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Dear Readers,

Due to unforeseen and exceptional circumstances I will be not be doing any weekly or monthly scopes in January 2015 and will resume on 5 February 2015.

I do sincerely apologize for this aberrance and also for the tardiness of the past few months.  Pending orders will be completed as advised and thank you for your understanding.

 Warm regards SB




Whilst Jupiter continues to promise fun times (especially with the younger generation) and more romance, Uranus now direct will bring some “issues” about your behavior and as you are currently “in the spotlight” more than most, it’s best to show your best side.

Family will play more of a role, not just because of this time of year, but because it’s on the same axis as the activity that is affecting your public life/reputation and career.  In fact if there is opposition to you before January, it’s most likely to come from family (spouse parents or children).

By the same token you have to check in with yourself now that Jupiter is going retrograde until April and focus on these areas, and how you behave in romance and in your key relationships, in risk taking and how do you seek pleasure and give of yourself.

Is it the same for the goose as it is for the Gander or vice versa?  In other words are you abiding by the same “rules’, principals and standards that you to apply to everyone else, especially those you would teach the younger generation and your offspring? Or are you being a hypocrite?  Are you dishing out advice by acting in the contrary?  Some food for thought.

Saturn has now moved in Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years that will continue with the self-improvement jag although you’ll be tailoring your ideals and spiritual goals to fit in with your existing commitments. Be prepared for things that seem so important to you now, to no longer to mean as much (if at all) to you in the future – they may even feel superficial and meaningless.

What you are essentially doing is aligning yourself with your true motivations and your personal philosophy and general outlook on life will change.  

You’ll understand what you stand for and what kind of future are you working towards, and why.

Your core spirit will be transformed and you will truly know what drives you and best of all, you’re going to feel so much more comfortable with who you are.

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Strangely, money may be a topic du jour and it can be a financially lucky time.  That said, you are entering into a rather hazardous financial period, not so much from what you earn but rather what you receive. 

A loan may finish, a supported lifestyle may end, a spouse loses work - all these kinds of scenarios are possible and will require adjustment and perhaps budgeting.

But you will be discussing money matters before the New Year, and in fact for much of January and are likely to commit to a joint decision that has financial ramifications. 

Therefore it goes without saying that you must do your due diligence in this regard; you don’t want to a financial monkey on your back for the next two years! 

Alternatively you could decide to become very self sufficient, and driven to make your own way in the world (especially if a financial safety net has gone).

Whilst Jupiter is retrograding until April, you can reassess where you live, your community and neighbors (and neighborhood) and decide it if it’s a good “fit”.  Do you want to live there or somewhere else?  What would you really like to achieve within your home, family, real estate and domestic sphere or within? 

Does where you live or the relationship you have with certain family members reflect the real you or are you being “misrepresented” in some way.  Or are you treating family members imperfectly (parents, children, relatives etc) or could you improve how you operate?  This next few months will give you a chance to figure that one out.

Saturn has moved into Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years and the areas of sex, debts and social rules – of the group you belong to - or that of society will come into focus (as will the access you may  - or may not have - to other people’s money and resources).

So issues during coming up in your future are marital finances (other people’s money), debts/loans, inheritances (other people’s money) and sometimes there can be general financial problems as well.

Your spouse could experience severe financial problems or come into an inheritance, but as this is most financially hazardous passage for Saturn, you will need to pay extra attention to your finances.

You’ll also need to be careful of the choices you make in relationships (with regards money and specifically other people’s money…).

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Just as Taurus is relieved to have offloaded a long period of seemingly being at odds with everyone, you know have to be a bit more careful from no on as to how you interact.

Sagittarius and Gemini are on the same axis and thus Saturn is now opposite your sign.  Saturn cycles take around 30 years, so try and look back as to what it was the last time around for a guide.  But essentially relationships equal karma.  

That can be great, and rewarding i.e. you’ll be the recipient of more love, recognition and support, or payback and downfall (but of course it’s rarely as extreme as that). 

Saturn rewards hard work, so if you’ve been committed and done the right (in a business, personal or even a conflict situation) you’ll get the kudos.

But all your relationships will be under a microscope and subjected to greater pressure, especially if you are pushing some boundaries or testing the waters.

Over this holiday period business, personal and family relationships will be discussed (along with functions and responsibilities and structures) and you may want to create more of a structure, in a new relationship or within a family dynamic. 

If the family unit is somewhat frayed around the edges, it may be time to do some repairs and spend more time in shared activities.

With Jupiter now retrograding until April, you have to consider if your mindset and how you feel about certain things and people is correct. Is the way you are behaving in line with your beliefs?  Are you treating people with integrity or harshly or with less regard that you should?  This applies especially to siblings, neighbors and people at a distance (or “foreigners’”).

Saturn has moved in Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years bringing tests to marriages and significant partnerships, (including friendships and family/working relationships).  You may sever attachments that are not healthy or fulfilling for you but you will learn much about commitment and compromise and will improve how you relate to, and with, others.

On the up side if you are not married or already IN a partnership, Saturn is beginning to transit the top half of your horoscope, and that means that you will see the results for all your work/activities of the previous 7-14 years (either way..).

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Thank God the creative block that has plagued you over the past couple of years has ended.  Indeed it is replaced by an enormous burst of dedication towards getting your act together, and if fun and pleasure has been harder to achieve in the past, it’s a case of “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em”, and you throw yourself into work or some form of money making venture.

The next few weeks augur well for agreements and it does seem as if the holiday season (and much of January) is taken up in negotiations, financial discussions, contracts and agreements.  Indeed you could be about to embark on a venture that consumes you for the next few years of your life. 

In some fundamental way your business and working world (or if you are not working your “everyday”) is going to change.

However Jupiter going retrograde until April you really do need to question your financial status and see if your finances and assets are sound. How much emphasis are you putting on money or the lack of it? Are you acting in accord with your own rules and being upstanding and honest in the way you approach money and how you get it, or are you falsely claiming something in order to get something else?

A number of Cancerians are being tempted by the low road right now.  That said, if you play it right (and avoid pitfalls and mistakes), from now until August you have a great chance to make loads of the folding stuff, either via a new job, a via someone else.

Your financial star and personal stock is on the rise.

Saturn has moved into Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years in your house of work and health and there may be a growing dissatisfaction with some aspect of your visage, weight or even a significant health issue that up until now you’ve put on the back burner. If it’s the latter I urge you to attend to any prevailing medical concerns or any disquiet you might be experiencing about any matter over your health. Confront any niggling suspicions. 

You will be getting your act together if you’ve “slackened off” (or lost the plot) and you should be feeling an increased motivation to achieve and build a serious future for yourself.   There will be a pressing need to accomplish something more meaningful. 


If you can dream it over the next two years, then you can achieve it.

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You are coming in from the cold (even if it’s summer in your part of the world) and that’s because Saturn has exited your house of home and family and so your domestic scene doesn’t appear as uninviting as it has been.  You may have been rootless, restless and lacking in confidence (because the world hasn’t felt as secure and safe as it should have been).

There may have been family issues, parental dramas or marital and relationship ones, and as this also affected your career and public reputation (that may have been somewhat shaky also).

So even if you feel a bit unloved at times, you’re going to feel settled and secure and grounded, although there are likely to be a raft of “lose ends” to tie up.  This could include offloading property, selling/buying or restructuring your domestic scene.

You have luck with work, business and health, so you’ll be firing on all cylinders (although watch out for arguments with bosses and well, just about everyone). 

You want what you want and you’re going to fight for it.

With Jupiter retrograding until April just make sure that your personal integrity and value system is in the right place and ensuring that you live by truth and honesty in all your dealings (especially personal). 

It is an excellent time to get in touch with personal integrity in both yourself and others.  No phoniness or insincerity.

Saturn moved in Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years and how you self-express, amuse and entertain yourself will radically change.  

You will go through a period of re-evaluation about what you offer and who you are and in the early stages you may be feeling quite unloved – even ignored. Essentially this transit is grooming you to become less emotionally dependent and not rely to such an extent on others for your ego stroking.

If applicable you might give birth to a child, have problems with children, or if there has been an existing “issue” managed to resolve it.

Some romantic relationships will be tested, (but only those not working satisfactorily).  But the end result of this transit is that you will come out of it without any residue uncertainty over not only some key relationships (and minus any guilt or fear).  You know exactly what you should be doing, why and who for.

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Home, family, loved ones; these are the focus of your discussions over the holiday break as Saturn has now taken position in the sector of home, family and domestic scene.

You’re communication skills have certainly been getting a work over with Saturn here previously and now you turn those towards family and it’s rather forceful. 

It might be about family (or absent family members) or even a loved one – if they are sharing your abode at the time – but this is a transformational period when certain actions or directions will be questioned. 

It may be that you didn’t know the full story and that becomes more apparent the deeper you probe, and as you are an observer of human nature and intelligent, you can easily gain insight from the people around you. 

However if wires are crossed there will be friction and the key words are fairness and cooperation.

But it’s likely that whatever is discussed will bring about a restructure of a situation that has dragged on for two long, and you’re not going to put up with it any more.

With Jupiter retrograding in your 12th house until April you have another chance to “check in” with your spiritual values and who you are – at the core person – and the emphasis is upon inner awareness and inner growth.

This is the house of secret enemies and self-deception and you might be deceiving yourself in some way.  Or else you may be the offender and are trying to undermine someone within your world in order to promote, or advance your own interests.

Are you being helpful or secretly destructive?  At the very least some changes need to be made to some aspect of your life and to improve things (i.e. the current meaning..).

Saturn moved into Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years and will be transiting your fourth house and this begins a period when you will need to confront and deal with “past attachments” issues (whatever that represents to you).

This is the house of beginnings and endings and it can manifest in many different ways. 

How you were brought up can make you feel anger or regret (when you think about it) and what this impact had on the way you live your life now. If there is some “baggage” there can be recriminations and this could be a painful time and what happens to you during this passage you will take very personally.

Letting go of relationships and moving on can be exceedingly difficult, but there is often an Act II.  You may move house or restructure your living arrangements, or you move out or someone else moves in and so on.

As Saturn has crossed over the bottom of your horoscope chart, there is every possibility that you are now “on the way up” or this can also start your life in a new direction (usually upward).

In fact this is the best time to begin a rise in life and to start a long climb that will reach the top in about a decade. Over to you…

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It’s all about friends and group activities and it seems to be through groups and society at large that your fortune and happiness lies and (also where there can be some issues).

This also applies in bureaucratic environment and with co-workers and friends. Mars is stirring up your need for enjoyment, but by the same token if you have any children you may be having arguments with them, and if not, then with your loved ones.

It’s possible that you join a group or merge forces in a creative venture with a friend, and turn a hobby or an interest into a money making venture.  This could range from a communication driven idea (PR, Media, Politics, teaching, creative writing, internet-based business, etc) or education, a job on foreign shores, or something to do with legal or authoritative channels.

You might go into business with a sibling (or another kind of “sister” or “brother” in arms) or get heavily involved in community affairs.

But whatever you decide to do, it will be all about pursuing your own interests.

With Jupiter now retrograding until April how you fit into your social scene needs to be looked at.  Do you work well with the group “all for one and one for all” or do you exploit others for your own ends – innocently or otherwise.

Are your goals and objectives honorable or would you sell your own Grandmother to achieve your ends…?

There may be some group loyalty and integrity issues that you may need to reflect on in the not too distant future.

Saturn moved into Sagittarius at the end of the week for the next 2.5 years and that will test your Libran diplomacy.  You may not be as nice as you usually are – or you are more misunderstood – and you might undergo some tests in your relationships with your siblings (and those in your immediate environment like neighbors or acquaintances in general).

There could be disconnects or “no speakies” – and you feel less inclined for pleasantries and small talk and so can be seen as being aloof and distant.

You may find yourself avoiding neighbors or others in your immediate circle because you have no interest in “small talk” (mainly because you’ll be very, very busy) although this may be more a perception that than the reality, but it will be full of activity.

If you feel as if you keep getting misunderstood or “not heard” you may want to change your style of communicating and the way you interact with others.

You’ll panic about this news being a “people” person, but don’t worry; you’ll end up with stronger relationships and have lots of support!

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I’d suggest you just lay low over the holiday period and don’t make any major plans.  Saturn has just exited your sign and now in the second development house, (the self-esteem and financial one), so you may want to adjust to the new energies and see where it leads before jumping it. 

Put it this way, if there is something “on the boil” it can remain that way a tad longer.  

Try and place some distance between the Uranus Pluto square of mid December as that is affecting communication, contracts, agreements and commercial dealings in general (and as Uranus, which is now direct) is in your house of work, it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to work out that discretion (and caution) is the better part of valor.

In the interim, it’s a great time to decide what you’re going to do for the next 30 years of your life and best of all you’ll have a much clearer idea of what opportunities will work and which ones won’t.  The past two years haven’t been wasted in this regard.

Whilst Jupiter is retrograding until April it’s a good period to reflect on your position and your public reputation and “status”.

I think the past couple of months have been a bit “rugged” and you may be somewhat unsettled by how you are currently perceived, either within the community or at work.

That said, you may not give a hoot as to what people think, and if you do feel that way, that may be part of the problem…

If you’re at the “kill or be killed” stage and will would sell your own Grandmother to get ahead, then it’s time for rethink. 

If your CV doesn’t even remotely resemble your career activities, you’ve really gone to far…PULL UP!  PULL UP!

Saturn moved into Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years and this is a period in your life when you’ll really have to begin to watch your finances as your expenses might increase or your income lessens. 

On a separate note, this is the last stage of your development (that commenced with Saturn in Libra) that focuses on your self esteem, your finances and how efficiently and effectively you cope in life.

This stage of your life is a practical one, during which you’ll work on your personal effectiveness and be able to identify what (if anything) has been holding you back from achieving the results you want.

More importantly you’ll know for certain, who and what it is in life that you really value.

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Someone in your world made a mistake.  It may be you, the people you work for or with, your family or professional advisors, but in other words the people you relied upon. 

In a Big Picture way it involves finances and assets and although it’s going to be nowhere near as difficult the past couple of years has been to establish yourself, or an enterprise - or extricate yourself from a financial pickle - there are still some things to dealt with.

But this time of year, there isn’t much action and so you may have to be patient until 2015 kicks in before you see where you are headed.

At the moment you just have to wait, or at least digest what is being told to you. 

Saturn is in your sign and that sense of being stuck or feeling powerless that accompanies this transit initially may be apparent.

At any rate things will progress at a funereal pace.

Whilst Jupiter is retrograding until April it’s a good period to reflect on legal and or property matters, as this could be the area of dispute.  It could also involve people at a distance or foreigners.  Don’t be surprised if there are “issues” over the next few months to deal with and it’s up to you whether you chose to deal with these matters in a civilized and correct manner, or you are tempting to try and exploit others.

You may think you know something or you have come to a point of view or made assumptions in a particular matter that involved deduction, rather than fact and these assumptions are going to be proven wrong, between now and April is when it’s going to happen.

Your actions will scream your beliefs and vice versa, so make sure you’re real and not a fraud.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years and this is HUGE.

This is a transit of deep personal significance as it rules your identity and how you present yourself to the world on a personal level – which includes all relationships and connections, work and personal as well as your physicality. You might become more focused on how you look, you’ll certainly want to hold on to youth if you are older or undergo a makeover (and many undertake cosmetic interventions at this time). 

If you are harboring any fantasies about who and what you are, Saturn will give you a sharp reality check, but overall this passage is to encourage self-appraisal and for facing up to areas where you are self sabotaging yourself (or least aspects of yourself that can be improved upon!).

Work wise this won’t make or break you but the activities that you undertake this year will lay excellent groundwork for the future so choose wisely. 

This is certainly a new cycle in your life (the beginning of the next 30 years) and you can still decide who you want to be when you grow up, or what you want to achieve, no matter what your age…

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You are the star of the show, with half of the Cosmos in Capricorn.  You look good, sound confident and are very, very adept at getting what you want (not to mention good press, and lots of support).

If you’ve suffered any setbacks during 2014, you are “filling your well” emotionally and ego-wise.

It IS likely that you end 2014 feeling disappointed in the actions or performance of a group.  This may be a friend, family or business associations but you are not exactly on the same page or firing on all cylinders and the atmosphere is somewhat tense.

You’ve taken a break and managed not to think about it for a while and been diplomatic, but before long you’re going to have to have “the discussion” (with whoever that is).

Whilst Jupiter is retrograding until April it’s a good period to reflect how reliant you are on other’s peoples money.  Does this give you freedom or are you curtailed by your financial and sexual needs.  Are you self sufficient or selling your soul for the handouts and self seeking and behave obsequiously, for your own advantage. If you credit card is maxed out or you live on loans from friends or exploit those you love and family members (or hang out for the inheritance) then it’s time for a rethink. 

A new lover is en route for many.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius for the next 2.5 years during which you will spend a lot of time assessing the meaning of your existence and even a raking over of your failures.  There can be some bitterness, bewilderment or even discontent initially as Saturn cleans out all the residue emotional and psychic baggage and personal demons (helping you to “move on”).

People that you’ve clung to out of misguided loyalty are some examples of the culling that Saturn and there will be endings rather than new beginnings (well at least initially).

From the 21st, the releasing family conditioning becomes a general theme and there will be some major changes to do with jobs and family (especially parents).

A move is imminent but don’t rush into anything without a lot of thought.

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At least you’ve got a better handle on what it is you want to achieve, where you want to live and with whom.  This is the end of a cycle for you; you are ending a way of life or a path that you’ve followed for a while.  It may be where you live, or a business, or with certain people in your life, or how you live life, or your perspective on life (or all of the above) but the upcoming year signals a change. 

It’s been a while since you’ve been able to live your own life the way you want to, and been more reactive than proactive and Mars and your ruler Uranus is giving you the “get up and go” to finalize or push forward your plans. 

A change of locale is highly likely but do expect this process (the transformation or major revision) to cause some stress and resistance in certain quarters.

At the end of the week, these tensions or resistance will become more apparent and you may react accordingly (be cruel or abrasive) and you won’t be suffering fools gladly. With Jupiter retrograding in your relationships house (personal, business and friends) are your relationships as they should be and are you honest with others and yourself? 

Even if all is well, you may have to struggle more to gain the benevolent benefits of Jupiter within your relationships.

In fact it’s a great year to cement a good relationship, a business or personal one and people will offer more real support.  Indeed solid and rewarding commitments with foreigners (and/or great jobs with foreign companies) figure large.

Saturn arrived in Sagittarius at the end of the week for a 2.5 year stay, you’ll also begin offloading superficial friends, and sadly even some good friends can exit at this time for whatever reason.   That might be because you’ve relocated or split, but either way, you probably won’t be hanging out with friends as much as you usually do - it will be less than you have done in the past - although some degree of discomfort can arise as you remove the superfluous associations from your life.

There might be some difficulties or extra responsibilities with groups or how you operate in teams will be under scrutiny and how you work or deal with others and your peers will become more important to you.

You are by nature, a social and outgoing person so challenges in this area of your life can be difficult for you but the aim here is to make you a better friend, teammate, and colleague – remember: ethics, loyalty, integrity, support etc – all the things a good friend is supposed to be – and these areas will be under the spotlight.   

Don’t be found wanting!

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You are in for a rather enjoyable and social week, and you’ll be spending more time with your offspring if you have any (or at least more time and energy with the “younger” generation).

Love and pleasure are very much in the picture, which is a sensational prognosis and you’ll feel very much a part of your social or family unit. 

That said you might be a tad more sensitive to feedback or reactions/behavior from people around you, and may even feel as if you’re being treated badly or unfairly (or teased).

There is the potential for some misunderstandings so try and avoid any binding financial discussions for a while.

This is only really relevant around the 29th, as you are in a purple patch when it comes to your career and lifestyle in general.

This can manifest in different ways. 

You might be reworded and applauded (some kind of recognition, financial or otherwise) or you may make that improves what you do work wise or how you life your life.  But you will be thinking long term.  2015 is serious business and a time of reaping what you sow, career wise and whilst Jupiter is retrograding until April it’s a good period to reflect on your working life. 

Ask yourself some of the big questions like “do you like your work, your boss, what you have to do to earn money”.  If the answer is “no” it’s time for a change.

Saturn arrived in Sagittarius at the end of the week for a 2.5 year stay and he will help you to gain a clear idea of whether or not you’re on the right track or if you’ve “made it” or not - or where you want to go. 

Saturn is all about building a long term secure foundation in your professional and/or most public life (as your standing in society also comes under Saturn's influence) so you could find yourself getting recognition and career "rewards" OR problems in your career can surface now, or socially and in your public reputation you have to face the consequences of your mistakes or bad deeds

But if you’ve planned well and are on the right track, then it’s harvest time.

Either way you’ll be considering your life direction and facing facts  - reward or punishment...

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