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Social life a bit flat or non-existent? Are you asking yourself is it them or is it me?  Are loved ones saying things to you like “you’re not the person I know?” or are friends simply not returning your calls and exiting your circle?

After many months of Mars being in your relationship houses, you may have burnt a few bridges and alienated some folk (and of course you have the ongoing radical passage of Uranus in Aries).  So you have to be a bit honest with yourself as to any root causes, because you are tending to overstep the mark, whether you are conscious of this or not.

This is not new and it’s part a long passage of “upgrading” your very essence (and altering your very existence) for the better of course.  You want to be top of the heap: the most successful, noticed, wanted etc. but you also want to operate at warp speed and have things happen NOW. 

Without even knowing you are pushing situations and people along and some won’t like it. 

If this IS the case then it’s time to start making amends in earnest (because you certainly feel like partying and “getting it on” and you’ll need some running mates!).

Don’t worry you have a new moon in your relationship house at the end of the week that will give you the necessary wake up call and make you more aware of any lack of support (and any reasons why). 

You are an independent sign and might not “twig” to any external issues, but this energy will help you to resolve relationship issues and turn them into mutually supportive ones.

If you are in a long-term relationship, you have a beneficial and emotionally constructive time until the end of September during which a number of key decisions can be made.

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You’re likely to feel that no-one likes you all of a sudden, or that you are being abrasive (or you could be proactively stirring the pot).

You are likely to feel that someone or a situation is undermining your security and controlling your life in some way and you don’t like to be controlled.

Someone may be trying to discredit you, or is not appreciating you or they see you as a liability. 

In general, it’s possible that a person (or a group) thinks you are doing the wrong thing or acting inappropriately.  Or it may be that within an emotional situation you are trying too hard, or holding on, when you shouldn’t.

There could be a financial, emotional or lifestyle hazard that you have to navigate through or around.

Mars is inciting the house of joint finances, inheritances, sex, and shared assets so you could be fighting for a rightful (or fair) share or being emotionally and sexually frustrated and flustered. 

This week you might stumble on some key business information or advance with a personal project and finally get through or around the barriers (and there’s no doubting you are quite driven on your “mission”).

There is a situation that has been in the background of your life for a long time, probably under wraps or at least being kept fairly private, but it has consumed your attention.

Starting this week you are well and truly going to pull back the covers and do the Big Reveal.  Maybe you’ve run out of patience or had enough and you confront the person/group, expose the situation, or simply speak up.

You will be staging your own insurrection (and you are switching gears) but the new moon at the end of the week will help you sort everything out.

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Sometimes you don’t tell the full story or you like to deceive other people and this is one of those times, because you’d prefer to do this rather than have to deal with a face-to-face confrontation. Or maybe someone is deceiving you - but either way - it will be revealed in the end and probably when you don’t expect or want it.

Whilst the circuitous route might seem preferable (especially as you may be feeling hostile and resentful towards someone) it’s not.

You want to do it your way and are not interested in finding middle ground and refuse to budge your position, but that is not really ideal in either the long or short term.   

Trust, honesty, cooperation and compromise will take you further and get you what you want. 

You’ve got to be grounded and realistic (especially in financial matters), and no “head in the clouds” moments or think you have more power than you do.

Don’t try and push the envelope too far, especially if whatever you are involved in is not entirely transparent or straightforward.

Cold hard facts will work best for you now; especially if you are trying to justify an action, and if you want alter or amend a situation then you have to change your modus operandi.

Be yourself and do everything in your power to make it succeed because you are entering a very positive period when you can achieve a number of breakthroughs (financial, social, home and family related issues).

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A change in a situation (or your mindset) now gives you permission to proceed or go ahead with something that is dear to your heart - with a person or a project or even a stalemate commercial situation.

That said, financial and business matters will be changeable (as in hit or miss) but you do feel like taking some chances now. 

You could be victorious or it turns into a disaster, but either way you have every intention of enjoying the experience as much as possible (because you sure didn’t have much fun earlier on).

It’s a if someone has flicked a switch and you’re feeling more “on” and geared up to take on the world.  Everyone around you has been trying to turn you into crab cakes and you’ve had enough.

You can’t change the fact that people will act in a certain way or what you - or they - have done in the past.  Some things are inevitable and you can’t change that.  But you sure as hell can change your attitude and that’s exactly what you’re doing this week.

Many Cancerians have felt like they have been treading water for a long time, but now you can make some decisive long term plans for the future. There is also a lot of emotional development going on and this is a time when lot of key decisions can be made.  

Mars is making you rather driven to get your existence (and life) in order, and there is one existing situation that really needs to be resolved.

BTW Cancers are the most booked criminals and most dangerous of zodiac signs (FBI website).   It’s all about passion….or is that rage?  So just make sure you channel your fervor in the right direction.

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You have Jupiter in your sign and many Leo’s have been wondering just when the benefits of this will “kick in” and for those Leo’s who are wondering when their gravy train will arrive, it will be pulling into your station right through until December.

You will see life start to pick up and anything that has been on hold, or people who have been dragging their feet, will now come to the table.

You do have a Cosmic upper hand, and your finances are looking very positive, but with Mars in your house of fun and romance, try and not be too aggressive in your pursuits. 

You are very Leonine at the moment (as in you are on the prowl) and depending on you personal circumstances, you may upset someone or make him or her jealous and insecure.

You are a self gratification person but you should pause and consider any longer term ramifications of your actions as you appear to be living for the moment, with little thought of consequences.

That said, some relationships do need to come to an end or are slowly petering out, and you may need to confront or discuss exit strategies.   A key relationship may have become vague and fuzzy and no longer workable. 

Don’t worry, there is someone very interested in you and they will make an approach (and one that will probably take your breath away).

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Some Virgo’s are feeling positively murderous towards a situation or a group, and this may be regarding a financial, money, business or property matter.

You are feeling stressful, aggrieved and angry and so your usual logic is being affected by your inner turmoil.

But in order to formulate a long-term plan that meets your future needs, you need to know what your present needs are.  In other words what you want now, but also what do you want well into the future. 

That question is very pertinent, because your actions now will determine your life for some time to come, and your actions are not subjective (because your thinking is currently skewed or even one-sided). 

Mars is bringing to a head any issues that have not yet been resolved and this is in the area of home and family (although with Neptune in the picture it can also be your main squeeze or your business partner or even enemy). Perhaps a parent or a loved one wants to introduce some changes to the domestic/family/home scene.

But this is a period of crucial decisions affecting your home, family, and security  (i.e. joint money) and working out what you really want for the long haul.

The new moon at the end of the week wil help you to get your life in order and restore any flagging self esteem.

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On Monday the Sun arrives in Libra and so your personal year begins and the new moon in Libra at the end of the week gives you a new opportunity to reinvent yourself in some personal way. 

This is your annual rebirth, when you focus on YOU and become a bit self-obsessed about how you look, sound and behave (and the responses you get).

However your ruler Venus remains in the background of your chart, and that suggests you are doing a lot of “in your head” activity, or engaged in something private.

You might have had a cosmetic treatment that you are keeping hidden and laying low, but you are remaining in the background for a while. 

Maybe you are having a private romance or secret love affair behind closed doors and out of sight, but for whatever reason you are keeping to yourself, being secretive, or very cautious in your dealings with others (and giving nothing at all away).

Maybe it’s a private dilemma that you’ve been struggling with and have needed time to gain some intelligibility or a greater understanding of the situation.

Don’t worry the actions of another (or a certain development) will provide you with the necessary insight you have been seeking.

At least the Sun’s arrival will restore your confidence and so you shouldn’t waste this passage to do something constructive or even something (or someone!) novel and innovative…

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You’ve been making stellar progress lately and establishing a strong foothold (and gained kudos for your efforts) and now have a number of strings to your bow. Jupiter is bringing rewards to your career and enhancing your reputation and delivering hard earned and well deserved respect. 

But the trouble is that you may be starting to spread yourself a bit too thin and diluting your impact, so figure out which avenue you are going to divest your efforts and then go for it.

You are very keen to make progress and to be a leader and break new ground, but you do have to exercise some caution as you may overlook something that turns out to be crucial - or that you should have paid more attention to.

There may be a problem you are unsure of, or some doubts about the viability of a project - or someone may want something from you that you find hard to deliver.

This may also be in a personal sense, where someone is seeking a response (or an answer) and you are not able (or are unsure) of what that is.   You have to start making some choices that you wish to avoid.

Pluto moves forward again on Monday and that will help with the internal questioning (as will the new moon at the end of the week). That energy will help you to "let go" of this...but perhaps only after some kind of soul searching.

But if there is a financial consideration involved, you should really pay attention - or start asking a lot of tough questions.

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Mars in Sagittarius, has boosted your flagging soul, and lifted you out of your doldrums and will make you more assertive and energized, but also restless and twitchy.

Still it will help with the confidence and vitality that has been somewhat shaky of late and will help get some things moving in your life (especially in your financial world as Pluto resumes direct motion on Monday in this area).

This change of direction could bring an unexpected windfall, (but don't count on it).

You are rather doubtful or apprehensive about a financial matter (or about someone’s actions) and even about your own image and reputation, and there may be some discomfort within your peer group. 

Circumstances or another’s actions (someone who you feel might have a personal agenda) might be making you feeling a bit vulnerable and confused about your next steps.

There are opportunities there for you, but they may not be easy to realize unless you are able to build your self-confidence.

The new moon at the end of the week will help you to make progress (and strengthen ties with group activities in both a social and professional sense).

Your social life will become busier, but also somewhat unpredictable in that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some relationships, and uncertain about others, and if you are single it may be an exciting connection, but a lack of clarity as to whether it’s going anywhere.

But there will be some surprises in your dealings with others this week.

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Like your zodiac sibling Sagittarius, you too will feel on shaky ground as you are also subject to aspects affecting your house of the hidden.   That is making you feel vulnerable and less sure and more susceptible the approval (or otherwise) of others and Mars in this area can also bring opponents and adversaries, but of the silent undermining kind.

You’ll certainly be doing a lot more thinking and some Cappy’s will be thinking about a past love in particular - or of romantic dreams and aspirations that are no longer valid.  You’ll be recollecting the past and looking back over certain periods in your life (and the accompanying memories) and this is a period of finally letting go of past ideals.

Planetary aspects suggest problems with coworkers, bosses and authority figures and this can be within a financial realm.

Thankfully you have Jupiter in the area of joint funds suggesting that you benefit from money coming in from other sources, such as loans, inheritances, settlements, refunds et al (and there may well be a significant windfall this week).

The new moon at the end of the week can launch a new period of career advancement, new business plans and goals and there is a sense of a career renaissance.

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You have Cosmic support in your financial sectors, so if you are after a raise or a loan, this is the period to negotiate a better deal. 

This also applies to your career or business interests (although you may have to fight for your day in the Sun).

Bosses and group associations seem a bit problematic - or demanding - and you may have to deal with someone doubting your capabilities (and you could feel like you're being forced into a position of having to prove yourself).

Or it may be that a new love interest is unable or unwilling to commit to you, or doesn’t see you as partnership material, which is painful as you could have deep-seated feelings - or at least a powerful attraction.

But all Aquarians are gaining a new “consciousness” about a key relationship (for good and for bad) and if you can avoid being affected or distracted by this - and let it “go through to the keeper” - it will ultimately be to your benefit.

The new moon at the end of the week may bring some dissatisfaction with your lot, but by the same token you can be renewed by a new outlook or outlet.

Venus is blessing any form of “joint” association, especially of the financial kind, so that should even things out and you may even be rewarded for keeping a level head (or a level heart).

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You are in quite a powerful passage so you should give some thought as to which areas you want to direct this power (and what you want to achieve) because the Cosmos is onside.

After a period of hibernation or emotional withdrawal you’ll start to see your social life opening up with more invitations and opportunities to meet new folk.

If there have been some relationship issues, these can be sorted out now also, as you’ll have the courage and ability to give voice to your needs (something you may have been avoiding or unable to do previously). 

Friends have been somewhat erratic and both welcoming and rejecting  (and constantly demanding) but there may be some gossip, pressure or bullying that you need to address in order to regain your equilibrium.

For many Pisces there is a new romance on the scene (or at least someone who quickens your pulse) whilst those already in relationships will see those improve and the connection deepen.

In fact a number of areas of your life are on the “up and up” and Mars will certainly help with your career ambitions (although it will also increase the likelihood of arguments with bosses and coworkers)..

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