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Are you being misconstrued in your dealings with others?  Yes.  Or perhaps you are being cavalier when it’s not appropriate or not being as sensitive to a situation - or towards a person - that is required at the present time.

You start the week with a Venus Mars square following on from a Mars-Saturn conjunction a few days earlier, so lovers, spouses, children and money could all be sore points (and areas that are up for discussion). 

Perhaps you are being too domineering in your daily life and encountering kickback from a friend or a lover; or a social situation has spawned the green-eyed monster in you.  

This may also result in a heated discussion about expectations/ disappointment and the mood is heated and defiant, however your dealings with another (especially an intimate “other”) will leave you feeling confused.

There is a lot of push-pull energy surrounding you and at the start of the weekend your self-confidence may be shaky or you feel overwhelmed.

Make sure you place some limits on your time or block how external situations can impact on you, especially any that are of a financial nature. 

It may be that a partner is having financial pressure that they share with you, or it is your own (as Saturn in the area of joint funds, taxes, inheritances, loans etc has been your bête noir for a while).

At the time of the Sun Neptune opposition at the end of the week (Friday), be careful with contracts and “terms” as Neptune is the planet of deception (and this is in your house of work and daily life). 

That said, a health issue could come to light or you might be in denial about an emotional or physical issue (or are trying to hide it).

But by the time this week has past, the Cosmic skies clear, and a new dawn begins and you’ll be back on even keel.

The key is to remain confident and balanced…otherwise it may all coming spilling out and end in an unnecessary and heated exchange.

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It’s a tough world out there at the moment, and you’re pretty keen to return to your Bat cave after taking on Gotham City - or Goliath - and there is a group or a person who is making your life more complicated than it need be. 

It might be you (or someone close to you) who is dealing with a personal or family matter or one of “principles” and loyalty issues.   You could be osmosing their battles - or it may be that you are dealing with these stresses directly -but whatever it is, it’s a dispute that has to be fought, or a situation that has to be dealt with, (because it will have implications for you, if you don’t). 

By the same token, you have a fabulous opportunity to change things for the better - for the rest of your life and beyond - so remember that if you feel like your personal life is disintegrating, or a situation is unraveling or falling apart.

But whatever the scenario, it likely involves people who are connected: in love, friendship, animosity, financially, legally, or by genes (and how they are behaving towards each other).

Approach a situation slowly and methodically and take everything into consideration and act wisely (even when others don’t and change the rules or put up "blocks").

In other words you can rock the boat, just don’t overturn or sink it! 

Aim for a resolution and completion - not ongoing despair - but at the end of the day, just do whatever feels appropriate in the circumstances and you’ll be fine.

Even if you feel like you’ve been wearing the Cosmic equivalent of cement shoes, take heart that the intensity of this situation is waning and the end is in sight.

Every ending makes way for a new beginning... and the weekend at least, should be a blast.

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There’s the world outside your door …..and then there is a world outside your door.  One is fun and laughter and the other a sea of dross that you have to wade through (or some metaphorical mountain to climb).

You can “smile through your tears and sorrow, and hide every trace of sadness” (as NKC et al, suggested in song) or "take care of business" like the Mafia dons would threaten.  But you should ideally try and find a new course if you are heading for some rocks and it IS possible that the conjunct two days ago, deflated your mood or put a different spin on a situation.

Saturn has been the noose around your neck for the past two years, but this week, if you wriggle too much, the floor will fall out from underneath - so no knee-jerk reactions, no matter how stressed you feel.

It’s possible that something you relied on happening (a strategy, a future or a vision) or someone acting in a certain manner, fell flat on its face this week, and you’re in two minds (you’re a Gem after all) as to what to do next.

But in some way this may force you to take the right path after all, and the new moon last Monday can help steer you towards the right approach.   It provides a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to improve or fix a domestic or personal issue or mend a family rift. 

There is an ongoing situation in which there are two competing people or groups, and both sides are equally determined to get what they want (and you may be one of them!), or it may be different views about what constitutes the truth or what is "wrong" or "right".

Think of your personal obligations, and who deserves your loyalty (and who doesn’t) and if this is family member/loved one; whether a "fight to the death" is the optimum way to go.

Most important of all, think of the long term and the words of Henry Lawson “the night too quickly passes and we are getting old...”.

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There is a cost to what is happening in your life right now.  Financial, emotional, physical... and yet with Jupiter in your "ka-ching" zone it should be coming in, not going out. 

But it’s quite likely that what you are currently talking/debating/fighting about and thinking about IS money-related and yet you are in a Cosmic “purple patch” that suggests that the more you put in, the more you’ll get out at the moment.  

However this week's rather challenging cosmic skies means taking action.  No more pussing-footing around, but rather being very decisive about exactly how you feel and perhaps what you want (as that will bring rewards for you).

You are at the final stage of a rather long and drawn-out situation that will end by December, but at least by now you know how someone thinks about you (and you also know that they are aware of how you’ll behave and vice versa).  This may be business, this may be personal, but don’t get sidetracked by any unrealistic or false notions.

The Sun Neptune opposition on Friday may reveal something hidden or bring a surprise - or some unexpected development - in response to an earlier action on your behalf.  There does appear to be some hiccup to a situation at a distance, with foreigners (or a foreign country), or to a legal matter; but communications will hold great significance this week.

The new moon last Monday suggests that some form of communication could build a bridge, or blow it up, but it’s likely to have established a particular atmosphere or frame of mind that will become apparent shortly.

Money and self worth are all tied up, you need one to have the other, but with Jupiter and Venus on side, you should be at least be feeling “worthy”.

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You have a raft of planets acting as the proverbial "wind beneath your wings" so why isn’t your heart soaring?  There are so many positive things that are going to happen and the Cosmos is busting itself to hand out the goodies, IF you could only disengage yourself from your other preoccupations.

The new moon two days ago, presses home the point that your finances need to be looked at more closely (and that may be income, investments or how you spend it and on whom).

For everyone this is not an easy week, so don’t get deflated if the bullet train you’ve been on for the past couple of weeks, going into a tunnel.

There are impediments to Leo progress,  and you may have to find a different approach, but don’t allow that to disintegrate into a situation of drama and conflict, but rather be patient until September arrives and the Cosmic climate changes.

Saturn is putting the focus on your home, home life, domestic scene and family plans - and indeed anything that impacts on your long-term emotional security.  Some Leo’s may decide to tie the knot, others to buy a home or invest in real estate, but this is not the week to rush in, rather set the stage for your wishes...

The Mars Saturn conjunct two days ago was in your house of endings, nurturing, deep emotions and foundations, and you may want to change a casual arrangement - and make it a more permanent one - or you may want to simply end it.  Escalated up or out.

But some kind of a new start is going to occur in these areas shortly and this may entail a real estate purchase or a sale/relocation/move.

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There is someone you are at odds with (and that may be an understatement) and there are two ways to approach this scenario, the right way and the wrong way.

Unfortunately neither way is overly clear at the present time and there is the communication issue, in that when you open your mouth to speak, you are hypercritical, superior, supercilious…(are you getting my drift?).

You are one of the most logical signs of the zodiac, so stick to cold hard facts without any personal observations.

You’ve had a good week so far in that you had a new moon in your sign and that provides a clean slate and you can write your own life script.  Therefore if life is currently a bit "off track", this is a wonderful opportunity to begin to behave in a better way and improve all the relationships in your life, especially the ones that have gone off the rails.

There is some issue with a group in your life right now and that may be a family group, but remember your message of fresh starts (although the Mars Saturn conjunct this week has set a mood of important or grim financial outcomes). 

There are of a lot of secret dealings going on in your life right now and some of this may be the cause of concern or worry (especially around the time of the Sun-Neptune opposition on Friday).

There is a new romantic path opening up for many Virgo’s, but also changes in other “love” relationships in general.

The love of family is one of life’s great blessings (and Saturn has played havoc with the relationship with your siblings) but just because somebody doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you...

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You are a sign that thrives in company and withers when you are forced to be alone. But under this current (but passing) stars you could be feeling alone in a group or like the spare wheel, or worst, lonely within your primary relationship.

Whilst overall you’ve got wonderful stars for the next year in terms of your social life in general, current connections are strained and there is disunity and discord.   It may be about social or lifestyle issues, or values - or any number of things - but it’s as if you are currently on a different planet (or they are from Mars and you are from Venus scenario - or vice versa).

Unfortunately this is not a pleasant week - an overhang from Monday’s planetary action - but then it’s not for any of the zodiac signs, but after the weekend (if not before), any sense of being on the "outer" or misunderstood by your family and friends, will pass.

There are a few days (Friday especially) when things will get a bit awkward and there is extra pressure in air, with friends, lovers, family - in fact all your relationships - but especially the “home grown” ones.

You are not feeling particularly brave out there in the big world; more contemplative and withdrawn as you try and figure out Act 2, or 3 (or whatever stage it is that you are "at" in your life).

Money may be the bête noir, with a loved one, or a business partner, or a family member or something comes to light that upsets you….but something is awry.

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As I’ve been saying for the past fortnight or so, you are on a ROLL and you are the Cosmic frontrunner (and the world is your oyster and all the other clichés).

But the difference is that you do have every reason to feel very optimistic (and positive and hopeful) about your future ....just so long as you behave accordingly. 

Saturn has been in your sign and there are only four months to go, so you should be reaching for the stars….unless you have self destructed by behaving badly.    You many have been let down by colleagues, or your boss or co-workers are being less than supportive - or trying to show you up - and you may well be feeling that you are being misunderstood and unfairly dealt with or received.

Either way your existing working, social or political situation (and current state of living) is about to change and Friday is a game-changer in this regard and will give you the opportunity to go back to the drawing board.

New moons are fresh starts and the new moon last Monday will help you to revive or strengthen shaky connections, especially within group dynamics, organizations, friendships et al (as the new moon fell in this sector of your chart).  It can also give a boost to your aspirations and bolster those dreams and help you to build a stronger foundation in your life, work and personal image.

If your reputation has taken a battering, this is a passing thing and it will be restored and within the next few months, your image will be very different to where it is now.

On the weekend there will be an intense flirtation if you are single (and maybe even if you aren’t) but there’s an enjoyable few days ahead with strong "amorous" undertones. 

If you are married there may be some issues to deal with at home – the usual family politics – (or maybe to do with that flirtation!) but this is a side game as you are too preoccupied with the impression you are making out there in the big wide world.

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You are like one of those drivers lined up in the starting grid in a Formula 1 race.  You look in sophisticated, in control, (and clearly daring), revving your motor and itching to jump out of the grid.  The problem though is that you are boxed in and blocked by all the other cars around you.

That is your analogy to life right now, you can’t “take off” and accelerate away - because you have to wait (even if its for the guy to wave the checkered flag) and you are beholden on the actions of someone else in some way before you can “move on" in life.

Whilst sitting there you may even be reflecting on the racing season (the past few years) and whether you took advantages of your opportunities or wasted some, or if you made mistakes; and you will be thinking about “the good old days” or how things were in the past.

This is an interesting week because of the Sun-Neptune opposition as well as the Venus-Mars square (that affects ”foreign” interests, travelling, education, your reputation and something that is hidden). 

For some Sags there are legal dealings, but something rather pressing does need to be dealt with and it’s incumbent on you to intervene and take decisive action. 

Saturn has been in the “cause and effect” house for a couple of years and again this week, you’re going to get a reminder about the principle of causation: the relationship between actions/ events and the ensuing results.

Something may be about to blow up in your face and you need to step in and halt it (as there could be serious financial ramifications), OR, as you have lucky Jupiter in the 9th house, something marvelous might occur as you have enormous luck in these same areas.

You are likely to be dealing with rules and regulations (Saturn) and seeking some kind of consent or authorization (or even an imposed decision) from a bureaucracy or controlling body. But if you’ve played it by the book, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Something in your world is a big secret, or you are keeping your feelings a big secret, or else have been deluding yourself about a situation.  But the planetary patterns will produce an occasion this week that will remind you of the real state of things - not how you wish them to be.

This IS a complex and difficult period and unfortunately you can’t recreate or bring back the past, but you can create a different kind of future with the right attitude. 

Aim for that goal.

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Pause …and don’t press the reject button, or at least not this week.  Try to keep all reactions to a minimum and better yet, don’t react at all, but remain neutral. 

A lot is not yet known - or disclosed - and so it’s not the climate for making sound judgments, as you literally can’t see around the corner.

Keep everything transient and fluid and allow for changes, and don’t take sides or self-appoint yourself in any form of group dynamic, because your real support is not close at hand - it will come from a surprising and unexpected quarter.

There is some form of upset (or someone’s actions or statements have offended you) and this is likely in a group/organizational situation or amongst friends/socially.  There was a difficult aspect with Mars last Monday in this area and that would have “stirred the pot”.  It may be that you have made a mistake and that’s a bitter pill for you to swallow.

Rise above any current “group dynamic” and don’t yield to any form of herd mentality, or friendship triangles or jealousy issues from a “friend”; or overreact to criticism from an elder sister or in-law.

There are key changes happening in a relationship and that may be with a lover, friend, employer or spouse, but you may not always like what you hear. 

If you are in the communications business (in any of it’s myriad forms) there may be a setback or you are not getting your “message” across. There may even be some kind of legal issue that arises this week.

You are an ambitious sign so a number of Cappy’s will decide to go back to school, do a course to improve skills or simply learn more.  Others will take it a step further and want to explore the world (and long distance travel may be part of your future agenda).

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Distractions, distractions... and these really aren’t about work these days, but rather about the person or persons you love and about having fun. 

It’s about connecting and having all different kinds of interactions and relationships and pandering to the needs of others (and investing in other demands on your time rather than on your own).

That is actually exactly what the Cosmos wants you to do this upcoming year, but right now, this week, taking your eye of the ball may have a kickback in a career sense.

Rather like your zodiac sibling, Sagittarius, you’ve been in a kind of holding pattern, and it’s best to continue in your current situation a little longer so see where it leads.

But unlike Sagittarius (because you won’t have your freedom curtailed by anybody) you are on the move and that may be via travel or socially, but it’s all smoke and mirrors and a distraction from the main game. 

Are you trying to escape a situation, or find true soul security, or are you trying to escape a debt and find financial security, or are you scared about leaving security to find true freedom.  There are so many variables for Water Bearers, but all with the same theme and you will be paying attention to your longer term goals.

It could be currently feast or famine, but you are focused on building a secure future and in the regard there is going to be a lot of “action” on the career front.  You could be headhunted, given a raise, or a new job title - or feel as if you are struggling, getting no-where and pushing the proverbial boulder uphill (or have bosses “on your case”) whilst you fend off creditors.

But aleast your love and personal life is rosy, and single or attached, this is an area that is "going places" (just as you will be before too long..).

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If you feel like you are treading water waiting for something to happen, you are.  It’s like the Big Dipper ride that climbs slowly until it reaches the summit of a rise ..and then the rush.  You are still moving, there is anticipation, it’s still enjoyable...but you know there is a lot more WOW factor ahead.

Your love life has been somewhat unpredictable (understatement) or rather the people in it are either hard to pin down, or surprising (and perhaps disappointing and frustrating) you by their actions and behavior.

If someone close is not exactly acting in an ideal way, this may be a passing thing or it may not.  It’s more about whether you are prepared to go along with the ride, and “ride the rollercoaster”.

How about concentrating on your needs and wants and your own idea of fun?  

Once you know what that IS and what you want, then spell it out for someone and ask him or her if they are prepared to buy the season ticket. 

You’ve learnt enough lessons by now from past disappointments (and it’s a definition of madness doing the same thing again and again and hoping for a different outcome).

Be in love by all means... but keep it real (no matter how boring and uninspiring that is!) and make sure you’re on the same page in the needs, wants and expectations department. 

It’s imperative now to set boundaries and take control (so that you don’t get the short end of the stick) although you will encounter some flak in the process. 

If you do that, by September you’ll see a marked improvement and progress (and perhaps even a raise or advance at work), but one way or another your emotional life is undergoing change.

The new moon last Monday is in the relationship house, so start afresh in a relationship or start afresh in the way you approach all your key relationships.  This energy can help you improve ALL your associations, and help you to understand your own and others motivations in life and love.

This is your week to make that breakthrough that will result in long term emotional and financial security.


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