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It’s a significant week as Mercury shadow ends, and Jupiter changes signs into Leo as does Mars at the end of the week. 

For you that means that you’ve finally got the Mars monkey off your back that has been impeding all your relationship connections since December (and creating unnecessary friction and animosity).  

But that’s not until Tuesday and I’m afraid until then a fractious week is slated with a square between Mars and the Sun in your home and family sector.  It’s a good thing though, that as you’ve now got Venus helping out in the same area to ensure that those problems that are occurring within your home life and family are “contained”.

Mars is going into your house of sex and intimacy at the end of the week and Jupiter is going to roll out the red carpet for “party” time (fun, pleasure, sex and romance) so the next few weeks could be “super hot”. 

Almost overnight you’ll be inspired and imbued with self confidence and if you are of the right age and mindset, a lot of Arians are going to become parents over the next twelve months.  Or it may be another form of “creativity” such as launching a business or a cottage industry (creative hobby) from home.

On the other hand (depending on your personal circumstances) you could spend the next few weeks arguing over jointly held assets or money either with a partner (intimate or business) or a parent. 

So you could be feeling angry and frustrated - or passionate and intimate (and you will certainly be shortly rediscovering all that life as to offer and all the abundant fruits on the Tree of Life.

It’s will be all about your needs and wants and before too long people will be lining up to deliver…and doesn’t that sound good?

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You too like your other zodiac siblings will be heading down a new pathway this week and having less interest in your worldly ambitions and goals, but instead will want to hang around the house and nest.   

But from the end of the week you’ll have to deal with some testing matters, just like Aries did before you, but thankfully you’ll only have to put up with these until mid September. 

You will be dealing with challenging relationship issues and there will be conflict (although you won’t see it for most of this week), but from Tuesday onwards it kicks in.  The optimum use of this energy is to be accommodating and helpful and work on ironing relationship issues, and so it can be a great time for resolutions or reconciliations.

Early in the week there may be some contact that confuses you or someone tries to recreate history in documentation now that Mercury is out of shadow phase. 

Read the fine print and don’t let anyone try a “fasty” or attempt to pull the wool over your eyes.

Saturn in your relationship sector turns direct on the weekend and this will also help to finalize long standing (and long festering) and relationships tensions that might even date back to late 2012. With the movement of Jupiter and Saturn this will change your course in at least one relationship dynamic or alter the trend of one situation in particular.

Jupiter will be changing your values and making your more contented and happier within your home and family life and this too signals that any long-standing family dramas can be resolved.

Someone in your family may assist you financially and family, your domestic and home scene (and psychological well) being all figures strongly in your future. 

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You’re going to LOVE the change of Jupiter into Leo as this is in your house of communications, and so you’ll find much joy in communicating, learning, and socializing. YEAH.  You will be a human coaxial cable for the next twelve months, and see a significant increase in emails, phone calls, trips, meetings.  In fact the next twelve months will be one of constant movement and indeed progress, new opportunities and benefits will be derived via movement such as trips and via communication and personal contact.

In the next week you will be changing certain habits and personality traits and listening more to your inner voice.  You’re all more empathetic and aware (wow) but at the same time more confident and enthused to right some wrongs in your world.  If something hasn’t gone exactly to plan, or you’ve had some setbacks, that is now going to change as you seize control of your life.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some powerful challenges that you still have to deal with (and that will require your concentration and focus), but you’re so well equipped to deal with this now.

With Mercury in your house of the subconscious, it will be your intuition and self direction that will work as you really DO know what is for the best.  Listen to yourself (and no-one else) as your sense of what is right and what will work, will.

You’ll not only be able to understand what to do about a rather complex situation, you’ll be very well equipped to express yourself and whatever you say or whatever approaches you make (even if they have failed in the past) will be very well received.

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The change of Jupiter from your sign this week will bring new wants (especially of the financial kind) but also new faith and hope and that’s been sorely lacking for a while.  The good news is that it should be both a profitable and productive year and there may be an opportunity to improve your future financial situation - or finally resolve some long-standing business or money related problems from the past.

Put it this way, the Cosmos will be ensuring that you are fairly dealt with financially and so if you’ve been good, the money train is on its way.

This is a good time to ask for a raise, apply for a loan, or take part in various dealings with financial institutions especially with Mercury now in your sign (and out of shadow phase). 

There’s a very nice trine with Mercury on the 19th so you may be making travel plans or having positive dealings with anything “foreign” (companies, people and places at a distance) or in legal, educational or media dealings.

Venus will be in Cancer so although you’ve lost Jupiter (and some will say GREAT) Venus will ensure that some very pleasant events are promised.

A lot of Cancer’s have been mired in controversy or financial problems (thanks to Uranus and the squares with Pluto in the main) but success on some level will be yours.

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Ring the bells because Jupiter enters your sign Leo at the start of the forecast, heralding a brand new era in your life (and kick starting the next twelve year chapter).  Unfortunately that won’t happen overnight as Mercury changes signs into your 12th house and that may bring some opposition, hidden agendas, and unfavorable dealings (especially in your commercial world with Mars still here until the end of the week).

Venus is also in your private sector so that can mean a secret love affair or you are busy dealing with private matters and things occurring behind closed doors. This is also the house of endings, either a situation, or a relationship, and secrets will come out.

At the end of the week Mars moves into your domestic and family/home sector so you will be placing a lot of emphasis on this area of your life and devoting your time and energy to your domestic affairs.

It may be with a lover, spouse, flat mate, children or parents, but some home/domestic related issue will come to a head and there will be some stress.

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Jupiter moves into a clearing the slate period of your life when you attend to key aspects of your existence in preparedness for next year when Jupiter will be in your sign after a 12 hiatus.  It’s actually also quite a cleansing time emotionally - and spiritually - and if you’ve been doing anything covert (such as business dealings or private emotional ones) then there is an extra touch of magic. 

In other words, these things will turn out well.

This is also meant to be the Guardian Angel position and so you should have the Cosmos assistance - where and when you need it. That’s rather helpful this week as there are some signs of tension or an all-out conflict and someone or a situation will aggravate you.

At least your social life is a pleasant diversion as Venus blesses your realm of friendships and group activities and Venus will cheer up any get-togethers and guarantee they are fun events.

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You are a social sign and thus you’re going to enjoy the change of Jupiter this week into your social house.  This will bring more new faces into your realm and benefit any networking and social activities (and hanging with friends in general as they will be your biggest supporters and can open doors for you).

This is also the house of hopes and dreams, so if you have any aspirations this is the time you can realize some of your biggest goals and if you don’t have any, its an ideal time to dream up some for your long term future as the Cosmos is standing by to deliver.

If you are a humanitarian, politician, committee or sporting person you’re going to have a ball (and your greatest luck will actually be found outside your usual group).

There was movie called Waiting to Exhale and you are doing just that, because at the end of the week, Mars finally exits your sign after an inordinately long stay and it will be quite a weight of your shoulders.  Whilst Mars has certainly given you more drive towards accomplishing your goals and more aggression to state your case, he has caused some unwanted difficulties along the way. From next Tuesday you’ll be relieved to see all your long term associations revert to a more comfortable equilibrium and the ongoing misunderstandings will be a thing of the past.

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Make every post a winner over the next year as the movement of Jupiter into Leo is really going to give your career aspirations a big boost.  You can find the job of your dreams, get promoted, marry, relocate, and essentially go up a rung or two in life as Jupiter just loves this house and performs very well here.

You’ve been doing the hard yards with Saturn in your sign and so you probably deserve every reward that comes your way and don’t worry, the people who count will be taking notice of you.

It’s very likely you will be doing a lot more travelling also, but you will enjoy professional progress (and the rewards that come with that), right up until Jupiter goes retrograde in December when this positive energy dissipates a bit. 

Mars moves into your sign at the end of the week and that will be more wind beneath your wings (although you do seem to be turning your focus towards your love and social life…)

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You need a break because Saturn has been making you feel a bit flakey and unsure, and thus the arrival of Jupiter in your house of “perspective” brings a fabulous new outlook on…..well, everything.

Like Virgo who has entered a “wiping the slate clean” phase with Jupiter, you too are in preparatory mode before Saturn moves into your sign in December - and especially now - with Mars in this same part of your chart from next Tuesday.

This is a time you will be dealing with past issues (or private and hidden matters) and this might be the ideal time to fix these once and for all, especially if it’s become divisive or “hot”.

Therefore if you are at odds with anyone in your life, this is the time to begin taking steps to resolve your issues and there does seem to be a divergence of views in some area of your life.   This could be about family issues or they could be within your financial work, especially with Uranus shaking things up in this area of your life.

Try and separate your finances and emotional issues, as there is conflict in your house of “joint” (and instead focus on new approaches and positive goals).

Something “unfinished” in your life will finally be completed very soon.

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You are entering a happy and contented phase of your life as Jupiter moves into Leo and any form of joint finances and assets or indeed anything “shared” is going to be particularly favored.

It’s highly likely more money - or some form of tangible asset - or financial gain is en route, not to mention a lot more sex (another form of shared resource!).

You’ll be particularly busy and successful within any form of group activity - especially if it’s a commercial group venture - although your success is going to bring out the green-eyed monsters.

But peace is descending upon you and it may be that you finally sort out an emotional or relationship issue and establish appropriate boundaries and parameters (or remove them altogether). 

Venus is blessing your house of relating and so all one-to-one associations are going to go very smoothly as week. You are more accommodating and flexible and happy to make peace.

It’s also quite possible that when Saturn changes directions on your love/romance/friends axis that an ex lover, friend (or else old love/friendship “issue” with an existing friend or partner) returns.

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It will be hard for you to put a foot wrong in the next twelve months as you will be bathed in a very positive light and benefits will come via all your associations - be they emotional ones or via your business world. 

This is the “relating” zone of your chart that Jupiter is blessing and that’s particularly good for you as, although you are super friendly, you often get misunderstood or can come across as a bit eccentric or even flakey.  [In reality it’s that your intellect leaves everyone in the dust]

Many Aquarians will take a relationship to the next level shortly and that may mean getting a great new job, (one that has very long term prospects and with loads of backing and support) or you cement a personal relationship (marriage et al) or you meet someone spectacular if you are single.

In other words whatever relationships you are in - or want to get into - or out of, will be smooth sailing; comfortable and with optimum outcomes.

In fact with Mars currently in your life direction, reputation and career house (until mid September), this is the prime time to make any changes that will improve your career or lifestyle or whatever goals you have in any area of your life.

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You are entering an industrious and “orderly” time after the excesses and party central mode that you’ve been in for a while (although your “romance and good times” will continue until at least mid August).  

But the upcoming year is more a “nuts and bolts” period when you are getting your life - and health - into better shape.  This is the area of work, health and daily routines, so if you want to get a new job, or go on a diet or improve your function-ability, the Cosmos is with you.

In other words, if you’ve tried dieting a zillion times before, this is the year you are likely to be more successful or if you’ve been frustrated on the job front, now you’ll find a job you really enjoy.

Until mid September you’ve got Mars in your lucky “mindset” and perspectives house, and Mars will gift you with loads of energy into fixing things and making your life better. 

This is also the house of travel, foreign affairs, spirituality, religion and publishing so if your aspirations involve any of those things, the next few weeks will be very rewarding and you will be advancing your cause.

This is likely to also be in the realm of love, pleasure or something to do with your children (if you have any) as Venus is blessing this part of your life until mid August and this energy is making you rather charming and very appealing. 

Its “bees to the honey pot” time and you’re the honey pot as your powers of attraction are sky high and so if you’re single you aren’t likely to remain that way. 

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