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Your friends are acting cuckoo, and social plans are very much up in the air.  When you do get together the connection is somewhat strained, and that may be long-term friends or relatively new social acquaintances. 

Your dealings with others in general appear to be somewhat awry and they are either misreading your intentions or are keeping your distance.  Your heart and mind is just not in it and you literally want to be “far from the madding crowd”.

In fact you just want to go far, far, away, although truthfully you are not really sure what it is exactly that you DO want during this awkward period before the Libra eclipse.

You along (with everyone else) are in a kind of suspended animation or holding pattern, but for an Aries, that’s driving you nuts.  The “revolution’ that Uranus has been promising since 2011, simply means sweeping changes and that is what you are desperate for.  All Arians are.  You can’t stand being enclosed or restricted in any way.

However the bookend eclipses (following on the Uranus Pluto square) suggests that there needs to be a mental change towards a key relationship(s) - and your approach - or even a major restructuring.

Perhaps the change needs to come from within, or else the revolution involves liberating yourself from certain people.  That can be a boss, a career choice, lifestyle or just doing something completely different with your life…or with yourself.

You may be “talking the talk” (or thinking a lot about it) but this is the moment when you can “walk the walk”.

The Sun and Mars (your ruler!) are in your sign and Mercury arrives on Monday, but with Mars existing on Tuesday, time is of the essence.

Don’t let anyone else characterize or label you or tell you how to “be”.   You must define yourself and do your own thing (and after all, it's your life, not theirs).

As fellow Arian Billy Holiday said: ”If I'm going to sing like someone else, then I don't need to sing at all…”.

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Well you already have Venus gracing your sign and making you feel more “whole” (and actually more attractive to boot) even if may not feel that way.  

Mars arrives on Tuesday and wherever Mars goes, assertiveness, and confidence and “get up and go” (that had “got up and went”) returns.

Your holding pattern will begin to transform into assertive action and whilst Venus has brought a more optimistic mood, Mars will actually help you to carry out your hopes (and those private dreams).

Instead of feeling like a puppet on everyone else’s string, you are back in control of a situation and maybe even have some “author”-ity over your own life again.   

But before Tuesday, there is still a raft of planetary “happenings” in your house of the hidden and nearly every Taurean is, or has been, involved in some kind of secret or secret dealings.

These may be private plans (and you are certainly keeping your cards close to your chest) and it’s likely to involve groups, VIP’s, bureaucracy, travel plans, legal matters, places and people at a distance, higher education, politics, or even a publishing/internet matter.

You may be playing a svengali role or undertaking some form of action that involves another person or group (but without their knowledge) or whatever is occurring is away from observation - and certainly not for “public” consumption. 

This can be beneficial, where you are the helpful person behind the scenes (i.e. the ghost writer) or sharing a confidence; or it can be devious where you acting in cahoots with someone against another if they are absent and unaware.  

Or there may be a hidden enemy that you are unaware of, or it’s you who is getting lost within a fantasy/dream world of your own making.  

Whilst this can be a murky and “hidden” passage, it is also a key period for soul growth (until mid April), just so long as you are listening to the messages.  Some are emanating from within, whilst others are coming from the outside like a sledgehammer!  

But this is the perfect time to work on any bad qualities within you, banish the ego and work on developing a spirit of surrender (and that is not to any self chosen ignorance!).

Once you surrender you will be taken care of in every way.

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This week you will take time out to make an overall assessment of a particular situation, and then you’ll make a decision. 

This has a lot to do with your hopes and ambitions, friends and groups and with Pluto in the mix, joint or shared resources. 

You are (like all the other signs) being bookended by eclipses, following the Uranus Pluto square and the decisions you make now impact on your lifestyle, public image and perhaps even your children.

It’s likely you are having a big change of heart about the direction your life is heading and what you thought you wanted to achieve.  Maybe you no longer believe in the ideal, or it no longer has as much relevance as it used to, and is not as attractive or even realistic as an option. 

That’s not easy to accept, especially if there are conflicting egos or if you’ve sold the story to yourself, and if that’s the case it’s hard to be objective.  Maybe a group has convinced you to take a certain path (or lead you up a garden path) or some difficult situation has changed the context of your daily life and these may even have changed the context of your decision making-process (a bit like Stockholm syndrome).

Maybe it’s difficult to admit that there are better options and wiser decisions, or that your priorities have changed. 

But what you do know is that you are chasing your tail in some scenario, and doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome.  There isn’t one, until you recognize (and that you’ve know for a while) that the context determines the meaning.

For a sign that is intelligent - mentally and socially - but not always emotionally, you are currently more emotionally tuned, and more receptive and “aware”.  Thus you will be able to read the situation and the players better than anybody else and can use these as terms of reference. 

Then you’ll know exactly what is the right decision and you should do that before Tuesday when you can still see The Big Picture and know “when to hold and when to fold”.

After Tuesday you’re likely to become confused and lose that sense of direction and may even revise your resolutions. So whilst the Cosmos is being attentive to your needs, you can make peace with the past and/or put yourself more in line with your new ideals and life philosophy.

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It’s a hectic time for you, and you’re either hanging with groups of people and friends (sports, work, social, humanitarian) or you’re at odds with a group.  That could be a bureaucracy or a group of powerful people who disagree with you in some way or there could be competing egos and personal agendas or conflicting objectives and aims.

Maybe you’re fighting over your offspring and something to do with them is creating some friction.  There are some hidden or shadow motivations relating to some of these issues - and perhaps some power struggles - but you’ve learnt all you need to know about standing on your own emotional two feet. 

Emotional self-sufficiency (so “un-Cancer like”) but with the bookend eclipses following on from the Uranus Pluto square this is all about gaining liberation. 

It may be from a lifestyle, a job, or from some difficult group dynamic or a parent/child struggle, or family conflict and with Pisces in the house of legalities, people at a distance, and Libra in the house of home and family, all these elements will be part of the mix as well.

You have taken the high road - or the low road - but it’s a different road to everyone else and one that seems to be taking you further and further away. 

On the weekend, or around Monday, something will come to a head in either your career; professional goals, ambition (or whatever it is that is motivating and driving you). Whatever the outcome is, it will be a release from some kind of restriction that has kept you attached or obligated.

It might be opening the lock on your chastity belt, or your heart, in order to let someone in, or the shackles that are tying to you a particular situation. 

Which one is it for you?

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From Tuesday, Mars enters your house of career, ambitions, public reputation and lifestyle, and your drive to make headway amps up, but then so does your temper. 

Just be aware that you can be a bit abrasive whilst Mars is here, and the time most likely when you tell a boss or some other key figure to “get lost”.  It may be a good tip to try to do your best to avoid unnecessary conflict or trouble in general (especially with police and all kinds of authority figures).

That said, around Sunday is another time when you could have a blowup, so if you are travelling and in foreign country, do abide by the rules. 

By the same token, some door may unlock like “open sesame” on your command (and of course from all your efforts). You could be handsomely rewarded shortly and the wheels of progress are greased.

Your influence and professional weight should be sufficient to get what you want, even if you are at odds with someone else’s agenda (and that’s highly likely). 

It may be that a group or key decision makers hold an entirely different view to yours and hence some interesting dynamics might be at play (or there could be one particular female who pushes your buttons in less pleasant ways).

There is the possibility of a sudden opportunity at work - maybe as overseas posting or global expansion - as there is the prospect of a surprise trip abroad.  For the younger generation, you may get the nod for a college posting.

In the next fortnight or so, a number of Leo’s will be making some major life decisions, that will impact on your association with a mate or business associate. 

This can include entering a new business, a marriage or cohabitating, but for a lot of Leo’s sex is currently an emotion in motion…

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After Tuesday you get even more Mr./Ms Fixit and this can pertain to a lot of things, but whilst you are sandwiched between two eclipses that is likely to relate to relationships and money.

What is shared or not shared between you. 

The Uranus Pluto square is not long gone and so you may be forced to spend some money to get some issues straightened out and with Mars in your 9th house these could involve legal issues and “foreign” entities or people at a distance.

It could involve a lover or a child (a child becomes very expensive for some reason) but this is very much a time of making and breaking of all kinds of relationships. 

This can be with family members, lovers, offspring, enemies or business partners, but as always, your raison d’etre is to assist and fix and meet others needs.

Right now, that means money, as there are a lot of planetary aspects in your joint funds house and any money you share with others. 

Whatever you agree to, or disagree with, or implement will not just be applicable for this week, this month, this year or this decade.  This is IT. 

The trouble is that you can’t do nothing. You have to break new ground because there is a kind of stalemate and yet, unusually for you, it appears that in this area you are pushing the envelope a tad too far. 

You know what you want and you’re pretty sure you know what others want, so that’s a good start, but you may have been a bit too swept up in your own agenda and perhaps lost sight of a sense of realism - or idealism.

All things are possible in this astro climate, and the impossible can become possible.  Hate becomes love; anger turns into calm, resentment into forgiveness.

Whilst you can't undo anything you've already done, you can face up to it and you can tell the truth. You can even seek forgiveness - or give forgiveness to someone else.

Whilst there can be no love without forgiveness, there can’t be forgiveness without love.

Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong and you are strong.  Only the weak can never forgive.  Life is change, but growth is optional. In other words, choose wisely.

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It’s all about relationships: your spouse, your family, your lover, child, and possibly one key female (irrespective of your sex).  Unfortunately a number of relationships can end in the next fortnight, especially those partnerships that have run their course and are not really relevant or workable anymore.

At least from Tuesday onwards you’ve got the Mars monkey off your back in this area that has been making you trigger happy and even the slightest provocation has resulted in stronger-than-usual reaction.

There is an eclipse in your sign in early April, and unless a marriage, relationship (business, friend etc) is strong and resilient, there could be problems and your patience is being pushed to the max. 

But you are not being your usual pleasant and affable self and underlying this is “the relationship” and your own need for more space.

You might get the epiphany about where you really figure in the picture - or don’t - but you’ll be whipping off any Rose-colored glasses and being very real (and others will likewise be rather blunt in their feedback also).

Just as possible is that with this energy you can create something that is everlasting, although there may be a déjà vu moment, where you’ve seen and done all this before….

Relationships have always been extremely important to you, and yet your needs in relationships have changed and you are becoming more self-determining and emotionally self-sufficient. 

You want love, but you also want your freedom and independence and that doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, but it may need some fine-tuning if you are in a long term arrangement.

However you are not going to be the one making the compromises any more or subjugating your wishes or abandoning your dreams or sacrificing what you really want.

You might be able to rearrange your relationship dynamic and change things around to allow for your differences although for a few Librans, there could be someone else that has entered the picture and is the reason for the fundamental changes that are likely to be occurring.

Like Gemini, you have a very persuasive charm that can assist you now especially from Monday onwards when Mercury will give you the gift of the gab in your relationship dealings and provide a Cosmic upper hand in any negotiations. 

You can damage your relationship or deepen it depending on what you say but don’t be insincere because you would rather they hate you for telling you the truth than adore you for telling you lies.

But “expect the unexpected” this week in relationships.

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In the next fortnight you still have to closely watch the climate at work and whilst you dogged a bullet there recently, there is still some unrest and uncertainty. 

You’re being pulled in two directions because you are feeling creative and expressive and yet at the same time, resentful of some of your duties and responsibilities (and the people giving the orders). 

There might also be someone behind the scenes undermining you and keeping you off balance but now that the solar eclipse has been and gone, you should be able to see what's going on and get the true picture.

Some Scorpios are having a passionate encounter at the office that they are keeping under wraps (someone is going to do something about it) and thus your working life may need to be renegotiated in some respect.

If it’s not your working life, then it’s your physical life that may need attention and some hidden ailment may come to light. 

Maybe it’s time for a check up, or a re-evaluation of your working life or your physical one.

Maybe you need to address your working partnerships and certainly after Tuesday you’re going to become very assertive in your working relationships and that will either help or hinder you.

There are some changes that you feel impelled to do and because the Pisces solar eclipse fell in your house of risk and pleasure (and Neptune rules drugs and alcohol, illusion, deception, hallucination amongst other things) you are more at risk of succumbing to temptations - that Neptune also rules….

As Shakespeare said” tis one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall”.

No reason why you can’t have fun though!

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It’s a pleasant passage for you as Saturn has given you a break and you’re actually feeling quite alive and frisky and “pleasure orientated”.

Put it this way, if you are not getting your share of fun and games, you’re likely to be going a bit around the twist or will break out in other ways. 

Sags want to rock the boat, but you have to be careful you don’t rock it too much or you must just sink it.

There could be new love arriving in Sags life (or an affair) or a new child or just a lot more fun and it will be hard to contain your impulses.  All these stars are in your corner. 

However sandwiched as you are between the two eclipses, home and family issues will dominate your life.   There will be some conflicting-loyalty issues also, a pull towards family and yet away from them, maybe due to conflicting agendas or obligations to others. 

Someone may change their position and that may conflict with you or your loved ones and upset the balance between you.  There could be a “blood is thicker than water” scenario: do you go with family over a lover, or a parent over a spouse, or a sibling over an external source.

Your duty or a family commitment or even an external demand may cause a ruckus in a key relationship and it’s very likely to be about money and the apportionment of those funds. 

Maybe a new relationship is seen to be “expensive” or an old relationship is (divorce settlement, alimony etc) but you will be assertive and not bow to pressure - and there will be a lot of that!  You very conscious of your image and yet you’ll still doing what YOU feel like doing, even if you are aware of being judged and criticized.  What you do now will set in concrete other’s opinions of you forever - or change them irrevocably - and that can be a good thing. But you sure as hell are discovering for certain just who you really are, not what you may have pretended to be.  You are also discovering that you have the capacity or potential to do something that you hadn’t thought you could. 

Your fundamental nature is being exposed for all to see and you will no longer be hiding behind any mask and just like the game show Tell the Truth “Will the real [person's name] please stand” that’s exactly what you’re doing.  

Who knows what the essence of your being is going to show.

But if it causes joy within others heart, then you have made your mark in this life. 

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Following on from the Uranus Pluto square there are likely to be changes occurring to your home scene and family structure. 

You could be having issues with your Mother, or you could shortly become a Mother (as female Cappys are rather fecund right now).

Pluto in your sign is certainly making you more self-assertive and you’ll be jostling for your position within your family structure, becoming the Matriarch/Patriarch or at the very least demanding more rights.

As this is on the career axis, you may move for work, and that will impact on your home and family, but there appears to be a big disconnect about where you are living and perhaps where you want to live.

You may need to move house or move away from your family somewhere entirely different, different state or country and it’s all to do with empowerment and standing up for yourself, which you’ve been doing since 2012…or as early as 2008.

As you have discovered, this has been causing tension with loved ones and in this delicate passage before early April it can go either way.

You can find middle ground if you are sincere and the relationship is sound.  If not, there may be some emotional lessons this week and next. 

There may be a secret that comes to light that is a game changer or a boss may offer an “alternative” solution to your current job…

You do have a lot of planetary aspects in your house of home, and whilst they remain in Aries you will find lots of support from family (and Mars moves out of here on Tuesday that may have been causing you some problems)

In fact this is an ideal time to create a strong foundation, and one that will go the “long haul” and any fractured home and family aspects, like Humpty Dumpty can be put back together again. 

But if you’ve been pushed too far, and there is no middle ground, then there may well be an entirely different story…

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A brother or sister may be a thorn in your side, or even a stepfather might be causing problems.  There could even be someone behind the scenes who is not exactly on your side, so try and remain removed from any “traps”. 

This also holds fast for any financial and legal dealings, as you could be the victim of some injustice.

From Tuesday there more action within your home and family scene, perhaps you are moving or buying/selling real estate or a family member is leaving or arriving.  

But the biggest changes at this time are to your outlook, and that is quite radical.  What you valued before (or thought you did), doesn’t appeal as much anymore. 

The way you are looking at life is changing and you are becoming a lot more vocal about these ideas as well, and that can create some aftershocks (following the earthquake..).

Aquarians can be somewhat detached emotionally - and that includes from yourself and so a lot of your decisions are made objectively, rather than felt. 

For a long time you’ve been able to close your heart to the things you do not want to feel, but Pluto and the upcoming lunar eclipse are demanding that you get to know yourself better.

This may be as a result of a particular experience, with a person (probably an ex) or some other event or memory from the past that is reawakening certain emotions.

If you are in PR, media, sales, Internet, publishing or any form of “communication” business, it’s quite a passage for you, 
and this could be highly successful - or you are suffering from foot-in-mouth. 

There could be more activity in this area and you are taking lots of trips, attending conferences, speaking engagements, making statements to the media and talking up a storm.

With these stars the focus is on communication (and has been for a while) but around this time is when you begin to know for sure if you are a success at that, or not. 

It’s a “sink or swim” time, success or failure kind of energy, but if you’re good, then you’re going to be very good, and everyone is going to be telling you.

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Since Chiron and Neptune entered your sign, it’s been all about finding the right direction for your life (and mainly in a business and money making sense) and the right values. 

It’s also about getting your self esteem in check and on solid ground and that of course means getting your romantic life sorted as well. 

You will be assessing any current, past or “possible” connections with a critical eye, and if you are in a current relationship you will be having D&M (deep and meaningful) conversations.   You are a lot more forthright these days and will be saying exactly what you need and what your heart needs, and that applies to all your relationships: working ones, friendships, family and intimate associations. 

You are an intuitive sign, but your have added Cosmic insight, and so you should listen to the messages that you are sending to yourself.  Trust your gut feelings about everything, as it won’t let you down.

Money does seem to be your big focus - in all its forms - and as this ties in with your “values” it’s about what would you do for money.  Is money your God and have you allowed money to dictate how you approach life or have you used money in some way to gain power or attention?  Have you ever given money to loved ones/friends in order that they “owe” you something (or as leverage)?

A lot of Pisceans are changing jobs, vocations and how you spend, make, or value money and you might suddenly realize that you’re actually paying too high a price for what you have to do to get it.  For example if you are working 10 hour days and never seeing your loved ones, that is not value for money.  If you are “sold” on the idea of social standing, you may have given away some integrity or genuineness in order to keep up the pretence.

This week and next, money will be the question and the answer.  There may be more - or less - a windfall or a loss, an inheritance, raise, promotion, or some unexpected debt or loss.

You are fated to make some money in the stars, but be careful of dishonest folk who want to make off with your funds or talk you into nefarious deals and if you are already in one, get out now.

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