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There is a second “blue” moon for the month of July this week (on Friday) and you’ll have to wait another 3 years for another one.  Is that significant? Yes. 

This has been a month of significant changes and perhaps a few lessons, and even if you don’t feel as if anything radical happened, it will be a period when you look back and realize that this is when certain important new directions were initiated.   

With both Venus (and especially Uranus in Aries) both retrograding this full moon taking place on the groups, friends, lovers, children and romance axis, it’s likely to have a direct connection to these areas.

Venus retrogrades back into Leo on the 31st in your house of romance, and it’s likely that issues or individuals from the past are back on the agenda to deal with (and especially around the 4th and 5th when Venus conjuncts Jupiter and then squares Saturn).

Around the 2nd when Mercury trines Uranus in Aries, a child or lover could give you a wonderful surprise (or you receive exciting news).

On Monday 3rd, Jupiter squares Saturn and you may be tested in the area of joint money or sex, an inheritance issue, taxes or your self-confidence can take a hit, but there will be some “unfinished business” to take care of.   

Plans will change unexpectedly, but for all the right reasons, so you won’t end up minding.

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What crucial developments have occurred in your life this month?  Have you found a new home, a new lifestyle or inner security?  There is a life direction; career or public reputation goal that may come to fruition (or an end) and whatever has been bothering you for a long time may no longer be a thorn in your side.

The biggest changes relate to your home and family and you may relocate or where you’ve been living “ends” in some way, such as a lease expires or a way of life changes. 

The expression “once in a blue moon” didn’t appear for no reason, or without foundation and something can occur this week that is surprising, unexpected and significant.  

You are on the verge of something big, or something may come to a head, or a wonderful new opportunity or lifestyle option is “cemented” in the next few weeks that will have far reaching effects on your future. 

Another person will be significant in this regard or some kind of “commitment” i.e. a partner, a contractual agreement, a legal issue and you should receive documentation or news around the 2-3rd that improves, changes or upsets the status quo in some way.

Don’t be discouraged by what occurs around 4-5th, as this is a wonderful opportunity to address old problems relating to home, family, domestic scene, lifestyle and homeland, once and for all. This is a great time to be happy at home, with family members and nesting and feeling secure and having your emotional well filled by the day. 

Yes you are on a right pathway and taking the correct and truthful steps, but before mid September continue to play on the key string you have, and that is your attitude.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

How people treat you is their karma; but how you react to it is yours….

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Travel plans may come to fruition this week; a legal matter ends (or else changes or comes to a head).

The blue moon message of this month (significant because it’s the last blue moon until 2018) focuses on your belief system and how that may be impacting on you and others. Venus and Mars will assist in this process as Mars in Cancer will focus on family values and money and who and what is most “valuable” as currently there is a “disconnect” or it’s simply “not going accordingly to plan”.

Does how you think and act help you to grow or does it diminish your life and the lives around you in some way.  

Venus retrograding back into Leo suggests there are financial matters to do with groups and authority figures and you are seeing the fruition of past efforts (either reaping rewards or suffering setbacks).

What you do in life, or the role that you have, whether a professional one, (or as a parent or lover), becomes the focus and your input and participation is everything. 

If there is a failure to meet a certain standard in a plan, or in the way you operate, then this will come to a head this week and over the next several. 

There will be an opportunity to grow and expand and/or to tie up loose ends (and maybe even make a financial recovery or gain), and yet there is also some insecurity in the mix. 

If you’ve been denying yourself of something that you’ve wanted for a long time (and for asinine reasons) you’ll most likely gain the courage to break through whatever resistance is in place.   You may do something that you never thought was possible (and communication is key in this regard).  

You just have to make the choice not to let this opportunity pass, because the end is in sight to any disappointment. 

By September all the hurdles you’ve encountered and any financial drains will all be a forgotten memory.

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The blue moon in Aquarius (there won’t be another blue moon for three years) is significant for you.  The moon rules you and as this falls in your house of joint resources and shared assets - the give and take of what is yours and what is someone else’s –this is about what YOU need to feel secure.

This area has been out of balance with someone else and therefore this energy is very significant as it can finally settle some of these issues over the next few weeks. 

There can be money, respect, validation, a financial settlement, or else it is you make a large outlay that “secures” your comfort (such as a purchase of a home or some other kind of lifestyle security measure). 

It may be that you let go finally of an ongoing shared resources issue - or it’s concluded in the next several weeks - and a number of Crabs have experienced so much that is “wrong” that you now know deep down what is “right” for you.

Venus retrogrades back into Leo on Friday into your self worth and values sector and this should create a cosmic climate of more money (or self esteem) heading your way, and Mars in Cancer should provide the thrust to ensure this reaches it’s intended destination.

A situation that has seemed so hard and daunting will be easily resolved or an action accomplished.

Money and love are “entwined”, but there will be a huge transition here over the next few weeks and closing a chapter on something that commenced around 2012.

This is also a time to focus on your children or the younger generation, and what you are going to “create” for the future, either your own creative visualization (business, lifestyle) or a literal life.

Starting this week and over the next several, either a profusion of new opportunities, more wealth or plenty of support are en route.  Clarifications and answers are now available if you need them (and you’re probably not a Cancer if you don’t) as are ways out…

Either way, the Cosmos has you under it’s wing.

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With so many planets in Leo, the full moon in Aquarius on Friday will be about a past love or some other key connection that has resonance of earlier times. It can be an ex, or a spouse (or another “significant other”) including business partners and competitors and even enemies.

With Venus retrograding back into Leo, you can anticipate some partnership "tests" in the next few weeks although for some lucky Leo, you might meet “the one” or “the one” that slipped away maybe years ago, returns. 

Nearly all Leo’s will be on the receiving end of heartwarming emails, Facebook messages, or other forms of welcome communication that reinforces others feelings about you.

Irrespective, love will figure prominently and there will be a lot of personal indulgence and you’re certainly outgoing and spending a fortune on good times, and so you’ll have be having fun and attracting others into your orbit and receiving a lot of positive attention.

There is a lot of passion with Venus back in Leo and a lot of “action” around 4-5th when you could make a commitment, meet someone, or just have a lot of romantic indulgence.

In spite of the Jupiter square Saturn on the 3rd, life should be looking pretty spectacular for you, and you are enjoying your rightful place in the Sun (and the spotlight).

As Saturn moves forward in your house of home and domestic scene, you’ll be rethinking with whom you live with (or used to live with) and where you live and perhaps consider relocating or moving to bigger premises….and even with someone else.

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There is something that is not quite right in your world and therefore this “once in a blue moon” energy does give you the opportunity to address what is affecting your everyday and even your health and wellbeing (emotional and otherwise).

The past in some way loops back into your presence and there can be some deceit, or else events are happening behind the scenes and privately that relate to your love life.

There is a lot of “head” stuff going on, and much reflection and even some surprises, and when Jupiter squares Saturn on the 3rd, there can be communication that changes the status quo in some way. 

With Venus conjuncting Jupiter and squaring Saturn on 4th and 5th respectively, this can relate to a sibling or a lover, but there will be some concerns or misunderstanding about a communication or a commercial dealing. 

There may be some unwanted news relating to finances, or your financial security, but the key thing about this book end full moons (and not another blue moon until 2018) is there is going to be some kind of epiphany or wake up call over the next few weeks, especially if you have been ignoring some form of truth. 

By the same token this is a great week to learn from your past mistakes and deal successfully with any long term difficulty as Venus retrograding unveils problems and Saturn will give them form and effect and these centre around communications and secrets. 

How you sell, market, communicate, or express yourself have all been tested of late, whilst other Virgo’s are almost lying low over some complex communication issue that is akin to a Damocles sword.

However all the planets are currently loaded in your Guardian Angel sector and the place where the Cosmos works on your behalf (or others improve your world from “behind the scenes”) and from August 12th or mid September at the latest, you will be reaping all the rewards. 

Believe in yourself in the interim, and if you can do that, you can make anything happen. 

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It’s likely that your fun has been impeded in some way of late and this week brings (whatever the blockage is) to an end and you manage to break through the barrier.   If you’ve been on a gravy train the full moon on 31st will bring this to a halt.

With Venus retrograding it may be that an ex returns or else an issue that affects the group that you belong to (social or otherwise) or a mistake from the past, is back to be dealt with. 

There will be some tests or unwarranted scrutiny of past actions that are impacting on your current status, particularly related to funds, given that Saturn in Scorpio and how you’ve used money (or misused it) in the past.  This is a week when your actions are judged as good or bad and you are rewarded or punished.

Earlier in the forecast the focus will remain on what has been hidden and perhaps even anyone who is your adversary, but from Friday, Venus will change signs into Leo and there should be a reversal to the prevailing climate or mood as Venus is your ruler (and retrograding). 

Put it this way, anything unresolved in a relationship has returned to be dealt with and it will change or be resolved, but perhaps not in the way that was “ideal” – at least not initially. 

A lover may end a relationship or wish to “rewrite the rules” or someone cuts you lose in a business or group sense, but in doing so, opens huge doors to a better future or more autonomy.

Certainly there will be some financial concerns in the next week or so when Saturn in Scorpio turns direct on Sunday and squares Jupiter, on Monday 3rd.

As a Libran, the north node transit is encouraging you to develop a new approach and attitudes (i.e. growth and development) and not be stuck on the old ways or “how it was always done”. 

If you are stuck in outmoded behavior and attitudes or dependencies from the past, this week will be difficult for you.  Likewise if you are not utilizing your autonomy, but are instead deferring to another or “others”; so in other words, be proactive, not reactive.

If you continue to gaze into the rear vision mirror, you are more likely to hit a bump in the road ahead…

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You may have to reverse an opinion or make a huge turn around in a position; that is opposite or contrary to what you previous said or thought, especially if there is a need to undo a past mistake. 

How you felt - or even whom you supported previously - may have been wrong or you were misled about the truth of the situation and now need to act fast for “damage control”.

There is an opportunity for positive change and yet an equally strong potential for an ambush or blockage from the Cosmic side-effect of the square of Saturn in Scorpio to Jupiter in Leo.

Saturn means you have to do the hard work to survive, whilst Jupiter in Leo wants you to expand and do what you want to do; so try not to become too arrogant or self important with respect to your personal demands. 

With Saturn back stationary in your image, brand, name, face, reputation and popularity sector, it’s a whole lot harder being taken on face value – or even taken seriously.

The full moon in Aquarius insists on finding that balance especially relating to home, family and domestic issues, but also in your career and public life.  These areas (and your reputation) are in the spotlight and also vulnerable, so work out your priorities and who and what is really important.

The next week finishes a month of transition (that will also continue for a few more weeks, but with the highpoint on July 31st) when you might come full-circle in some area of your life. 

Realizations and demonstrations - in a romantic or other key relationship - are highly likely.

It’s a challenging and intense week, but you’ve got more than what it takes to not only come to an agreement; but also to determine the terms.

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An important document, email, or Facebook message could be a game changer, but this week in particular it’s crucial that you say what is in your heart and on your mind and express yourself (especially around the 2nd when Mercury trines Uranus).

The full moon on 31st takes place in your communications and siblings sector, so matters pertaining to legalities, foreign connections, and educational matters will be illuminated.

Jupiter also squares Saturn on the 3rd and so matters relating to people at a distance, foreign entities, education, legalities and your own perspective, will continue to be the focus. 

If necessary this is an opportunity to change the format in some way in order to remake the result. 

But remember it’s also a week of consequences and “cause and effect” and at times (especially around the 3rd and the 5th) it may feel as if everyone else is at the helm except you. 

That said, the full moon suggests a culmination and fulfillment to whatever you have been waiting on for so long.

Venus retrograding back into Leo on the same day, allows you to review, recreate and even start again in a money matter, or to do with possessions and your own values.

A relationship (especially with a sibling) could be key to events, but if not, it’s also how you communicate and think and feel about these things.

If you have some kind of barrier or block in your thinking, you clearly can’t achieve what you want, or even find any peace of mind.

The key is to be truthful to yourself about what feels “right” and what doesn’t (or actions that don’t have to be "interpreted" because their significance is obvious).

When a task has been completed properly there is no need to worry about the outcome of it and when Venus retrograding conjuncts with Leo on the 4th, this creates an opportunity to redo or rebuild something that appeared lost or even out of reach.

But you have to reach out.

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The full moon on Monday is related to money, but also other things that you share: such as love, sex, assets, power and so on (plus who wears the hat in the relationship and who goes out of their way for the other person more).

This is a period when realizations occur and it doesn’t have to be your realization. 

Your income or financial status may change and that could be because of a change to a partner’s income or of your own (that equally effects another) or issues of joint property and even who lives where.

There is a square with Jupiter and Saturn on the 3rd and that will affect your love life, your association with groups, friendships and issues surrounding the relationship with your child.  

Saturn stationary back in Scorpio suggests that your involvement with groups, teams, committees, network, social scene and friendships are more of a burden and perhaps you are being made accountable for your actions or inactions.

There may be some problems or difficulties or else someone else is rewriting the rules of “sharing”, but it’s more about what you need and want (a given with Pluto in your sign). 

But there is a proviso here, if you’re good, it’s going to be very good and if you’re bad….so keep your nose clean and don’t become a “notorious” Cappy.  

It’s very much about the “inner” and what you need to grow and that means figuring out who you really want to align yourself with, both emotionally and professionally. 

You need to sort the wheat from the chaff in order to ensure that you are going places - without any yokes around your neck  - as you’ll get there a whole lot faster, less tired and “unbruised” by avoided unnecessary conflict….

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Venus returns to Leo on Friday and joins a number of planets all in Leo, including Jupiter that will square Saturn in Scorpio on the 3rd and with the full moon in your sign, on 31st, that means a lot of action and change for you this week.

There will be disclosures, leaks and surprises and with Jupiter in your relationship sector, your own individual actions in some way are affecting your own destiny.

Perhaps a relationship needs a repair (business, friendship, marriage and so on) and of course relationships are about balance. The full moon will help you focus not only on yourself and your needs, goals, and growth within key personal and business relationships, it will provide the answers and a way in or a way out.

You are also reassessing your professional life and life direction, where you live and so on and how you live and a lot of Aquarians have been putting on a certain “face” for years that is now changing. 

The image you’ve presented until now may hide what you really want or else you’ll find your personality is some way changes or an association ends or is transformed.

Venus retrograding into Leo will clear up relationship dramas from the past, and you also have the boon of your ruler Uranus doing likewise, to help you retrace steps if need be.

How this manifests of course depends on the state of play, either make or break, but changes there will be. 

This can be in any kind of significant connection, a marriage, business partnership, legal union and so on, but the idea with blue moons (and not another for three years) and Jupiter, is to harness the best and discard the rest.

Mercury trines with your ruler on the 2nd and so the answers (and ways in and way out) will become apparent this week, from what you hear or read or as a result of what you say.

But most important of all, as a result of what you finally know.

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You may be feeling a tad quiet and concerned about something, and it might be a health issue or it’s a quiet time of the year and money is in short supply or you are worried about a competitor or adversary.

The full moon in your house of the subconscious on the 31st will help you to reconnect with those hidden and suppressed desires, goals and concerns, and anything that you’ve kept under wraps does have a tendency to be revealed. 

It will also highlight the areas in your life that are out of order - and not working (or completely kaput) and with Jupiter squaring Saturn on the 3rd, you are questioning some of your core beliefs.

However it’s just as likely that someone else is putting you under scrutiny and pressure and questioning you - and your previous actions.

One way or another there will be a reason for this; either someone has let you down or a situation has become a cause for concern and life is more of a struggle that it should be.

It may be terribly unjust, but if others hold this view, then being a Pisceans, in your down moments, you may even begin to doubt yourself. 

With Saturn stationary back in Scorpio from the 2nd, the results and fallout of any past actions relating to a legal decision, education choices, foreigners, overseas entities or as a result of your own personal stance, will need to be dealt with.

It IS fair to say that some area of your life needs either a repair or revamp and this is the just the week (or indeed the month) for that realization to occur, with the bookend blue moon on 31st July.

Boundaries can be adjusted; improvements made and obstacles removed and early in the week around the 2nd, the helpful trine between Mercury and Uranus will provide a boost to your self-esteem and your coffers.

Pull out all stops to secure the foundations (work, health, play and family) before the 12th August, so that you can take full advantage of the lifestyle and environmental benefits of Jupiter in Virgo that is just around the corner. 

Sow and you will reap: harvest what you plant, and get what you deserve.

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