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There may be some tense moments at work (either with your boss or coworkers) now that Mars is in your career and public image sector.  It is within this area that you’ll be more ambitious - and certainly more single minded - and that’s actually quite helpful as Mercury is making you more thin skinned than is usual (and more concerned about what people think of you).

There may be some kind of financial arrangement/agreement or a career or lifestyle change that you are considering to improve your lot, and one that will bring greater financial freedom or allow you more autonomy.

But you do have an opposing party or someone who feels this may bring them problem or shortchanges them in some way.  Or you have a financial obligation to them and this may be a bank, taxation office, or government agency or a business partner or relative.

Now that the confusion of Mercury retrograde has lifted a bit, it would be an ideal time to initiate discussions and find compromises regarding shared possessions as you have some fortunate stars in this area (anything to do with joint assets, loans etc with Venus in Scorpio). 

If you want someone to change his or her Will in your favor (for example), or get a loan/credit card, this is the time to ask.   You could receive benefits from a past financial dealing or an investment.

This is also the house of sex and intimacy, so if the talks are not “financial” (but rather emotional and physical), the same advice applies as you can iron out a lot of problems now as you’re very persuasive and can easily plead your case.

If you’re fearful of rejection don’t be.

The kicker is that there will be moments when you’re not feeling overly confident or in control even if a number of planets are upping your appeal ante.  Catch 22.

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There was a trine between Venus and Neptune earlier in the week, followed by the Sun and Neptune and Venus and Chiron trines on 28th and 3d November respectively.  This is great for Scorpio and as you are this sign’s opposite number, it’s good for you also. Expect good news regarding your ongoing commitment to a cause, any dealings with an organization, or from a friend, or the realization of an ideal that has been very important to you.

There will also be benefits with all your interpersonal dealings, friends, lovers, spouses et al - even enemies – and all forms of partnerships are emphasized and very well aspected.

All of your associations will improve and be highly satisfying and in some cases financially rewarding.  More love, more commitment and more support.

You seem to be making a lot more choices of late, and this could be between employers, lawyers, hairdressers, or a holiday destination or in an approach to a situation. 

You are actually opening up additional avenues for yourself and instead of narrowing down your options there is a smorgasbord of prospects (which is far more appealing and ultimately beneficial). 

You are feeling a lot more inspired and renewed, and back in control and keen to expand your horizons and if there are any aspects of your life that are troubling you, you’ll do something about.

These can include a visit to the cosmetician, gym, lifestyle and social changes and you’ll certainly want to improve your romantic life (and you’ll see a marked improvement in that area of your life).  

Finding a new lover if you’re single is very much on the cards, or you’ll be enjoying a renaissance in an existing union.

You’re no longer thinking about what you’d like to happen, or trying to read between the lines and preempting situations.  Instead you’re taking charge and making it happen. 

It’s about ensuring your tomorrow is better than today and improving your “lot” in life and you’re one determined cookie. 

What Taurus wants, Taurus usually gets…

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You’ve got some fortunate stars to do with public expression, and the infrastructures that support people (i.e. banking and finance and government agencies).  But you also have Mars and Pluto in your area of joint finances, taxes debt and sex.

An emotional or financial matter may need answering, a situation to do with a lover or a child or a parent and perhaps one that you’ve been putting off because it’s too daunting or intimidating and has left you feeling powerless and confused.

Or someone’s actions have made you so angry and aggrieved you can’t even think straight, but there is an emotional and perhaps financial component to your hesitation and inertia.

It’s possible you are worried about an end result or a confrontation or outcome that you feel is almost inevitable. You have now reached a stage when you can’t avoid this Elephant in the room, but by the same token you need to exercise self control (and also realize where that control should end…)

This is likely to relate to joint finances or a shared asset or resource and you may have to choose between two lovers or end a romance or confront a child or deal with a friend or pay a debt or get more money in.

There are so many forms this might take, but you’ll have to make the decision or have the altercation, whether that is a disagreement - or an all out war - or you issue some command or an authority figure does likewise to you.

Or you might have been dithering about starting a new venture and you finally bite the bullet and dive on in, and in spite of doubts and reservations you are in fact taking corrective action and this will translate into a wonderful outcome.

You will enjoy the gratitude and credit from the group, enhanced status and better still, everyone will be willing to work with you in a unified fashion. 

They will back your ideas, principle or reasons.

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You are self confident and self-assured nowadays, but at times that can slide into the area of forcefulness (depending on who and what you are dealing with). 

Life is set to bring you more bounty (thanks to Jupiter) but there are some folk who still seem intent on tripping you up or getting between you and what is rightfully yours.  That may be regarding your children, your ability to enjoy life (money, job, love etc) but having said that, there is every reason to be feeling optimistic.

You should be getting good news and positive affirmations mainly because you are looking for recognition and positive feedback and for love and attention – and chances are you’re getting it.

Certainly any shyness or reserve has gone out the window and you are rather appealing and both are to your great advantage, in fact very much so, and you can expect your love life to take off (in a good way).

This appeal and heightened chemistry doesn’t just apply to your romantic life, but in other kinds of partnerships – including your enemies – and with your business aspirations and career goals.   That’s why this week is really quite “renovating” in that things will change for the better and good things are happening, even if you can’t see it as yet.

It may be happening behind the scenes, but something very meaningful and worthwhile is happening so don’t destabilize or weaken your position of strength.

A third party, parent, or senior could help (if you allow them to), but there is some call to action and a degree of urgency.   

You should keep that in mind when you are pursuing all the other fun things that are tempting you this week as pleasurable options abound, especially of the romantic variety.

You’ll be feeling free and optimistic and socially confident and unshackled by the dramas of the past.

If you are single it’s all about passionate encounters and if you are already in a relationship you are going to enjoy a deeper closeness and understanding.

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You are an energetic sign, but you have even more at your disposal now, and all that extra vitality is being directed towards making certain areas of your life better. 

This may be a career move or taking a relationship to the next level (up or down or out) but improving a situation that needs improving and that’s likely to be in your career and daily life.

It’s about getting your life in balance and healing and you are making the necessary preparation to incorporate these proposed changes and they include enjoying deeper partnerships more sex and money and a greater commitment to your career..

You are not holding yourself back (and if you are you mustn’t) but give full reign to gifts and you could be rewarded this week, by way of a job offer or a raise or even the opportunity to go into your own business.

It’s very much a “ask and you shall receive” time in your life and that applies to money, sex, love…and the world if chock full of “diversions”; but because there are so many options you have to be able to distinguish what’s important and what’s not.

Just don’t be your feline sibling and go out on the prowl all night only to come home at dawn and prompt fall asleep… 

In other words don’t let your outside distractions (career ambitions et al) stop you from paying the necessary attention to your nearest and dearest and make family and loved ones a top priority.

But you are going further and deeper and harder than you ever have done thanks to Jupiter.

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There is something that you need to fix and it’s been a thorn in your side, your heart or your wallet for a while. 

It might be the next step if you are expanding your business, it might be the next job or the next lover - or a family problem – especially with a sibling.

There is an unresolved question or a complex situation in your life, but don’t overlook the fact that you are the zodiacs ameliorator.   You have logic and intelligence and attention to detail on your side (plus you get a buzz out of improving things) so turn that skill towards this situation, think Big Picture and drive it.

It’s also very important to explain to others how you are feeling and why you are doing/acting as you are, so visualize what you’d like to achieve and then steer it in that direction.

It may be a family dynamic or different kind of relationship that has gone off the rails, but you are the person to simply start a conversation or tell someone you love them (or ask them out).

You should go the extra mile, literally and figuratively, and if there has been separation or distance, do something that can help close that gap.

You have a Cosmic opportunity to try something again or undo a mistake and wipe the slate clean.  You can’t go back in time and fix things but you can do something about personal growth, so mend a relationship with someone or fix the misstep on your career path. Financial issues are overlapping with your personal life and are very “mixed up” and need to be dealt with.

If you have made mistakes in a past relationship, rekindle that relationship and see this week as an opportunity to fix this once and for all.

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You feel more balanced and as a sign of the scales, that’s a great thing.  Because you feel on even keel you’re more optimistic, receptive, social and outward looking and generally have a vastly improved outlook. 

Venus your ruler has moved on from Libra, but is still the bringer of gifts and these are financial (or at the very least financial pressures are a thing of the past or a whole lot less).

Going back a few years (when Saturn was in Libra) began a developmental phase for you that has been ongoing.  This has been bringing you more confidence and self-assuredness, mainly because you now know how you are, and what you’re not and what your needs are. Certainly your perspective is changing and so are your needs and that is going to affect all your relationships.

You are not about to accept the unacceptable, au contraire.  It’s now all about making everything right in your world and not surrendering to an anyone’s will - and certainly not to anyone within your domestic or family sphere. 

There may be some angst regarding your parents or your other half, perhaps over finances or conflict in a family relationship.  There could equally be small disagreements over agendas, roles, duties etc. or maybe changing plans, but there will be quite a bit of discussion along these lines. 

But you’re in a pretty good “purple patch” astrologically so there are gains to be made and something that occurs will give your self esteem a boost. 

You might get a raise or a compliment, or be headhunted or pursued romantically and if you are single, romance is very much in the square.

In fact your association are going to develop, romantic relationships will enjoy warmth and expansion and financial involvement will be prosperous.  Back yourself.

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This is a good week for you as just about everything is going your way as you have a number of key planets in Scorpio. Plus you’ve really found your groove now and have hit your strides and rather proactive going after what you want (and getting it).

Saturn has made you self-sufficient and for the next few weeks Mars is going to make you rather assertive and communicative, but even though you have a lot of information to share, it’s all in the delivery.   There is an elevated chance of arguments with children, siblings or neighbors (but at the same time there is more room for play and passion).

Any situation that was delayed during the Mercury retrograde will start to move forward again, including any personal ambitions you may have and a number of Scorpio’s have big ideas in this regard.

You might be thinking of a fresh start, or marriage, or divorce or relocation, or some other huge change or deeper commitment.  This may be a forgive and forget situation or drawing a line in the sand, but either way there are new personal and/or professional horizons ahead.

This is also a new era of professional and career success or if you are a student, you’ll breeze through examines and can anticipate good results as all forms of correspondence are well aspected.

If you are single you might be spoilt for choice and there could be more than one person competing for your interest.   If you are already committed, your other half is going to let you know just how much you mean to them (if it’s not too much to little too late..).

But you’ll have plenty to smile about this week – both professional and personal success is yours for the taking - and you are the zodiac flavor of the week.   Super magnetic and charming.

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Issues to do with your Mother (if she is still alive) your home and community (in terms of your friends and social life) are “front and centre this week” – as is your love life.

If you are already committed the relationship has the potential of becoming a lot closer and morphing into a permanent arrangement.  If you are already married, there are more loving feelings, just so long as you don’t allow what is going on “out there” distract you from the main game – the person you love.

Money matters continue to demand your consideration, time and efforts (if not worry) and there has been cause for concern.

There may either be more money going out than coming in, or else you have to spend more time and effort trying to hold onto it.

Mercury has taken the brakes off (although still in shadow until the 10th) but you’ll start to see some signs of movement and progress within the organizations and groups that you are dealing with.

There is a disagreement or argument, but it’s imperative that you truly understand the underlying reasons (and the true facts of the matter) so that you can deal with the problem yourself.

The best outcome would be a win-win situation, as this will reinforce your position, not weaken it (as you are in a rather unstable situation and one that is not particularly strong).

That said, this is probably not the time for such a move until November, as you still have a couple of planets in your house of self undoing and you may not take your own needs into consideration.  Therefore this time is better spent assessing all that has occurred and working out the ideal strategy going forward.

At least socially you are coming in from the cold and mixing and expanding your social horizons (and perhaps your romantic ones also).

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You’ve now got Mars in your corner and this is a great boost to assist you with your ongoing plans to put yourself on the map and take confident steps in the direction you want to go.

You have until the first week of December to pull of the big one  and make huge inroads in your business aims and create an amazing destiny.  

You’ve never been reluctant to do the hard yards, but you are very driven to succeed right now and along with Pluto in your sign, this is a powerful Cosmic energy.

This increase in your vitality, energy and optimism will permeate all areas of your life and bring an enhanced social scene, more faces and better relationships and if you are single, at least one admirer.   Confidence and vivacity is very sexy and someone you meet this week will become quite important (in either a business or personal sense). 

Venus is in your friends, groups and VIP sector, so a coworker could become a romantic interest or a VIP or “mover and shaker” notices your efforts and backs you or makes a flattering offer. There will be favorable news via some form of communication and you might hear something from a sibling that makes you very happy.

Pluto in Capricorn wants you to clear the slate if there are any impediments in your life (and this includes situations and relationships), so if you have an association that is either holding your back or cramping your style, you need to figure out your next steps.  Don’t worry you now have the strength and courage to deal with the most intimidating and frightening scenarios.

For those in long-term relationships there will be discussions along these lines: how to simplify - or sort out - existing “issues” and finding answers (or at least middle ground) to differences of opinions.

You can accomplish a lot right now, especially if you are involved in any group activities, as you’ll have loads of support (and really enjoy what you’re doing).

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing!

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You’re quite focused on what you own, what you can create and what you stand for, and I guess what steps are you prepared to take in getting what you want. 

You inherently know what you want to achieve, it’s just a question of working out how you get there, and if you are planning on making some kind of significant move, it may be better to hold off until after the first week of November.

It’s highly likely that you have been presented with an appealing option/alternative or a joint venture (or a new adventure).

You’re very receptive right now to exploring alternatives in a business sense, but any proposal should be carefully weighed up before making any moves.

You can expect to receive some rather persuasive offer (I think in a business sense) and you are in a position of Cosmic advantage and even on the cusp of a breakthrough.

Venus's is blessing your house of career and bringing the opportunities and the “goodies” and this a generally advantageous period in your professional and public life.

That said, Mars is going to make you hesitant and unsure until early December (which BTW is the start of “your time”) so it’s a bit of a yin and yang scenario. 

In the interim you may lose your direction and enthusiasm or even undermine your own chances by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. 

Watch out also for the possibility that you could be misled or taken advantage of (and this IS the house of self undoing), and so it may be quite a stressful period for you.

It’s been tough with Saturn in your career sector since late 2012, but now you’re going to see some rewards for your efforts.

Give yourself some breathing space to figure out what you want and the answers will come to you, but a new career direction is very much on the horizon.

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There is a lot of focus on yourself this week (unusual for you) but there are some favorable aspects with your ruler and with Chiron, both of which will help advance your cause.

If you work as part of a team, you can really improve your position (whether it be a working, sporting, public interest or political group) or within your own family.

Of course with Mars in this neck of the woods, there is also the potential for some with ego fights, jealousy and conflict, but you are on top of your game, and so it’s likely the jealousy is directed towards you.

Maybe someone realizes that they have taken you for granted or made a mistake and wishes to make amends, or that business idea you were trying to get off the ground (that was held up by the retrograde) suddenly takes off.

There is a positive turnaround in your finances and you are probably being singled out for a promotion or special treatment and you are “gold” in the eyes of bosses and superiors.

Don’t be surprised if an ex (friend or lover) wants to make amends or “have another try” and so you could have some deep and meaningful discussions along these lines. 

You are not interested in repeating the past, you are serious about this matter and aren’t treating it lightly, and so will give it careful consideration.

But this is not a serious week overall by any means. Au contraire.  It’s about love and fun and having a good time and flying high (literally and metaphorically).

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