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Uranus is making it impossible for you to be anything other than a Lone Wolf and yet that is not your role at this time. 

You need a helping hand or someone to facilitate something, and yet you may be reluctant to ask; or they want YOU to do something that you are still unsure about and you are blaming the world (or this one person in particular) for a situation you find yourself in. 

But you are on a bit of a holding pattern right now, regarding a real estate transaction or some other kind of joint financial arrangement (perhaps with someone within your family or home). 

You are at the end of your tether with certain folk, but keep the sudden outbursts (of something that you shouldn’t really say) to yourself, and work on those feelings of hostility.

Some Aries have found themselves in some kind of pickle/dilemma, and most likely from a decision or action you took way before this week.

This may be romantic - or financial - or some kind of loyalty issue, but there is something going on in the background of your life that you may not want to be made public.

There may be some kind of threat or pressure or you feel as if you’re being influenced into a particular direction, because either something will happen if you don’t (a penalty or a missed opportunity). 

There’s a fair bit of ‘action’ with Venus, Neptune, Mars and Mercury this week, so relationships of all descriptions figure strongly and whatever you are keeping under wraps or IS causing you grief.

This involves a key connection and if you throw into the mix, the law, foreigners (or foreign influences), education or media/publicity - and your own PR - you’ve got quite a cocktail!

Don’t make any hasty decisions, in fact don’t make decisions period, at least not until the end of next week.

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You continue to feel frazzled (and for a generally grounded and stolid - and solid - sign, you’re feeling rather frayed right now).  Certainly your emotions are “all over the place”, and there is no way to circumvent it – blame it on the stars! 

You could have therapy, but that isn’t the solution, and it won’t ease whatever weight is on your mind and heart.   It may be that you are burning the candles at both ends or working like a dog.  It might be that you have great doubt about your position or regarding a relationship or about an outcome..or about LIFE.

Right now do not make assumptions or think something means more than it really does and don’t over-analyze any messages or try to figure out a hidden meaning in something that probably doesn’t have a hidden meaning.

Take everything literally, without adding your own personal interpretation.

You are dealing with some kind of challenge and instead of working your way through chocolate or meeting the bottom of a wine bottle, get more rest, and channel your energies more productively.

Take comfort from your support structures and ease the pressure on yourself (mental and emotional) as you are draining your life force. 

In other words slow down as you have a lot of action in your health and daily routines (work) zone, indicating an intense and emotionally demanding time.

Someone or a group is not exercising sound judgment.  Or what you think you are seeing is not what you are getting (at work and play) and Neptune is bringing all kinds of confusion, deceit and conjecture about others motives and actions.

As this takes place in your 11th house it could be in your dealings with a friend (s), an organization/group or authority figures/VIP’s; so just tread water for this week (as you are feeling “hyper”).

Next week will bring a favorable opportunity for doing something (but that must be seized upon immediately and you’ll know at the time, exactly what to do). 

It could be a new idea/concept/influence or you strike a blow, but it will be key to your future goals and bring greater stability and clarity to your situation (that is currently unsettled and unresolved).

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You’ve got an agenda, (or is that an obsession), but you are rather one-eyed about this idea, pursuit or person or situation.  Maybe you want to build a perfect world for yourself or restore peace to a chaotic situation, or make something “happen”.  

Work wise you’re at a “make or break” phase - or whatever it is that you are concentrating on in your daily life – as you are feeling blocked or inadequate and realize that you are at a life’s crossroads. 

It either has something to do with your work, offspring or your public reputation, or life direction, but there ARE limitations.   

However if you have faith, you can pull off the seemingly impossible and make something transpire (or come to pass) and a whole lot of Gemini’s are getting a huge boost from Mars in a positive way.

Some changes need to be made, either changing your job, changing how you’ve handled a situation, or how you deal with your children or even with your health. 

But it does need a rethink and a new approach (and real commitment).

You are thoroughly absorbed or even engrossed in someone or something; but be careful that you are not misplacing your energies because there are some caution signs ahead.  You might go down a path and realize that you’ve hit a dead-end or have spread yourself too thin or that what you are doing is not correct or suitable.

Before too long you will reach a point when a crucial decision must be made, which will have far-reaching consequences.

You don’t want to find that you were barking up the wrong tree or you thought you had something that was certain and final, only to discover that it’s not.

You might think you understand something completely and correctly, or that an arrangement or decision has been fixed and agreed upon, only to discover it doesn’t exist or hold up. 

Your ruler is going retrograde and so you are likely to be revisiting this issue, but Neptune will cause you to question and perhaps ultimately reject one particular objective or dream. 

Just make sure you’ve got the right support, agreements and authorizations, because if you do, you can make great strides in a new business venture.  Or change course and if this is a group plan, it may become divisive or  “hot” and even litigious.

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You have a rival or you are contesting something or simply trying to “win out” in a complex, draining or trying situation.   

But whatever you are arranging or have already “put in train” you are anticipating a stellar outcome or a wonderful reward. 

There IS a change in climate ahead, and I think it’s going to be a positive one, and even if something appears over, the fat lady hasn’t sung.   Mercury is still retrograding and in November there will be another round that no one had anticipated.

Still for most of this week, there will be financial discussions or even a proposal (or some kind of offer) and certainly further discussion is needed, as there are polarized views (yours and “theirs”). 

You are keen for this to be unrestricted and freely available whilst someone else is trying to keep it contained or under wraps.   Once Mercury starts to move forward – and perhaps even before – you will start to see signs of positive advancement as you finally “get through” to someone.

You are underestimating the concerns of others, either a lover or a business partner, or a coworker, but there are real doubts and reservations.   

It will be beneficial to reappraise and perhaps even reconsider your stance or entertain a different option. You cannot change the past, but you can do something about the future (and they may be grateful that you did), but always with an eye on the main prize, taking care of your own interests.

Someone at work or in your business world may have made an error that they want covered up or fixed (and they want your help) or else someone doesn’t want you to have something and may try to bully or control you accordingly.

Just remember you actually do hold a lot of Cosmic cards and have a winning hand so there is no need to trade Ace’s.

You are feeling confident about what you are doing or about the subject you are dealing with (and you have every reason to), so why would you forfeit that if someone asks you to help on them.  You are dealing with dirty politics so don’t get “sucked in” by your emotions and misguided loyalties as it can only be to your detriment (and probably at the expense of your pocket).

That said, listen carefully or carefully observe as you are being sent a message “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.

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Communication is very important to you right now with so much activity is this area of your chart, but it has to be authentic communication.  Mars has stirred up a few differences of opinions with siblings, a parent or within your community, but there are some longer term family and domestic “issues” that need more honest dialogue.

That said, you need to watch what you say as you can kill or heal with your words right now, so think what are going to say before you say it, as the probability for foot in mouth (or dagger in the heart) is very high.

You could be feeling profoundly unhappy and need to gain a different right perspective or a more solid foundation or even different structure for living life.

At the very least you are frustrated with some aspect of your home and family and it may be where you reside (too small, too noisy, too great a mortgage or you don’t want to rent etc) or else it’s with someone who shares your space.

As this is also on the same axis as your career, it could be that you have experienced issues at work (and with Mercury retrograding this could mean confusion or miscommunication).

You have an ideal period to have an honest dialogue and clear the air and sort out misunderstandings and repair broken bridges.

You know that change is imminent (as you’ve been deferring a decision for a while) and this may be tangible  - as in relocating, renovating, changing jobs etc. - or more esoteric.   

It’s about gaining harmony and clarity and perspective on a situation and the effects of any decisions you might make on that situation.

It’s about improving infrastructures and making some key decisions (both private and public) and in some instances as a result of an ultimatum.

Solve your own problems and make your existence more “orderly” clean and arrange your house (home and family affairs) and organize your financial and other affairs in preparation for a life-changing event.

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Mercury is bringing back the past in some way and this may be a financial issue (especially of a joint nature) or past intimacies.  Neptune is bringing confusion to your relationships (and even the prospect of turmoil ahead) and Pluto is making you question them or dream of passionate or happy times…especially if you don’t currently have them!

Joint finances and your intimate life continue to be at issue, and any resolutions or progress will continue to be impeded by the retrograde (and bring issues to be revisited) so it’s not to late if some need fixing.

The relationship you have with a certain someone is well and truly loaded, and it’s like playing Russian roulette and this could be a Bunny Boiler, nutcase, business frenemy, family member or anyone who you are “engaged” with at the present time, but there is no middle ground here; it’s well and truly polarized. 

You are either deeply attracted or completely repelled, making love or war, the victim or the victor, or having an battle of wills or an ego fight.

But there are no “rules” and no limits.

Alternatively you may have played a behind-the-scenes role and provided financial backing or emotional support to someone else and facilitating their argument or misdeed.  

But all that inner questioning and the underlying anger and pessimism you’ve been feeling have an underlying reason.  

You may be asking yourself if the use of your talents is for any unworthy cause or corrupt or for personal or financial gain. You will get some epiphanies during your ruler’s retrograde period and you should take notice of the message, especially if it relates to family members or personal loyalties.

You are feeling very emotional, but the anger is changing to compassion and the pessimism to hope. Faux pas, slip-ups and lapses of judgment can be annulled but most important of all, you’ll be able to make up your own mind which way is right.

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And about time.   You’ve put up with enough indignities of late, been humiliated, ignored and dumped and you’ve had to rely on your own laurels, whilst still dreaming about a time when you are “in” again.

Well that time has come.  You’re not the same person you once were and your maturation process (irrespective of your age) started about 6 years ago when Saturn was in Libra.  That put you on your own course (although it may have taken a few years), but one with more defined parameters for the people who deal with you.

This has resulted in improved relationships all around and socially and romantically things are going your way.

Romantically you are on a roll and if you’re single you will be the recipient of invitations, flirtations and expressions of interest in general. 

Watch out this week for a breakthrough - a chance to do something different work wise - or a job offer or a business suggestion, but don’t make any binding commitments for another fortnight.  

This area is really where you need to focus some attention as it’s all rather “up in the air” and you need to salvage a role or release it. 

You may not be making as much money as you thought, or as advanced as you had hoped, or you could be in complete denial about this part of your life and you really have to work out where you are spending your money (and more specifically where it’s coming from) as it may be in short supply.

Use the retrograde influences (and all the other celestial bodies currently in your sign) to work out your priorities and which areas need to be re-assessed or re-ordered.

At the moment whether you are working or not, you do appear to be a bit rudderless, with no real idea of where you are headed (in other words what is the destination).

At any rate in spite of lot of birthday month cosmic support, with Mercury retrograding through Libra, just about every aspect of your life is somewhat unreliable and in a state of flux.

People and problems from the past can return, but then so can missed opportunities. 

Within a fortnight there will be a new regime in your working world, and more importantly you will have the opportunity to show that you really know your stuff.

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In the closing months of Saturn in Scorpio you run the risk of turning into a despot, such is your confidence, persuasive ability (read manipulation skills) and need for control.

There is a temptation to exert a large amount of influence on the course of events (whether a specific series of events or events in general) when in fact right now you should bow to peer pressure  - even if you don’t agree with it - as your greatest successes will be in joining forces with others.

Besides next week it’s back to you, as there is an eclipse in Scorpio and that’s another crossroads and turning point and will usher in a new phase.  You are instigating your own preferences and choices, but the retrograde is making you revisit those and this is creating confusion and self doubt.   

If you have children, a lot of uncertainty or discussion revolves around them and this may range from which school to send them to, or whether to get pregnant in the first place.

You might be a teacher and trying to work out a curriculum, but the younger generation is very much in your frame.

Or you may want to give “birth” to another kind of creative offspring, such as a business hobby/venture, but don’t try and nail down any form of agreements as the retrograde in your house of the subconscious means you might not know what you really, really want. 

Besides you may not know all the facts as someone may be withholding information from you, so instead concentrate on having fun, as your social life will be busy.

If you’ve had any social hiccups or found yourself distanced from any groups, that’s a thing of the past..

Stop worrying about trying to solve a problem or explaining your actions and instead trust and back yourself and enjoy your Happy Ending.  

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Peace will be hard to achieve with Mars in Sagittarius, the recent eclipse on your house of romance axis, and Neptune clouding the domestic scene.  What do you really want, especially when the grass looks greener? 

Much will be settled in the coming weeks, so there’s no need to get flustered and confused by the whole thing.  There is currently so much confusion about your home and family, and this may be with family members, about a marriage, where you live and even in which country.

Some Sags are having some kind of “episode” with a family member, perhaps a sibling or a child and you’ve been tempted to skirt the whole issue.

With Pluto in your money sector and confusing issues to with family if you have a family “money issue” it’s best to talk about it now rather than bury your head in the sand.

Saturn remains in Scorpio until December so you have to be savvy about possible problems, especially of a financial nature.

Neptune can create scenarios full of confusion and uncertainty and at the moment with the raft of planets in Libra, this especially relates to group dynamics.

A situation is becoming more and more convoluted and messy, and linking people together (but not in a nice way) and all it needs is frank and open dialogue with clear cut outcomes.

Parents, siblings, spouse, people who share your space, or anyone under your roof or connected by blood or name can create a Pandora’s box that you will be well and truly sucked into.

By the same token group discussions are well aspected (thanks to Venus et al in your 11th house) but as you would well and truly know by now, things will change, and remain in a state of flux until the end of October.  

The solar eclipse in a week’s time should work very well for you just so long as you take appropriate corrective action (and there is a situation that needs fixing or a relationship that requires some remedial work).

So the Cosmic terms are these: act in the right way and you’ll make stellar progress and get exactly what you want.  But if you treat people with distain, damage their honor - or generally act in bad faith if they don’t do what you want - then things will definitely become unmanageable.

Mercury will bring back past mistakes in order that you can take remedial action.  Remember under these stars, you need to try and find “same-page” answers or at least win-win situations especially in any real estate deals …..unless that is if you want to see a situation unravel or "dissolve".

You could be seeing what you want to see with regards parents or spouses behavior (or any family member) regarding a property transaction and there is likely to be a karma situation with a family member.

Narrow the gap that is widening between you and your family and agree to receive or undertake something that is offered.  Maybe you don’t acknowledge a family member’s choices as valid and suitable or at least adequate or you disagree with their stance.

Beyond ideas of wrongs rights, there is a field.   Aim to rendezvous there…

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Home is where your focus is - or where it should be - *and perhaps where your greatest challenges lie) and which is probably why you want to immerse yourself in the escape provided by the Internet and commerce in general.  You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t at home, and so your escapes (and perhaps sanity) rest outside.

With the recent Aries eclipse and Uranus “mixing” up your home life, there is a move coming up and it may well be as a result of your job. Or maybe you want to fix what needs fixing at home, although it’s like trying to feed ravenous hordes, no matter what you “give” it will never be enough.

You’ve been bending over backwards to please someone, but your needs are changing and what is being offered is too much, too little, too late.

There is a new horizon beckoning or a new goal and in spite of some recent setbacks you are on the road to success (Pluto is ensuring that).  Mercury is throwing up a number of issues to do with either your career choice or your lifestyle (and that includes home life) although if you make some major changes here, you are in for some dramatic times ahead.

Of course Mercury retrograding is going to cloud the issues, so it will be hard to get clarity as to what exactly needs your attention but once the 25th comes around and Mars enters Capricorn on the 26th, it will be “all systems go”.

In the interim, start working out what you don’t want, especially when you get an offer, positive feedback, or a lucky break, which is highly likely this week.

Even if it doesn’t manifest that way and is the complete opposite, (the Aries eclipse could upset the apple cart  and bring workplace disputes and/or power struggles within your working relationships) remain cool as you can look forward to more positive developments in the coming few weeks.

In the meantime your social life is expanding and group activities beckon and travel is in the picture also.

This week you could commence a connection with a foreigner or an intellectual or someone you meet online, but put it this way, you will have more than one interested admirer.

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Aquarius is an incredibly liberal and friendly sign (in the true sense of the word) but you sure alienate a lot of folk also.   The recent Aries eclipse didn’t exactly help matters and Mars is making you more dogmatic, that’s for sure and so “division” is most likely at work where Saturn has been a hard taskmaster for quite some time.

That said, the blessing of Jupiter in your relationship house in the past couple of months is the “oil on the troubled waters” and you do have a lot of support from the people who count (your long standing friends) and an expanding social life.

Certainly what you believe (your views) are not necessarily being shared by all, and so you’re pretty much “over” having to deal with morons at l’office who just don’t “get it” like you do.

You’re also really bored to the back teeth and most Water Bearers are coming to the conclusion that it’s time to “move on” or at the very least make some major changes to your existing environment in order to improve it. 

Your growing restlessness is making you “itchy footed” and there will be a greater desire to travel (or even relocate) or whatever it takes to “move on” and that may be causing problems in both home and career domains.

How you make money - and how much you need or don’t need - is undergoing a review and the “nose to the grindstone” is not as appealing as it once was.  There is more to life!

Just be careful at the moment because Neptune in your money house could tempt you to enter “get rich quick” schemes or take a short cut to financial freedom.

Profit sharing and pooling of resources is something that you may be weighing up, but just make sure it’s sound and/or not overly reliant on another party’s share.

In the interim you’re way too smart to engage with idiots (especially if they are your line of command), so grin and bear it until you figure out something better to do. 

There are money considerations and if you’ve played your cards right you can really add to your pile or improve your lot and you may be asked to step up to the plate and do another job or a particular project.

Don’t let Pluto drag you down into the depths and make you doubt yourself (because you are almost anticipating problems and like self fulfilling prophesies they will occur!).

Within a couple of weeks, any uncertainties will subside to be replaced by great confidence and conviction and you’ll know exactly the steps you need to take (and everyone will want to follow in your footsteps…).

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Neptune and Chiron are in your sign and it’s all about your image, brand and how you’ve projected yourself and how you are perceived “out there”.

This might be in a good - or not so good – light, but either way this will be discovered or revealed now as you can no longer conceal or suppress your talents and successes…..OR any unfavorable circumstances surrounding you.

It’s hard to know, as this is a messy and muddled period, and something or someone that has attracted you (a business deal, a person, an idea) has ramifications on your brand - for good or bad.

It could be a spouse’s long time sickness or their bad behavior, or a franchises’ name that you have adopted or someone wanting you to do something “risky”.  There are so many manifestations but you have to ask yourself if you are more worried about their feelings and wishes - or your longer term image.

This is something you really need to address now and if you manage this well, you can have a dazzling future, if not, you will be faced with consequences and obligations that you have to meet.

You can be very successful, but be wary of “hot” or risky offers as there will be “proposals” (and a lot of new work projects).

There has been a greater focus on your money, but this is switching more to your social and love life and changes that matter more to you, and if you are single you will have more than one option.

You can expect a very sensual, passionate, and social time, although it may also be full of twists and turns.   If you are already in a relationship or married, you will be doing a lot of thinking and talking about your home, domestic scene and personal motivations and goals.

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