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You’re likely to be feeling out of sorts as you start the week, thanks to the full moon and dissatisfied with some aspect of your existence.  There could be restlessness or you are not feeling 100% happy and there may be a number of underlying reasons for this.   It might be health related, and you are feeling a bit off color and run down, or work is driving you nuts (and the people you have to deal with) or some aspect of your daily life is bugging you. 

At the office or in your daily life you could be feeling undermined and/or overworked, and there IS some unpredictability in your stars in this regard.

That said; there are also opportunities to make huge strides, as Mars and Venus are in your sign bringing more confidence and personal allure (and a greater drive and motivation to achieve your goals).  

At the start of the forecast and on the weekend will be the most challenging period and you may even behave in way that is not socially acceptable, do something wrong or generally misbehave.

Just keep the self-assertion bit in check, as too much assertion can be an indicator of fear and there is absolutely no room for anarchy this week and actions are likely to have consequences. You will have increased power, and you seek to assert it

There is a wonderful trine between Mars in Aries and Jupiter on the 10th  (although it’s followed by a conjunct and a square with Uranus and Pluto respectively on the following day) but that up the potential, especially in the realm of passionate encounters.  This of course could be loving ones, or adversarial ones, only time will tell, but strong forces are at work and there will be greater pressure.

However you can accomplish lots, as you have great faith in your abilities and your now determination is very strong, so any challengers or challengers are unlikely to stop you.

Plus you have a better overview and can put long-range plans into effect and you can achieve what you want if you are persistent (and you are certainly willing to fight back!).

It will help if you are also more willing to compromise….

As always for the Rams, find appropriate outlets for your aggression, like physical activity, sport, sex…

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Seriously, hasn’t life been draining and dreary enough?  You’ve been meeting the demands of everyone around you, for way too long, and most likely slaving behind the scenes with little credit.

Isn’t it about time you did something that you want to do instead of being the Ghostwriter for someone else’s story?

Uranus has ensured that you have discovered the true power of your own will, (which is quite something!) so there are no excuses. As Nike said, “just do it” so start rewriting the story of your life.

Currently, someone is trying to coerce or bully you into agreeing with something that you don’t want to, or trying to steer you down a certain path, or doing something behind someone’s back.  In doing so, you’re likely to upset at least one person and so whose side do you choose?  You can’t keep trying to keep everyone happy, so just make yourself happy. Whatever you like doing (travelling, socializing, eating, or something creative), just go ahead and spoil yourself.  Book an art class, write a book, go on a cruise ticket or enjoy a massage. 

If you have kids, the full moon may bring some drama surrounding one of them, but there is likely to be more goings-on surrounding a child or children.

If you are single, then there will be increased romance, and even if it’s not overly apparent, it IS happening!  You are being admired and appreciated.

From the 10th as a result of the Mars conjunct with Uranus and especially the square with Pluto, enemies are powerful now so it’s best not to provoke them, even if this energy is encouraging you to think big and be bold. This can affect long distance travel or any forms of international communication and/or relationships with foreigners, distant relatives and in-laws.  There can be issues of morals and ethics particularly in legal and academic matters and some secrets may be uncovered.

Don’t be tempted to use unfair or manipulative tactics to get what you want; to warn you that it will not be appreciated is an understatement...

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Family matters are coming to a head with the full moon energy, and you have to deal with family and personal life now, there’s no escaping that.  It may be to do with your tangible home (as in property) or someone within your family, most likely to be either a parent or a child.

Gemini’s love to have options, but here you are trying to control and dispense with an unmanageable situation, and so there may be only one option to choose from.

Of course that option will be the only one that can transform this dynamic, but you may not know how the cards are going to fall until April (although you can make a decisive move this weekend if you want).

Perhaps you’ve got to work out what is most important

to you, as you can’t pander to different demands, or you run the risk of being excessively burdened by everybody else’s problems and baggage.

There can be unexpected and rapid progress, and you’ll have a better grasp of how this can pan out, and you can take the necessary steps to ensure that it does.

Communication holds the key, what you say to someone, what you write, what you agree to will pave the way to better times, without the roadblocks and the pitfalls. You will be the zodiacs equivalent of Ali Baba, saying ‘open sesame” to someone who has shut you out.

Other Gems have been spending too much time on personal life and letting career opportunities slip; either way it’s out of whack: your public life and your private life.  If you’ve been ignoring your personal life, then you can welcome in a period of positive change, either within your home/family or your romantic/social life.

Some issue has become a big focus (or concern) for one reason or another, but you will be taking steps to deal with this and resolving the issue or walking away – or someone else does - but that clears the way for a fresh start.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing power and success for wisdom.  One gets results, but the other gives you a real quality of life.

There will be a conclusion this week - but maybe you just got tired of thinking!

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There is so much to do, documents to write, people to call, things to “action” and one very significant matter will predominate your thoughts.  As there is a full moon in the house of communication and siblings at the start of the week, you could receive news from a sibling (or some other kind of significant news) or a key email/document could arrive that surprises or shocks you.

You’ve been like the Man of La Mancha dreaming some impossible dream, but that dream is turning into a reality by as early as next week. This can include a wish to do with your career, reputation, lifestyle, academia, a legal matter, travel or a foreign connection, but whatever unfurls this week is a game changer (and life changer).

You could be altering a system, a set of laws or regulations and those changes that are likely to suggest you might end the week on an entirely different course to one you started with.  Some of these could be shocking, or make you see red, and some can be to your great benefit but I do think the majority of Crabs will enjoy success and lucky breaks, especially after a period of not having any at all!

There is a wonderful trine between Mars in Aries and Jupiter on the 10th  (although it’s followed by a conjunct and a square with Uranus and Pluto respectively the following day) all affecting your reputation, career and life.

Some may try to challenge or resist your efforts (and you have to be willing to compromise) but persistent pursuit of your objectives will achieve what you want.

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It’s quite a sexual week, but the full moon can bring a certain pressure on intimacy issues, and even what is fair and reasonable. Hmmn…

There may be some power plays, and arguments about division of “spoils” literally and more intangible and metaphorical ones) and you will be more selfish and self-serving in your pursuit of your desires.

The equivalent of a “white sliced bread life” won’t cut it now, as you want the exotic, interesting and the unpredictable. Venus trines Jupiter and ensures that travel, new experiences, foreigner influences and greater luck all bring exciting developments in your life, and especially within an intimate connection.

On the 10th there is a trine between Mars in Aries (and Jupiter in Leo) that will open doors and you can push your luck (and get away with it).  The areas to push are travel, foreign connections, education and legalities and you can put long-range plans into effect with more confidence.

This week can bring great success for the actions you take and at the very least you’ll get a glimpse (or a clear idea) of what the potential in is.

Your confidence is at an all time high, but the best upshot of the week, is a more profound understanding of what you want and don’t want, what you need and what you desire..

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You could lose the plot a bit at the beginning of the week, and act unreasonably or even appear somewhat childish (tantrums?) and this is not your usual modus operandi - far from it.

But you are feeling left out of the loop a bit, ignored and overlooked and not getting your appropriate dues and so you’ll certainly be venting your anger (or some other emotion) to one and all.

Just keep in mind that you are not going to be rational, so please remember that before you push the Big Red Button.

There is a decision looming or a choice that you can take, and certainly one that can upset the applecart or turn a situation around, and you will be entertaining some really “out there” ideas.  The aim of course is not to go too far or run Lemming like over the cliff, in your pursuit of something.

But that’s easier said than done because someone has rattled your cage, and you want to bite back or undertake some radical action.  Or it may not even concern a person, but rather a situation, however do try and err on the side of a conservative approach as others may end up judging you accordingly.

You want to push your own barrow, but you don’t need to drive over someone in a Panzer tank and annihilate him or her in the process.   There’s a huge difference in being assertive and asking for what you want, versus railroading others (and if you can hold off until this energy passes, you’ll regain your equilibrium by next week). 

There is a pressing desire to be in charge and lead a situation, but you have to identify the right way to go about it, and then show the way to others (as that’s what you do best). However you need to employ logic, not emotion in any decisions you make.

But some arrangement will come to an end and closure is in sight, however that occurs…

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There are worrying circumstances or bad news (or you’re just super tired), but you’re feeling somewhat frayed around the time of the full moon on Thursday.  You are definitely not in a sociable mood and want to have time to think. 

If you’ve been hiding something, it may be that you are feeling dismayed that your secret is out, or you’ve been given your marching orders at work, but whatever happens, try and remain as Zen as possible around Thursday/Friday! 

It may be that someone else is being secretive or not “coming clean” and avoiding your questions, or alternatively a love affair can blossom.

It can go either way, as Uranus is the planet of the “unpredictable”.

But you are not the same accommodating Libran that you used to be, and at work, at play, and in fact in all things, you are rather daring and brave.

Start planning the next stage of your life and dreaming up ideas for the future as you can truly begin to realize those as early as April.

Indeed, in spite of the likelihood for more arguments and opposition - both at work and in your personal life this week - you will feel all “loved up” very shortly (and it’s only a matter of a few weeks to wait).

As always with Libra, but especially so now, it’s your ability to play politics, and sway opinions via philosophical arguments and charming pressure, that will bring you the success (and the joy) within your group or clan.

Your friendships and “the group” reign supreme at the moment, but once April arrives, it’s very much the one-to-one equation that will appeal more.

Before then, with Mars in your relationship house, surrender is not an option, but rather fiery dynamics.

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There’s been a lot of drama and tension at work and whilst this has been brewing, you may have been ignoring loves ones, family and even close friends. 

This week gives you a chance to “kiss and make up”, spend more time with them and show them how much you care (especially as the career pressure is now off or at least lessened).   It’s now officially the end of recent conflict and aggression and that great uncertainty about your position (or someone’s opinion) or even the collective is has ceased now also.

In fact you will make great progress in your career in March, so try and spend this week/weekend paying attention to your loved ones and sharing some good times.

You are more in demand personally, socially and professionally and the more you are “out and about” (and the more you network) the greater the rewards.

Jupiter is ensuring progress and growth in your career - or whatever it is that you “do” in your life - and you are finding your centre of gravity.

You’ve learnt to rely on your own strengths and are literally propelling and empowering yourself forward (and through) any opposition.   What has been an uphill battle until now; will soon be an environment of pleasure and reward.

The only thing that can bring you unglued is a dalliance that will be more than a simple infatuation, but instead some kind of profound sexual connection.

Be warned that Neptune can “cloud” issues and let you move boundaries and break all the rules and you may meet someone that you adore. 

At the very least, someone could tempt you (or an idea that is rather alluring could lead you astray), but if it’s the former, make sure that you are not overlooking, or avoiding, a truth.

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You have a clear choice at the start of the forecast, and how your future pans out, in some way, will reflect (or be a result of) how you act.

A particular idea or activity will no longer be supported or accepted and you’ve declared a boundary of sorts and the old ways of doing things are finished.   This is being swapped with an entirely different arrangement/set up and it might be a family infrastructure; your domestic scene, or one existing way of living could be replaced by a new one.

A lifestyle, home/family/career decision looms, and you can’t avoid it and have to “take charge” but don’t do anything that you may have to apologize for afterwards, or worse not be able to undo.

This will contain some kind of “out of the ordinary” financial transaction and something that was done may have to be upended - or a messy situation is finally undone - or a scheme finalized.

Someone wants to reclassify or re-characterize the meaning of the family unit (as in clan) or even the living environment and if you don’t agree with the decision or approach being proposed, you can confront or dispute it.

Or you can stop trying because you are already satisfied with what has been achieved, but you don’t want to be plagued with a guilty conscience either, or be filled with remorse and shame.

So maintain a calm and controlled attitude and show how capable and responsible you are by making the right choices.  

Demonstrate your leadership skills and assume control, rather than saying “if only” or having insight that comes a day or a year too late...

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“What’s it all about Alfie?” was the disheartened self-questioning at the end of the film of the same name. You too may be questioning, “what it is all about” - your life, your perspective - and whether or not it has the right meaning and substance.

At the very least you are probably feeling a bit flat, as if there isn’t enough excitement and fun in your existence, and what you need to do to change that.  

You may just well find the answer this week, as there will be a reversal or an about-face that allows you to finally move on or let go of a drama that has plagued you for a while. 

This may be in your family or extended family, or something to do with your career.  If it’s the latter, whatever (or whoever) you jettison will result in you being less restricted and thus making more money and maybe you can focus more on an existing project or there is another opportunity that arrives.

You are thinking long term about your personal happiness, and getting “real” about what that actually looks like.  

As I mentioned, there has been some ancillary drama and unnecessary stress that has been in the background of your world, but one significant step this week changes all that.

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There will be lots of discussion this weekend about “sharing” issues, and what is fair and evenhanded (and it’s likely to do with shared financial resources), but also in what is fair in the “everyday”. 

It’s a lot to do with expectations and whether or not they are being me - or should be met - and vice versa and this may be the reaction from a sweeping change and one that is having a financial impact. 

It could work out brilliantly for you, but it does seem to be a rather astonishing or unusual step, or at least it appears that way at first.

You are fighting for your rights and bringing out the individual in you, and thankfully you really know what you want for yourself (and for your significant others). 

More importantly you know what you want for your future, and are taking radical steps to ensure that materializes, and that you get the results you are after. 

However what you thought would take a while, has transformed or “come through” almost overnight and a lot of Water Bearers will be making a big purchase this week, or a final payment/ settlement.

They could be selling, making (or ending) agreements and contracts, or any combination of the above.

Someone close to you may be feeling a bit flaky in response to your unpredictable conduct and lightening actions, and this is having a strong impact upon him or her.  He or he or she is need of emotional support (or even financial backing) and you do need to be more cautious in your rapid-fire approach. 

Someone has to come up to speed with your evolving desires and if you don’t allow for that, or push too hard, you may damage the union - and you don’t want that.

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Someone close to you is in need, or asking too much - or too little - of you and this may be love, money or your time.  

It may be that you want to “separate out” and become more independent and if you are in an intimate/personal relationship, there could be some stresses around the start of the forecast.

Perhaps an adjustment needs to be made to the “give and take” aspects of the union, especially if it is out of whack and it’s about finding “middle ground” on some issue, and being able to compromise.

The best way is to talk, talk, talk, but by the same token you have to be very careful with what you say and how you say it.

If you are single, this weekend could be very special (because you could meet someone very special..) and at the very least you will meet a lot of new people and be networking like crazy.

The crazy thing is that the grass is looking greener at the moment and you may want another job or another living existence, or another lover and yet, what you already have, is all that you actually need. 

It just needs some tweaking or fine-tuning or making bigger and better, so instead of hankering for some unattainable standard (that only leaves you feeling disillusioned) just make some adjustments.

Also make room for some form of escape on a regular basis and then you’ll be fine…

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