a dream world or an ivory castle the fall may be coming, so start working on the contingency plans now.

Pluto is all about abiding by rules and so if you’ve been co-operative and acted appropriately then this will be a time of rewards and greater initiatives and problem solving.  

You can see an increase in your economic, social, educational, and reputational status and garner more support from allies and for the most, this should be a week of celebration and being in the right place at the right time with the right people.

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Whether it feels like it or not, this is your moment, your once in a year opportunity to positively improve or recreate your life in some way as the Cosmic “spotlight” will be on you.  If you are still feeling wrung out from all the dramas, machinations and intrigue of the past few weeks and months (and in some cases years) then shake that lethargy off as you are now setting down plans for the future.  These are for the long haul, so you need to be “on deck”. 

If you want to rebrand or change the way you are perceived or even if you want to exist stage right, all of this is possible now.  In other words create the kind of life you want. 

Jupiter up until this month has been retrograding in your house of home and family and in many cases you’ve gone backwards here or this part of your life weakened or faded away.  Maybe there was a loss of contact with family members or some changes to where you live, but all that has changed now. 

Between now and August you have a huge opportunity to improve your living conditions and family dynamics in whatever way works for you.  Some will upgrade or buy, others will downsize and spend reduce outflows, some will relocate, some will reunite with family members. 

Whatever occurs it’s about shoring up your foundation, your security of home and hearth (and Uranus is making you less likely to stick to the “good thing” if it’s simply money or the wrong kind of “security”).

Your changing mindset is freeing you and empowering you, and helping you with your ongoing liberation from long existing arrangements (scary as that may be).  You’re learning to let go and let God and experience life in a broader sense and not focus on the hand that feeds you.  If you’ve been the patsy, overlooked and ignored or been overly controlling and possessive (or worse, employing dubious or unethical tactics to get what you want), all this will change.

Fun of a different kind is en route (and from August on, life is going to be a total blast).  If you’re in a relationship, that’s going to get warmer and more pleasurable and the element of fun will return and you’re become more stable and less hot tempered. 

There was a trine between Mars and Pluto on Wednesday and that can influence you until Sunday and positively affect any dealings regarding far away places, educational pursuits, legal matters, publishing and anything “foreign”. 

As this is a lucky and beneficial influence anything planned now will be with you for a long, long time.

Expect to receive some news/document around 29th that is very surprising/pleasing or brings some stress, but with Venus in your money zone (and Mercury from the 30th) an improvement to your finances can occur - either a drain removed or lessened - or a money gain.

You may experience some tension with a sibling, but whatever occurs, it will force you out of complacency and force you to start something and take some action.  Up, up and away…

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A lot of what you are involved in currently or soon to be has a resonance from the past and that may be people from the past (someone you haven’t seen for a while) or current dealings that relate to the past.

There are a lot of planets current in Taurus and so you are in the shadow zone, the hidden part of your chart, when you are lying low and feeling withdrawn or operating out of view or working on private projects. 

Some Gemini’s are trying to whitewash a situation or are going all out to prevent people discovering the truth about a matter that can range from a secret to a serious mistake or crime.

It’s a form of torture for a Gem to have to be tight lipped or operate backstage so you may be feeling quite antsy or drained, but you’ve got until the 18th May to seal a deal or fix an error or suppress information. 

That said this particular passage is encouraging you to explore your sentimental side and see if there are any ghosts in your emotional closet that are playing on your vulnerability or emotional autonomy.

Certainly those around you will not be backwards in coming forward with what THEY want and in some cases it will be in the form of a demand or a fait d’accompli with some fiery exchanges (that no doubt you have to keep secret..).

On a positive note some Gemini’s will experience a different form of passion, by way of the horizontal kind and flirtations and new relationships are on the cards for some. Venus is in Gemini so that brings good things, more love and resolutions.   You can talk birds out of trees at the best of times, but now you are positively enchanting so use it where it will do the most good.  But you can look forward to breakthroughs and positive changes in affairs (the private and not so private ones..).

Pluto is also bringing transformation and major change and transformation and he is doing this by various crises and even some things that you are powerless to change.  This could be relating to joint finances this week and so you may experience some limitations or even dramas, but there will be some complications in this area.

With Jupiter moving forward in your social zone since earlier this month, you’re feeling positive and cheerful and back in the social swirl.  That may annoy those who feel that your behavior or tricks have caused more problems than solutions, but what the hell.  You are a Gemini and life is to be enjoyed.  You are not one of life’s passengers; you are the driver and the captain of your own ship and always will be. 

If they don’t like it they can get off.

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Since 2008 you’ve been distanced from someone that you were previously quite close to or you have gradually moved away from a group or friends or some other kind of emotional connection.  The ongoing eclipses in Libra (one earlier in April) suggest that this is with your family or your homeland and events or information that comes to light this week will have a strong bearing on the direction or decisions that you make in this regard.   

At any rate in the next week you will be deciding to relocate, downsize, sell, buy, or discuss finances with family members now that Jupiter is well and truly “on the move” in your money zone.  It’s all about putting more money in your pocket or else being able to keep more of what you have.  An idea that has recently come to light might be an alternative direction and a remarkable and special opportunity for a different way forward in your life.

As Venus is in Gemini in your house of the subconscious, you can literally “will” into being your aspirations now, and then put them into affect from the 7th May onwards.

As certain folk have well and truly noticed, you have great powers of determination and persistence, and this week you will become somewhat obsessed (or certainly more “focused”) with your own financial and home and family related goals. 

This may present problems in family discussions or within your key relationships, but Venus in your house of the hidden this is bringing benefits from the “unknown” (as well as your own subconscious) and you could win a mind game or beat those who are trying to conspire against you.  Generally though the situation has been diffused and the earlier resentment has dissipated and you no longer operate in fear.

Relationships have been your bête noir since 2008 but this week you can re-establish or replace (or put Humpty Dumpty back together again) and this will be particularly apparent around the 25th.

With the Sun and Mars transiting your group house, there will be financial discussions or information received with a group, regarding impending decisions and directions, and the unsolvable may even be solved.

This is very much a “self fulfilling prophecy” kind of week so think positive thoughts!

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From around 2008 onwards you probably saw amazing changes to your working life or in some cases to your health and well being (for better or for worse).  The great thing is that if it was a health problem you have a greater chance of overcoming it as Pluto has your back and bestows you with amazing endurance.  

There have, and will be, changes, but no matter how difficult they may have felt at the time, they are for your good (trying saying that to yourself in your more difficult moments). 

This is a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde period for you, whereby to the outside world you appear upbeat and cheerful, but that could very well be masking some form of deep-seated emotional pain or discord.  

This may be an ongoing battle at work or with a partner or with your own health in some way, but this week should see a turnaround in your fortunes. 

Your ideas, performance, or even a new external business offer or opportunity is likely to materialize shortly and completely transform your world.  Look out for an offer, phone call, suggestion, breakthrough (or whatever form it takes) to occur before May, and that may necessitate some D&M conversation with an emotional/intimate partner.

The change from Aries to Taurus is when you start living life really on your own terms as this energy lights up your career, reputation and life direction sector. 

This is the best period all year to achieve what you want to achieve and your new positive mindset (and renewed courage) gives you the leg up. 

If there has been a stalemate or gridlock in business or life plans, this is the time you can break through and/or more time for play and children (especially if life has been less enjoyable and overly structured) or your romantic life is letting you down.

Do be careful with all your financial investments, but after August you are “home and hosed” just so long as you are doing what you love (and if you do that the money will follow). 

Anyone can decide at any time to change careers and if you leap you will probably find that the net appears…

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You’ve been dealing with some ongoing bureaucratic or organizational headache or it may simply be someone older or powerful who is causing the bother, but in some capacity you feel obliged to tow a “party line”. 

There is a financial element to all of this, and it may be a lending organization, or a bank or a legal group, and if you have your own business enterprise things may be getting a tad hectic or more difficult for some reason.

With transits through your 9th house, there will be legal dealings (and more dealings with companies and people at a distance) or global enterprises - and that can also mean some upcoming travel - or even an unexpected opportunity from afar. 

Education also figures prominently and some will be travelling for education, or hearing about opportunities in other countries or alternatively you will have visitors who are foreigners.  

This may not happen this week or next and if that is the case then you will be implementing plans this week (for education, relocation, travel or similar) that will transpire later on in the year.

At any rate, any form of long-distance connections appears very favorable to you right now.

On Friday there is an aspect with Pluto that impacts on your love life, children and pleasure, and there could be emotional scenes/emotional jealousy around the weekend and for those Virgins in long-term relationships in particular, this has been rather problematic.

You may feel trapped or bored, but that said it’s still a huge improvement on what has been a rather rocky few months.

With Jupiter moving forwards since early April in your 12th house, you now have a much healthier and calmer outlook on life and perhaps one particular issue that you my now be seeing differently or with a different point of view. 

Maybe you felt unsure or angry or simply didn’t wish to confront what needs to be confronted and/or communicated and it may involve a lover, or a child, or someone foreign/overseas - or even in a legal dealing - but at any rate, this is an ideal time to resolve any differences.  

You might try a sudden or unexpected method to get you moving in a new direction, or adopt an approach that completely changes the way a situation is being managed (although Pluto does suggest you steer clear of taking too great a gamble without some consideration..).

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Joint efforts and group activities of all descriptions seem to be very favored this week, especially if you have a financial connection with them. 

But with Pluto trawling through the bottom on your chart, your inner psyche, home, intimate family, and personal life are all the areas that feel particularly vulnerable or raw and insecure right now.  There is a lot of doubt and uncertainty about your love life, your home life, your family and how you are going to survive.

That is why it’s so fortunate that you have Jupiter now direct bringing benefits and blessings to your friendships and all group activities along with the current transits in Taurus aiding and abetting business and any jointly held resources. 

You may receive a tax or insurance refund or payout, an inheritance or a loan, but there is money coming in from other sources and there can also be gains in real estate.

The key thing now is to go after what you want, and abide by your own desires - although other people do play a larger than normal role in your dealings right now.

There are other parties and joint efforts and in fact it is other parties who can bring you more compensation and rewards and a greater return on your efforts.  You will also know who your friends are and who offers you the most support. 

Venus currently transiting Gemini in your foreign affairs house can bring a foreign lover or you’re dealing with foreign women (as Venus represents the female form).  Some will have a female lawyer or lecturer or business partner, but in both an emotional, social and financial sense, there will be a lot of connections and external parties involved in your dealings.

You have more personal authority this week, and quite a lot of Cosmic support, but it’s your own “inner” and foundation that is making the most progress as opposed to the your outer world (which is likewise doing well).

Your confidence and emotional and mental stability is rather appealing to others and thus you are becoming the centre of your social circle (and holding forth with authority within your group).

Your sex life will improve and if you are single there will be more sex (with a distinctly foreign flavor…)

Life is becoming more precious and more special.  Enjoy!

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There are times you feel strong and grounded and other times that you don’t, and this is probably one of the latter times and so it’s best to lay low.   There is some self-doubt going on - about your position, your relationship with your siblings (if you have any) and more importantly how you communicate – and that has been hit and miss of late.

Thankfully with the Sun transiting Taurus, that is aiding your relationship sector and introducing new people who can assist you in all walks of life.  You could meet a new love interest if single (and even if you are not) or a powerful ally, mentor or new friend.

There could be a new enemy, but with the trine with Pluto still in effect, this is an idea time to establish what it takes to turn this foe into a friend, or bring clarity to someone who is upset and unsure.

In fact you could form a closer relationship (in a personal or business sense) with someone, or function more effectively as a team, mainly because you are more perceptive and understanding at the current time.

At any rate there will be a breakthrough of some description in a relationship dynamic and that may well help you break through some glass ceiling.   It could be a stellar job offer or a raise (thanks to Jupiter’s forward progress in your reputation and career house) and if it’s not career-related, it could be a win in a legal case or a romantic bid for your heart.

There could be a rise in status within your social group and certainly the weekend will be stellar filled with excitement and loads of activities but all week your interactions with others will be very rewarding.

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“I vant to be alone” was Greta Garbo’s famous line and when she turned 60 said “In a few days, it will be the anniversary of the sorrow that never leaves me, that will never leave me for the rest of my life”.

Whilst your sorrow (or reduced self-confidence and energy) is not quite as dramatic, there is some need to be alone. 

That’s not to say that you’re totally incommunicado, but you are certainly less communicative than you should be, or want to be.  You seem to vacillate between ultimate highs and ultimate lows with not much in between and this week may be one of those (and Saturn retrograding is not exactly helping either).

The trine with Pluto that will still bring some relief until the weekend, will help with the fears that you will end up in the poor house or that your life is on a downward spiral (and there is that going financial headache that a number of Sags have been dealing with, some as far back as 2008). 

Whatever “it” is: something that is important to you, gives you security or self worth, or what you value most; go “all out” this week to obtain it, improve upon it (or bring and end to it if it’s been impacting on your self esteem).

Thankfully Venus is in your relationship house, so if you are single you’ll certainly have more attention and feedback on your desirability; and if you are attached, you will know that you are loved. 

If you are neither, it’s likely that you will gain credit at work and be more appreciated or even publicly recognized, but you will attract positive interest to yourself. You will have more influence and personal authority in general - and especially with your employer and loved one(s) - and even with those that you are not seeing eye-to-eye with.

As this energy will be enormously helpful until the end of the first week in May, do everything you can to shore up your position or improve your chances in a legal, personal or business matter.

If an ex or an opponent is giving you angst, there will be an opportunity to interact in a more positive way and find mutual resolution. 

Many Sags will be going on a new path with a partner and that may involve making plans to live in a foreign place, adopting a foreign child (like Sag Brad Pitt) as Jupiter is moving forward in your house of legalities, foreign affairs and people and places at a distance, education and in fact, anything “global”. 

If you want to progress or pursue any activities in these areas, (and this also includes publishing, websites, PR, media etc) fast track your ambitions between now and August.

The current planetary influences will help your daily routines and your health, so if you are feeling depressed, see a doctor, or if you are in a financial jam, get a good accountant and so on.  If you feel you are overworked and can’t cope with all that is on your plate, hire some help.

Try not to withdraw too much from public life (although this will be substituted with everything home and hearth or “personal”) as you focus more on your personal identity and life purpose.

It will also help to become more self-reliant and even a tad cutthroat…

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A lot of Cappy’s are operating on autopilot because you are the performer, you are responsible and you are ambitious and you have to make progress.  It is your raison d’etre.  Unfortunately your heart is simply not currently in it, but even so, you will continue to go the distance, not matter how taxing or dreary. There is a disconnect to what your head and mind is telling you and what your role in the outside world is. But there is no easy “out” and this may be in a business set up, a marriage or a family situation, and besides you’re the type to still be there at the finale curtain call.

Maybe you are playing a role that is not you, and you’re not prepared to admit that yet, but the mist IS clearing and you are slowly joining the dots on your life map and the real picture IS emerging.

The Uranus Pluto squares slammed you in March and the Libra eclipse was not exactly helpful either (and Pluto has been reconstructing – or deconstructing - your life since 2008), but now there are planets in your sector of fun, romance and pleasure and so enjoyment has returned to your life. This energy will give you the power to turn it all around (well at least for a few weeks) and to shake off your mood, and move onto greener pastures.  That’s great news because if you feel that something is worthwhile and more importantly, significant and consequential, then nothing will stop you.

Further the trine with Pluto in Capricorn will give you a lot of Cosmic support to initiate or complete whatever you set your mind on.

Some Cappy’s will decide to have another child or discover they are pregnant, others will have more joy implementing a plan that involves existing children or else you will be discussing children with a lover.

But the accent is on pleasure and romance (and flirtations and illicit love affairs as this is also the house of “risks”) and sexual opportunities will be plentiful.

Jupiter is moving direct in your house of sex, so you will have more sex and you will also benefit from the resources of others, financially and otherwise.  There is more of an intimate, sharing energy (and less one upmanship and power plays) and you’ll feel more contented with life in general.. just so long as you are not too arrogant or high handed.

This is possible with some Cappys (because you feel so superior) and you may well be, but it’s not constructive or helpful to let others know that you know…

Some Cappys are purchasing a new home, some with the help of a key female in your life (e.g. Mother, Mother in law, female Banker) or getting a leg up the career ladder via a female boss or powerbroker.

The weekend will be also be blast, and there will be a lot of sexual interest in you…and probably vice versa.

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Relationships and home and family are the topics du semaine and you will feel more like nesting and being at one with your family.  A number of water bearers are moving, selling, buying, renovating, but in the main it’s about the emotional focus as opposed to the tangible one. 

You are likely to feel more at one with your family, happier and content and released form some emotional shackle (that may have also been a financial one relating to your home or family in some way).

Some Aquarians are moving towns and countries and if you fall into this group you are likely to receive a green light or some news that steers you on this new path or alters your present one.

This may also be a job offer or a relationship change, as these areas are affected also - and if you are single you won’t be by August.

If you are happy and together you will be formalizing the arrangement or taking it to the “next level” (and that applies to business connections also). 

But greater commitment will be the theme in all your key connections along with new opportunities to join forces with others in significant partnerships and unions. 

If any partnerships have been rocky, now that Jupiter is well and truly on the move, this mood will change for the better and you’ve certainly moved past the rockiest patch for quite a while (although it has provided you with a new found courage).

Put it this way, you are savvier about the relationship – the business, personal or social one – and that will aide you to make the big decisions and changes that you will be making in the coming weeks.

Some of these decisions will be in response to what you learn from another and their answers and actions have and will determine your course and define the choices that you make.

There are new paths being taken: new homes, homelands, jobs, relationships and you’re prepared to boldly take them and seize all opportunities on offer.

That’s because you are more confident and certain now of yourself - and of others intentions and desires - and so in the main that means you are pretty certain that you are well and truly “loved up” and appreciated.

Singles look out for the Bazooka coming in from left field.  Someone is soon to sweep you off your feet – or blow your mind – or both.

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Communication in all its forms is vital over the next few weeks, and that includes news you receive, contracts, branding, media, corporate image, and so on, but even more so, the news you give out.  This may be the time you re-launch or rebrand a business or your own profile and your “message” is very powerful right now.  You could literally sell snow to the Eskimos and this is a very powerful window of opportunity for you if you want to capitalize on the energy at your disposal and what you have been longing to achieve can materialize this week.

There is loads of Cosmic backing along with the potential support of VIP’s and movers and shakers. 

Some Piscine readers will finally publish “the book” or start on the manuscript or launch a blog or establish a website or advertise more or appear in the media.

Perhaps you recently received an offer from a powerful source or a colleague wanted you to join forces and you are now taking a different direction, but there are more benefits headed your way including for some an amazing job offer.  Of course if you have your own business idea and want to pitch it to the bank or to another, what are you waiting for?

Circumstances in your life may have recently alternated your profile in some way, but Jupiter will certainly ensure that you can make major career or employment strides now if you are proactive or seize any opportunity as it arises.

A trine with Pluto provides beneficial influences until the end of the weekend and this can assist with your involvement with groups and VIP’s/authority figures. 

The Sun’s transit in Taurus will assist with your verbal delivery and your communication in general should be very powerful and persuasive.  If someone has been disagreeing with you or has been unconvinced until now about the merits of a proposal, don’t be surprised if you can reach an agreement or at least see eye-to-eye.

There will be a significant discussion that take place regarding a financial or property matter and particularly issues that impact on future wealth and cash flow.

Your financial and business future is crystallizing and you will shortly have more access to funds or greater financial flexibility and better yet, recognized for your achievements and input.   That said, you need to consciously avoid power struggles and any office politics and aim for the higher moral ground.  

However a promotion or some form of formal recognition or being "centre stage" is on the cards for many.

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