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The Sun enters Gemini at the start of the forecast and that will assist with the “communication issues”.  You will able to express yourself with greater warmth and in a more pleasing, softer-edged way (that the “Mars Attack” in your communication sector has sharpened). 

In fact this will help with your contacts and social interaction in general and make you less thin skinned (and more insightful) to the mood of others.  You will however still be feisty and aggressive (you are ruled by Mars) and be more inclined to push back hard if someone tries to back you into a corner or challenges you (and this particularly in the areas of career and home life).

Thankfully from Thursday onwards your mood is tempered with a drop of harmony from the skies and that will help you to sidestep too much conflict (just so long as you think before you speak..).

That is especially necessary early next week when Mars (your ruler) squares Neptune in your house of secrets, and self-undoing.

On the same day Uranus in Aries squares Venus (the planet of love) in your home, family and domestic sector and that topped off with the Mercury retrograde and the Mercury-Mars conjunct on 27th is a recipe for misunderstandings and inconsistencies.

If you are having any relationship woes (at home or within your public or professional life), Mars will give you the verbal assurance and the Sun the sensitivity to resolve any issues and remove restrictions (and Jupiter will boost your confidence in general).

The Venus Chiron trine at the end of the week ensures greater empathy with other people (and especially your loved ones) and can heal any rifts and bring greater harmony to all your close relationships.

That said, stand by your values and don’t “give in” or sacrifice your personal integrity or allow yourself to be a victim to anybody, but especially within family dynamics.

“Marriage” figures prominently this week.

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It’s all about the base, the base…in other words the fundamental and most important factors in your life and with a raft of planets in your sector of money and self-esteem, they are bound to be intricately connected. There is a great deal of activity going on in this sector and the current planetary action is designed to give you a more solid base and greater financial backing: in other words, you are shoring up your future.

Earlier this week Mercury began retrograding in this same area, and so you can anticipate some U turns and rethinks and reevaluations about your income flow, expenditure and financial opportunities and potential (as well as more mundane things such as taxes, loans and leases). 

Jupiter wants you to secure your security – your home base and “bottom line” – and Mars wants you to find more ways to make money.

Your ruler trines with the “wounded healer” at the end of the forecast week and that combined with the new moon in Taurus earlier in the week, suggests a “fresh start”.  This will unfold over the course of the next 6-12 months within a group dynamic that has caused you distress or confusion and a group may have tried to overwhelm you.  This may have been from a power play (possibly legal with Pluto in your 9th) or your identity was lost or submerged as part of a group dynamic. 

Your reputation may have been damaged and friends have been “fluid” to say the least thanks to Neptune. 

So this is a wonderful week to take back control of your life and write your own life script and break new ground (which you will do over the next year as new moons tend to launch a new personal year).  You can also roll out a new image if you wish.

Life is turning around (you can sense the changing winds from last week) and romance, social activity and foreign shores will all play a greater part. 

The squares with Venus and Uranus on Monday will reveal all the emotions that have been hidden and bottled up and it will be rather cathartic, although you might not like all that you hear (as there will be some challenges and provocative communication).   

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The big news for you of course is that the Sun enters your sign at the start of the forecast and your ruler Mercury began retrograding in your sign a few days ago and so clearly it’s a key time of the year.  Plus you also have Mars in Gemini so it’s all about YOU: what you want, how you appear to others (your image, brand and PR). 

If you are reliant on validation from others, then you’re in trouble, but the current planetary energies is providing you with a more complete picture of where YOU want your life to head.

For some this means a relocation/move in the not too distant future.  For others it’s a career change or a new professional direction (or if not you, then it could be someone a relative, intimate or close friend). 

But whatever is being determined in the next few weeks (by your or others that affects you) can transform your future.

The true character of a person or group will be revealed or identified and how you deal with that will determine outcomes.   

Some Gemini’s will be required to perform a difficult and grueling series of tests or duties at someone request (or demand) and the potential for error is escalated right now. 

It’s imperative that you tread warily in your professional and public life because with all the planets in your house of self, it’s very “personal” (and that includes your reputation).

The recent new moon in Taurus can expose secrets; bring hidden enemies and cause soul searching and with the opposition in Venus (in your money house) and Pluto in your joint money house at the start of the forecast, this is likely to be about money that involves others.
Venus will introduce a new perspective and help you to think outside the box so you’ll find the right answers.  I.e. spend now or spend later…

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New worlds are opening up for Cancer, new ways of living and new ways to make money. 

Uranus has been cruel to many Cancers for a long time and affected work, reputations and public life (and Pluto in the relationship sector since 2008 hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park either).  The Goddess of love in your sign for the next fortnight will help resolve festering relationship issues at work and in your intimate and family life and if you have a pet project or wish to achieve some major objectives, then your time has come.

You are likely to reveal something that you have kept hidden for a long time - your inner feelings or a secret - or you will fret more and become anxious with the raft of planets in your 12th house.  This is the house of karma; “cause and effect” so if you’ve been working hard or bravely fought some battle, then this can be a wonderful time for you. 

If not it could be your time of reckoning and regret.  Sink or swim.  Victory or failure. Validation or denial, but the new moon in Taurus suggests that there will be a “fresh start” in a long-term group dynamic.

Don’t overlook the fact that you have Venus and Jupiter suggesting that your self esteem will be enhanced and one particular financial drain will cease to be a source of concern and monetary rewards can come now also.

If your hearts in the right place (and all Cancers have their hearts in the right place) then you can achieve a greater level of faith in life now.

Great success is possible and the current planetary actions will enhance the motivating forces of your life. As much as constructive action is the optimum path, it is possible that there is a need to tear down what is established.

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You are on the downhill run, with two more months of Jupiter in your sign so this is the time when you should be making every post a winner. 

Network with VIP’s, shore up alliances and implement long term plans (that will benefit you financially from August onwards for the next year or so].  

The idea most slated for success is likely to be one that you have already pursued in the past, or else you will find a novel or different approach to an existing proposal.

There is a raft of new possibilities (of the financial and physical kind), although these can cause some complications within your domestic or family scene. 

The recent new moon in Taurus is a new start in your reputation, career and/or life direction and you will be making your mark over the next six to twelve months. So it’s really only your personal life that will need a more subtle approach, and there is some form of emotional disappointment for a number of Leos.

This may be a temporary thing and indeed the Mercury retrograde suggests that an ex can return to the scene in the next few weeks or you can deal with outstanding emotional (or business) matters postponed from a previous attempt.  Forgiveness will not change the past, but it can enlarge your future.

With Venus the planet of love in your house of the hidden, some Leo’s are keeping one particular association very much under wraps.

Uranus continues to stir up your sense of adventure (and your taste for anything foreign) but the Mercury retrograde is slowing things down, creating misunderstandings, and changes of heart.

The ideal recipe for love = mutual misunderstanding…

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“The truth will set you free” and that’s been an ongoing theme for Virgo’s as you keep some thought, scenario or wish hidden or under wraps. 

There is an imminent planetary bonanza in store, (that is Jupiter in Virgo) from August and so before then it’s imperative to wipe the slate clean of any obstructions and problems that are impeding your freedom, or your peace of mind.

You may be disillusioned about your career path and confused about your direction in life, but you must avoid any endeavors that involve deception or illegal activities.

Between now and the end of July you will have a mentor or help in the form of an organization or VIP’s s who will watch out for your interests and protect you. This person will help you to realize whatever changes are necessary in order to improve the quality of your life.  Alternatively, this arrives in the form of an epiphany or a random event that will direct you in the way the Cosmos wants you to go. 

Jupiter transiting the 12th ensures that you are thinking in more spiritual and esoteric terms and Mercury retrograding in your career and life purpose sector will help you to reflect on what truly represents comfort, and happiness for you (and your attitudes and beliefs ARE changing in this regard).

With your ruler retrograding you will be talking about the past, and with Saturn retrograding in your house of home and family and the Sun Saturn opposition on Friday, these discussions will relate to these areas.

The Cosmos is bringing great empowerment, but the forces at work in your life this week (especially from Monday onwards) will seem to intentionally thwart your efforts and one particular situation is very discouraging or even desperate.

Don’t worry, the Guardian Angel position of Jupiter will ensure positive outcomes …just so long as you put people before profit and act in a compassionate and alturistic way.  

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Pluto continues to stir up issues to do with family and domestic life especially at the beginning of the forecast week from the opposition between Venus and Pluto. 

For those Librans travelling there can be tension with family members overseas or even legal issues relating to family and with the recent new moon in Taurus, this is likely to relate to joint funds.  If you are in business with a lover or family member there may be a new understanding, structure or rules relating to shared income and financial responsibilities and any discussions along these lines may become rather heated.  

You are all about fairness, and balance, but Mars is making you excessively opinionated and feisty (mainly because you feel vulnerable or left out) and some Librans are being unrealistic in a business venture. 

Don’t worry your fortunes are soon to change for the better, so keep the faith. Trust in the future, as you’ll be delighted by the new status quo from around September onwards.

Any limitations are only in your mind and your possibilities are soon to become limitless, so dream on!  If you can dream it you can have it, as this is a time of lucky breaks.

Mars squares Neptune on Monday so if you are travelling or in a foreign country you should take extra care, e.g, keep out of the way of tuk tuks, traffic coming the wrong way and food poisoning.

There is also some deception in your world next week; you are deceiving or vice versa, but with Neptune in the frame, trust and honesty is paramount for good outcomes.

For Librans it’s unfair to write a scope without mentioning relationships, so for single Librans this week is ideal for new amour and a friend may morph into something much more… for others, sadly its watching the person you love, love someone else.

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It’s not just Libran’s who are enjoying “passion and pain” and flirtations, as Scorpios are slated to have a new or improved love life within the next six months to a year. 

The recent new moon in Taurus is giving you a “fresh start” in this regard, and that may be a new love or a new chapter in an old one or a change in status (engaged, married, divorced).

Mercury is retrograding in your house of sex and debt and “inner” so your psychological outlook could be doing a U turn, and that be how you think about something or how you feel about someone.

Mercury is the planet of communication so that’s going to hold the key and you can have a conversation that you should have had earlier or correct (or undo) something you said previously.

It doesn’t really matter if it was “them” or you, the new moon is in your relationship house, so it’s incumbent on you to restore a situation and not partake in the blame game.

This is especially so around Wednesday when communication is heated and aggressive and disagreements abound, but it’s imperative you have your priorities right in order to take advantage of this new moon energy. 

Someone at work may question your abilities and you may be tempted to react, but you should choose your battles carefully and try and control your ego (and what comes out of your mouth). But it’s an ideal time to refashion and improve existing structures and systems and overall this is a favorable passage in your life when you can map out some long-term goals and implement some effective strategies.  

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There is much change around you and this may be with your personal affiliations or in business.  

As Saturn is retrograding back into your 12th house (and will enter there in mid June) anything that has been hidden or “behind the scenes” will start to be revealed.

Sides can switch (as can loyalties), and this may be as a result of a disagreement - or as a result of positive discussions.  

Many Sags have had some kind of financial yoke around their shoulders since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and the opposition with Pluto at the start of the forecast suggests you begin the week dealing with an overwhelming financial dilemma. 

With all the planets currently in your house of relationships (and Mercury retrograding here), this will be with a key relationship i.e. spouse, lover, family member, boss...

You won’t know the outcome of the situation or the opinions - or judgment - of this person until Mercury retrograde finishes post shadow phase on the 27th June.

In a very real sense your fate and fortunes are linked with another and it’s about trying to find middle ground or a balance with this person.  Thankfully Venus in Cancer is in the sector that rules joint assets in your chart and that will really assist in finding that common ground.

Before June 5th you’ll see a very pleasing advance, or even a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development, but of course nothing will be set in concrete for another month.  

As much as you’d like to see an end or outcome with your association with one person in particular - or at least know where you stand - that’s simply not going to happen.  Not yet.

On Friday the Sun opposes retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius so this will begin an important turning point in your life direction. This gives you the chance to re-evaluate your course and make any changes that are necessary.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll tend to feel a good deal of insecurity, but as you face your challenges and continue following your intended route, you’ll develop a stronger sense of confidence.

That said, authority figures might be tough on you.

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If it’s good it will be very, very good and if it’s bad it will be horrid as there is a yin and yang aspect when Venus the planet of love in your relationship house opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

On a positive note, Venus is making you a better lover, friend and family member (so you don’t have to pretend as much as some Cappy’s have been doing..) and should be making your love life flourish.

You can be triumphant in whatever your heart desires and so this is a week when you can decide to have another child or deepen your association with another in some way.  It is also a week when it can become apparent that things are awry within the union and it has to change or end.

That said, the recent new moon in Taurus does give you the chance for a “new start” in a love affair, but then this can also be with a child or a pregnancy – but beginnings and endings are themes.

Likewise, someone near to you may be close to saying “enough” and of course with the Mercury retrograde, communication can become skewed or even get to the point of “no speakies”.

Venus squares Uranus in your house of home and family on Monday and so your domestic and family scene may be under fire and the inconjunct between Pluto and Jupiter does indicate that some significant adjustments in your life will be made.

You may also feel like you are not getting your “just desserts” and that may lead you to become more of an opportunist, taking from others what you consider rightfully yours. 

But “what's in it for me?' isn't sufficient justification for everything you do and will certainly not do you any favors at the present time.

With Mercury retrograding in your house of work and daily affairs, a work colleague or someone who factors large in your “everyday” is going to voice how they really, really feel…

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There is a lot of activity in your sector of love and children, and that can include a new romance/attraction, a pregnancy, or a renaissance in an existing union.

As this is affecting the area of your chart that drives your creativity there will be a greater need to express who you really are through your work or via any creative ventures.  If you don’t have an appropriate outlet for your self-expression (especially in your working life) then you’ll likely feel particularly dissatisfied with your career path this week.

There is also the opportunity for a new start within a domestic, home or family situation as a result of the new moon in Taurus last week, and the nodes suggest this could be overseas. 

If you are in the process of relocating or buying/selling or some other property-related activity, with the Mercury retrograde effect in place until the end of June, don’t expect to know where you stand until then. 

The same applies in the progress of a love affair or with regards your children, IVF, adoption, pregnancy et al and some Aquarians will either hear from - or run into – a past love.

On Monday when Venus squares Uranus it’s best to remain removed from whatever is happening, and play a “wait and see” game especially if there is a profound attraction or some other kind of “offer you can’t refuse”.

This is a “Danger Will Robinson” week as there will be a great desire to feel free and unencumbered and that can lead to all sorts of rash decisions and actions…

Challenges this week will be directly related to something that you initiated about 14 years ago.  It may be the country you live in, the person you’re with or the job that you do.

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Mercury retrograde is bringing back the past in some form, and most likely relating to home and family issues.

Venus is making you more charming and appealing and so your increased powers of attraction may draw back past loves, or estranged children return to the fold (or relatives and family come to visit after a long hiatus).

Affairs and flirtations are more likely in the next couple of weeks although that can manifest as simply desiring more recognition and positive feed back (and it has to be said that you’re on the top of your game right now).

If it’s the former - and depending on your personal circumstances - this can of course cause some tricky situations, so try and avoid placing yourself in difficult predicaments (and that also applies at work).

However this week most of the action should centre on your home: with family, children, flat mates et al and your career. 

The Sun opposes retrograding Saturn on Friday, causing you to reflect on your career and possibly bringing back issues from earlier on in your professional life to deal with. 

The new moon in Taurus earlier in the week, suggests there could be a turning point in a commercial sense, and decisions such as changing careers could be made. 

There are also a lot of discussions and re-evaluations going on with regards your home and some will be relocating and/or making changes to your living arrangements.

If you are attempting to do this, the job offer will be held up or the sale will be stalled or withdrawn or the flat mated doesn’t move in - and all those kinds of glitches thanks to Mercury retrograde.

To top it off you are extremely sensitive at the moment and will feel harassed and bothered about someone or something. Misunderstandings and confusion are highly possible, so try and defer any major decisions or key conversations/meetings until later in the week.

Your imagination is working overtime and you may even lose touch with reality and be tempted to out on a limb or outside the fold (or in a fantasy world) and that would be unwise.

It’s a week when it’s best to conform and tow the line as much as possible...

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