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You are in a happy space this week as the sun lights up your romance fun and good times sector. You’ve been feeling a bit defensive and lying low, but as you feel a whole lot better, simply enjoying life for a change (and flirting and showing off is de rigueur). However this is not a week to use your red hot sexuality to get what you want otherwise it’s going to evolve into a rather tricky situation…

On Monday you may be tempted to use (some form) of intimidation or exert your will - or vice versa -but if you want to find an agreement that suits both of your then compromise will be necessary (especially in financial partnerships and agreements).

There is a LOT happening on the career and business front but nothing is overly clear just yet as your progress or the green light is dependant on someone else.  To use the cliché don’t count your chickens, in other words don’t work on the premise that everything is sorted and “in the bag” and then go and buy the house or Porche; the egss haven’t hatched yet.

You are an immediate gratification sign but you have to take it slow and also allow someone else to call the shots.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, everything is going swimmingly and with both Venus and Mercury in the zone of home and family and Mars moving into your “joint” sector on Friday, any financial decisions involving family (or flat mates) or discussion about where you live or who owns what (property, wills, leases etc) are all “go”.

When Mars moves signs on 25th, you’ll all come together on the same page.

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Security seems to be a pressing issue - whether financial or emotional - and how to get it and this may mean having a real estate base or a sense of belonging or more money in the bank.  There is going to be some kind of battle of wills this week and it may well be family related and yet the current planetary patterns are offering a breakthrough for your home, property or family interests and the new moon on Saturday will allow you to start making long range plans, something that has been elusive for a long time.

Something will change the dynamics or infrastructure of your home, domestic world or family set up, but in a very positive way. 

That said you may be obligated or compelled to do something (relocate, reconnect, make peace) and this is either of your own doing or on behalf of your partner or other family members.

Mars is getting things moving in your relationships (and this may also include your dealings with any adversaries) but this is the time to do the groundwork and cement your position in whatever way you can. Even if it kills you to have to concede, compromise or cooperate with a certain someone, continue to think long term, no matter how riled you are.

After the weekend is an ideal time to move past any misgivings or doubts that have plagued you of late, as in the not too distant future any conflict that has been plaguing your existence will start to subside.

You may should get a sign of this in the upcoming week although don’t expect any mea culpas (as they won’t be forthcoming).

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Your verbal diarrhea is kicking in and you’ll be communicating non stop and talking up a storm, socializing, and generally connecting with others. 

If there is a disconnect in your life, this is an idea time to make that approach as you are super resourceful and convincing – you are a cult leader you are so persuasive – and can make great inroads in any area you choose.

It’s certainly a week of movement and change and those changes can extend to any aspect of your life. 

Uranus has thrown some curved balls into your social world so this may need some fine tuning if you are to gain the recognition and acceptance that you need. 

Saturn has put a dampener on your social life, but Saturn changing direction has given you the incentive to start moving this aspect of your life along (but whilst it was in retrograde it did give you the opportunity to reflect on your social and love life and the relationship with your children, if you have any).

Your ruler (in your money zone) squares Uranus on Thursday in the sector of VIP, groups and authority figures, so there could be some stress, force or even manipulation to do with money.  Either you owe an organization/group or vice versa or you could owe a friend.

The opposition with Venus and Pluto in your money and “joint” houses also suggests some issue early next week to do with shared funds or any assets that others feel they have claim to or that is communal.

Therefore it’s very likely that a key financial discussion will be part of the picture this week that can finalise matters once and for all, or some financial axe that has been hanging over your head comes crashing down.

Therefore use your “guru like” persuasiveness and use your number one tool, your ability to communicate and you will be able to develop a rapport and achieve conciliation. This is your moment to put your skills to the test, especially around the time of the new moon.

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Your current focus is on money and security and you are either trying to get your hands on more money and/or strengthening your financial security (as this is the area where you currently feel most vulnerable).

You are getting on the right track - or at least heading in that direction - but this may have different connotations for all, depending on your circumstances – but in spite of what you wanted to happen, there have been some surprises along the way.  You may feel that more is better and you want to gain and accomplish more, or else it could be  “enough is enough” or you are adjusting to losses (dreams, loved ones, health). 

For many Crabs new work is on the horizon and you are certainly letting everyone know what you want and for once the Cosmos seems to be on side in terms of delivering on your wishes. 

There is more financial luck now with a host of planets in this part of your chart and indeed those people who were against you, might even start to consider your needs and perhaps even help you.

The new moon in Leo kick starts a new chapter in your financial world, but also your sense of self worth.  and self esteem.  This could mean more money or less financial demands, or even a huge breakthrough. Uranus now retrograding ensures that the past plays a key role in current developments, and will bring some surprises.  Both Mercury and Venus in Cancer will ensure communication is blessed so whatever is said (in love or in money) is music to your ears.  Even if in some instances it’s not words you want to hear or it’s in the form of unpleasant surprises, know that whatever change occurs it’s the right one.  Beyond the ideas of right and wrong there is place…or a position.

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This week is your annual solar return and it’s rather special as you have Jupiter here also so you’ve got some pretty impressive planetary energy in your corner.  People will be feel your presence and magnetism (and it will surprise them) so don’t be taken aback if you have the odd chance encounter.

At any rate this is a time to enjoy life’s pleasures and some Leo may have amazing results this week in a “project” and this may be a personal or business one.  Certainly this is a time of new experiences and one of those could very well have romantic overtones.  One interaction in particular may stun you with what is said, and on the weekend someone will be voicing his or her feelings of being exposed or in weak position, but someone in your world is not pleased.

This could be a legal matter, a secret love affair or to do with publishing or education - or else it involves a foreign person or connection.

By the same token this may be the week you decide to get married (maybe to a foreigner) or resolve to relocate and to top all this powerful planetary activity off, on the weekend you have a new moon in Leo and thus in so many ways this is literally a “rebirth”. So this is the time when you start to take off (and become super successful and popular)…..or start over.

But don’t stress if by the end of July you haven’t already made quantum leaps because this is the first year of a 12-year cycle and the acceleration takes a while to gain momentum. 

Your best bet is to sit back and enjoy the ride, but you have entered a magic realm and you are not going to go unnoticed.

Indeed you’ll be making a huge impact in your personal, professional and social life, so be brave (you are a Lion) and “carpe diem”.

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You’ve just about had enough of a situation and you need to dust yourself off and move on with your life, but at the moment you’re laying low and licking your wounds.   Someone, a situation or a problem is weighing you down and diminishing your spirit or you could be in some kind of “combat” with someone and the constant rivalry is exhausting.   Or you have been advised to keep out of a situation (in a formal sense) or circumstances have demonstrated that you should leave matters for others to deal with.

This is a period of winding down and of endings and these may well relate to a personal or private matter (the one that you are currently reflecting on as you are trying to figure out how to exit it) but keeping yourself at arms length is your best bet.

With Uranus the planet of shocks in your house of sexuality and joint finances (and Neptune transiting your partnership house) there are thrills and spills aplenty any you might run into an ex (like the scene in When Harry Met Sally) or the person that you’re having a dalliance with (whilst you are with your existing partner).  It’s very much a Hollywood saga, but not a ROMCOM although it’s just as likely that you are experiencing “awkward” times with a sibling or even a neighbor.

Mars entering your communications zone can help you sell your ideas and views (and maneuver everyone), although you’re going to be rather pushy and forceful (or angry and bitter) depending on the circumstances. If you feel you are in the right (what self respecting Virgo doesn’t?) then you are going to defend and support a particular idea - or a person who is being criticized or attacked – especially if it is you!   Just be careful that these are not self limiting or self defeating beliefs and this is especially so now that Jupiter is in your zone of secrets and self-undoing.  You will be dealing a lot with groups and organizations and there may be some concerns here and so you will gain from a closer examination of your own mental and emotional processes.  Maybe, just maybe, there is another perspective…

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It’s a great week to wish for something - anything in fact - as there is a greater chance of it coming true!  Librans are in takeoff mode and are heading on holidays, or having lots of get-togethers, as there is loads of activity in the social area of your chart.  Librans always love to entertain and catch-up and socialize with others, and as that is exactly what you’ll be doing.  So you can look forward to a happy, relaxed and fun week (and especially within group situations) and a lively social calendar is virtually guaranteed.

For some lucky Librans this could also involve a romantic connection also - a memorable encounter – or an affair to remember.

At any rate if you’re single you’ve decided it’s about time you changed that status and do something constructive about it (so you’ve certainly got the right mindset). If you are in relationship you may be reassessing that connection, especially with Pluto bearing down on your family and domestic life and causing relocations and even distancing from family members.

At any rate your future success (that you are seeing unfurling now) is gained by group participation and networking, even more so than going it alone or as a couple.  This is team energy or being part of a group and even your friendships will become more important (and perhaps financially beneficial).

Because of that a loved one may feel threatened or vulnerable and feel you are devoting too much of your energies to external parties rather than home and family commitments, so don’t be surprise if you are subjected to some form of provocation (or your behavior is criticized).

Don’t be derailed, as this is the time to formulate ideas and work in unison with others to gain your just rewards (and financial and emotional emancipation).

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The big news for you is that Mars moves into your sign (although not nearly for the long stay that it had in Libra). But certainly until mid September you will have more energy and assertiveness and that will really help to move your plans along. 

Indeed many Scorps are morphing into entrepreneurs especially with Saturn honing your identity and redirecting you towards your real strengths.

You are laying the groundwork for a very successful destiny and there’s no doubt that right now you DO want to achieve success and have some kind of impact on the world.   You can do something so that everyone recognize you  - or at the very least make people remember you - because you are good at something.

This is a great few weeks to take charge of your life (and part of that is your love life) along with your career world, but there is little doubt that you are making plans for the long term.

Mars will bring ego conflicts and competition (and challenges) especially in your working life, but you’ll win out, hands down, in any confrontation. 

There is a nice trine with Saturn in Scorpio on 24th so you should get some positive news about a legal dealing or something regarding a foreign matter (overseas company or from people at a distance or anything “global” including educational institutions).  

This is when you can close a door on past chapters and concentrate on future possibilities and remember that if you feel that the going is tough, that life is unfair or you can’t cope.

The new moon in Leo in your Life Direction and career, and public reputation sector is encouraging a “new start” so get cracking on those new business, lifestyle and career goals.

Mars will get you through any difficulty (and you will feel under pressure and very busy) and even if you feel like you are putting up with a lot, your “tomorrow” is going to be great. This is a time of renewal (new strength and enthusiasm) so galvanize yourself, have courage and faith and remember the future only comes one day at a time….

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You’re digging yourself out of your recent inertia or the emotional grip you were in and getting back to your adventurous Sagittarian spirit.   This is a prime time to get away on some escapade and blow out the cobwebs (and the new moon in Leo is at the very least giving you a new perspective and a chance of a fresh start).  Who says you can’t outrun your problems?

Neptune has made you more spiritual and reflective and you’ve been more of a “nester” of late than the adventurer as you make peace with past events. Mars entering your house of the hidden on Friday will support this process of reflection especially regarding private issues that you have kept under wraps or any psychological problems that you may be having. These in turn are throwing up a few epiphanies and allowing you greater insight and one in particular may help to break a stalemate situation and help find a way forward.

Something from the past may be back on the agenda to deal with, especially some form of restriction, and this could range from a past actions that you have to deal with now, or an ex or any kind of situation that existed previously (but that is impeding your ability to progress).  It may be an affair that you indulged in and Uranus now retrograde is bringing this issue back to be dealt with …again.

There is a very nice trine between Venus and Neptune on Thursday in your house of joint money and home and family.  This suggest there is a money issue with a family member or a property ownership issue or some other joint financial arrangement that needs to be discussed and this is your Achilles heel as you do have trouble with sharing or allow a little too much ego into the equation.  At any rate this energy speaks of positive outcomes and progress via communication in some form and greater clarity, especially in respect to business and financial information.  There quite a bit of progress in this area although the opposition on the 28th could have some financial ramifications.

Saturn transits Sagittarius next year so this is the time to wipe the slate clean of any “hangovers” to do with joint assets and this is a transit of endings so whatever is still “hanging around” will end before the year is out and be absolute.

Whilst you are normally very erudite and assertive and the “leader” (because of your smarts) you are feeling rather tense about an issue, and perhaps even rather vindictive or you find it hard to make a hard call and have been putting it off or avoiding dealing with it.

Certainly your emotions are being shaken and stirred and you are feeling rather intense (although this may just as easily be in a sexual or emotional dealing as opposed to a monetary one).

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A lot of changes are taking place in your life - but they may not be fast and furious changes  - more like a slow transformation in order for you to take back more personal power.   This is period when you are focused on self-mastery (and how adeptly or otherwise you are handling your life) but you DO need some profound change in some area.

So it’s fair to say you are feeling a tad introspective and you may be at the stage of sorting out the “nuts and bolts” of shared assets (who owns what etc).  

The new moon on the 26th will bring empowerment and you’ll have more authority over your own life and indeed become more of an “author” of our own destiny.

By the same token if you are single, there can be some rather delicious (and profoundly intimate) moments and so the emotional intensity that is in the skies can be positive or negative depending on your situation.  Jupiter is now blessing money, money from any source, but of the shared kind but it’s also doing wonders for your sex life and helping you get closer to someone, with more understanding.  This energy is going to make you very magnetic and sexually appealing so life can be a smorgasbord of offers, future, current or ex’s will be beating a path to your door..

Either way there is a new dawn breaking in your romantic destiny, escalating in or escalating out but you are moving ahead in a positive way so see it as an emotional breakthrough. As a business relationship is also another kind of “relationship” this may be in your working life, but there are still some loose ends or something that has been left incomplete – or needs further work.

One way or another you will know it needs more effort and more commitment or a graceful exit.

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This is a romantic week when you want to be “a deux” rather than hanging with a crowd and your focus is very much on a significant other.

Mercury squares your ruler on Thursday so there will be discussions of a commercial nature (contracts, agreements, duties) and but also the possibility of misunderstandings in communication.

There was also a Mercury opposition to Pluto last Tuesday and something you said or did may be the cause of a situation unraveling.  This may bring an adversary or a hidden issue to the surface and as Mercury is in your house of relationships, it will be in the areas of friendships and romance - and even key business alliances - that will be tested.  You may be betrayed or let down or discover something that has been previously hidden.

Mars enters your house of career; life direction and public reputation house on Friday and this movement can bring about a career change.  You might have previously applied for a job and now get the nod or you are headhunted, and if you will be aggressively pursuing recognition, advancement and rewards in this area.  Saturn is also this area and recently changed direction (direct) so this should usher in success and career honors, especially if you have been focused on achieving your goals and working hard (as Saturn rewards hard work).

With the new moon on the weekend one way or another you are heading into a new era of commitment (working or emotional) and leaving the uncertainty of the past behind…or changing course.  Either way you are now heading in the right direction.

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You are very industrious this week and will have more energy (and more inclination) to throw yourself into work and/or daily chores.  Perhaps you go on a diet or join a gym, but you are putting your life in order in a macro sense.   In order to bring your whole life together, you will be dissecting every element - the lover, the job, where you live, who you hangout with etc and the next few weeks gives you a stellar opportunity to offload what is not working or no longer valid.

Efficiency in all areas of your world is what you should be aspiring to and so there will be key romantic and financial decisions in the coming weeks. If you’ve been chasing your tail or barking up the wrong tree now it the time to reset the compass and aim for some solid goals.  

Mars will give you a new lease of life towards your business and career goals and you will be more assertive in this area (which might cause some “kickback”) but you have a lot of Cosmic support to bring about whatever changes you feel are necessary.

A lot is geared towards getting the right kind of financial foundation, but you have been encountering a lot of ongoing issues at work and quite a bit of uncertainty as to future plans, and a number of things have been “on hold” or pending, so it’s been a stressful time.

The new moon in your work sector can bring pleasing news and those projects and plans can now be successfully initiated and any delays or impediments will fall away (especially if you have any overseas dealings, or are working for a global company or with foreigner). 

Students will get the green light and any legal glitches or government or agency approvals that have not been forthcoming until now (especially from foreign entities), will now arrive.

The only downside is the opposition between Venus and Pluto in your social, friends and groups house, so your fun and enjoyment could be impeded by an awkward moment with a friend or within a social setting, or a boss or authority figure takes you down a peg or two….

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