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Dear Readers, for the first time in the history of Leading Light Astrology (5 years) I didn't update the weekly scopes and I do sincerely apologise.   Thank you to all those readers for the messages of concern, they were very much appreciated (and hopefully this is the last "blip" on my horoscope radar!).

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You’ve got a Cosmic perfect storm going on, and whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, your need to exercise control over every situation is almost obsessive.   

This does relate especially to money (and sex) and how it’s spent and how it’s earned; although there may be some frustrations in terms of income and financial aspirations before the weekend. 

In the boudoir and in social/work settings, you are well and truly “in command”, but as you are not exactly shying away from any debates, you will encounter some resistance especially around the weekend/Monday when the response/reaction won’t be exactly what you might wish for. 

The Mercury/Chiron opposition on the 24th suggests something is revealed; a secret, hidden information (or what someone really thinks about you) and the upcoming Mars conjunct with Saturn next week can cause a bit if a ruckus.   You may be wondering what is happening in some of your connections as some long-term associations are strained or under “review” and this may be social or within your business world.

Still overall it looks like you are having a rather enjoyable passage as your focus is very much on yourself and your needs and those needs are predominantly romantic and social ones.  

It’s about “satiating” yourself. 

That won’t be difficult to achieve because you are one alluring Ram these days with Venus has entered your house of romance and potentially this also makes you very fecund (so pregnancy is a possibility). 

Your existing children or “potential” children figure strongly in the picture (but in a very joyous way) and an offspring might be your “brand” in some way.  If you have a business they may be instrumental in its development/marketing, or you charge for their services (if they are employees).

Mars is bringing more money via a mate or another person (bank loan, asset sale, tax rebate, settlement et al) and this could include a child.

Overall there should be plenty of reasons to rejoice (especially in an heart sense as you should have a lot of undivided attention..).

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The torture of Sisyphus was via pushing the boulder up the top of the mountain only to have it roll down again and then repeat and repeat and…. This may sound slightly akin to your life where you keep going over the same old ground or trying to make a breakthrough, but continually hitting brick walls.

This may be a legal hassle, at University as you plug through a course, or the book, the website, or in the foreign country and it may seem all too hard.   It’s likely that you are dealing with endless dramas – especially of a financial nature – and you may spend much of the week arguing with suppliers, contractors, financial institutions and other assorted folk.

A large number of my Bovine siblings have been under a lot of stress and pressure in recent times (me too!) and it may feel like you are fighting a losing battle in some area and persevering when you can’t even remember what the goal was. 

You don’t have to resign yourself to any situation, especially a personal one, and for those in long-term relationships in particular, a partner is rather distracted and troubled and that mood is flowing onto you.

There are some significant changes ahead for you and this is the Cosmos’s way of getting you “prepared” and those changes are likely to be related to your family dynamics – your own or the family you married into – or your domestic/household situation.   I’m not saying they are bad changes (but they might be), but you don’t like change and there will be have to be adjustments made - both mental and emotional - and any existing problems dealt with once and for all.

You simply cannot avoid it and it may be as simple as clearing the air or suddenly understanding a situation for the first time, or worse, how someone really feels about you, (and the Mars Saturn conjunct on Monday may bring all this to a head). 

The politician’s adage, “don’t ask a question unless you know the answer” applies, but you should be proactive and ask the questions, and at least that way you can nip any potential problems in the bud or resolve long-standing issues.

They say, “tomorrow is another day” and from next week the mood will loosen up and feel a whole lot different and life will feel more like a game (and like all other games, it becomes a lot more fun when it’s just a game….).

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You’ll continue to have a blast, no matter where you are, well at least until the weekend.  Family ties and a certain someone (if you’re romantically committed) will feel pretty good – i.e. loads of fun – but do try and show some moderation as that’s a tall ask right now, given all your revelries.

From the weekend, family matters and family gatherings are highlighted, but if you are single, you’ll certainly know you are loved (or very much liked…).

A sibling, offspring or “interested” person is asking you some D&M questions, but communication in all it’s forms, or an approach made to you, is significant.

Starting next week you have an opportunity to restore order to some aspect of your life and you have all the building blocks to make your creation.  You are no longer tempted to merge fact with fiction, but will be open and straightforward and that will be your advantage. 

You are a very enlightened Gemini these days and have greater emotional insight than you’ve ever had (thanks to Pluto and Jupiter’s influences).  Whilst Pluto has brought emotional and (shared) financial stresses and Uranus has played havoc with your social life, this is now yesterday’s news and you can look forward to enjoyable social times and being back “in the mix”.

But this is not likely to be entirely the same mix as you had in the past - it’s a slightly different one - and that’s because your own situation has changed.  But your core support is still there, and they will be the backbone that helps you to keep going.

There is however another option available and one that could open up a Pandora’s box of new social horizons…but only if you are brave enough to try.  Are you?

In the meantime there is still some situation that niggles at you or causes uncertainty and it may be something you’re engaged in or someone close to you is, that you affects you also. 

But you are a clever cookie and highly persuasive, progressive and switched on and your communications and interactions are very blessed thanks to Jupiter.

It’s very true that your future will be the result or consequence of any actions, process, or event that is in your life right now and the Mars Saturn aspect on Monday is bringing issues of duty, responsibility and personal growth (along with possible work and health issues). 

So if you want a plentiful harvest of new opportunities, better family dynamics and an improved situation (as opposed to a withered crop) give some thought now as to how you are going to proceed, and the kinds of seeds you are sowing. 

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It’s the “pointy” end of proceedings for Cancerians (think of Julian Assange considering a change of abode) but there is going to be a big movement or change in a key association.   That might be good or not so good, and a lot of Cancerians are having all kinds of dramas with their public image, (i.e. at work, with friends and loved ones and with enemies)  - or being controlled or repressed in some form.   

This week the past will figure strongly (or issues from the past) and yet this is the ideal time to deal with this stuff (and maybe even consider adopting a different point of view to the one you’ve been entrenched in for so long). 

On a positive note this transformation could be within a romantic relationship, but there will be some surprises in store and the Mars Saturn conjunct could bring a problem in a love affair or with your offspring.

But in a general sense if you’ve fought the good fight and accepted nothing less than equality and liberation, then you may well be the one calling the shots.  

You often find it difficult to express your feelings and needs, but after the weekend, your ability to “tell it like it is” will serve you well (especially to siblings, family members, friends et al).

At any rate, there is major change ahead for you and if you are single, there is every possibility that love could find you, as Mars “fires” up your zone of romance - or at least your desire for more pleasure (and this is very much deserved and overdue).

The last few weeks (or rather months and years for many) have been testing and taxing to say the least, and you’ve almost come to terms with the specter that life wasn’t meant to be easy and you have endured one of the most testing and financially difficult or uncertain periods cycles of your life.

But you can take your foot of the pedal and travel at a more leisurely and relaxed rate and take in the view (or just lie back and enjoy). 

Venus is blessing your finances and boosting your self esteem and if you have any financial situations to address, a raise to ask for or anything where you want something, do it before the end of the first week in September because the Cosmos is offering you solutions and new directions and more importantly ways to resolve long standing issues.

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There is a competitive air around you at the moment and that may be within your career or your private life but there is no need to feel vulnerable or insecure, because you’re pretty solid and in a good space. 

No matter how a situation may appear, even if it looks uncertain, don’t panic as there is major break ahead for you in the not too distance future (so in the meantime take a proverbial “chill pill” as all will be well).  

There will be blasts from the past or maybe an idea or an opportunity that was on the back burner is now “back on” or re-offered.  An incident or situation that unfolds could make you want to roar in frustration or anger, but as I said thing in terms of ways out of situations and limitations, rather than tying yourself in (or in knots).  

A number of Leo’s are already living overseas, working with foreign companies (or for foreigners) or employed in travel, teaching or have websites or “global” enterprises.  This has been very apparent since 2010 when Uranus the planets of possibilities and surprises moved into this area of your chart.  

Some wonderful planetary aspects, that include Jupiter the gift bearing planet in your sign, are going to ensure your global success.  The further away you are from “home” the more successful you will be, so if you’re still stuck on the home plate, start getting that passport in order.

There are so many planets in your sign that suggest that life is looking up, and this is a time when wishes can be granted, especially of the romantic nature (with Venus the goddess of love now in your sign).  Venus generally means amour and flirtations and enjoyable encounters and thus you are the “flavor of the moment” and very popular, and even when your ruler leaves your sign on the weekend, you’ve still got other planetary Aces up your sleeve.

Just remember, whilst winning and flying high is not everything, it’s your attitude will determine your altitude, so get into a winning frame of mind.

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Jupiter in your 12th is making you review life, your relationships, decisions and actions and follow your intuition (more than purely logic-driven or the matter-of-fact approach like you usually tend to do).

There may be one particular situation that you are focusing on more than others and that may be because someone has reneged on a situation or it has gotten way out of hand in some way. 

It could be that you are being made to feel that you have acted inappropriately or unfairly in the past and this is somewhat awkward.  But there is some frisson or changes going on at work or within a group dynamic and this may be with a sibling, parent, or spouse or other family member; however this is a “damn if you do or damned if you don’t scenario”.

There is a focus on home, family or romance and much is “happening” in these areas and you may try a new tact or another advance in a stalemate situation or family dispute.

You are usually the “go to” person (because you are the zodiac’s ameliorator) but your “take” on one particular situation is not the right one and could be a super critical.  

There could be a financial hazard or even reputational jeopardy, so try and avoid it at all costs (and in fact I’d go one step further and say “disengage”).   If that costs money, then so be it, because being limited or controlled by a financial situation is no fun and is clipping your wings.

Imagine the Great Escape (and new horizons both mental and emotional) so take the necessary steps to get yourself “untangled” even if that may mean having to be pious, super compassionate and perhaps even sacrificial (although that’s not to say that you have to allow someone else to call all the shots).

You do have to deal with something submerged in your psyche or something that you are keeping private as Jupiter and Venus are in your “private and secret” sector, so it may be a clandestine romance or you are concentrating more on your lover behind closed doors (as opposed to being out and about), or you are keeping your real thoughts and emotions hidden.

It’s possible that you are caught up in an emotional triangle between friends or family/loved ones, or you or someone else is on the “outer”.

Right now forgiveness is peace and so it’s best to remain flexible in your approach and make an effort to overlook your differences.

Loyalty is the sister of justice and blood is always thicker than water.

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As I mentioned in the last forecast, you are on a role socially and quite the magnet in terms of attracting people to you, whether they be new social or business contacts or intimate and romantic ones. The sparkle has come back into your life and there will be lively gatherings (although one encounter or dialogue will be almost gob smacking in it’s content).

Put it this way, a number of introductions will lead to somewhere or something significant and there may be the seeds of a new romance being planted. 

You won’t be alone although you may have an additional guest that hadn’t factored on, but someone you already know, such as a parent, sibling or offspring.   Or there may be someone who misconstrues your signals and then becomes an “unwanted” guest (and it’s possible that this person is not as unattached as they might like to suggest).

But it doesn’t really matter what the “mix” is, because your emotional, social and sexual life is undergoing a revolution (thanks to Uranus) and there is nothing wrong with unusual - or “resourceful” - set ups.

Many Libran’s have found it very difficult to find love in recent times (or to feel really loved) and so if you have now found “the one”, or you found them a long time ago and haven’t done anything about it, this is when you might cement the deal.

By the same token if you have been keeping on, keeping on and persevering with a relationship that is akin to going through the motions, this is when you honor what you really deserve.

It’s also possible that you are feeling exploited by someone or badly handled, but if this is the case, it really is a passing thing.  You might feel as if you’re on a Cosmic Merry-go-round or a romantic Ground Hog Day and the same scenarios keep repeating themselves. Someone may have dragged you down momentarily or an association ends and you may be licking your wounds, but you have a wonderful support base, lots of friends and surrounded by people with big hearts. 

From the weekend you’ll have a 180-degree change of perspective and that might be a mindset change or someone from the past literally reappears to try and get it right this time.

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You are releasing the shackles from the past and cutting ties with someone, a lover, employer, friend, or whichever individual that you feel has held you back in some way and impeded your progress. 

The same applies to life situations, but you are taking the helm of your own ship and steering it exactly in the direction you want it to go. 

A lot of very positive things await you, and life is there to be enjoyed, so these all are positive and progressive moves that are making way for your future glory. 

As I mentioned in the last forecast you heading into a very fortuitous period of your life and it should be getting better and better every day and especially after the weekend harmony can be restored.

I’m sure you have seen the signs or sensed the change in Cosmic climate (and how that is translating in your life) but you have such a line up of support; happiness is a given.  However you have to play your part also and there is some “issue” with someone and either you have to set clear boundaries or maybe its reconciliation, but striking the right balance is the key. 

You shouldn’t try to be the lone wolf or get too arrogant and self important, because relying on others or working/cooperating with someone is the key to getting what you want and this is more important now as your position or status is at stake.

But really, your recent concerns are on the way out and both Venus and Jupiter in your career sector (and the Sun until the weekend) are powerful Cosmic tools to help you achieve your aims.

There is a change happening also in a romantic connection, but at least you’ll have a clearer idea of where you stand, and from the weekend onwards you can begin to realize what you’ve been picturing all along.

Whatever you’ve been working towards - or wishing for - should materialize before too long, so don’t be derailed if you have experienced a set back, which is entirely possible with the Mars conjuncting Saturn on Monday.

It’s simply a blip on a vast ocean of possibilities.

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The whole world is literally beckoning you, so what are you waiting for?  What is causing you to hesitate? 

You should know that now that Jupiter (and currently Venus) are in your “foreign” sector, you will feel at home in any country and amongst anyone.  So if you’ve never left your suburb, here is your great chance to explore and if you do enjoy travelling then your frequent flyer points are going to go through the roof. 

If you are still keeping close to home and hearth then you can explore via your mind, education, the Internet, reading and sharing ideas and connecting in other ways.

But the Cosmos is pushing you out the door either literally or figuratively.

There seems to be two kinds of Sags at the moment, ones that are feeling free spirited and unbridled by any hassles, and then the other Centaurs who feel as if someone is tugging on a Cosmic bit. 

Some issues are tied up with the past, or you may not be directly involved, but on the periphery observing a loved one or a relative go through some emotional or financial struggle and uncertainty.   Either you or someone close - or your group - is being subjected to some stress or difficulty by the requirements or directives of another, and probably someone in power, such as a lending authority or government agency or even employer.

It’s possible that you are feeling second rate or lacking in status in some area (perhaps socially), or feel like the weaker party in a conflict/contest.   You may be plagued with insecurity and feel as if you have little chance of winning (and the Mars Saturn conjunct on Monday could whip these concerns into a frenzy).

For both types of Sags, someone or something at a distance is at issue and this may be a person you are dealing with, travel plans, educational pursuits or legal issues (although the educational or legal aspects could be on terra firma right where you are). 

Or it could be finding a new direction in life (because you do have a different perspective these days). 

But in all aspects, there is improvement and really pleasing developments and positive outcomes on the horizon, IF you show the right amount of composure and strength in expressing your emotions and desires (especially in difficult situations).

It’s time to bite the bullet and take charge and deal decisively with the “money” or self esteem issue (or whatever will shore up or restore your comfort and sense of security).

Take a page from Orwell’s book “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future”.

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You’ve dusted yourself off and are feeling good again and that may be because you’ve freed yourself from some situation, resolved a problem or changed your mindset, but optimism and faith has returned. 

Your ambitions were on the back burner for a while as you concentrated on personal matters, but you’re back on track and heading in the right direction.

Depending on when you were born in Capricorn there are still some changes to be made (especially of a personal nature), but even this group are now aware of what those changes are; and you’re feeling good because you’ve finally resolved to make those changes. 

There could still be an intimate connection, a pesky in-law or parent to deal with - or even a sibling - but there is some background family issue that has yet to be resolved fully.

But all the indicators are there (for improvements en-route), and in your house of joint resources and sex.  With a bit of luck you could meet some dashing stranger or get an offer you can’t refuse.

You are an innately centered sign, but you’ll be feeling very good about yourself and not really caring too much about the “rules” like you have in the past. 

Cappy’s aren’t known as envelope pushers, but that’s exactly what you’ll be doing and the Cosmos is rewarding this change of tack (even if it’s rather an unusual or “odd” arrangement).  

You could also be gaining through a partner’s wealth and/or strengthening the relationship and if you’re single, a whole lot more passion is coming your way. 

You’ll feel adored and on a pedestal (or at least have a lot of support) along with a sound financial safety net, as there IS more money en route.

The Mars Saturn conjunct on Monday may bring some “issues” with friends, groups or authority figures - or make success in a venture a little more testing - but overall you’ve got good fortune in your business and financial affairs (that is if you don’t succumb to the Great Escape…).

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It’s like you are drumming your fingers waiting for something to happen or change and it’s likely to be in your job or even where you live (and indeed a number of Aquarians will be relocating/changing jobs around March 2015). 

To this end you could be focusing on financial documents, real estate sales, job contracts, loan documents, or redundancy papers and maybe because you’re feeling a tad stressed, you may have a “difference of opinion” with someone.

You are not suffering fools gladly these days (understatement) and so you may be quite rude and abrupt in a social or work setting and cause a bit of a frisson, or there is an issue with a partner’s friend or a friend’s partner or an ex or any number of “mixes”.

If you’ve upset someone that you care about, use the weekend to kiss and make up or band aid the friendship and this is especially so in a career or working sense as you could be behind the 8 Ball here.  Try and have forbearance with those who are not as smart as you (i.e. just about everyone..) because to not do so is neither productive or beneficial and could get off track or lose focus.

But you are an ambitious sign and will continue to do the hard yards (and it has to be said your superior intellect does put you ahead in the career stakes).

At any rate you’ve got some super stars for key relationships, pleasing developments - or even a stunning breakthrough - and that could occur with an employer, or a lover/spouse/family member or a friend.

With Jupiter and Venus blessing your relationship sector, you are making binding promises and contracts in ALL your key relationships and at the very least feeling rather “loved up” and content.

The “red flag” is on Monday when Mars and Saturn conjunct and this will affect social or career status, and could impact on your professional goals or bring an issue with an employer.

That said, with your current “relationship” stars chances are that any developments will be to your ultimate advantage (and after the weekend, the bulk of your financial benefits will emanate from the actions of others).

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Your work and daily life is where it’s all happening and where your focus is and if you are working then the demands of your job or business are heavy (and if you are retired or unemployed then it will be a life situation that is rather difficult). 

Other people are not exactly being helpful or receptive and the feedback is not always what you were expecting (and may even be a tad shocking) and in your social life someone may be playing games or being illusive and mischievous.

There have been an abrupt reversal of office policy or of your previous social standing, and you’ve undergone the metaphorical equivalent from Rooster to Feather Duster.

Someone close, a lover, spouse, friend, group is being “contrary” and wanting to change the rules or make adjustments, but whatever it is, it can impact on your emotional comfort and closeness.

This is just a temporary situation and any current misunderstandings and stress will begin to dissipate by next week and you’ll feel a lot more secure.  In fact what is occurring now is a restructure and ultimately it will be to your benefit and will restore harmony, but the existing set up and emotional guidelines are undergoing change.

You're being given a test that teaches you a lesson, but the lesson to be learned is really your lesson and you’ll get the epiphany this week.  

This could manifest in lots of different ways: there may be a legal hurdle, or a problem with a planned trip or someone at a distance or a “foreign” connection (multinational ventures such as import/export businesses) or with your understanding of life.   Equally there may be an educational issue or with grandchildren or in-laws.

Lastly you could have a mentally exciting and inspiring experience and do something entirely for self-gratification (that no-one approves of..).

Neptune and Chiron are seminal (formative and groundbreaking) and will strongly influence later developments, so therefore rely on your own set of rules and methods and no-one else’s.

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