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Work, daily life and health are all key areas with the cluster of planets in your solar 6th and with lucky and benevolent Jupiter forming a great trine with Pluto on the 11th (which is very beneficial BTW) in your work project sector, and Pluto at the top of your chart in your house of reputation, life direction, career and honors you are likely to make a huge achievement.

It can manifest in different ways, but it will have a high profile, influential or financial element (and one that is very much in your favor) and should have a stellar effect on your lifestyle and also health.

It’s true that there is a not so nice opposition on the same day between the Sun and Uranus on the relationship access, there may be trouble in paradise (or in a key relationships, personal or business).

You may wish to abandon a course of action (or even your association with a person) that is clearly going to be unprofitable or unsuccessful, before you encounter any losses or have your heart broken. Someone probably has disillusioned you or let you down, but either way the suspense was probably worse than any possible disappointment.

The new moon falls in your house of relationships and joining up with Mercury, Uranus, the North Node and the Sun, a conjunction that is opposing Uranus.

With the planet of surprising and shocks in the picture, there may be some startling communication from a key connection or associate and that may be in your personal life or in your business/working world.

September has been busy astrologically so welcome this new moon as a new beginning and reverse your position relative to someone else.

More appealingly, turn a position of disadvantage into one of advantage (as the best successes generally follow disappointment).



Venus in Virgo from start of forecast is now in your house of romance, pleasure and true love, which is almost a guarantee of more enjoyable time.  You’ll appear more attractive, and charismatic and will be more driven to make improvements to yourself. Is life feeling better by the day?  It should and if it hasn’t as yet, it soon will be fabulous.

Around October 11th there is an undercurrent of political machinations, and something is going on behind your back or out of sight although that might not be new. 

Many Taureans have been dealing with some difficult or daunting issue – and have for a while - that probably relates to someone at a distance (overseas) or a communications matter.

You will however know where you stand in a legal, educational or foreign matter or international relations or even with a website/internet project very shortly (and this is likely to turn out very well).

For one reason or another you are putting on hold something to do with your health or daily routines and lifestyle in general or the outcome is not known and it’s still “up in the air” but after Friday when Mercury turns direct step by step in your lifestyle sector, so you’ll head towards conclusions and outcomes, and yes, life will improve A LOT.

The new moon on the 12th in the sector that rules the betterment of your existence, allows for a new era in “livability”.  That may mean a better home environment, better domestic or family relationships, or the removal of some impediment to your contentment.

Work, rest and play are all going to improve and become more enjoyable.

Validation is a wonderful thing…unless you are validating someone’s life by your attention.  Think about that one.



October 11th has a yin and yang element, much like you, but it can indicate a tricky situation and not all will go according to plan.  In fact you are very one-eyed about a particular situation and maybe someone wants something else or a different approach that you don’t agree and this seems to revolve around a child or children. One way or another either a child or a creative project requires some outlay or is expensive and with Pluto in the house of joint funds, you may have to part with some.

With Uranus playing Puck in opposition, something might arrive out of the blue that calls for a quick response or comes as a shock and mistakes, confusion and even false and inaccurate information is possible as Neptune is bringing an unrealistic element to your career or life direction.

If you’ve having fun and generally feeling good - and I suspect you are – just make sure you don’t land with a bump or a reach a dead end (but that can only happen if you’re living a fantasy and are self-delusional).

The new moon in your house of romance brings a new era in your love life or with your child/ children if they are in the frame, and with Pluto in your shared resources, sex and transformation house, and Saturn in your relationships sector, there is a twist in an existing tale that may have unwanted repercussions. 

By the same token you might get a second chance to make a good impression or to make amends.

The fabulous aspect between Jupiter and Pluto in your houses of home and family and dramatic change suggests you can reconstruct a family dynamic or revamp a home situation and the foundations of your life.

Regeneration is the theme through truth and love.



Around the end of the weekend/Monday either a person or a situation is unpredictable or uncertain and yet whatever is happening should turn out in your favor.

The Sun in Libra is in opposition to Uranus and thus your reputation, career and life direction are all in the firing line (with home and family probably at the end of the rope).  That said, any communications you receive should be very welcome thanks to a highly auspicious aspect between Jupiter and Pluto and validation will come via an agreement, contract, judgment or some written communication or a message from a sibling.

The new moon in Libra on the 12th suggests changes relating to your home, family and money surrounding these issues and you may have to pay family - or benefit from them - or you might have expenses relating to your home, or money gained from a sale.

Thankfully the above-mentioned wonderful Jupiter Pluto trine will fix a problem or change the direction in which a situation is currently heading and this will be in a contractual matter, with an adversary or your partner (or ex).

Mercury retrograde ceases this week, (although the post shadow continues until late in October), but you will see the communication that had to be had, starts to occur now and maybe even occurs this week.

By the same token, you’ll be able to gain a different perspective on a situation or issue and have faith in outcomes (that are warranted) as you are holding the aces for a change.

That’s not to say you won’t have to tackle a lot of adversity and opposition, you will, but you do have a lot of Cosmic support that should boost your self confidence and produce a sense of security.

In a valley of ashes you have a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat…[Scott Fitzgerald].



Around the 12th there will be some unpleasant news or an upset relating to a journey and whatever occurs may rock your self-confidence or the control you thought you had over a situation.

It may be a communication issue (with someone foreign or at a distance) and your discussions go off the rails.

That said, the fabulous aspect on October 11, between Jupiter and Pluto means either a windfall or great success although this will be predominantly at work, and thus a reward, recognition, raise, promotion and so on.

Pluto blesses health, work, lifestyle and daily routine whilst Jupiter delivers the self worth boost and the monetary rewards.

From Friday, Mercury goes direct and although the post shadow will still be in affect until 24th, it means that you will start going the right way and making the right decisions and end up back on your intended or proper course.

If life is still a bit shaky and exhausting, know that the road ahead is a lot smoother and you’ll finally be able to realize a personal plan or at least make some real advances.

You are thinking well and ideas are starting to formulate but just be really careful what you write or say around the 12th as the wrong message could spin your life out of control.

This is a week when Roosters turn into feather dusters, Lions into kittens, and mice that roar, so consider all the possible effects or implications of something before you open your mouth or put pen to paper.



The new moon on the 12th occurs in your financial zone but is opposed by Uranus in the area of other people's money (such as loans, inheritances, taxes) and so there will be a shock regarding an outlay and getting hold of money owed to you, or money that you owe might be problematic.

Still you have such an array of planetary support right now, you should be making the best use of your assets and opportunities and you should be making huge inroads in your career and in life (if not in relationships).

It’s clearly all about you now with Jupiter the planet of luck and gifts in your sign and your image and brand is skyrocketing and especially if you are operating your own “creative” venture, it’s a stellar success. 

At the very least you are making good progress, although you can’t avoid the overhang from another time, office politics or power plays and psychological warfare.

Better still you LOVE what you are doing and outside of work, this week could bring the romance of your dreams or wonderful news regarding offspring (or even a new child).

You’ve got wind beneath your wings thanks to Mars in your sign but by the same token someone might be trying to clip them!

You’ve been trying to achieve a goal, but your ruler has put on the brakes and caused rewinds and glitches.  Mercury moves forward again on Friday in your house of money and self esteem, but the moment when a decisive change in a situation occurs will be around 12th and the days and weeks following then.

This energy will have very beneficial results; even if it you are currently plagued by feelings of doubt or suspicion and will make you realize how worthy you really are. 

When you self worth goes up, your net worth will go up with it, even if you do have to pay some other kind of price to get it.

You are soon to be in an altered state.



The big news of your week is the new moon in your sign on the relationship axis and so any developments will be relationship driven and because the new moon opposes Uranus relationships (business, social, friends, legal etc) are your bête noir.

For example if a relationship (business, social, romantic, family) is not working, as it should, a parting of the ways is not too far off and with both Uranus and Pluto in the mix, ongoing power struggles will be evident for some time to come.

Uranus opposes the Sun and this new moon so a group is going to be the source of your concerns. It may be a political group, humanitarian, sporting, social or any kind of common interest/shared agenda arrangement and the group lets you down.  Group dynamics are problematic and it’s best not to align yourself with anyone or push your own agenda.  Think of the acronym TEAM (together everyone achieves more) and that is a very valid statement for you right now.

If it’s not a group, it could be a VIP or influential person or a friend as this sector also rules friendships but you can expect an emotionally stormy week with some uncontrollable circumstances.

A lot of action occurring in your house of the subconscious and psyche is likely to be bringing tension and fears, at around the 12th at the time of the new moon in Libra, you could feel besieged by events.

Something is weighing you down, and there is a communication element to these matters and shocks and surprises of a contractual, or legal nature or news from a distance.

Pluto makes a great trine to Jupiter on the 11th, so at least your home life and domestic scene is bringing you great rewards and you might buy a new house/flat, move, get a new and fantastic flat mate, renovate, or hear great news to do with your family.



You continue to bottle up something, maybe how you are feeling, your next moves, or a secret.  It may be a health issue that you wish to keep private, or it may be a time of healing after a particularly harrowing passage when Saturn was winding up in Scorpio.

Uranus opposes the Sun directly in your house of work, (and the new moon in Libra also) so there may be some undermining or covert deals being made.

Pluto makes a very favorable aspect to Jupiter so any conversations, commercial dealings, agreements and contracts will go better than you thought, and you may get news of an overseas posting.

There is some communication regarding international affairs, legalities, education, or media related and a formal agreement may be in the offering.

But even with Mercury moving direct again on the 9th, it’s not going to be a straightforward and uncomplicated week, and in fact with so many planets in Scorpio much is being hidden from you or is “uncertain” and unknown.

You won’t know where you stand with others or in one particular situation for a while, so whilst the overhang of September’s astrological events continue to swirl and the Uranus Pluto influences of October prevail, best to keep out of the limelight and lay low.

That said there should be a change in your circumstances, either an opportunity or another slap in the face with a wet fish. The gap between your differences of opinion with another is closing, and this week life will start to become more foreseeable and outcomes known.  This is a rebuilding and reconsolidating passage that will continue until the end of October by which time the disappointments of the past will fade into the ethers of time.

There is a fantastic aspect between Jupiter and Pluto that should bring you very pleasing communication, a contract, offer or opportunity, and will help restore your dented ego.

Life is taking on a more golden hue, mainly because your perspective and priorities are rapidly changing.

Love first and live incidentally..



Jupiter, the benevolent and lucky planet (and your ruler), is doing wonders for your reputation, career and life direction.

Mars is also in the same area of your chart, so you have all guns blazing and loads of energy and drive to ensure you get ahead of the pack. It gets even better as Venus at the start of the forecast week, joins the same area ensuring that everyone looks upon you favorably.

This is a stellar line up and combined they will ensure that you get just about anything your heart desires and ensures that you are calling all the shots. Have you noticed how people are going out on a limb for you, and collectively trying to further your cause?

Jupiter and Pluto are forming a fantastic angle and Pluto is in your money house, so you can expect a raise, settlement, gift, sale and so on.

Mercury moves direct this week, although still in post shadow until 24th October, but you’ll see things start to fall into place and anything that has been stuck or on rewind will start to move forward and make some progress.

That said, there is a new moon in Libra on Monday in your groups and VIP’s sector, as well as friends, hopes and wishes and a hope may be dashed, or a friend or a group surprises shocks you or lets you down (Uranus is the planet of surprises after all).

This can also mean money in or money out, as Pluto is opposed to this new moon also and a group’s money decisions don’t augur well for you. Saturn of course is in Sagittarius and playing the harsh taskmaster and counterbalancing some of the positive influences in order to ”keep it real.

Put it this way, if it’s sound, and meant to be (idea, person, future plans) you will have the Midas touch. If not, you’ll experience difficulties and obstacles to your dreams.

Much of this has a financial component with Pluto in your money and property house and as Uranus is also opposing this Pluto, there could be financial shocks.

There is a wonderful aspect between Jupiter and Pluto and Jupiter in the area of your life direction, so in many ways, this is a defining week and month (as this energy will influence much of October).  Saturn demands honesty, so if been honorable, hardworking and true to yourself and others, then you’ll advance beyond a difficult stage in a project or in life.

If not you’ll be feeling as if you’re in a vice-like grip and well and truly trapped.



This is not the best week for you professionally and in fact it’s not a great week full stop.  The last week of September and October so far have been stressful and daunting to say the least.

There may be a run in with the boss or you get demoted or relocated or your boss quits or the company files for bankruptcy or had a product recall or some other SNAFU at work.  There’s something unusual about events in either your job or your life direction that may pull you up short or else your reputation takes a hit.  

The new moon energy in Libra that occurs on the 12th is on the home and family axis so there may be some interesting developments on the home front and ultimatums may be made, either to you or from you.

But as Pluto is in Capricorn, the fantastic trine between Jupiter and Pluto on 11th is spelling out great things for you.  It’s about your brand, image, personality, and what you want and the new moon gives you a new start in a life direction. Mercury of course has been slowing down progress in your career and life direction, and the retrograde, plus Neptune in your communications house, ensure that you are misunderstood and mistake prone, but that should all start to show signs of improvement shortly.

For others there’s a new job or a new career move on the horizon (and probably overseas) as Jupiter is in your foreign travel zone.  It could be a great outcome of a legal case, or wonderful results from an educational institution or anything “international” including global companies.

Whilst you are in tempestuous times, you do have Pluto in Capricorn rooting for you (along with benevolent Jupiter), so exploit the good energies whilst you can, even if it’s to help you make some hard, tough calls in life.

Saturn is now hiding things from you, and that can mean your feelings from yourself or others are operating behind your back or you feel disconnected and on the outer and excluded and this is a time of endings.

There is a brand new start in your life direction that will unfold shortly, and any recent domestic, family or relationship failure was simply a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.

The only thing you should avoid at all costs it doing nothing. Either accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.



Finances, travel and international relations is very much front and centre in your world.  Maybe you travel to study or for pleasure or for a job.  Perhaps it’s to an Ashram or some kind of spiritual home or where you feel at peace, but you will certainly be having lots of dealings with either places or people at a distance. 

The 9th house where the Sun and Mercury retrograde is transiting and where the new moon takes place is on the 3rd axis, where the recent Aries eclipse occurred so they are very much linked.  Thus communication you receive may be the prompt to take a journey or it may be for negotiations or to sign a contract (job, house purchase etc) and you may shortly be joining in an innovative and exclusive business partnership..

Saturn is not longer dragging it’s heels through you house of career and so this area of your life becomes easier and less problematic and harsh and you’ll be delighted how quickly agreements proceed once Mercury is out of post shadow phase on 24th October. There is a lot of beneficial influence from Jupiter for any form of business partnerships and unions, and don’t be surprised (but you will) when you receive an unexpected call regarding an earlier discussion or assurance.  Anything that was put on hold or didn’t experience lift off, can do so now.

Jupiter trines Pluto is a wonderful energy for that private dealing, or simply for a change of perspective, but there is a lot of your life that you are keeping under wraps and private and keeping your cards close to your chest. Your ruler is opposing the new moon, Mercury and the north nodes, and that will turn a light on anything that has been hidden, but also give you a reality check about your current hopes and wishes.

Once Mercury begins to go direct on Friday, your future overseas plans or perspective in general about life is going to change and every fresh activity will erase any old difficulties.



The month kicks off with a good start on the weekend with Pluto and Jupiter forming a fabulous aspect that means your coffers will be filled.

You might sign a huge contract or get a big commission cheque or enter into an amazing partnership that will secure you financial standing.  You might have got the nod for a loan, or receive news of a tax refund or an inheritance.

It’s quite likely that the good news will come via your partner (their wealth and assets) either an intimate partner, or a business one, but there will be an increase in financial luck with lucky Jupiter in the frame.

The new moon in Libra on the 12th is all about joint finances and how you deal with loans, inheritances, commissions, indeed any kind of shared resources including property and being opposed by Uranus.  Uranus is on the opposite axis in your house of money so you can see how there can be some complications here. 

This occurs in house of taxes and debt so these are the areas that can be problematic, especially if there is an existing issue involving someone that you owe money to or vice versa.

Clearly how you go about shared resources, balancing ego and self esteem issues and your values in general is about to be upended and will certainly become more pressing.

Mars in your relationship house (business, family, lovers) is being opposed by Neptune in the money house, suggesting that you will be dealing with money concerns and something that you hoped would happen doesn’t eventuate.

Neptune is the planet of illusion and sometimes deception (flattery and subversion); suggesting all is not as it seems.

Pluto is in your house of friends, groups and VIP’s and forms a conjunct with Mercury and the Sun against Uranus so you might be landed with an expensive bill from friends, (you pickup a group dinner tab) or go guarantor some other huge expenditure that you get lumped with so watch money boundaries.

Still the wonderful aspect between Jupiter and Pluto suggests that your emotional well is about to be filled to the brim, with commitment, support, love and passion aplenty.

If you have a happy anticipation of something good that’s about to happen, you’ll be right!


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