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Just before the start of the forecast, Mars your ruler enters the area of your chart that rules home and family or whomever you share your space with.  As it’s ruled by Cancer there is a deep emotional component, how you are feeling and also in many ways the foundation of your life.

So when Mars enters here say goodbye to domestic harmony or ease in buying or selling and arguments with the renovators or the parents.  

The full moon on Wednesday is about your long-term goals and your professional and social reputation and this energy may bring to a head an issue with a professional peer or boss and you might part ways or feel stressed and worried.  But these are the frissons that are part and parcel of life. 

The overall Big Pictures is one of great confidence and hope, thanks to the recent Uranus Jupiter trine and particularly this week when Venus in Leo trines Uranus in Aries around Monday/Tuesday. 

It will bring love fun, (and more fun times with children if you have them) and the realization of wishes to do with you and your brand, image and relationships.  

Unusual and fascinating people will surround you and even some old friends will re-enter the picture; but there is no way that this week will resemble your “normal” or usual routine.

You won’t be on your own - au contraire - this week is an absolute blast and you’ll be appreciated for the very qualities that make you different and unique (and probably the very same qualities that not so long back appeared to be the yoke around your neck).

I mentioned in last week’s forecast that Jupiter brings quality and quantity, so either more love - or the love of your life - and that both were very possible. Arian Mariah Carey may have found just that - or she may be promoting her brand and image – or simply having fun with her kids. 

Either way it’s about positive outcomes for the Rams.

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You can become a social powerhouse, holding court in every situation or you can appear to be a know-it-all and confrontational (and if you have siblings you are likely to have a “set to” with one of them before August). 

If you’re already smart, you’ll appear even more so, as your cognitive processes are firing on all cylinders.  This transit is very helpful for Taureans who tend to deliberate and are a tad slow in mental processing than their zodiac siblings (but not now!).  

Be warned though, you could be uncompromising and passionate - or someone else is – so there may be some tense and heated moments (or at best some trivial differences of opinion).

The recent Uranus Jupiter trine has to be great for where you live, how you live and with whom you live with, how you think and your secret desires.  The most important facts of a situation are still to come, and will assist your lifestyle in surprising ways. You are changing your perception of what a miracle is and now you’ll be seeing them all around you and that may be the case around Monday or Tuesday when synchronicity and serendipity abound.

There is a lot of Cosmic energy that can assist you in introducing positive changes into your life and shoring up your foundation and “filling your well” and making you feel more self possessed and surer of yourself and others.  In fact these hidden forces are not necessarily only from the Cosmos, but others behind the scenes working towards your benefit.

There is a full moon in Capricorn next Wednesday (1st July) that brings to an end a travel, legal or educational chapter in your life.  Get ready to go down the Rabbit hole but not wholly in chaos or confusion but more through philosophical and existential thinking and expanding your horizons (possible via a foreign connection).

Saturn back in your relationships house helps you to go back, repair, restore or revise a crucial connection, and the Venus Uranus trine early next week will bring positive changes to your domestic and family life. 

One way or another your partnerships and even marriage are going to change for the better.

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Oh how the money rolls in or if it’s not in a tangible sense, you are certainly being very proactive in establishing your future, your social status and current appeal.  Why?  Jupiter in your house of communication and social zone (not to mention the recent trine with Uranus in your friends and groups sector) suggests you are on fire.  You are making an amazing first, second and third impressions and should very popular. Friendship holds the key as does communication and your group and communication, networking and socializing in general is exciting and profitable.  Mercury retrograde post shadow finishes on Saturday and then there is literally nothing holding you back.   There is another Uranus trine early next week with Venus so any form of group activity holds the key to your financial success or validation. Be as radical as you like, using hi tech Internet tools or selling your own innovative ideas with your own communication.

For the next month or so there will not only be greater demand on your personal presence and time, but also of your wallet and money will tend to burn a hole in your pocket and leak like a sieve.  There may not be enough to pay the piper and that can be over expenditure for self indulgent things or something you have to pay that you feel is too high or unfair (but if you don’t pay it the consequences are less appealing or even dire). Don’t worry, the Venus Uranus trine almost guarantees that if you use your own voice, network or negotiate, the outcomes will be very much in your favor.

There is a full moon on Wednesday in your shared resources and joint financial sector so there will be money owed or tied up somehow that needs to be released.  Maybe it’s an emotional matter that needs to be let go of as this is also the house of regeneration and the transformation of energy. If you’ve been working towards getting a contract (in which you are paid commission or bonuses or royalties) you should see the successful conclusion and get the green light.   Some will receive an inheritance or make or receive a tax payment or a tax matter comes to an end.

In the main it’s about joint material worth in some form or another and matters that relate to that, but if you believe in yourself and the power of your words, your dreams will come true.

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There is some kind of new beginning or fresh start in the lives of Cancers. This is your moment of the year, your rebirth your “fresh start” and a great many of your sign are on the move, or in new places, with new plans and projects and a new lease on life.

You have the Cosmic power to get what you want or at least moving away from what you don’t want and with a bit of luck (which you have more of) additional funds are en route. 

Some have sold or liquidated assets and have more ‘ready’ cash; others have received inheritances, bonds or bonuses (or at the very least stemmed an outflow). You’ll be singing My Way as this is the most proactive and dynamic time of the year for you, and big plans are afoot. You’ve been feeling flat and dejected by life’s events but the Sun and Mars now in Cancer is giving you the get up and go that was lacking.  You’ll feel more optimistic and spirited and revived.

Venus the planet of love trines with Uranus early next week, bringing a boost to your professional ambitions or putting you in a new and more positive life direction.  Jupiter is blessing your money and self esteem house so you’ll get a nice surprise one way or another – more money or validation and respect.

There is a full moon two day later in your relationships house and this may bring an end or “elevation” to a key association or there are some serious developments in a contractual agreement (or this can come to a head). 

This issue may involve a spouse, lover, work colleague, business partner, advisor, enemy or friend, however the recent Uranus Jupiter trine suggests that you benefit from the change of attitude of authority figures or as a result of the actions of another.

There is a reputational, life direction or career change that is imminent and this is the aftermath or outcome of previous events.

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Leo’s often shoot themselves in the foot emotionally, by pushing the envelope in matters of the heart.  This is possible this week when on the one hand you have both Venus and Jupiter suggesting that the world is your oyster, but now you have Mars doing naughty things in your house of the hidden.

By naughty I mean it can either make you do naughty or foolish things or else it has a naughty effect on the positive energy at your disposal and make you less disciplined.  You can let the heart (or another part of your anatomy) rule the head and your judgment may be a bit flawed and you are vulnerable to being demoralized or deceived or you become a tad deluded.

Best to really weigh up all your decisions and connections before you commit or take irreversible steps and don’t allow yourself to be unduly coerced or influenced by anyone.  Warning Will Robinson, Warning.

There could be an emotional, social or sexual triangle that makes life “interesting” and you are certainly spreading yourself around.  This should be taking the form of communication and geographic outreach or it may be educational - or even spiritual - but there’s little doubt with Jupiter in your sign, you’re experimenting and expanding. 

Foreign shores and foreign people or overseas ventures figure strongly in the frame and in your exploits and the recent trine continues to pour on the Jupiter-led abundance and growth that enhances your reputation farther afield.  There is much positive Cosmic energy surrounding you and you are in a “purple patch” where you can have your cake and it it.

Early next week there is another beneficial trine between Venus and Uranus bringing a contented outlook and peace of mind.

At the end of the forecast week you need to look at your health, (mental,  emotional and physical) and if you have been burning the candles at both ends or your working and daily life has become disorganized and chaotic, this is when you’ll say “enough” and resolve to do something about it. 

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Mars is likely to see you expending a lot of energy within your club, group, friends, tribe or any gathering of people who have a common goal or interest - work, sporting, bureaucratic, legal, but you’re likely to be going head to head with someone. 

This is your house of hopes and wishes, so you are trying to achieve some aspiration and perhaps via a group or with a groups help, and there can be enmity and rivalry or frustration if things aren’t going according to plan or you disagree with their actions.

In an “all for one, one for all” scenario, all the members of a group support each of the individual members, and the individual members pledge to support the group any dissenting individual can impede progress and resolution and there is something that needs completion (or some unresolved relationship issues). The recent Jupiter Uranus trine will bring good fortune and luck to anything that is hidden, private or occurring behind the scenes, especially if it involves joint financial or property matters, taxes or inheritances.  Maybe a financial problem comes to an end or is positive transformed (or a sexual relationship is “transformed”) but you are soon likely to experience an incredible breakthrough – and all breakthrough begin with a change in beliefs…

Some Virgos are experiencing the transformation of an existing sexual relationship with lots of lust and pleasure.   Others are enjoying the beginning of a new and passionate love affair, or simply lots of sexual or romantic dalliances.  Passion abounds and fun, love, and activities with children feature prominently and you are like the cat that swallowed the cream. 

For some around the time of the full moon on Wednesday a love affair may end or change or be transformed but with the Venus Uranus trine on the previous Monday, you should be empowered to realize your most secret romantic wishes and dreams.

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This is a key period for your reputation, status in the community and at work and when you are most likely to witness the realization of some of your most treasured ambitions or lofty goals. This is a time when you can make your mark on the world or put your stamp on a project, and new professional opportunities will appear seemingly out of the blue.  

Jupiter continues to help you shine and progress in group settings and socially with your friends and well as delivering on your heartfelt wishes.  It’s a great time for you currently as the recent Jupiter Uranus trine will do wonders for your most favorite thing, relationships, in all their forms.  Business partnerships, marital and sexual unions and the whole realm of connecting are blessed and the current energy will advance any form of links with another.

There is more love and emotional excitement and whatever form of (probably new) commitment that you are making, it’s slated for success.

That said this energy will boost existing unions and even restore lost love and both Jupiter and Uranus will ensure it thrives - or a business union is successful - and perhaps in surprising, innovative or different ways.  This is a week when you will achieve something extraordinary, but all your relationships will transform radically (and for the better).

Venus the planet of love and your ruler trines with Uranus on Monday and with the ongoing energy of the Jupiter Uranus trine, you’ll be embraced with a sense of endless possibilities in love and live and especially with your group, clan or network.  A collective mind really does exist.

If there is one significant relationship or union that you really, really want, the smallest distance will be too great, and the greatest distance will be bridged.

Once you’ve made it, by Wednesday a home or family matter may grab your attention, and this may suggest last minute changes of plans or something comes to a head in a home or domestic matter (or with whomever shares your personal space). 

That said you might simply be satiating your private desires…

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Saturn is back in your sign so there is no room for immediate gratification or less-than-responsible and well thought out actions.  This is the teacher and the taskmaster and it’s focusing on you and your actions and how you are perceived and Saturn is warning you to be very vigilant and aware of not only what you do, but also where you plan to go and end up. 

This is not about simply survival, it’s about having a long term plan and Saturn retrograding back into your sign allows for you to change your mind or revise your goals or fine tune them.  

Both Jupiter and Uranus in your career and working sector and daily routines gives you an extraordinary “double whammy” of good fortune if you are prepared to try something different and innovative and new.  This can also with respect to your health and body, but certainly with your reputation and aspirations.

If you haven’t received the deserved kudos before now, this is your defining moment, when you can see things improve after a difficult time.  You’ve now passed a critical point in a process and beyond that lays a stunning success and you can build or fix or tie up loose ends on a major and far-reaching idea or project.

You take no prisoners are extremely ruthless with any opposition or resistance to your plans and attempt to pull off the impossible (and this time it may be almost outrageous).  However the recent Jupiter Uranus trine suggests it will turn out exactly as you expected and that you will make it happen.

Venus trines with Uranus on Monday bringing pleasant surprises at work, and maybe even a surprise revelation about someone’s feelings for you but I keep reminding Scorpio that much of your success lies with matters relating to those at a distance or in foreign lands.  Some Scorpios will experience a brilliant legal win.

The full moon around Wednesday does encourage rationalization and urging you to use your head as well as your heart and approach things with logic (as well as passion).

If you can express it well and convince others, so much the better.

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If there are any skeletons still lurking in your closet the return of Saturn provides the last window for you to release any residue mental or emotional struggles or ethical dilemmas. 

Jupiter is bringing all sorts of blessings to travel and foreign shores, but also to your outlook, perspective and spirituality.  You are more responsive and accountable to the principles and attitudes of others than you were a year ago, and that will have manifested as improved emotional and social relationships.

The emphasis this week and for the next few will centre around joint activities, shared resources and property matters and there is no simple or easy answer. It may be tempting to use the line of least resistance to extricate yourself out of a bad situation, but this is time when you must play by the rules. 

Saturn is a hard taskmaster in the house of cause and effect and indeed others will be reinforcing this also and either monitoring a situation or taking charge and even taking over the reigns entirely. You may not like what you hear, or who holds the power, or who wants to, and with Uranus the planet of surprises and sometimes shocks, this may come from a lover or a child (or revolve around them) and thus it will be even more emotional.

Saturn demands truth and responsibility, no matter how difficult that may be to achieve and bear this in mind with the educational, foreign, legal or publishing matter and one that is anything but straightforward.

You are desperate to abridge the slate-cleaning process (that has been occurring over the past couple of years) and move into new and fresh territory, as you’ve already seen the old habits and practices simply are redundant and passé.

The trine suggests you will be successful if you think big and bold and you’ve probably certainly done a lot of preparation towards one particular issue.

There will be success or you’ll have the advantage in a matter that involves international communication, education, long distance travel, interactions with foreigners, relatives at a distance and any legal matters.

The full moon however does warn of finding a balance between what you have and what another has or maybe wants or what you share and what you value.  Hint: love is number one, then truth, righteouness and peace.

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There is a full moon in your sign on Wednesday and Mars in your key relationship house and so it’s very much about your closest partnership(s) and the balance you have with another (between your needs and personal agenda and theirs).

With Saturn now back in your groups and friends sector you can go back and rewrite some rules relating to your group activities and friendships.  

The recent Jupiter Uranus trine suggests you will be doing something rather unusual or different or groundbreaking to do with your home, family, flat, domestic scene or with the person who you share space with.   You can benefit from a partners income and resources and buy another or better place or undertake some radical improvements to your family unit.

There can be a pleasant surprise to do with taxes, a refund, inheritance or some other form of money that come from “outside” that benefits you.

You are joining with another perhaps in a business enterprise or a similar cooperative venture or team effort or profit sharing arrangement and this union is going to become very productive and profitable and so both home and your professional world are making great strides.  Whatever has been holding you back socially, emotionally or professionally will no longer limit your progress and any restrictions will be lifted. 

You do have to focus more on pushing your own barrow and enjoying life and relationships more without subjugating your own needs or hiding your real feelings or any disappointments. Changing the patterns of your interactions will make for a more rewarding time and better relationships.

Just so long as you maintain the balance between yourself and others which is going to be hard when you’re humming “I want to be me, I want to be free..”.

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Work is the both the bête noir and the solution for you this week and indeed for a number of weeks to come.  On the one hand you may be wanting to kick up your heels and turn your back on mundane responsibilities and indeed a number of Aquarians have recently quit jobs our of boredom and dissatisfaction.  It’s more likely though, that you wanted to concentrate on your key relationships and focus on emotional plans and “going forward” and you can make enormous headway in a partnership.

Saturn now back in Scorpio on the career and home axis, indicates that you now revisit the things that you have put off – relating to home and family and your career – and thus the Cosmos message is directed towards these things. 

There are also health and well being matters and day to day responsibilities to address…in other words to focus on literally getting your life in order.  That is be productive and functional and concentrate on the minutiae as well as the macro and taking care of business (i.e. doing what you’re supposed to do).

The recent Uranus Jupiter trine between your ruler suggests profitable partnerships with siblings - and anything to do with communication – i.e. world wide web, media, PR, networking, socializing and commerce in general.

Uranus is about innovation and technology or anything high tech or different or even a bit “out there” (which would be right up your alley).

Venus the planet of love trines with your ruler Uranus on Monday suggesting that you’ll be “loved up” and getting your relationship needs fulfilled. If you are single you may meet someone who sets your heart on fire, but for all Water Bearers, your heart is opening up and you’re moving way beyond the concept of cold and aloof and “no strings attached” (mainly because you’re feeling fearful of losing your independence).

You may need some quiet times next week, around Wednesday at the time of the full moon, which is actually an ideal time to ponder and reflect and work out what you really want to do for the rest of your life.

Sometimes we hide the truth from ourselves.

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The recent Uranus Jupiter trine suggests that your work becomes more profitable if you are prepared to take some risks and go out on a limb or do something completely different.  For a while you’ve been assessing if what you do is sustainable or even ideal, and wondered about what it would be like to take a walk on the wild side and try something radical and new.

It may be an experimental idea that you want to trial and test out or you could be researching other avenues and business channels or even a lifestyle change and the trine suggests that no matter what you pursue, inaugurate or invent it’s likely to be a success. 

Jupiter is the expansive planet of good fortune will ensure that things really start to improve out of sight and if your self esteem has taken a recent hammering, the imminent accomplishments will restore your faith and confidence in tomorrow.

On Monday Venus in Leo will reduce your stress, and bring peace of mind and bring more demonstrations of love within your every day environment.

Next week, remember to let those people around you know what an important role they play in your life, as it will be your associations, that bring about much of your triumphs. This is an ideal week to make key connections and surround yourself with like minded people.

The Cosmic energies are changing for the better and you’ll start to have fun and feel good again and children or the younger generation will be very instrumental in this newfound happiness.  Joy is not in anyone’s power, but pleasure is, and the feeling of grinning inside is as joyful as it gets.  Joy is not in things, it is in you.

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