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The week starts off with a whole of activity in Scorpio, in particular  a new moon/partial solar eclipse and this will enliven your “joint resources” house.

That can mean sharing (or dividing up) possessions, income, wealth, debts and loans and/or sharing bodily fluids (as in sex). You could also benefit from a partner’s resources, but there is a physical and material aspect to what is happening now.

This could be with a friend, a lover, a business partner, a bank (loans and credit card applications et al) and/or a financial issue that needs to be addressed. Thankfully the Sun in Scorpio will help you to find the right answers to a complicated or embarrassing situation (financial or emotional) and ease an ongoing source of concern.

Physically you’ll be more sexually predatory (one hot mamma or papa!) and passionate encounters are de rigueur. 

Emotionally you’re more obsessive and fiery, or more loving - or even more menacing - but one way or another your emotions are on “high”.

However you already know all about these feelings, because Saturn has been expunging this very area for over two years and raising all sorts of questions about shared money issues and unhealthy attachments (and of course power and control issues). 

Others can press your buttons now and make you feel more vulnerable and insecure (especially if there has been an elephant in the room that you want to avoid) and there may be some self-questioning going on. 

But this is quite a transformational week, so if there is anything pivate or complicated in your life, this is an ideal week to deal with any unpleasant situations, especially those that happened in the past.

There might be some déjà vu scenarios with Mercury still retrograding, such as an ex reappearing (or reliving an old problem), but it’s also a great time to improve relationships and achieve positive outcomes.

Of course you’ve got to stop thinking about yourself and your own needs (probably financial) and listen to another’s point of view and be prepared to discuss the not-too-easy-to-address topics.

Just keep in mind though, that you still haven’t got the whole picture about some issue, or what you think you understand is correct.  It’s not.

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You’re not feeling quite as ratty as you have been, but it would be fair to say that you’re war weary and resemble a battle hardened soldier after the past few years of “engaging”. 

It may have been with a lover, a boss, a friend, a frenemy, a legal challenge, but all your interpersonal dealings have been challenged thanks to Saturn.

Some Bovines now have a rock solid union (having weathered all the storms) or you have a great business, whilst others have split or seen their personal stocks go south

The solar eclipse energy this week, suggests it’s make or break time, but this energy that highlights your romantic relationships isn’t anything new.

However, if you have been in some kind of business battle, then it’s likely to “develop” now (in either a positive or negative way). 

If it’s a relationship that’s “meant to be” it will go to another level in some way, or if someone has some malcontent towards you, they will show their hand this week.

But as I said, either way, you're not up against anything new.

On a positive note, you can bring about a resolution or an agreement to a seemingly impossible situation (particularly in a business or legal dealing) and you will get a bird’s eye view where this is headed this week.

You might not get a choice in the matter and be herded into a new direction (via a decision, judgment or a ruling), but there is a very personal dimension to events.

This is Mercury retrograde, so no “counting chickens” and this situation that has been consuming your time, energy and emotions has no long-term resolution this week.  

There may appear an easy “out”, but its a temporary one, and will fail to address underlying problems.

Some kind of finale is likely and you won’t be sad about it, indeed it may help you to 'move on’ from a stuck situation or from the torch you were carrying for someone so you can “start again”.

If you are single, it can bring a new relationship or elevate a relationship to the next level and put it on a more secure footing.

But no matter what is happening, with Mars in Capricorn, this is the time to convince someone or a group of your potential and worth and what you’re really capable of doing….

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Suddenly you want to join a gym or throw yourself into work and become super productive.  What you eat and what you “do” during each day becomes more significant (although with a new moon you might get just a tad too enthusiastic).

If there is something dysfunctional about your routines or what you are involved in every day (such as a toxic and draining situation) this may be the prompt to actually do something about it - including finding a new job - and the area of work IS up for review.

If everyone around you is losing his or her heads, you can be the person who lends support and creates collaboration, so try and identify a lasting solution, not just the “whim of the week”.

There might be a surprise, shock or unforeseen development and there are some financial challenges that require your attention.

But if is some area of your working or general life is out of whack, this eclipse energy will push you to restore order and sense or strive for agreement. 

This week calls for new rules and changes to your lifestyle and a better understanding of your limits (too far or not far enough) but a loving or selfless act won’t go astray right now (and if fact would be very positive for you).

Gemini’s are “in their head” and detached, but this is not the time to keep you distance. Use your no. 1 skill, talk about it and discuss how you real feeling (including any pain and regret). 

This especially applies to any offspring (whilst Mercury is in retrograde), and if the way things were meant to be isn’t happening, this is the time to restore that imbalance.

You’ve got Saturn in your relationship house in 2015 so try and get your key relationships onto some kind of even keel now and avoid future conflict (before the challenges become more than even you can talk yourself out of).

If you commit with untiring energy and a “never say die” mindset you will turn around one difficult set of circumstances, and go far beyond what even you thought possible (and we’re taking about a significant move ahead).

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Welcome to the house of fun! 

You’ve got a raft of planets in your play, fun, romance, creativity and gambling house, so you could cut loose when the new Moon hits this part of your chart.

I doubt that you’ll be spending a lot of time at home or if you are indoors then it’s likely to be at Caesars Palace or an exotic international spa.  

This is a great time to be painting the hills of Tuscany and giving full reign to your creativity, or heading into the IVF office. 

Some Cancers will be going on loads of dates (as romance is in the air), but the spark is back in your life, your confidence gets a boost and pleasures are Inward Bound.

Having said all that, Saturn is here also, but in a different way (the party pooper way) and has been for a couple of years and perhaps the lighter times will highlight just how draining and difficult the past couple of years has been.

Given the other planets that have joined Saturn, this is a time of resolving some of the challenges that Saturn threw up and that applies to the same areas. 

You may have had to make some hard calls (especially regarding your children or a child) but your concerns are easing in this regard. Others have taken you for granted to their determent, but that’s about to change and you have the cosmic edge. 

There is good news and positive times ahead, and best of all, more respect and acknowledgement of your needs.

Mercury is retrograding through your home and family zone, so it’s possible to pull the threads back together in some way and find a more workable situation than the one you’ve been tolerating.

You’ve had your fair share of drudgery and dull time and worries; now it’s positive times for fun, romance and family relationships and you will see signs of progress this week.

That said; until Mercury moves direct; don’t expect things to happen overnight (because they won’t) but whatever has been delayed or stuck will move forward from the weekend.

Others will ask you what YOU want for a change.

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You might wake up one day this week and decide to move house, country, get married or divorced, move back home or get your parents to move in, but it will be about making your environment comfortable and secure.

If you can’t stand the Monkey Bum pink paint color on the walls, you’ll be changing that also.  But it seems to be more macro than micro changes, and it’s about putting your life on a stronger emotional footing and thus suggestive new beginnings and fresh starts.

The past couple of years had you having to deal with some kind of baggage, a painful past or an unresolved family issue and the current Mercury retrograde may have you hankering for someone from your past (and maybe as a result of recent contact from them).

It really depends on where you are in life right now as to what is happening, but for ALL Leo’s you mood is lightening, and a situation or memory that had some kind of hold on your psyche is no longer.  It’s time to be emotionally and financially free and “untied” and the progressive steps and improvements and welcome suggestions (and answers) to family dilemmas.  

There does seem to be a new start in the area of home, family, or property and your domestic and domain will feel a lot more manageable and freer (and that may be that you’ve had “the conversation” with someone within your domestic sphere).

You are a lot more authentic and honest with yourself these days and have greater insight and clarity and not wasting time in lost dreams. 

Because of that you’re being more responsible and accountable when it comes to your relationships and not afraid to make the tough decisions and then move on (although it will be emotionally challenging).

But that is exactly what is going to happen this week.  You’ll make a key decision about some aspect of your life (probably to do with home, family and your domestic scene) although it could equally be within your career as the eclipse is on the same axis, but you ARE “letting go”.

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You’re going to have to make a choice this week between the lesser of two evils and if you could, you’d choose what you want, but you can’t for some reason. 

That said, in spite of maybe having to settle for the least appealing choice, you may be interested to know that the other one comes with a cost.  It was like a Fools Gold scenario, it looked promising and a bonanza, but it wasn’t.

The area of money (especially if you are in debt or share it) continues to be difficult and it’s not easy to read someone’s intentions.   This is not an impossible task however, but you do need to work out who you align yourself with - and how you go about it.  But you must collaborate with someone or a group in order to get what you want.

Your siblings (if you have any) are involved in some way this week, and either you renew a relationship, have business dealings with them or some form of communication (even if it’s via a third party) but communications, emails, Internet are all highlighted as the solar eclipse/new moon falls in this sector of your chart.

The only way you are going to derive any satisfaction out of what is happening is if you feel like you are the one communicating the idea. By the same token you’re sure there is another option or another choice - or some discovery or another approach that’s yet to be made.

It would be fair to say that this topic or a person is something that you are finding very difficult to understand, mainly because you aren’t even willing to try. 

In fact this week a group or an individual demands that you make a difficult decision or causes you embarrassment or tries to back you into a corner and there will be some control issues (about who’s calling the shots).

There will certainly be more discussion and debate, more emails, phone calls etc regarding one matter in particular and you might go around and around until you are just about going around the twist yourself in indecision.

Exercise some caution during the retrograde, as Mercury is in your money house, but after the weekend if you can be more open minded about a way forward, and can make an effort to get along better with someone (and communicate your ideas effectively), you will be able to resolve a conflict and achieve a personal or business goal.

Communication has been a dirty word for the past few years (bad news or a or a disconnect) or not seeing eye-to-eye with someone and there may be painful memories.

Thankfully you can leave all this behind you after December and a change in the tide begins this week.

Obviously with your ruler still in retrograde, don’t jump in feet first until you know how deep the water is.

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Money is the topic du jour, how much you have in the bank, what you earn, and where you can get more or how you can spend less, and many Libran’s will be actively pursuing avenues to get more money (such as a second job or a better job). 

If you are lucky enough to already have a big salary, then the energy of the solar eclipse in Scorpio will see you making some big expenditures and perhaps even running up a big debt, so faire attention!

Overall you shouldn’t get yourself into too much grief because you’ve got a lot clearer vision of life at the moment, in spite of the retrograde being in your sign (although it starts to wane on the weekend). 

The recent Aries eclipse on the Libra axis, which is the Self- relationship axis, (part of ongoing series eclipses) continues to transform your emotional world and your own personality.

It will do this by bringing relationship “tests” and situations that you have to confront and it’s how you deal with these relationship challenges that are the lessons being metered out by the Cosmos (along with the nodes in Libra and Uranus in Aries).

Then of course you have Pluto affecting your house of home and family, so your domestic scene and family dynamics is transforming also.  

These planetary dynamics will bring uncertainty to romantic affairs, but as I said, this is ending and you’ll soon be enjoying more stability in your love life (and social life). 

If you’ve experienced some issue of late in these areas – maybe some romantic competition - this is going to work out fine (and probably to your advantage). 

With all this energy in your house of Self, you are going to put your needs first, and will take whatever steps you have to, in order to feel secure.

You are going to follow your own principles and ideas, and the things you want the most, and it’s all about enriching your life (financially, but also to make yourself feel emotionally secure and “worthy”).

There no doubt that you are dedicated to improving your life (self) and relationships and you’ve already begun to take the necessary steps to do so…or realize that you have no other option but to.

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It’s all about YOU right now, with a new moon/solar eclipse and a raft of planetary activity all in Scorpio, and so this is a time of huge personal development, both inside and out.  

You can literally “remake” your image and brand and how you express yourself and this is a new chapter in your life and a time when a decisive change in a situation will occur - one with beneficial results!   

This is the apex of all your work and a number of supportive planets are onside to ensure that your ideals are realized and your efforts over the past two years rewarded.

Saturn has been the yoke around your neck (but also instrumental in your transformation) and he exists in a couple of month’s time leaving a fully-fledged and complete version of your old self.

No matter what your age you, you are more “grown up” emotionally and/or more established than you were a couple of years ago and you have more self-knowledge.

Armed with this new maturity and greater confidence that Saturn has brought, you can really open up your personal horizons now, and climb even higher up that ladder of success.

Saturn may have damaged your image or your brand earlier on - or “tested” your status or reputation - but if you’ve learnt the “lessons” of Saturn’s tests (and passed) then your personal stock will be at an all time high.

If not, the eclipse brings a chance for some consideration as to your motives or of the correctness of a course of action so that you can make the necessary changes.

I do think you’ll be questioning or reconsidering your position or beliefs in at least one area of your life that isn’t logical or you don’t know all the facts.

Jupiter transiting Leo is giving you loads of opportunities for being in the spotlight, but can also expose any failings in your professional life or with regards how you wield power /authority /control (which is important to you).

At any rate, this week brings new energy along with a few epiphanies (you’ll be more aware of what you want emotionally and within your family and domestic life) and will give you the opportunity to address any problem problems in your career/business life or with your reputation.

Obviously this is a very influential time in your life, when you’ll be more authoritative and commanding and have a lot of personal power. 

Use it wisely and maximize the potential to further your own interests, but this is the beginning of an era pregnant with possibilities

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You have a lot of planets and activity in your zone of hidden things, and secrets and indeed you’ve had Saturn here for the past two years, so whatever you are hiding or dealing with behind the scenes is probably not a new issue.

Maybe it’s just your own secret about how you are really feeling, or you are keeping yourself in the background, or you are having an affair, or indulging in an infatuation, or you could literally be working behind-the-scenes on something.

There is a propensity for secrets and deception, but this is not the time to be dishonest as this is also the house of karma (so don’t undertake any actions that could have unpleasant consequences or an undesired outcome).

It may simply be that you are in restoration mode after the harsh lessons that Saturn brought over the past couple of years and you are laying low and keeping out of the public gaze.

Thankfully as you come to the end of this cycle, you can now choose what you want although you will probably continue to work on something you want until it’s successfully completed.

It may have been a matter that has caused grief or remorse or some other kind of distress and at times you have felt like Sisyphus as this went on and on.  

Therefore you are going to welcome this week, because there is a change in the air and the heavens will some light on this “hidden project”. 

Whatever is initiated this week will relieve the anxiety and stress, but remember next year is about spiritual growth, so start doing the right things now to aid the process.

Both Chiron and Neptune want you to restore family harmony and change a way of behaving that you’ve had for many years.  Mercury will bring another opportunity to get something right in a group project (or with an old love relationship) and some love affairs can be reawakened or existing ones renewed.

You are approaching the end of a very long cycle (30 years) and so it’s time to prepare yourself for the next cycle and a new chapter in your life in 2015. 

If you take the initiative and change some aspect of your existence now, you’ll have a much more enjoyable future, but you have to clean the slate and start afresh.

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Mars arrives in your sign on Sunday so you’ll be taking a firm grip on the wheel of your life’s direction, breaking through barriers and seizing what you want (and aiding the great transformation of your personality that is occurring with Pluto in Capricorn).

You will be lot more self-assertive and competitive and of course for you, this will always be in the area of your socio-economic existence. 

In other words your career, social life and public reputation and standing in society and how much power you wield.

The nodes continue to transit Libra until late next year and this will help you find the right alliances for your career development, whilst Pluto is pushing you towards the leadership position that you were born to achieve. 

Unfortunately the recent eclipse in Aries in your home, family and domestic sector (not to mention the ongoing influence of Uranus) could bring some unwelcome surprises and a relationship could unravel; but only if the Cosmos feels you need to clear the decks of this person or situation. 

You will be re-evaluating your direction and perhaps some of your hopes and wishes, especially in an investment or a job. 

You might want to offload a project or change some aspect of your working life, but don’t make any major decisions until November when Mercury is well clear.

You’ve got some tests and challenges in all kinds of joint affairs – of the financial and the intimate kind – but if you do want to go in a different direction do it slowly and carefully.

By the same token you could enjoy a breakthrough with a group or a friend (especially a powerful new acquaintance who could be the catalyst for your new direction).

Some Cappy’s will have business dealings with ex-lovers or they make declare their undying affection  - or they want money from you – but someone does want something from you.

For the next couple of months there are few obstacles you can’t get around, but you’ll have to deal with one particular problem yourself, because the people who should have dealt with it….didn’t and won’t.

At least your social life is taking off…BIG TIME.

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There will be opposing experiences this week for the Water Bearers depending on where you are “at” with your career and personal life, as there can be both beginnings and endings, and so it’s either/or energy.

There can be a fresh start in a career and some kind of advancement - such as a promotion or a raise - or there can be a change of direction.

This is a solar eclipse, so it will highlight situations, and if there has been something to hide, this will be revealed now, so greater exposure… both good and bad; reward or failure.

This solar energy suggests that an important career opportunity is on the horizons, and one that is a step up.

But either way, this is a period when you will be formulating long-term professional goals  and your focus will be on career advancement and getting the kudos for your efforts (financial and otherwise).

Saturn has been in this area of your chart for more than two years and you have had “issues” at work that have caused dissatisfaction or concern.  It’s highly likely that you experienced a career setback in the past couple of years or your ambitions or business confidence took a “hit”. 

But you are no longer fearful or concerned and you don’t take certain constructive criticism or feedback as warning signs – in other words you are more secure within your career and with your own abilities.

You are more focused and more optimistic about the future and may even be prepared to take a business risk - or follow through on an unusual idea - and the eclipse this week will highlight what still needs to be changed in this area (just don’t miss the opportunity, carpe diem!).

Jupiter is putting a big focus on relationships, marriage, business partnerships and enemies and can also bring challenges, especially if you have taken something or someone for granted, or been overly optimistic.

If you are single you will have a lot more options and this week could bring a new attraction (both personal and professional) and if an existing association is limiting or uncreative, you will do something about it now.

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This week brings to a head a decision you made, or a view you formed, or something you did in the past that may have been questionable. 

You do seem to be making an assessment of a person or a situation a forming a judgment about someone and weighing up issues of principles, ethics and even morality (your own or someone else’s).  

In some way your core spirit is undergoing a revamp and there is something that you have to settle or you have to make a situation “right” (your own or someone else’s) and perhaps a choice you made earlier has turned out to be a lot more costly (financially or emotionally) than you ever imagined.

You could be feeling as if you are drifting and a bit “lost” and need to find some kind of guide for living life (and that’s most likely prompted by the fact that what you are currently doing, and how you are living life, no longer “does it for you”). 

You need a new structure, as you feel uninterested and unenthusiastic.

You might be in unfamiliar territory or travelling (or exposed to some kind of different existence) and this has brought home just how much your current life needs to change (and as you’re not too focused on the mundane or details, it’s best that you are not at the office!).

A lot of Pisceans ARE far from home at the moment (or are planning to do more travel far in the not too distant future) and maybe to someone at distance who holds a special place in your heart.

There is a lot of internal development going on, but that will help you to identify what you DO want and to find the right way forward.

There are developments involving people or organizations overseas or at a distance and perhaps a trip or a move is on the cards.

But this will only occur if you are prepared to risk a new start, but one that will put you on a stronger and happier emotional and financial footing.

What are you waiting for..?

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